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We know our vehicles are bad but we don't have the means to buy new ones-Drivers

Written by  Jun 12, 2018
The condition of vehicles that travel on our roads especially from circle to various destinations like Osu, Labadi and back are in very bad state. This report is based on the state of cars at circle; Odawna station and the Banana inn station. It involves the concerns of the drivers themselves and the concerns of the passengers. Upon an interaction with the drivers at the various stations visited, they made it known to us that they are very much aware of the state of their vehicles and the challenges and danger it posses to passengers. But they claim they have no option to abandon the vehicles since that’s their only source of income. They went ahead to plead with the government to provide them with some vehicles to change with the bad ones. We also spoke to a bus conductor who told us that, some passengers complain about the bad state of the cars, but whenever he informs his master he listens but does nothing about it. He continued by saying he has no idea why his master has not replaced the old car with a new one. On the other side of the passengers, one passenger said that, he understands the drivers that still use the old cars. His reason was that, the drivers are unable to abandon the old cars because that is the only one they have. He added, the rate of unemployment will increase if government should stop them from using those cars. He suggested government should replace those cars for them and develop a mechanism where they can pay back in installment. Other passengers showed their displeasure in the state of vehicles that journey on our roads. They confessed it is very frustrating when they board a vehicle and it had to stop in the middle of the journey due to faults or the state of the car ends up putting dirt in their clothes. They also gave their opinion that government should clear those cars and replace them with new ones. By: Pearl Ailfie and Rhodab Naadu Ayiku (Interns, Rainbow Radio)
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