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Ghanaians don’t appreciate insurance

Written by  Oct 15, 2015
According to Nana Kwame Apau and Nana Adjei Sika Pa, Ghanaians have not really appreciated insurance and the benefits that comes with it. The two insurance brokers in an interview with Nat Sankofa Titi -Attah host of ‘Tsoobue’ on rainbow radio, explained that so far there is difficulty in selling insurance policies to Ghanaians, because they have not yet understood why they have to insure their lives and property. On his part, Nana Kwame Apau advised Ghanaians to seek the services of a broker to explain in details the best policy that they can buy.  He stressed further that, insurance and its related issues are technical and the best way one can benefit is to make sure they understood the policy they want to purchase. Ghanaians have not insured their property or themselves and so when the unfortunate happens, it leaves the affected victims in a difficult situation, he added. However Nana Adjei Sika Pa said there is still hope because he believes that with time, Ghanaians would understand why they have to insure themselves  their property. He admonished Ghanaians to at least have a life insurance policy, to protect them against any unforeseen disaster. Nana Adjei Sika Pa said: ''gradually Ghanaians would understand insurance to extent that they would,’’ buy a policies to ensure their lives, property and family. Explaining how the insurance works, he said the insurance works as a pool and so when a contributor is affected by disaster, they take money from the pool to support the victim because it’s not all the contributors who are faced with disaster at the same time. He said that they are quite a number of insurance products which contributors can benefit from and therefore Ghanaians must appreciate the benefits that insurance comes with.      
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