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The creative economy in Ghana has been neglected-Rex Omar Featured

Written by  Sep 18, 2018
Ghanaian legendary highlife musician, Rex Omar, has slammed the Ghanaian society for neglecting the creative economy. Speaking on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm today (Tuesday), the multiple award winning musician and President for the Ghana Music Rights Owners Association (GHAMRO) said, the only thing we cannot loose, as a country is the creative economy but unfortunately we have neglected it. Creativity he posited is not limited to music but everything that is associated with our lives. ‘’That is why we have allowed our Adinkra Symbols to be stolen by other countries and they are making money out it.’’ The musician who was speaking on how we can create job opportunities in the creative sector added, I wouldn’t be surprised if Koreans claim ownership of our Kente and its authentic designs. ‘’We are not setting our priorities right. That is why we have neglected our film industry. We have allowed our media to propagate other people’s culture. All TV stations are showing soap operas from India in Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana.’’ He quizzed, ‘’don’t we have actors in Ghana? Don’t we have filmmakers in Ghana? We have the human resource,’’ but we lack the will and have neglected the creative sector. The late Nkrumah he said had a vision for the future hence the setting up of the Ghana Film Institute (NAFTI), Ghana Film Company and other creative bodies but our current breed of leaders lack vision, frustrate people we have used state resources to train and so they leave the country and go elsewhere to serve. ‘’We claim to have a film industry; the very school that will train the industry people, is in a deplorable state. What informed Ghana to sell Ghana Film Industry to the Malaysians? What informed us? We have opened the airwaves with no restrictions and so everyone is bringing in anything. This will not happen in a civilized country. Who controls our culture? Who controls this country in terms of culture? We have politicized everything in Ghana. We have reduced our discussions to NPP and NDC and neglected Ghana. We have become people who love their political parties than their country.’’ Rex Omar said, greed, selfishness and partisan politics has worsened our plight as Ghanaians.
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