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Fighting White Colored & Cancerous Corruption won't be easy - a warning to Special Prosecutor-ILAPI

Written by  Jan 12, 2018
The Executive Director, Institute for Liberty & Policy Innovation (ILAPI- Ghana), Peter Bismark Kwofie, has opined that, the fight against ‘’white colored corruption’’ by the Special Prosecutor will not be an easy task.   The director of the Ghanaian based free market and policy Think Tank which emerged the winner of the 2017 Think Tank Shark Tank – Africa Competition held in Johannesburg in South Africa recently, called for the enactment of new laws to tame the canker of corruption.   According to him, about 70 percent (scientific) of alleged corruption announcements in Ghana are structurally organized.   In a write-up following the nomination of Martin Amidu as Special Prosecutor, Mr. Kwofie said, ‘’When laws fails, force is applied as in the case of fighting illegal mining (galamsey). Once laws are not perfect, there are always loopholes identified by those who made the laws and those applying the same laws in discharging their administrative duties. White colored corruption emanates from these same laws using unseen aperture of the legal frameworks.’’ He also stated in his write-up that, ‘’Even though the Special Prosecutor's office to eradicate the endless battle to perform legal surgery of removing the cancerous cells of corruption has been set up, it is bound to loose its credibility in 9 years from the day of starting the gross country race. Change of governments, change of the Special Prosecutor and the interest politicians clandestinely exhibit to it appointments may be no more a hot seat but a lobby one. Most good laws started well but not all good things ends well.’’     In his view, ‘’ The "Independent" Prosecutor really have the largest meal of corruption to consume with strong documentary evidences on the dining table.’’   He added: ‘’ The Economic and Organize Crime Office (EOCO) had the toughest time to investigate, control and with the mandate from the Attorney General prosecute those involved. EOCO failed us to prosecute. EOCO needed strong documentary evidences so it can make a good case to avoid causing further financial loss to the State. The absence of substantial evidences could render the fight on corruption a friendly one. But wait a minute, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of EOCO and his deputy are all appointed by the President and obviously may not be able to probe the sitting government. The one interesting fact about the Special prosecutor is that, even though the Attorney General makes recommendation to the nomination of the Independent Prosecutor, so the President can appoint, it does not account to any of the two offices (President and AG). This denote one uniqueness of that office. It therefore must be unique but must tread cautiously in the process of discharging it duties.’’     He stressed, ‘’ White colored or structural corruption is a cartel and the biggest threat to our democracy. Those who made the laws may be the same people to "steal" using the very Law. Be careful not to make your anti-corruption office a corruption friendly one.’’
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