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The EC Chair, Charlotte Osei The EC Chair, Charlotte Osei

Amidu declines to give evidence over allegation that, NDC appointed EC boss to rig elections

Written by  Feb 13, 2018
The Special Prosecutor nominee, Martin Amidu, has declined to give reasons for accusing former President Mahama of appointing Madam Charlotte Osei, the EC chair, to rig the 2016 elections in favour of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). Martin Amidu accused his party of appointing Charlotte Osei to the Electoral Commission to rig Ghana’s election in its favour when they were in office. Mr. Amidu in an article insisted that “…as I said time without number during the 2016 elections, she was appointed by a corrupt Government precisely because of her incompetence that made her susceptible for use for an election rigging agenda.” “Her appointing Government failed in the rigging agenda despite all the attempts by the Commission to narrow the election to a two-party race to facilitate easy rigging for the incumbent. She has, either on her own or at the instance of her mentor, been trying to recycle herself as a neutral Electoral Commissioner after her Church Papa mediated her peaceful announcement of the election results,” he added. Appearing before the vetting committee on Tuesday, the nominee was asked to provide evidence for his assertion but in his response, he said any comments on the matter, would be prejudicial to the pending case before the committee investigating the EC boss and her two deputies. ‘’I am immune. The subject person has a case before the Chief Justice. I would have wished that at the time I was making this claim, the government should have picked me, quizzed me and sent me to court so I will prove my case there. It is too late in the day to ask me to provide an answer now when the EC chair is currently before the Chief Justice with a possible impeachment hanging around her neck,’’ he said.

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