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Amidu will fail without proper forensic research investigations &Information Bill-ILAPI-Ghana

Written by  Feb 14, 2018
The establishment of the Special Prosecutor Officer and nomination of Martin Amidu, to hold the office has been seen as a measure to help eradicate corruption. President Nana Akufo-Addo has consistently posited that the Special Prosecutor will help fight corruption efficiently. The president has said he has confidence in the Office of the Special Prosecutor to deal with corrupt government officials, adding that, “the Office is expected to get rid of the fear of partisan prosecution among Ghanaians”. “Let me state again that, current office holders are as likely to be investigated and prosecuted by the Special Prosecutor if a case is made out against them, as past office holders,” President Akufo-Addo said. At his vetting yesterday [Tuesday], Martin Amidu described himself as the best candidate to hold that office. However, the Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI-Ghana)-a policy think tank, has cautioned Ghanaians not be so excited about the Special Prosecutor. The think tank believes the fight against corruption would be fruitless without proper ‘’forensic research investigations’’. He admonished government to consider ‘’…restructuring the structures of the economic, social and security institutions, to suppress the seepages than to Waite till it occurs because there's a Special Prosecutor.’’ The statement signed by Executive-Director, Peter Bismark, underscored the need for the Right to Information Bill to be passed because ‘’ The Bill would check everyone to enhance transparency and accountability including the State Attorneys.’’ Read Below the Full statement A Cup of Coffee to The President Peter Bismark To many, the hope of fighting corruption is the Office of the Special Prosecutor. Corruption is just like the Tongue of the human's oral cavity that cannot be easily tamed. It won't be an easy task for the Special Prosecutor to even reduce this organized crime by 30% without proper forensic research investigations. However, it's my fervent prayer that he succeeds to recoup a substantial amount for the State. In my candid opinion, the best solution is to prevent the corruption from happening than to allow it to occur before sending it to the prosecutorial pharmacist to look for drugs to dehydrate the perpetrators. There's is a maxim that states:"prevention is better than cure". If this statement is not a fallacy of hasty generalization, then this self explanatory adage must be upheld. My worries are that, I have not seen any measurable outputs of the government to close the porosity of the public institutions that baths under corruption shower and smears its lotion. The undermonitored supply chain management of government's expenditure and distribution of resources with related leakages from the central government through to the decentralized system have had little or no attention. Government's hope of fighting corruption must first be to restructuring the structures of the economic, social and security institutions, to suppress the seepages than to Waite till it occurs because there's a Special Prosecutor. These institutions do not need to be empowered any more. For how long do we need to empower the same people who steal with impunity? Overhaul and hunt for means of patching those created holes that steals from the State coffers.The systems in place to mobilize and distribute resources are weak like a day old chick. I feel what's stolen from State is more than what's given to the State. The Right to Information Bill is needed at this time. Verified Information and documentary evidences would be needed to cure and prevent corruption from laying its dirty hands on Law abiding taxpayers monies. The Bill would check everyone to enhance transparency and accountability including the State Attorneys. I remembered last year, when I decided to help community in the Western Region to fight for their rights because a State Institution is fighting for a foreign company against its own people due to the "bribery incentives" the State institution receives. My Institute (#ILAPI) decided to investigate this from the Minerals Commission. At the Minerals Commission, we were asked to pay $500 before we could get assess to such information of which the Commission might be sighted in our report. It ended there because I was not ready to pay. RTB will help us cushion the SP to prevent and kick corruption out. Embrace the blockchain to prevent and fight corruption. The immutability of the blockchain can track all government's expenditures, resource mobilization and distribution as well as humans identity. #ILAPI has the innovation. The potentials exhibited by this technology can make Ghana and Africa work again if we are serious to tame corruption. Government resources often ends in the hands of the few selfish individuals, milking and diverting them for special interest projects, and ushering the majority into poverty. The technology has the tendency to make work easier for governments. Pilot it at one sector of the economy to test the validity and reliability of the blockchain. The blockchain technology would help in Land Title Registrations, National Identification Cards issuance, Birth Certificates, fighting crime and especially at the health sector were the technology is much needed. At the Metropolitan Municipal District offices where corruption is a Baobab tree with no hope of withering now, can track Internally Generated Funds, such as Property Rate collection, ticketing, and the common funds and loans. The best coffee for the president to fighting corruption is to prevent than to cure. Peter Bismark ILAPI
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