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Our timidity, passiveness & inactiveness cause of our problems-Radio Host

Written by  May 16, 2018
Morning show host of Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, Kwame Tutu, has challenged Ghanaians to be active and stop being passive. Starting the show on Wednesday morning, the outspoken show host said, the difficulties we are encountering as a nation is because of the passive nature of citizens. He believes if citizens become more active, the lawlessness, impunity and indiscipline will all come to an end. He made reference to the number of kids being used by adults to beg for alms between the Tesano and Achimota overheard. ‘’The number of kids being used by adults to beg between Tesano and Achimota old station, under the overhead when making a turn to join the N1 highway keeps increasing by the day. For over a year now I have seen an addition of a child or two almost every month. The kids dangerously move among moving vehicles and cars to beg while the old women who are supposed to be their mothers or guardians sit in the dusty pavements 'comfortably'. I don't want to talk about the 'dead laws'of Ghana. I don't want to. I am afraid for the lives of the kids, and the potential problem they will one day give to drivers who uses that portion of the road. I have observed countless times how the kids sometimes lean on cars without the drivers knowing. They do so when the traffic has stopped the cars. Any of them could be run over and I am so afraid for their lives,’’ he said. The begging of alms he said is criminal according to the 1960 Criminal Law and yet there are police personnel at these locations but they are only interested in arresting taxi drivers and extorting money from them. ‘’I will not talk about law this morning because the system we have in this country only favours people in the top and punishes only the poor.’’ The host also made reference to the commercialization of motor popularly called ‘Okada’. ‘’We were in this country when people started operating ‘okada’ and nobody spoke about it. It is not lawful to commercialize ‘okada’ and yet we had leaders and officers in this country. We have senior police officers and leaders who have purchased motors for people to operate.’’ In a passionate manner the host said, Ghanaians are timid and because of that, we are encountering all these challenges. Touching on almost all sectors he lamented over the nurses and doctors ratio to patients as well as the teacher to students ratio in the country. He also touched on sanitation and disposal of waste and the poor management of waste leading the city engulfed in filth. ‘’We have leaders who only wear suit and tie, sit in their air-condition offices every Monday to Friday when the waste we are generating is piling up every day. The dream to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa will be impossible if we do not find a way to recycle and reuse our waste.’’ ‘’If we are discussing about Ghana, I am not blaming any leader; I am blaming you the Ghanaian for your inactiveness, for your passiveness, for your timidity. Ghanaians are not concerned about anything, Ghanaians are not bold. When you travel to serious countries, it is the citizens that have made it so,’’ he noted.
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