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Every Ghanaian is at risk of dying from the 'No Bed Syndrome'-GMA

Written by  Jun 12, 2018
General Secretary for the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), Dr. Justice Yankson, has said every Ghanaians is at risk of dying from the ‘No Bed Syndrome’. Speaking to Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, the medical doctor called on government to release resources to resolve the challenge in the emergency care services. ‘’These problems do exist and it is up to the state to ensure that, we channel a lot more resources and investments into emergency medical services, both in terms of the human capital and the material. Human capital is that; the doctors and nurses and health personnel should have their capacity built. We don’t have enough trained emergency care practitioners. All these things are lacking. We may have it, but it is lacking,’’ he told the host. He added: ‘’we still have a lot to do. People usually think it is about a doctor and nurse issue. But nobody is immune from this problem. As a doctor, this can happen to me. I know some senior doctors who have died as a result of the no bed syndrome. At that point, it is not about being a doctor. It is about how functional our system is. As medical practitioners, we see the situation on daily basis. The situation is growing worse due to growth in population. Our medical facilities are being stretched due to our growth in population.’’ The lack of no bed syndrome which has led to the death of a number of Ghanaians he stated has been more than a decade problem. ‘’Generally, the principle that people go to three, four, five, six or eight hospitals and are rejected over lack of beds is not a new problem. The problem has existed over the last seven to ten years especially in Accra, it has been persistent. The challenge is usually recorded at nights with emergency cases,’’ he said. Emergency care he explained is an important service which has been neglected despite being an essential service. Emergency cases in other countries, are managed by the Ambulance Service and because the officials are able to communicate with hospitals, they are able to determine where to send you in order to prevent them from roaming unnecessarily. Dr. Yankson decried the lack of world class emergency units in our various facilities and until we invest in these areas, we will continue to experience the ‘no bed syndrome’, he said.
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