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Koku shall be arrested again & be made to face firing squad if he does not shut-up-Prah

Written by  Jun 14, 2018
The Director of Corperate Affairs for the National Service Secretariat, Mr. David Prah, has warned the Deputy General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to shut-up or he will be arrested again and be made to face firing squad. David Prah was commenting on the brouhaha surrounding the criteria for registration and issuance of the Ghana card and comments passed by Mr Anyidoho. The Deputy General Secretary of the NDC has posited that, the Coalition for Sovereignty of Ghanaians will resist any attempt to exclude the voter’s ID card as a document for registration of Ghana card. Koku Anyidoho said, ‘’ ‘’On Tuesday we shall put our deep thoughts and position on the matter and follow up with actions beyond the press conference. We shall keep the agitation alive and the whole idea is that, we shall resist oppressors rule with all our will and might forevermore. Any attempt to make some Ghanaians more Ghanaians than others, shall be resisted. All Ghanaians are equal. We are not going to have any animal farm type of Ghana; four legs good, two legs bad…This attempt by the Akufo-Addo administration to create an animal farm; four legs good, two legs bad-some Ghanaians are more Ghanaian than others; an elitist society. No it will not happen. It shall be resisted with all our will and might forevermore.’’ ‘’We shall keep the agitation alive and make sure that, we build bigger and better consensus going forward to resist this thing- That only passport and birth certificate; it is not that we are against the principle of the Ghana card. All we are saying is that, let us broaden the space for greater inclusion and stop creating confusion,’’ he said. But reacting to the claims by Mr. Anyidoho, Mr. Prah cautioned him to shut-up or risk being arrested. ‘’Koku Anyidoho is not someone we have to take serious. He does not make sense when he talks. He talks just like the size of his stomach.’’ When he was told he was attacking his opponent personally, Mr Prah said, ‘’it is a personal attack because what he said was an attack on Ghanaians. His comments were senseless. He is a joker. We will arrest him again. We will not entertain his unguarded statement. We will arrest him and make him face firing squad for inciting Ghanaians against the government. The constitution of Ghana does not allow violent displays that will led to the distraction of property. His comments were unfortunate and senseless.’’ He further took his gun at the NDC for engaging in unnecessary political tension in order to paint the ruling government black after robbing the state. ‘’We don’t have to entertain these criminals. We don’t have allow them to deceive Ghanaians after their mismanagement, corruption and incompetence,’’ he added.
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