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Nana Addo should stop peddling lies about Eastern Corridor Road-Fmr Regional Minister

Written by  Jul 12, 2018
Former Volta regional minister, Helen Adjoa Ntoso has slammed President Nana Akufo-Addo for attacking the previous administration over the Eastern corridor road project. She said, the Eastern corridor road is not the only road in the region and that; the previous administration constructed and completed some major roads before existing office. According to the former minister, there are a lot of roads in the Volta region which the NDC completed but Akufo-Addo is talking as if he used only the Eastern corridor road when he toured the region. ‘’When people keep saying we did not complete the Eastern corridor road, I get amazed because there are major roads we completed and some we could not. I am highly disappointed in Nana Addo for what he said.’’ According to her, the NPP is playing political gimmick with the Eastern corridor road. ‘’Nana Addo should give reverence where is due. He is not appreciative of what the previous administration did. He should say the NDC did something but couldn’t finish and so we are coming to complete it. Nana Addo is not praising anyone and yet he is only coming to complete projects started by the previous administration.’’ President Nana Akufo-Addo has promised to fix the Eastern corridor road. Nana Akufo-Addo made the remarks while addressing the chiefs and people of Hohoe on Day two of his Volta Regional tour. According to him, his journey to that part of the country was a bumpy one owing to the terrible nature of the roads. He told the chiefs and people on Tuesday, 10 July 2018 that: “President Mahama was saying that the period of his office has seen infrastructural development that we had never seen in Ghana before, unprecedented infrastructural development, and then I said I don’t see these unprecedented development, everywhere I go, I was on bad roads, and he said I was asleep on the road and that is why I didn’t see the good development that had taken place. “Today, I’ve come on the eastern corridor road and I didn’t sleep one inch, I couldn’t sleep [because the road was bad]. We are going to fix it, Amoako Atta [Roads Minister] has told you he is going to fix it, we are going to fix it and it will not be for anybody to say whether somebody is asleep or not asleep, they will see that the roads have been fixed.” But Helen Ntoso has cautioned Nana Addo to be truthful and stop engaging in falsehood and political insincerity. ‘’What I am driving at is that, we [NDC] did something but we couldn’t finish. Nana Addo has come and will continue but Nana should not speak as if nothing has happened on the Eastern corridor road. That is what I am saying and will continue to repeat until people get to know that, something has been done.’’
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