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Second Edition of Live2Lead launched with a call for shift to value based transformational leadership

Written by  Sep 18, 2018
The second edition of Live2Lead has been launched with a call for a Shift to Value Based Transformational Leadership. At the press launch of the Live2Lead 2018, Executive Director for Centre for Transformational Leadership, Sameul K. Ayim, bemoaned the recent developments in Ghana including the collapse of 7 local banks, galamsey, intensity of fifth in our capital, the dehumanizing scenes in our hospitals saying, "these problems point to the need for a paradigm shift in the leadership construct that we have operated in Ghana". According to him, leadership is not just about occupying positions and enjoying huge fringe benefits. Rather, leadership is ‘’about adding value to the people we lead". In his view, if leaders cannot show that ‘’we are improving the lives of the people we are leading then we have no business accepting or contesting for leadership positions.’’ He wondered why endemic poverty was still affecting Ghanaians despite our enormous natural resources. ‘’…With all our natural resources endowments, how do we explain the endemic poverty among the vast majority of our people while few ‘create, loot and share’ the state coffers as if they are without a conscience? How do we explain treating sick and vulnerable on bare concrete floors while our leaders fly abroad for medical treatment? How do we explain pregnant women being carried on chairs to cross flooded rivers to the nearest (or shall I say Farthest) medical centre and thereby loosing their babies, just because we cannot construct simple bridges to facilitate transportation? ‘’Meanwhile, huge sums of money are squandered on ghost and uncompleted projects. How do we explain the inaction and seeming complicity of state institutions and regulations while so-called professional bankers and their patrons and cronies drive our whole financial system into a ditch necessitating a near 12 billion Ghana cedis bailout by the sweat of our poor farmers and kayayei? He further slammed pastors and ‘’so-called men of God giving out lotto numbers and magically conjuring cash while thousands of unsuspecting congregants, in their desperation and ignorance, flock to the so-called prophets as bees to honey, all in the name of God is still in the miracle business? The problems he enumerated he added have forcefully underscored the continuing relevance of Live2Lead which was first hosted in Ghana last year. Live2Lead is designed to deliver the very best leadership content to inspire and motivate leaders and their teams, help them connect with other influencers in the community and expand their business network with relationships that produce tangible results. Live2Lead is being simulcast in more than 300 locations across over 30 countries. The theme for this year’s Live2Lead is the SHIFT-addressing the shifts that leaders need to embrace in order to be successful and make the necessary impact. He called for a new Ghana stressing the need for a new Ghanaian leader who is ready to stand for truth, honesty, hard work, humility, wise planning, common sense, self-discipline (self leadership) and generosity (by which I mean the love and care for the followers rather than the selfish pursuit of personal, family and friends gains at the expense of the corporate or national interest.’’ Live2Lead 2018 will be addressed by world renowned and distinguished personalities including Carly Fiorina (Former CEO of Helwett-Packard and 2016 U.S presidential candidate), James Ebo Whyte (CEO/Artistic Director, Roverman Productions), Tyler Perry (World Renowned Filmmaker, Actor, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist), Debra Searle, MBE (Professional Adventurer and Serial Entrepreneur), Daniel Pink (Best Selling Author, To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, Drive and A Whole New Mind) and John C. Maxwell (Leadership Expect, Best and Coach-New York Best Selling Author and Speaker). The event is slated for October 11 and 12 at the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Participants will have a special bonus for the VIP registration including a night with Uncle Ebo Whyte as he talks about his own life and the shifts he has had to be where he is.
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