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Government added nothing new in their response-Bawumia

Written by  Feb 24, 2016
The running mate of the flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has responded to a government's response to his recent statement he made about government's over borrowing without any thing to show for it. The former deputy governor accused the NDC government of borrowing US$ 37 billion out of which it has accounted for only US$ 7 billion. But a statement signed by the Communication Minister, Dr. Richard Omane Boamah described the statement from Dr. Bawumia as ''misleading and false,'' since government has shown clearly that, there are projects to support the loan contracted. However, the three times running mate of NPP has responded back to the statement in another detailed response saying: ''Giving the rate of borrowing by this government, it is likely that the total debt at the end of January now exceeds the  GH¢99billlion, projected for the end of 2015. ''It is interesting to note that according to the Minister of Finance in his 2015 Mid-Year Review, “Ghana’s total public debt stock as at end-December, 2014 stood at GH¢79,665.5 million……….In dollar terms, the debt stock was US$24,817.1 million, representing an increase of 3.3 percent from the end-2013 stock of US$24,021.2 million.” (Page 24, Paragraph 79)'' Dr. Bawumia also accused government of adding nothing new to the response released following his earlier statement. ''Reading the government’s response, it is clear that they have not added anything new to the claims they were making to which I responded on Saturday. All they have done is to repeat the same claims which have been discredited. For me, the people of Ghana remain the best judges on the issue of whether they have had their due from this government considering the unprecedented resources and opportunities they have had since they won power. ''After having more than 10 times the resources of the NPP through unbridled borrowing, astronomic increases in tax rates and favourable external conditions (which they did nothing to precipitate), the people of Ghana will judge if such huge resources have been invested in their lives. ''I remain convinced that the people of Ghana will judge and judge well. This conviction is strengthened on a daily basis as I go round the country and interact with the people of Ghana.'' You can download the full statement from Dr. Bawumia.          
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