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NDC/NPP at war over corruption allegations against Nana and Mahama Featured

Written by  Jun 23, 2016
President John Dramani Mahama has described as baseless corruption allegation against him over the ford expedition gift brouhaha. Breaking his silence on the issue for the first time, President Mahama while on his accounting to the people tour in Accra yesterday, took a swipe at his critics who are accusing him of being corrupt. He has therefore dared anyone with evidence of corruption against him to invoke the constitution of Ghana to get him impeached. The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), at a press conference yesterday called on President Mahama to respond the corruption and bribery allegation against him. Responding to the claims, President Mahama said "If you believe I have involved myself in corruption, you have the constitutional means to do whatever you want to do." President Mahama has since Accra based Joy FM's Manasseh Azuri's investigation, come under attacks from mostly political opponents who have said his action is a clear case of conflict of interest and bribery. But the president in his response said , "When you make baseless rumours and accusations, it won’t win you the Presidency. The people of Ghana are discerning and I believe that come November 7, they will make their decision.'' On the other side of the political coin, candidate Nana Addo of the NPP says, he is not coming into politics to steal from the state. He told a gathering of teaming supporters recently that he is not into politics to accept bribes. He maintained, all corrupt allegations against him are baseless, untrue and only meant to tarnish his image. “I am not into politics to take bribes or be corrupt. I did not come into politics to line my pockets with the money of poor Ghanaians. That is not why I am into politics. I am clean, because I did not go into government (from 2001 to 2007) to steal money. The same way, when you repose your confidence in me and help me win the elections, I assure you that I will jealously guard the resources of the nation to the benefit of all Ghanaians,'' Nana Addo said. Nana Addo added, “they have looked everywhere, and still they have nothing against me. They try to say this and that, and to find something against me. But, up till today, there is nothing against me. This is because I was clean when I was in government. I did not go into government to steal money.” The debate over the incorruptibility of the two main contenders in the 2016 presidential race, lingers on as party functionaries from both political parties are swiping at each other. National Coordinator of the Nasara Group within the NPP, Kamal Deen says, it makes no sense for President Mahama to describe as baseless the corruption allegations against him. In an interview with Rainbow Radio's Kwame Tutu, the outspoken politician said the President is insincere and lacks tact in fighting the canker. He alleged that President Mahama himself has presided over corruption within his government, creating, looting, and sharing of state resources among cronies, family and friends. Nana Addo he reiterated, is incorruptible with a track record tried, tested and proven to be a strong leader who eschews corruption. According to him, the allegations against Nana Addo falls flat anytime the NDC brings it on board. Kamal Deen restated, President Mahama cannot escape from the embarrassment brought upon the nation by accepting the car gift. He maintained, there is a clear case of conflict of interest and bribery. ''President Mahama should have been a principled man by rejecting the car. This is embarrassing. If you are corrupt you are corrupt and that is a fact. Mahama is corrupt and incompetent.'' However, responding to his political rival, Capt. rtd Joseph Akamba, Deputy National Organizer of the NDC pooh-poohed the arguments raised stating categorically that, Nana Addo lacks credibility to run from corruption. Nana Addo he opined has benefited from corrupt practices within the erstwhile President Kufour's administration. He challenged Nana Addo to defend himself from alleged corrupt cases against him at the time he was the Foreign Affairs Minister and a legislator in Ghana's Parliament, where he allegedly benefited from some monies including a 5000 dollars share from the sale of Ghana Telecom now Vodafone. Nana Addo's appetite for corruption he posited is unmatched and disgusting, hence he do not deserve to accuse Mahama of being corrupt. He told the host that Nana Addo and the acting general secretary Freddie Blay aka Opana are destroying the party. ''The allegation against President Mahama cannot wash, i tell you. If there is anybody who is corrupt; certainly it is not President Mahama.''
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