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Establishment of Political Party School by NDC waste of time-Prof. Gyampo Featured

Written by  Aug 13, 2017
A senior political science lecturer at the University of Ghana, Professor Yaw Gyampo has described ‘’hypocritical’’ National Democratic Congress’ (NDCs), Ghana Institute of Social Democracy as a waste of time.   According to the professor, the establishment of the school is needless at the time the party is faced with internal wrangling.   ''For starters, please take note that the initiative to open a school at this time when the party is bleeding in opposition, and when there seem to be no ideological purity anywhere in the world, is a waste of time! I will expand on this in a detailed write-up shortly.’’     In a Facebook post, the political science lecturer minced no words  in saying that the NDC does not analyze things objectively.   He was responding to a message he said a member of the NDC who asked that he [Gyampo] beef up his security as some  members of the NPP were planning to harm him for posting on his page that the NPP government lid to Ghanaians to win power.   But Professor Gyampo in responding to the message said, he was not afraid to die and politicians can do their worst by killing him.   He also had a message for the NDC and its members sharing his post which chided the NPP for their deceptive nature.  The lecturer said he was not amused. He cautioned them to be ready for his opinion on their political school because in his view, the establishment of the school was not necessary.   He went ahead to ask if the NDC will accept him as some NPP members are accusing him of being in bed with them.     Portions of the post read: ‘’I am happy you are sharing my post and praising me all over. But I am not amused with your hypocrisy! You have refused to think and objectively analyze my write-ups. You have always tagged me as NPP. Now that some people in the NPP says I am in bed with your party. Are you going to accept me? Please watch out for my write-up about the school you have established. I will speak my mind about it. Be careful to take my view as my view. Do not tag me as NPP when I criticize you.    

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