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Regional (413)

Sub category of governance for news from all other regions apart from Accra.

Head of Otuano family (Kingmakers) of Winneba, Central Region, Nenyi Bondzie has disclosed his grief concerning this year's Aboakyir festival. He says Tufohene of the Traditional Council, Nenye Sirpi took centre state and used his own powers to do things as he (Nenye Sirpi) wish. This the head of kingmakers said was not  in the right direction making this year's celebration a poor one. Speaking to Nyankonton Mu Nsem, the kingmaker explained, tradition was breached as the rites and customs which guides the celebration was not followed. He explained, the traditional priest who the deer is cached for had his shrine closed, making the entire festival flawed. He added, the authorities due to the sustainability of the annual festival had to 'improvise' some of the rituals; this he emphasized may not necessarily have implications for them despite the  challenges. He noted, Nenyi Sirpi had no 'locus standi' to be at the frront in performing rites for the annual festival. According to him, the Central Authority (Traditional Council) has suffered a breakdown hence the reason why the Tufohene used his 'authority' to do things.
A 26 old man who was beaten to pulp at Bowohomoden a farming community in the Amenfi East district of the Western Region for having sex with a sheep in the bush has been banished from the town by the traditional leaders. Kwame Ademu, unemployed was caught sleeping with the sheep by its owner, Mallam Dauda late afternoon yesterday [Monday May, 9 2016]. According to Tahiru Alidu the owner who had then tied the sheep to a tree on his farm went back to untie the animal, but to his surprise, caught Kwame Ademu having sex with his sheep. He [owner] reportedly assaulted Ademu and later invited two other persons to join him in beating the 'suspect' until he fell unconscious. He was rushed to the hospital to seek medical care and was discharged on Tuesday May, 10 2016. Kwame Ademu was summoned before the traditional authorities to explain reasons why he slept with the sheep. He told the leaders that was his first time sleeping with an an animal so they should forgive him but after careful deliberations, the traditional leaders banished Ademu from the community describing his act as sacrilegious. The owner of the sheep, Mallam Duada after his 'suspect' was banished, 'dashed' the sheep which Ademu slept with to him saying, he cannot keep the cursed sheep hence Ademu should take it along with him. According to Mallam Duada, his beliefs does not allow him to keep such animals.
The sexual desires of a 26 year old, Kwame Elijah who reportedly slept with a goat is currently battling his life after he was severely beaten by one Thomas Nkwaa who reportedly caught him sleeping with his goat. The incident occurred at Nyamebekyrere in the Western Region late last night. According to Nyankonton Mu Nsem's, Sir Joe, the owner Thomas Nkwaa caught the victim in the act sleeping with his goat at about 10:00pm Monday evening. After being caught, he showed some remorse according to Sir, because he knew it was an abominable act but the owner of the goat who was angered by Elijah's act reportedly assaulted him physically until he became unconscious. But for the timely intervention of residents, the victim could have died, Sir Joe reported. Some people who thronged to the scene are still in a state of shock over the abominable act of the victim, who they claim is handsome and could have 'lured' any lady to engage her in the act.  
Drama unfolded at Mile 7 around Ofankor Thursday morning after two unidentified young men abandoned a gold coloured coffin in the middle of the Ofankor road making vehicular movement difficult. According to an eye witness account, the two unidentified young men who drove a salon car which registration number is yet to be identified, left the coffin in the custody of a middle aged woman with the intention of coming back for it. The incident which drew a large crowd according to Oppong Kyekyeku was scary especially in an era when the issue of blood money, popularly referred to as sakawa is on the increase. He said, nobody was willing to assist the policeman who came around to lift the coffin from the middle of the road until he called for assistance. ''I was driving to work and upon reaching the Mile 7 road, i saw a large crowd gathered around a gold coloured coffin in the middle of the road. When i asked, i was told that two young men, who drove in a salon car left the coffin in the middle of road. They told a middle aged woman that they will come back for it. One of the young men pretended to be making a call and by the time, we could say jack, he was gone. The other one drove in his salon car with another coffin. It was scary.''
The chiefs and people at Henneh Nkwanta in the Western Region are after a 24 year-old man who failed to perform rituals required of him, after he was caught sleeping with a pregnant sheep. The suspect from reports gathered was caught in the act by the owner of the sheep and reported him to the chief in the area. He was summoned to appear before the chief and was later requested to buy some items to enable the traditional priest perform some rites to cleanse the land. However, the suspect [name withheld] who claimed was going to inform his family over the incident fled the town. Meanwhile, owner of the sheep, has handed over the pregnant sheep to the suspect’s brother to take care of the animal until it puts to birth. The traditional council have declared the suspect wanted.  
Some aggrieved youth of Asempaneye and Breman in the Juaboso district of the Western have clashed with illegal miners over the activities. According to Christopher Anto, the aggrieved youth resisted attempts by these small scale miners whose activities the residents claim, will destroy their farm lands and source of drinking water. Christopher Anto said some persons came to the town about three months ago to seek approval to engage in mining activities but they were prevented from doing so. However, the said company who were denied their request according to reports were seen bringing in their equipment to begin their operation- a situation which led to the clash, Anto reported. The aggrieved youth have also accused the traditional authorities of accepting bribes to allow the illegal miners to operate. They have therefore served notice to their leaders to prevent the operators from engaging in the activity or face their wrath.  
Drama unfolded at Camp 6 in the Bia West District of the Western Region after a 40 year old farmer, Emmanuel Azumbila and his son, Enoch Azumbila went mad after consuming a bowl of fufu and palm-nut soup which they prepared themselves. According to an eyewitness account, the two after consuming the bowl of fufu started screaming and tearing their clothes. He told Nyankonton Mu Nsem that the victims prepared the food by themselves because the farmer is not married. Residents who rushed to the scene accounting to the eyewitness were shocked and dumb founded because of the strange occurrence. ‘’No one prepared the food for them. They prepared it themselves. Emmanuel Azumbila is not married. If he was, the wife would be in trouble because she will be the number one suspect,’’ the eyewitness said.  The foodstuffs used in preparing the meal according to the eyewitness was harvested from Emmanuel’s farm. The two are currently on admission at the hospital.
A car wash attendant is reported dead at Agomemenya near Somanya in the Eastern Region after he was electrocuted by a ‘gun’ an equipment used in washing cars at the bay. The deceased was said to have been electrocuted after he tried operating the equipment which he reportedly took from a co-worker at the washing bay. Francis Armah Frimpong reporting the incident to Nyankonton Mu Nsem said, the manager who confirmed the incident said, they were extremely shocked at the incident because they have used the equipment for several years but have never encountered the bizarre incident before. The body of the deceased have since been deposited at the morgue awaiting autopsy.      
A bereaved father, Owusu Banahene who lost his 7 year old son to Bomene River will have to raise an amount of GHC 3, 000 cedis to get the remains of his deceased son retrieved from the river.   The deceased Alfred Owusu who went to the river side together with his friend to swim died after he was trapped in the river.   The incident occurred at Agona Wiamoase in the Ashanti Region.   His friend from information gathered tried repeatedly to save his friend but the pressure of the water overpowered him.   To help retrieve the body of the deceased, the traditional priest in the area is demanding for an amount of GHC 3, 000 to enable him perform some rites.   Speaking to Nyankonton Mu Nsem, father of the deceased, Owusu Banahene said he will find it difficult to raise the amount of money to enable the priest perform the rites. According to him, he rushed to the river side only to find the clothes of his deceased son laying by the river side after the news of his son’s death broke to him. He revealed, the priest demanded for the amount together with some items including schnapps, white calico, white fowl, and crate of eggs to perform the rites. ‘’I told him I cannot afford the amount of money nor purchase the items… I begged him to reduce the money but he refused and warned us not jump into the river to search for the body of my son or we will also die like he did…This scared us so we rescind our decision to search for him in the water when the incident happened yesterday…Fortunately for us, his body was washed ashore this morning. We called the police and they have deposited the body at the morgue awaiting autopsy.’’    
Reports coming in from Tamale at some registration centers in the Northern Region has it that, some fresh non-registered voters have refused to register as valid voters due to the requirements in the on-going exercise. Some of the fresh voters who turned up to register according to Prince Kwame Tamakloe, were required to present their birth certificates and two registered voters as guarantors before they are allowed to go through the process. However, the young people have decided not to return to the centres to get their names captured on the biometric data to enable them vote in the forthcoming general elections. According to them, the requirements are frustrating. They have also complained that it is difficult for them to get guarantors to vouch for them as eligible to register. Meanwhile day two of the exercise is still receiving very low turnout, Prince Tamakloe said. He told Nyankonton Mu Nsem that, some residents have called on the EC to intensify publicity on the exercise to ensure that, all eligible voters who do not have their names on the biometric data get to register. He bemoaned the difficulty journalists are going through to file reports on the exercise as officials of the EC are demanding accreditation from them. The EC is expecting to capture some 1.2 million fresh voters onto the biometric data in the ongoing 10 –day exercise.
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