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Regional (423)

Sub category of governance for news from all other regions apart from Accra.

Renewed clashes between Chakosi and Bimoaba ethnic groups at Bumburiga has left some 500 residents homeless.The fighting has left two persons with gunshots wounds and many houses destroyed by fire.The violence according an eyewitness  begun at about 4am in Laaritanga where many Bimoabas were severely beaten in a fight last year over fishing in the Kpempi river, a water head of the Oti river.Reports has it that the  Bimoabas raided houses of the Chokosis with guns, spears and sharpened sticks and set them on fire whiles they were still asleep amidst sporadic shooting.The Bimobas allegedly extended the ambush to about five communities including Jagbanga, Jawari and Zanzori forcing all the chokosi residents to flee to Tosori and Kwabenakaposo near Wenchike.The attackers have also fled crossing the Oti river to neighboring Togo.A joint military and police force from Yendi have been deployed to the area to maintain law and order.
Students at the Kumasi Academy, a mixed Senior High School nearly clashed with the police who had gone to the school to maintain law and order following a demonstration held by the students. The students held the demonstration in protest against what they termed, mysterious deaths in the school and were demanding to go home. Sources say, three students died while in the Hospital after they were given exeats last week due to the ill health. According to the source, three more students fell ill and were taken to the Hospital; this informed the decision by the entire student body to hold the demonstration on suspicion that, these other students may die like the others.   Some students are now expressing fear and feel unsafe in the school. According to them, the ‘mysterious deaths, usually occur during third term. The main entrance to the school was blocked with several people including parents and townsfolk demanding that authorities open the gate for them to take their wards home. Speaking to Accra based Citi FM, Assistant Headmaster in charge of Academics, Mr. Ernest Wiafe said the students became agitated and were becoming chaotic following rumours that another student had died after supper. “…So in the process, there was a bit of stone throwing and some noise; and so we had to call the police who were close and they came with a little bit of reinforcement. So as you can see the situation has normalized. Unfortunately, some media houses presented a completely different story, that’s why you see a few parents outside the school trying to get their wards back home. But let me confirm that our students are all safe and they are sleeping. So the parents would have to leave and find a better time to come back and find out things for themselves.”   He also debunked claims that the schools died out of food poisoning.   “Nothing like food poisoning; Mind you we have a boarding population of a little over 2,100 who all take food from the dining hall. There’s also a canteen where the students go to buy food from. So if it were to be a case of food poisoning, you could have imagined the number of casualties. So we have no doubt at all, that these are students who had ailments and unfortunately passed on. However investigations by professionals are still ongoing and I believe we will know everything.”     He indicated that the matter has been reported to the municipal directorate, which has dispatched officials to the school to collect vital information, and also do same at the hospitals where the students died, to ascertain the cause of death. 
Reports reaching Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm has it that, the Koforidua School for the Deaf has been hit by bed bugs infestation making it difficult for students. Headmaster of the school Jonas Agbona has called on authorities to intervene since the situation is unbearable. According to reports, authorities at the school fumigated the facility but the bugs have refused to go. Mr. Agbona said although they have employed temporal measures to rectify the problem, they will be grateful if they receive external support to manage the situation once and for all.  
A pregnant woman believed to be in her early thirties, Maa Abena has been found in a bush at Adadekrom in the Western region.   The cause of death has not been established yet and the incident has generated fear and panic in the area.     Our regional correspondent, Christopher Anto said residents are reading meaning into the death with some claiming that, she committed suicide because she had no husband yet got pregnant.     Others are also of the opinion that, she was killed for ritual purposes.
Teachers at Adeiso in the Upper West Akyim District have threatened to boycott classes as they cannot continue to teach in a school where wee smokers smokes when classes are in session, yet authorities are adamant. Our Eastern regional correspondent, Prince Collins Bening who has been following the story said the teachers have expressed fear and until an action is taken, they will not resume teaching. According to them, the activities of these miscreants  will have negative impact on the students and further threaten their security.      
A tractor driver has met Kofi Dede 55, has met his untimely death after his tractor crashed in a terrible accident. His mate, John Amponsah 35 has also sustained very serious injuries at Magyada near Agogo Asante Akyem North of the Ashanti region Sunday evening. Narrating the incident to Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, an eye witness who gave his name as Michael said the driver were transporting a load of logs but upon reaching Agogo, the brake failed leading to the crash.   He said, the tyre  burst and the tractor somersaulted. John Amponsah managed to escape but the driver died.
Pregnant women and some residents at Mepom in the Eastern region have abandoned the Mepom Health Centre due to poor services. Our Eastern regional correspondent, Prince Collins Bening says the residents and pregnant women are dissatisfied with the services by nurses at the facility hence their resolve to abandon the facility. The mid-wife at the facility according to reports abuses patients verbally when they visit the health centre.   Meanwhile, investigations are currently underway to ensure that the issues are resolved.
A mentally challenged woman whose name was only given as Hajia has committed suicide. It remains unclear what necessitated her action. Our Northern regional correspondent, Prince Kwame Tamakloe said Hajia was seen hanging on a mango tree at a Presbyterian Basic School.   The body has since been deposited at the morgue. 
A 20 year-old lady, whose name was only given as Hajia has dumped her baby in a toilet at Wassa Jirapa in the Western region. Narrating the incident to Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, Prince Obeng Nframa said the young lady who migrated to the town to seek greener pastures, was impregnated by a small scale miner  who has denied responsibility of the pregnancy and gone into hiding. According to him, the young lady received a call from her parents to return back home in Bawku and so she planned aborting the 9-month old pregnancy. He said the girl, who was due for labour on Tuesday morning, picked a bucket and delivered into it and later dumped the baby in the toilet. The loud cry of the baby he added, drew the attention of a good Samaritan who also drew the attention of some residents around-who help to open the pit to rescue the baby. The baby girl he added, survived and currently on admission at the hospital. Meanwhile, the mother who dumped the baby was arrested but later granted bail to enable her deliver the placenta.     She will report back to the police after she delivers the placenta and be processed for court, he added.
An acute water shortage has hit Adeiso and its environs in the Eastern region, our correspondent, Prince Collins Bening has reported. The situation, he indicated has now worsened as residents and students walk several miles in search of potable water. Some students he revealed have resorted to the use of sachet water due to the situation. Prince Bening said, ''the shortage is severe and some residents have resorted to desperate measures including the use of sachet water.'' He spoke to some residents who lamented that the situation has affected their daily activities. They have therefore appealed to government to intervene so they will have access to portable drinking water.   Meanwhile, the regional chairman for the area has assured residents that efforts are underway to resolve the situation.
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