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Regional (423)

Sub category of governance for news from all other regions apart from Accra.

The deputy regional chairman for the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Ahafo Ano Mr. Karim Mohammed has called on the National Executives of the party to as a matter of urgency resolve the  problems in the constituency or risk loosing the 2016 parliamentary elections in the no matter the candidate they present on behalf of the party. Speaking with Kwame Tutu, host of the breakfast show on rainbow radio, the deputy chairman said, there are problems within the party in the constituency and if we should begin to make these problems public, it will be disastrous for the ruling party, we cannot wash our dirty linen in public. So the party’s executives should deal with the issues as soon as possible. His statement is coming on the heels of an alleged attack on the regional chairman Samuel Awuni over the weekend. Mr. Samuel Awuni is alleged to have been stabbed by one Adams Alhassan who doubles as the party’s treasurer in the constituency. However the deputy regional chairman stated categorically that, the chairman who is currently battling his life in the hospital was stabbed by the treasure of the party. Am surprised that he [Adams Alhassan] is walking as a freeman after stabbing our chairman, every evidence points to the fact that he stabbed him, he even claimed that he will do it and nobody can do anything to him and now he is walking on the streets of Kumasi as a freeman, how can the police behave like this, how can they free someone who attempted to murder our chairman, he posited. Mr. Karim Mohammed alleged that the regional minister Hon. Peter Anaafi is the one behind the attack. I know and am sure that he [Hon. Anaafi] is behind the attack, I saw the treasurer in his car, he is part of his drivers and so am sure he contracted him to stab the chairman, it pains me that this is happening ahead of our primaries, it is unfortunate, he said. Mr. Samuel Awuni according to Karim Mohammed wanted to use the party’s vehicle for official purposes but he was not allowed to use it so he engaged in a brawl with the youth organiser who was alleged to have kept the key but failed to give it out. The youth organiser failed to give him the car keys so he stood by the car so nobody could move the car because by the party’s constitution nobody is supposed to use the car until you’ve won the elections, but he failed to give him the keys, then we saw him call an unknown person, in the next minutes we saw a vehicle branded with the poster of the regional minister with the treasure behind the wheels, he walked out of the car and stabbed the youth organiser then stabbed the chairman too, he narrated. The Ashanti Regional Minister, Hon. Peter Anaafi declined to comment on the allegations leveled against him when he was contacted.    
The President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama has called on Ghanaians to pay more if they really want the power crisis to reduce. Speaking on the garden city radio in Kumasi today, the president said, If Ghanaians want reliable uninterrupted power, then they need to pay more because if they want better services, then the ‘’prices must go up’’ a little, that is the ‘’reality’’. He has therefore backed the calls by the utility service providers for an increment in tarriff to improve upon the problem. President Mahama indicated that, Ghana is currently depending more on thermal power which is far more expensive than hydro power because the hydro that supply us power is no more. He said if by next year we are not able to resolve the problem the Akosombo Dam may collapse because its current strength is low and therefore it is realistic for Ghanaians to pay more to get stable power. “If we genuinely want reliable, sustainable power then the price will have to go up…that is the reality…if we don’t want any more dumsor then we will have to pay more,” President Mahama said. As an individual calculate the cost you incur in powering your generators and you will realise how much money government spends in providing stable power for you, so you need to pay more, that is a reality, he added. We cannot depend more on cheaper power anymore, because our source of cheaper power is not stable, if we don’t take care, we may shut down 4 units of Akosombo next year, that would be a serious threat to our energy sector, the prices we paying currently is unrealistic, we all experienced dumsor and we know how the situation is, President Mahama indicated. He described the situation as ‘’a worrying signal.’’ He stressed, ‘’if you want reliable power then you have to pay more, that is the reality.’’ Utility service providers at a meeting with the TUC and organized labour on Friday gave reasons why they need tariff increment but the TUC vehemently rejected their call for the increment, they have therefore warned that they will resist any attempt to increase tariff. The utility service providers are all calling for the huge percentage hike to keep their machines operational. In the power sector, the proposal is for tariffs to increase from 14 pesewas per kilowatt hour to 30 pesewas. The president is currently in the region as part o his 'Changing Lives and Transforming Ghana Campaign', he is expected to tour the Brong Ahafo Region later today.
President John Mahama has insisted that his government will not over spend its budget for 2016 not matter the pressure it may face. The president stated that the government will not spend money on anything not budgeted for. He was speaking with some businessmen in the Ashanti Region, the president reiterated his commitment to stick with the approved budget for 2016 to ensure fiscal discipline by government. “Income and expenditure must balance and all of you know how you draw your balance sheets. If income is lower and expenditure is higher, then you go out of business. It is the same for government; if expenditure is higher than income, then the country is running into debt. So when we go and draw the budget; and then all of a sudden in the middle of the year, some groups are making more demands than you can. If you yield to those demands then you unbalance the budget and when that happens, deficits increases which also mean inflation goes up and then interest rates also go up” he said President Mahama explained, just like every family must take steps to ensure that they don’t incur debt by overspending, government must also take steps to do same. “It’s just like how we run the family. If you and your wife are working and each of earn 1,000 cedis each which means you both earn 2,000 cedis, and yet you end up spending 3,000 cedis a month, you are going to run into debt”.
Three Fulani Herdsmen have been found dead at Afram Palins in the Eastern Region. Residents in the Eastern Region and Fulani Herdsmen for some time now engaged in violent clashes and reprisal attacks against each other over farmlands and properties in the region, the issue has led to the death of some residents and Fulani Herdsmen. Deputy Regional Police Commander, ACP James Abass says they suspect the deceased herdsmen were killed by residents in a possible reprisal attack following constant attacks on residents in the region by the Fulani Herdsmen. The police are currently conducting serious investigations into the attack with heavy police presence in the area.        
A cocoa purchasing clerk is currently on the run after allegedly impregnating three teenage girls at Adeipemu in the Bia-West District of the Western Region. Our regional correspondent Odeshieba Kwadwo reported that the cocoa purchasing clerk dated the three teenage girls at the same time. He is said to have left the community after parents of the teenage girls came to him to inform him about their daughters’ pregnancies. The teenage girls (name withheld) are between the ages of 15 and 17 years. Our correspondent also added that the cocoa purchasing clerk lured the victims with money before sleeping with them. The girls are currently out of school because of their situation. Some residents in the area have mounted a search for him. Meanwhile the police in the area led by ASP Daniel Wiafe are currently searching for him  
National Youth Organiser of the Progressive People’s Party, Divine Nkrumah has sent a strong signal to the ruling National Democratic Congress to prepare for total and shameful defeat in 2016 because the PPP is coming up strong and well prepared. He said a third force must be created to wrestle power, from the incompetent and non-performing Mahama led administration. We cannot allow them to continue to stay in power after exhibiting cross incompetence and mismanaging the economy with their corruption and stealing from the national coffers. According to him, Ghanaians are convinced that the PPP is the better option for the management of the economy and therefore the party is preparing very strong to take over power from the current government. The party will be electing their national officers come 31st October including their Presidential Candidate who will represent the party to fight against the unprecedented corruption by the Mahama led administration, he added.
President Mahama has expressed his confidence ahead of the 2016 elections saying the NDC is assured of another massive victory because of the unprecedented achievements under his able leadership. He told party supporters in Eastern Region during the agenda 50/50 rally as part of his ‘Changing Lives and Transforming Ghana Campaign'. President Mahama said “those of us who have been given the mandate by the people to lead the party in 2016, I am very confident of our victory with our hard work and team spirit. God willing we will secure a one touch victory”. According to the president the NDC is by far the people’s choice because of their achievements, and as part of efforts to clinch victory in the Eastern Region, party executives launched a campaign dubbed agenda 50/50, the president said although it is a difficult task , it is attainable through hard work. “ I know our party executives in the region have set out to share the votes in this region with the NPP. I know its not an easy task but it is achievable. “If you study the pattern of votes in the region, you realise that since 2004, the NPP’s votes have been decreasing while our keep surging up so with hard work, unity and focus, we can achieve the 50/50 we have set for ourselves,” he concluded to wild applause from the umbrella family. “Those of us who have been given the mandate by the people to lead the party in 2016, I am very confident of our victory with our hard work and team spirit. God willing we will secure a one touch victory,” he said.   President Mahama admonished party supporters to make sure the NDC wins massively in the Eastern Region, because the NPP in the past secured very good records but the percentage kept dropping after the NDC put in efforts to match the NPP, and therefore the party should do well to make sure they repeat history in the region by maintaining a massive win. Nana Akuffo Addo in the 2012 elections secured 56%, as compared to the 60% + votes secured by the former President Kufuor in 2004; President Mahama urged the party supporters to work at securing the ‘losing’ votes for the NDC. The president described the NDC as being the most efficient, organized, stable and peaceful party in the country currently. “This is a nation that has no time to waste to allow for people to settle their individual differences before we embark on decision making. NDC is in power and will continue to be in power,” President Mahama stressed. He was also confident that the NDC is going to win the elections through a one touch victory just like they did in 2012.  
Former President J.J Rawlings has admonished party supporters within the Klottey Korle Constituency to vote for Dr. Zenator Rawlings not because she is his daughter but because she is truthful, courageous, resilient and competent. Speaking with party supporters at a mini-rally in Osu Sunday morning, the former president described her daughter as a candidate that is selfless, dedicated, committed and a disciplined person who has won his respect. He said, Dr. Rawlings who is contesting in the upcoming parliamentary primaries is a woman with integrity, an accountable and transparent individual whose ideals and vision is in line with the core values of the NDC. If I say you should vote for Zenator, I say so not because she is my daughter, but vote for her because of the truth she represents, he added President Rawlings called on the party supporters to vote against corrupt and non-performing candidates who in the past won the mandate of the people through lies. He said, you must vote against people who are corrupt, thieves and evil. Do not vote for people whose actions would cause the defeat of the party, the NDC as a party was formed on the core-values of accountability, transparency and incorruptible character and therefore we must be guided by these core-values to lead the party unto victory come 2016. In the past people bribed you with money, television and other things to vote for them and now see how you are suffering, I have always spoke against corruption, and I will continue to speak against it. We need to fight corruption within our own party because if we don’t it will cause our own defeat, I spoke about it after I left office, I spoke about it after Kuffuor took over, I spoke about it during the era of the late Mills and am still talking about corruption today, that should tell you how I hate corruption so you should try your best and kick corrupt leaders out and replace them with incorruptible people like my daughter, Dr. Rawlings, President Rawlings lamented. Former president Rawlings added, there were attempts to cleanse the party of the corruption and evil machinations but it seems some people misunderstood us, you have the power to change things now so do that to save the image of the party before 2016. The party was formed through a united front, the colours of our party explain how united we are and am happy that you still hold on to that unity, keep up the spirit and let us unite as a party and support Dr. Rawlings on her way to parliament. He expressed his joy for the love, and support given to her daughter and the NDC in general.      
A 30-year old Rastafarian popularly known as No Wonder has committed suicide at Adaekrom in the Dormaa West District of the Brong Ahafo Region.   Our regional correspondent Christopher Anto told Nyankonton Mu Nsem that, the victim was found dead in his room after he drunk DDT.   The victim was accused of raping one young girl, Ama Kyerewaa but the Rastafarian now deceased denied the allegations.   According to our correspondent, family of the girl who the victim was accused of raping denied the allegations but residents kept on teasing and calling him a rapist and because he could not stand the public ridicule, he killed himself.   The body of the deceased is currently at the morgue pending further investigations.
The President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama has cut sod for the construction of the Koforidua-Bunso road in Kukurantumi in the Eastern Region.   The 20-kilometre road is being constructed under the Cocoa Roads Improvement Programme.   Under the project roads in the cocoa growing regions will be constructed and others rehabilitated.   President Mahama addressing residents during the sod cutting ceremony, said the project was in fulfilment of a promise he made to the region during his campaign period in 2012.   “During the campaign time, I promised that when given the mandate, we will do a massive improvement of the roads in Eastern Region. So the Bonsu-Koforidua road is one of the roads I promised to construct and it is under the cocoa road projects.”    “The equipment I’ve seen on the grounds suggests that the contractor will complete the project even before the allotted time,” he added. The 20-kilometre road project is estimated at a total cost of GH¢32 million.  
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