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Sub category of governance for news from all other regions apart from Accra.

President Mahama has expressed his confidence ahead of the 2016 elections saying the NDC is assured of another massive victory because of the unprecedented achievements under his able leadership. He told party supporters in Eastern Region during the agenda 50/50 rally as part of his ‘Changing Lives and Transforming Ghana Campaign'. President Mahama said “those of us who have been given the mandate by the people to lead the party in 2016, I am very confident of our victory with our hard work and team spirit. God willing we will secure a one touch victory”. According to the president the NDC is by far the people’s choice because of their achievements, and as part of efforts to clinch victory in the Eastern Region, party executives launched a campaign dubbed agenda 50/50, the president said although it is a difficult task , it is attainable through hard work. “ I know our party executives in the region have set out to share the votes in this region with the NPP. I know its not an easy task but it is achievable. “If you study the pattern of votes in the region, you realise that since 2004, the NPP’s votes have been decreasing while our keep surging up so with hard work, unity and focus, we can achieve the 50/50 we have set for ourselves,” he concluded to wild applause from the umbrella family. “Those of us who have been given the mandate by the people to lead the party in 2016, I am very confident of our victory with our hard work and team spirit. God willing we will secure a one touch victory,” he said.   President Mahama admonished party supporters to make sure the NDC wins massively in the Eastern Region, because the NPP in the past secured very good records but the percentage kept dropping after the NDC put in efforts to match the NPP, and therefore the party should do well to make sure they repeat history in the region by maintaining a massive win. Nana Akuffo Addo in the 2012 elections secured 56%, as compared to the 60% + votes secured by the former President Kufuor in 2004; President Mahama urged the party supporters to work at securing the ‘losing’ votes for the NDC. The president described the NDC as being the most efficient, organized, stable and peaceful party in the country currently. “This is a nation that has no time to waste to allow for people to settle their individual differences before we embark on decision making. NDC is in power and will continue to be in power,” President Mahama stressed. He was also confident that the NDC is going to win the elections through a one touch victory just like they did in 2012.  
Former President J.J Rawlings has admonished party supporters within the Klottey Korle Constituency to vote for Dr. Zenator Rawlings not because she is his daughter but because she is truthful, courageous, resilient and competent. Speaking with party supporters at a mini-rally in Osu Sunday morning, the former president described her daughter as a candidate that is selfless, dedicated, committed and a disciplined person who has won his respect. He said, Dr. Rawlings who is contesting in the upcoming parliamentary primaries is a woman with integrity, an accountable and transparent individual whose ideals and vision is in line with the core values of the NDC. If I say you should vote for Zenator, I say so not because she is my daughter, but vote for her because of the truth she represents, he added President Rawlings called on the party supporters to vote against corrupt and non-performing candidates who in the past won the mandate of the people through lies. He said, you must vote against people who are corrupt, thieves and evil. Do not vote for people whose actions would cause the defeat of the party, the NDC as a party was formed on the core-values of accountability, transparency and incorruptible character and therefore we must be guided by these core-values to lead the party unto victory come 2016. In the past people bribed you with money, television and other things to vote for them and now see how you are suffering, I have always spoke against corruption, and I will continue to speak against it. We need to fight corruption within our own party because if we don’t it will cause our own defeat, I spoke about it after I left office, I spoke about it after Kuffuor took over, I spoke about it during the era of the late Mills and am still talking about corruption today, that should tell you how I hate corruption so you should try your best and kick corrupt leaders out and replace them with incorruptible people like my daughter, Dr. Rawlings, President Rawlings lamented. Former president Rawlings added, there were attempts to cleanse the party of the corruption and evil machinations but it seems some people misunderstood us, you have the power to change things now so do that to save the image of the party before 2016. The party was formed through a united front, the colours of our party explain how united we are and am happy that you still hold on to that unity, keep up the spirit and let us unite as a party and support Dr. Rawlings on her way to parliament. He expressed his joy for the love, and support given to her daughter and the NDC in general.      
A 30-year old Rastafarian popularly known as No Wonder has committed suicide at Adaekrom in the Dormaa West District of the Brong Ahafo Region.   Our regional correspondent Christopher Anto told Nyankonton Mu Nsem that, the victim was found dead in his room after he drunk DDT.   The victim was accused of raping one young girl, Ama Kyerewaa but the Rastafarian now deceased denied the allegations.   According to our correspondent, family of the girl who the victim was accused of raping denied the allegations but residents kept on teasing and calling him a rapist and because he could not stand the public ridicule, he killed himself.   The body of the deceased is currently at the morgue pending further investigations.
The President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama has cut sod for the construction of the Koforidua-Bunso road in Kukurantumi in the Eastern Region.   The 20-kilometre road is being constructed under the Cocoa Roads Improvement Programme.   Under the project roads in the cocoa growing regions will be constructed and others rehabilitated.   President Mahama addressing residents during the sod cutting ceremony, said the project was in fulfilment of a promise he made to the region during his campaign period in 2012.   “During the campaign time, I promised that when given the mandate, we will do a massive improvement of the roads in Eastern Region. So the Bonsu-Koforidua road is one of the roads I promised to construct and it is under the cocoa road projects.”    “The equipment I’ve seen on the grounds suggests that the contractor will complete the project even before the allotted time,” he added. The 20-kilometre road project is estimated at a total cost of GH¢32 million.  
President John Mahama has refuted claims by critics that he called for a new register for Togo during his tenure as chair for the Economic Community for West African States (ECOWAS). According to the President’ ‘’he never called for a new register in Togo, I never did, so if they want they should go for the records and verify for themselves, I never called for a new register in Togo, I never did period.’’ They keep on saying that when I was the ECOWAS chairman, I called for a new register, but I never did, that is a total lie, and I mean a fabricated lie, Mahama stressed. Addressing party supporters at the Koforidua Jackson Park in the Eastern region, President Mahama indicated, the opposition parties in Togo prior to their general elections raised concerns over the credibility of their voter register. I only held a meeting with the opposition parties, the ruling government and the electoral commission of Togo and suggested to them to call for an independent body to audit their voter’s register and they both agreed on my suggestion. So they invited an auditor in Togo La Francophonie to do the job, so those alleging that I called for a new register in Togo, should stop lying to Ghanaians because I never did, Mahama revealed. The president’s response is coming on the heels of an allegation made by the party’s flagbearer Nana Akufo-Addo that he [President Mahama] at the time he was chair of ECOWAS suggested to Togo to compile a new register. Nana Addo is reported to have said: “The peaceful acceptance of the election results by stakeholders in Togo is indicative of how appropriate [President Mahama’s] intervention was. Clearly, what is good for Togo must be good for Ghana.” President reiterated his earlier statement for the Electoral Commission to be allowed to do its job without any undue interference, he said the Commission is an independent body and cannot or should not be influenced by any party.  
President John Dramani Mahama has mocked the recent ‘Rise and Build Tour’ by the Presidential Candidate of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Akufo-Addo describing it as a waste of time and unnecessary. Addressing teaming supporters at the Koforidua Jackson Park in the Eastern region as part of his ‘Transforming and Changing Lives Campaign’, President Mahama said, the National Democratic Congress is already building and therefore there was nothing for the NPP led by their Presidential Candidate to build. Sometimes I hear some people claiming to be rising and building, what at all are they building? There is nothing to be built because we in the NDC have already done the job. President Mahama criticised the NPP for turning a blind eye to the massive achievements of the NDC because of their sheer political and ill motives. If the NPP pretends to be sleeping, nobody would wake them up, they should continue to sleep, by the time they are awake, they will be shocked and surprised at the turn of events, Mahama posited. We are already building and we will continue to build and build more , Mahama stressed.    
A nineteen-year (19) old orange seller Maame Esi is currently in the grips of the police at Dormeabra a farming community in the Dormaa central of the Brong Ahafo region for allegedly stabbing a friend during a quarrel.   Our regional correspondent Abubarkar Seidu, told Nyankonton Mu Nsem that the victim had a quarrel with her friend after she accused her of been a thief.   The two according to our reporter engaged in a heated argument which subsequently led Maame Esi  stabbing her friend.   The victim is currently in the hospital receiving treatment.   The police are currently investigation the matter to establish the truth.  
The Chief Imam for Ashanti Region has described the Vice-Presidential Candidate of the New Patriotic Party, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia as a gift from God. Alhaji Abbdul Mumin Haroun believes that such a gift from God should be supported and protected by all well-meaning Ghanaians. The Chief Imam made these comments when the Vice Presidential Candidate joined other Muslims at the Kumasi Central Mosque for their Friday ‘Jummah’ Prayers. Addressing the over hundred worshipers gathered, Imam Abdul Mumin Haroun stated “he [Dr. Bawumia] is a politician and he is an economist too. If a nation’s finances and economy end up in a ditch, he goes there and he turns things around. I know of Zimbabwe, where they used to buy common items with wheel barrows of money; he went there and that is no more the case. So he’s not just anybody; he is God’s gift to us.” He admonished the worshipers to intercede for Dr. Bawumia so Allah grants him his blessings and protection. “Let us protect and take good care of him because he is God’s gift to this nation. If…we reject this gift from God, God will not bless us. So may God continue to help Mahamudu Bawumia and may he grant him his desires. May God bless Ghana and may God bless Kumasi,” he said. Alhaji Bawumia was in Kumasi on the invitation of the Regional Chief Imam and other Muslim clerics who wanted to welcome him and pray with him after his return from Hajj. On his part, the Vice-Presidential Candidate, Alhaji Bawumia was grateful to Allah for bringing him and other members of the Ghanaian delegation back home safely. “I thank Allah for bringing us safely from Hajj and for those who were not able to return alive, may Allah grant them Jannatul Firdaus.  May Allah reward all of you for this hospitality and may Allah continue to bless Ghana,” he prayed. Alhaji Bawumia was accompanied to Kumasi by Sheikh T.B. Damba, former 2nd Vice-Chairman of the NPP, Sheikh I.C. Quaye, former Greater Accra Regional Minister and Kamal-Deen Abdulai, NPP National Nasara Coordinator.  
The invasion of bees in Gyesewobre a village in the Amanfi District of the Western region has led to the death of Maame Yaa a four year old girl. This is the second time bees have invaded the village according to some residents who spoke to our regional correspondent, Amponsah Daniel. The residents could not understand why this is happening again, they have expressed shock at the death of the little girl. The chief priest of the area is reported to have said that, the incident was for a ritual purpose and therefore the village needs to be cleansed for the to prevent any such incident in the future. Parents of the girl are in a state of shock over the death of their daughter,                                                                                          
The President of the Republic of Ghana and Presidential candidate for the ruling NDC, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama is currently on a three-day tour in the Eastern region as part of his ‘Transforming and Changing Lives Campaign’. The president is on the tour to canvass for votes ahead of the upcoming November 7th presidential and parliamentary primaries. Currently, President Mahama is the only candidate contesting in the presidential primaries, he is expected to pull more than 50% of the total votes to confirm him as the party’s candidate for 2016. President Mahama on his previous tours, admonished party supporters to work hard, and unite towards 2016 because the NDC stand a better chance of winning the elections. He said the NDC is ‘’systematically fulfilling their manifesto promises,’’ and therefore come 2016 Ghanaians will give them another mandate. Party executives in the Eastern region have promised to give President Mahama a 100% ‘’YES’’ for his unprecedented achievements. The communications officer of the region, Alhaji Jamal Konneh said: ‘’the NDC is blessed to have a leader like President Mahama, who would lead the NDC to victory in 2016.’’
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