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Sub category of governance for news from all other regions apart from Accra.

The President of the Republic of Ghana and Presidential candidate for the ruling NDC, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama is currently on a three-day tour in the Eastern region as part of his ‘Transforming and Changing Lives Campaign’. The president is on the tour to canvass for votes ahead of the upcoming November 7th presidential and parliamentary primaries. Currently, President Mahama is the only candidate contesting in the presidential primaries, he is expected to pull more than 50% of the total votes to confirm him as the party’s candidate for 2016. President Mahama on his previous tours, admonished party supporters to work hard, and unite towards 2016 because the NDC stand a better chance of winning the elections. He said the NDC is ‘’systematically fulfilling their manifesto promises,’’ and therefore come 2016 Ghanaians will give them another mandate. Party executives in the Eastern region have promised to give President Mahama a 100% ‘’YES’’ for his unprecedented achievements. The communications officer of the region, Alhaji Jamal Konneh said: ‘’the NDC is blessed to have a leader like President Mahama, who would lead the NDC to victory in 2016.’’
The Global Handwashing Day (GHD) is a campaign to motivate and mobilize millions around the world to wash their hands with soap and water. The campaign is dedicated to raising awareness of washing hands with soap and water as a key approach to disease prevention, this can help create a strong social norm of good opportunity to ask governments to fulfil this important role. As part of the celebration today, the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and the Community Water and Sanitation Agency held a campaign in the Northern region to educate residents, school children and the entire community on the need to wash their hands with soap and water. On his part, the communication consultant for the environmental health and sanitation unit at the Ministry Of Local Government, Mr. Emmanuel Addai explained to Nyankonton Mu Nsem that handwashing with soap and water is key to disease prevention. According to him close to 19,000 Ghanaians die as a result of cholera, diarrhea because they don’t wash their hands with soap and water, and therefore the celebration was to remind Ghanaians on the importance of handwashing. He explained that there are some communities where access to running water is not readily available but a new technology had been adopted to make sure that residents get access to water to wash their hands through the use of a barometer bucket which according to him is very cheap and easily accessible. Mr. Addai reacting to the use of sanitisers, said that it is very expensive for especially those in the rural communities to afford, in his opinion those sanitisers and mixtures cannot guarantee a safe clean hands but rather he called for the use of a soap and water. The Global Handwashing Day is celebrated annually on the 15th of October across the world.
The Eastern regional branch of the New Patriotic Party has described the ’Transforming and Changing Lives Campaign’ to the region as ‘’A visit to receive a shameful’’ 100% endorsement from his party for his incompetence and non-performance. In a statement signed on behalf of the party in the region, the Eastern regional communications director of the NPP said the Eastern region would reject President Mahama come 2016. According to him the president and his government have done nothing in the Eastern region so ‘’we wonder what he will be telling his people as his achievements as far as developmental projects are concerned. The statement further stated” President Mahama and his government cannot even supply chalk and log  books to schools in the region how much more provision of good roads, schools, hospitals, decent accommodation for workers, regular supply of electricity and water to the people.’’ The party also accused the NDC government of collapsing all the social interventions instituted by former President Kuffuor and the NPP. The statement said ‘’all the social intervention programmes instituted by President Kuffuor and the NPP have collapsed or been left to collapse in the region. Capitation grants are not been paid to schools, NHIS is not working properly.’’ They also alleged that executives of the NDC in the region are embezzling the school feeding programme monies hence collapsing the project. The affordable housing project, metro mass transit system, national identification project and other key projects according to the NPP all in the dark because of poor management, incompetence and embezzlement on the part government has contributed to our current economic challenges.  The communications director accused the NDC of abandoning the Eastern region, he said the region is currently known to have the highest deplorable roads. He described as a ‘’blatant lie’’ for the NDC to claim that they are constructing the Suhum-Asamankese, Nsawam-Asamankeses because the resident have expressed their disappointment on the part of government for lying to Ghanaians over non-existing projects. The statement also  mentioned the Kade-Asoum road, Oda-Swredru Akyease road, Asamankese BaduaAkwatia road, Kwabeng Akrofoum –Abomosu road, Oda Ofoase road, Ofoase Abrim road, Nsawam Aburi road, Afram Plains Tiase-Maame Krobo road which he said are all in very deplorable state. The others are Adawso Asubone, Begoro-Ahomen, Asesewa –Dzamam, Tinkong-Amanfrom, roads are all in very deplorable state. ‘’The President and his NDC government have turned deaf ears to all these challenges in the region, we equally blame the Eastern regional executives of the NDC for not projecting and highlighting the development al challenges of the region to the President but rather seeking their own personal interest. This is very unfortunate and we are not surprised. President Mahama and his NDC government have neglected the people of Eastern region in their 7 years stay in power, every statement from them has been nothing order than propaganda and deceit. The people are wide awake and will not fall into NDC propaganda machinery’’. The party has assured Ghanaians and the Eastern region in particular of their commitment to the developmental needs of the people when they come into power. ‘’We want to assure the people the people the Eastern region of NPP’s commitment to their developmental needs and encourage them to be resolute in their quest to vote massively for Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo in 2016. We are solidly with the Chiefs and people of Eastern region in these difficult economic and development times and we believe things change under the Presidency of Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo in 2017,’’ the statement added.    
Residents in the Nkoranza North District of the Brong Ahafo region, has raised a red alert over the poor nature of their roads. According to them all their roads linking to the various villages, are very bad in a poor condition and due to that the people are dying especially pregnant women. The residents revealed that, about seven pregnant women have lost their lives because they could not access health care early due to the poor conditions of the roads. Speaking with residents, our regional correspondent Akwasi Donyina, and the situation is forcing residents to hit the streets any time soon if authorities fail to address their concerns. Some farmers who also spoke to our correspondent expressed their frustration they go through due to the poor nature of the roads, they explained that they are not able to convey their crops and foodstuffs to the market because there are no available vehicles to convey them. The farmers indicated that the situation has affected their sales and income because their foodstuffs and crops go waste if they are not able to convey them to the market.  
The Eastern regional Communications Director for the NDC, Alhaji Kammal Konneh has revealed that the Eastern regional branch of the party would give President Mahama a 100% endorsement to lead the party in the upcoming presidential elections for his unprecedented achievements in the region. He said ‘’the NDC is blessed to have a leader like President Mahama, who would lead the NDC to victory in 2016.’’ The Communication Officer revealed that President Mahama has been able to unite the front of the party right from the national to the branch levels. He said the Eastern region under the two and half years of President Mahama has witnessed unprecedented development and because of that they would vote a ‘’BIG YES’’ for him. Alhaji Konneh outlining the achievements of President Mahama said the facelifts in the road sector including the Asamankese road project which is under construction, the Nsawam to Adeiso road which is almost completed, Suhum and Asamankese township roads which are all under construction, is a clear indication of the good works of the Mahama led administration. He also expressed their happiness for  the construction of a new University in region in the history of the country since 1957. Alhaji Konneh stated further that the development within the educational sector is unbeatable and unprecedented, some the projects he outlined are the three storey dormitory for Begoro SHS, a community SHS at Kwahu Afram Plains North and South Districts and other projects which has eliminated schools under trees in the region. The Communications Officer said that it would be suicidal to change President Mahama as the candidate for the 2016 presidential elections, because he has been tried, tested and shown clearly that his government is committed to the transformation of the country. He said the NDC government has for the first time, begun the construction of a district hospital in the region at Abetifi, the Jejeti and other communities are benefiting from various facilities in the area of health, he added. Alhaji Konneh stressed that, President Mahama has also constructed some water projects within the region including the Kporne Water project which is distributing water to some areas including Kyebi where the presidential candidate, Nana Addo is coming from. He also congratulated the president for his enormous role in ensuring the peaceful co-existence among residents in the region considering the ethnic nature that the region is known for. He reiterated that the NDC is still confident of their agenda 50/50 campaign, the NDC developmental record in the region is unmatched and unprecedented, he added. President John Mahama is expected to have a two day tour of the Eastern region beginning  tomorrow, this forms part of his ‘Transforming and Changing Lives Campaign’ which is aimed at canvassing for votes ahead of the NDC primaries slated for the 7th November, 2015. President Mahama on his previous tours, admonished party supporters to work hard, unite towards 2016 because the NDC stand a better chance of winning 2016 general elections. The president believes that the NDC is on the right with their achievements so far because according to him the NDC is systematically fulfilling their manifesto promises. The NDC has also cleared President Mahama to start his campaign ahead of the NDC primaries, he is expected to pull more than 50% of the votes although he is contesting alone. The party would have to start the process all over again if President fail to pull the percentage required to allow him represent the party.            
The Chiefs and people in the Edupon Traditional Area in the Central region, have installed His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, as Asumfohene in the area with the stool name Nana Asumfo Dramani Atopi II. The installment according to the Chiefs and people of the area, is for the president’s key role in ensuring that development was brought in the area, they also recognized the president’s outstanding leadership, hard work, and his dedication to duty as leader of the country. In acknowledging the honour done him, President Mahama indicated that this would rather encourage him to work harder for the country. The president congratulated the region for its contribution to the development of this nation, he said the region is known for its outstanding trading activities which has contributed significantly to the economy.  President Mahama said apart from the construction of an interchange, some other projects including the construction of some roads, a trauma centre and mechanized bore holes, are all part of governments commitment to ensure the total transformation of the people. President Mahama is touring the Central region as part of his 'Transforming and Changing Lives Campaign' to canvass for votes for the NDC ahead of the 2016 general elections, he has indicated that, the NDC would get a massive endorsement with a whopping 55% of the popular votes and also and increase in their parliamentary seats from 16-20.
President Mahama says the National Democratic Congress is aiming for a whopping 55% of the popular vote in the Central region. Addressing party supporters as part of his ‘Transforming and Changing Lives Campaign’ in the Central region, President Mahama said: ‘’ this time we are aiming for a 55% and like we said we aiming to increase the seats from 16-20, it means hard work, unity, and must all come together.’’ President Mahama, admonished party supporters to make sure that the NDC government is able to win massively in the region, because the promises made by the party is been achieved systematically and this makes the party’s chances of winning the elections higher. He charged the supporters to unite, work hard and propagate the good works of the party. The president indicated that, some people are using mis-information to deceive Ghanaians over their achievements including the community day schools, but the projects are evident for all Ghanaians to see. He said: ‘’when we say we are building community day schools and you think you can use mis-information to say that is focus focus and that they are not community day schools, the schools are there in the communities and we said we would build 200, so far 123 are on-going at different stages of completion.’’ President Mahama mocked his rivals who have refused to accept that the NDC government was on track with their Better Ghana Agenda, he posited that all those who for political reasons have failed to appreciate his achievements should wake up from their slumber. ‘’If you are not asleep, nobody can wake you wake you up,’’ Mahama said. He added in twi: ‘’ondae nso ose  waada, woakata ne niwa,’’ which literally means if you pretend to be sleeping, nobody can wake you up. President Mahama is currently on a regional tour in the Central region as part of his efforts to canvass votes for  the NDC ahead of the 2016 general elections. He has already toured the Western region with his 'Transforming and Changing Lives Campaign' where he admonished party supporters and parliamentary aspiranst to remain faithful to the NDC no matter what may come.  
President John Mahama has admonished Ghanaians to be proud of the achievements of the NDC government even in the difficult times that his government faced. Speaking with some constituents in the Central region as part of his transforming lives campaign, President said the live beaming of the Supreme Court case took away the attention of Ghanaians affecting mobilization of resources for development. However the president indicated that, government have been able to overcome the toughest challenges that confronted him. According to President Mahama the NDC government has invested over $1.5 billion in improving health facilities across the country. President Mahama explained that the NDC government has been working and so far the promises made in their manifesto is been achieved systematically. He said in the Central region alone the NDC has so far undertaken some developmental projects including the modernization of the Kotokraba market, the Cape Coast Stadium, the Komenda Sugar Factory which according to him is part of the transformational agenda. President Mahama said ‘’one of the things we have set ourselves to do in order that our economy can grow, is to cut down on the unnecessary foreign exchange we use to import things we can produce locally’’. Among the other projects that the NDC government has done in the Central region includes ‘’the electricity project, Nsakyire water project has been done, we’ve secured additional financing for the extension of the water and that is going to parliament currently.’’ President Mahama stated that if government has not done the community day senior school in the region about 1, 500 children would have been home. ‘’Immediately we commissioned the community day secondary school, 1,500 applications were received from children to go to that school. It means that if we had not built that school 1, 500 children would have finished JHS and not be able to continue their education. If you say free education, they are several of the students would not benefit, because they cannot find access to go to school, our programme was to improve access, and then introduce the free education progressively as the constitution has said. And with 123 schools we are building, 240, 000 Ghanaian children can now get space in secondary school who would not have continued into secondary because there was no space,’’ he added. President John is currently on a regional tour as part of his transforming lives campaign.  
Information reaching rainbowradioonline indicates that the Western regional press corps has been involved in accident. According to the reports the vehicle carrying the press corps was rammed by two other vehicles in a confused traffic situation at the regional capital, Takoradi. The press corps were returning from the commissioning of a community day senior high school in the region, the Toyota Aise which was not part of the presidential convoy tried joining the presidential convoy later in on the road but unfortunately was crashed by another vehicle. One of journalists Obirempong Yaw Ampofoh is said to have sustained very serious injuries and is currently in the hospital receiving treatment. President Mahama met with parliamentary aspirants last Sunday to encourage to remain faithful to the party even if they lose in the upcoming elections, he explained that as they go out to campaign and convince the people for vote, they should remember that only one candidate would be selected but when that happens, they should not go away from the party but support all the winners for victory 2016.
A leading member of the ruling NDC government and former MCE for Esufi Juabeng Municipality, Hon. Yaw Amoah Afrifa –Ponkoh has mocked claims by Nana Addo to gain 80% of the popular votes in Kumasi. He said that Nana Addo failed to pull even party supporters on his ‘Rise and Build’ tour, when he came to Kumasi which to him shows clearly that Nana has lost the trust of Ghanaians including his own party. The former DC indicated that Nana would be dreaming of getting 80% of the popularly vote in Kumasi. Hon. Ponkoh opined that the NDC has been able to break through the world bank of the NPP and come 2016 they would give the NPP a tough competition. He stated further that the NDC is still working very hard to gain the 1 million votes in the region and so if they (NDC) is sure of a million vote, how then can Nana Addo and the NPP gain 80% of the vote, that is a joke, he added. Hon. Ponkoh said that Nana himself is ware that he has already lost the elections and so he should just bow out from the race because if he fails to so, he would be embarrassed in 2016. According to him the NDC has done its homework in Kumasi now and in 2016 their work would be evident for everyone to see.      
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