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A former Ghanaian diplomat under the John Dramani Mahama led administration, Victor Smith says some people are dying to help to take this country [Ghana] forward. Ghanaians he stated are looking for leaders with the drive, courage and the vision to take our country forward and to tackle the issues affecting us properly and effectively. The former Ghana High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Ireland, said he’s willing to serve to the best of his ability if his countrymen needs him to do so. He made the comment after host of Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm asked if he will be willing to run for the presidency should former president Mahama, refuse to return. According to him, he’s not eyeing any national executive position within the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), but on a light side, some of us are dying to take this country forward. I belong to the NDC and so if this country needs somebody like me, I will serve to the best of my ability, if my party needs me, I will serve. I cannot refuse to serve, I will join like-minded people to serve my country and if it falls on my laps to serve in that capacity, I will serve.’’ Mr. Smith emphasied the need for Ghanaians to join forces to develop Ghana instead of politicising everything in this country. He used the opportunity to encourage the youth to shun corruption, block the loopholes so it will create opportunities for investors to invest in this country which will in turn, create jobs for the teaming unemployed youth. The youth should not see corruption as an easy way to make money, he advised.              
Former Ghana High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Ireland, Victor Smith  has prayed for Akufo Addo to have the courage to punish corrupt officials. The 2016 parliamentary Abuakwa North candidate for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), in an interview with Kwame Tutu said corruption is killing Ghana. Ghana he noted has gained international notoriety due to corruption. Speaking in an interview with Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm he said, corruption has been institutionalised and investors are usually frustrated when they come down to do business in Ghana. He revealed, as a former High Commissioner I received complaints from investors who wanted to register their companies that some individuals wanted to extort monies from them. In his view, we have not been able to fight corruption, therefore it will be important for people who have been mandated to enforce the law to do so. He said, the fight against corruption requires a courageous leader who will not bend the laws in favour of anyone. Ghana needs to move forward. Ghana must come first in the fight against corruption. The law must work at all times no matter what, he added. Mr. Smith also took his gun at the media over ‘soli’ adding, it has become part of corruption. He said, that compromises their work and so I will urge media owners to pay their workers well so they don’t depend on ‘’Item Thirteen’ or ‘noko fio’.   ‘’Bribery and corruption has been a major problem and every stakeholder must join in the fight. We should help our leaders to fight corruption so Ghana can move forward.We are stakeholders of this nation. We have leaders and we have followers but we are all stakeholders in the fight against corruption,’’ he concluded.
Somali militants have stoned a man to death after an Islamic court convicted him of adultery. Dayow Mohamed Hassan, 44, was buried neck-deep and pelted to death with stones by al-Shabab fighters. He was convicted of being in an adulterous relationship with a woman and impregnating her, despite having two wives, an official said. Al-Shabab occasionally passes such sentences for sexual offences in areas it controls in Somalia. In 2014, a teenage boy was stoned to death after being convicted of raping a woman. In 2008, a young girl was killed in a similar manner after being convicted of adultery. In the latest case, a woman filed a complaint of rape against Hassan, but the court tried him for adultery as it is easier to prove, says BBC Somali's Mohamed Mohamed. Hundreds of people watched him being stoned death in Ramo Adey village in the south-central Bay region, said Moalim Geedow, the al-Shabab governor for the area. "The man had a third woman who was a divorcee... He deceived her, saying that he went to a sheikh [religious leader] and that he married her," Mr Geedow told Reuters news agency. "However, when the woman got pregnant, the two families debated and there was no trace of valid matrimony. The court ruled he did not marry her legally and he was stoned to death." Al-Shabab is fighting to overthrow the weak UN-backed government in Somalia and impose its own strict interpretation of Islamic law. It has lost control of many towns and cities to a 22,000-strong African Union force supporting the government.   But the group, linked to al-Qaeda, still has a strong presence in many rural areas. Source: BBC
Some commercial drivers within Ablekuma Manhyia, Oduma and Nsakina in the Greater Accra Region, today [Monday] demonstrated over the deplorable nature of their roads. They claim the poor nature of the roads have not been given any attention for close to ten years. The drivers blocked the main road linking to the areas mentioned above to drum home their concerns. The aggrieved drivers burnt tyres on the road and prevented workers and students from plying the route. Chanting “we want roads”. In an interview with Nyankonton Mu Nsem, the drivers lamented over the damage caused to their vehicles due to the deplorable state of the roads. According to them, they spend between GHc50 and GHc200 every day to fix their vehicles.   They appealed to authorities to address their concerns or they will advise themselves.    
The Minister in charge of Public Procurement and Member of Parliament for Dome-Kwabenya, Madam Adjoa Safo has directed all MMDA’s and MDAs to refer all ‘’questionable contracts’’ to her office before they are abrogated.   The Minister in a statement  said, ‘’ The Minister of state responsible for Public Procurement, Hon. Sarah Adwoa Safo has observed with grave concern, recent media publications regarding abrogation of Government Contracts by some MMDA’s and MDAs She has, therefore, advised all heads of entities within the MMDAS and MDAS to refer all such questionable contracts to her office for expert and legal advice.’’         Below is the Minister’s full statement ABROGATION OF GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS The Minister of state responsible for Public Procurement, Hon. Sarah Adwoa Safo has observed with grave concern, recent media publications regarding abrogation of Government Contracts by some MMDA’s and MDAs   She has, therefore, advised all heads of entities within the MMDAS and MDAS to refer all such questionable contracts to her office for expert and legal advice.   The Minister has no doubt about the competence of heads of entities to make a judgement on what a good contract is from a bad one, however, she believes it is always important to seek legal and expert advice before a decision to abrogate a contract is taken.   Hon. Adwoa Safo noted that the move will prevent any unnecessary legal battles between government and contractors which could spark needless and avoidable payment of judgement debts.   In effect, she has a letter communicated to all Heads of entities within MMDAS and MDAs to stop terminating contracts forthwith.   Ms Safo has further directed that all queries on some of these contracts should be directed or be referred to the office of the Minister of State responsible for Public Procurement for further investigations and recommendations.   Please send all correspondence in the interim to this office: Office of the Minister of State in charge of Public Procurement Office of the President – Flagstaff House, Accra P.M.B 62, Accra -Ghana Or Parliament House 9th floor (West Wing), Room 22.     Signed, HON. SARAH ADWOA SAFO (MP) MINISTER FOR PROCUREMENT
Koku Anyidoho, a Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), says he doesn’t believe President Nana Addo is going to have the nerve to fight any form of corruption in this country. The president he asserted is the lead crusader of corruption hence it makes it impossible for him to have the nerve the crack the whip on the canker. He wondered why Madam Irene Naa Torshie Addo should be appointed as the Administrator of the District Assemblies Common Fund. In the view of Koku Anyidoho, certain positions should not be given to politicians. Her appointment he opined, was orchestrated by the current administration to loot, create and share therefore Ghanaians should not take the president serious when he pledges to fight corruption. President Akufo-Addo speaking to Ghanaian residents in Sierra Leone recently said, he will not be talked out of prosecuting corrupt public officers despite attempts by some officials to use his wife to plead on their behalf.   “When people get caught up in the net, I am imploring people not to come to me and say that ‘Oh! Nana, this man is my relative, so spare him’. That is the problem in Ghana. "You find people going to speak to your wife with the hope of trying to influence you," he stated, adding, "I am not going to listen to that because my concern is Ghana and not one or two individuals,’’ the president said. But Koku Anyidoho speaking on Rainbow Radio said, ‘’I don’t see the statement as a serious statement. He never meant what he said and so, I will also treat it with contempt because I don’t believe he is going to have the nerve to fight corruption. Even an over bloated government is corruption in itself, huge per diem is corruption in itself…Look at the $ 2.25 billion bond, if what we are hearing is true, then I think the president do not have the nerve to fight corruption. He hasn’t got the guts to fight corruption. If he wants to fight corruption then he should cut down his ministers.’’ He further disputed claims that all politicians are corrupt adding, all politicians are not equal and when people begin to say that, we are creating a recipe for chaos and disaster and that is why we must expose the bad ones irrespective of their political parties so people will stop putting the bad nuts and the good ones together.’’      
A Deputy General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Koku Anyidoho says President Akufo-Addo is lucky Ghana was no longer in the era of coup d'état. The fierce critic of the president in an interview with Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm said he [Nana Addo], is repeating the same mistakes of his late father who was the Ceremonial President and Abrefa Busia the Prime Minister. The president he lamented is currently presiding over mass dismissal of workers just like what happened in the 70’s during his father’s era. ‘’What Akufo-Addo is doing today was the same thing his father did. There was mass dismissal of state workers and majority of them were Voltarians. A Ghanaian citizen took the case to court and won but the Progress Party said, they will not obey the ruling of the court and so, General Acheampong and his team took over through a coup becomes nobody could countenance the government. Akufo-Addo is doing the same thing but unfortunately this time around, nobody is asking for a military intervention. What will happen will be a people’s revolution. We shall stand up and fight this injustice. We will not keep quiet and allow this injustice to continue.’’ Koku Anyidoho lambasted the government accusing it of operating an over bloated family and friends administration. The NDC he revealed will capitalize on the mistakes and incompetence of the NPP by strategizing properly and efficiently to win the 2020 elections. ‘’The NDC; because we are part of the democratic dispensation, we are readying ourselves by strategizing ourselves properly and efficiently so come 2020, we can win back the confidence of Ghanaians through the ballot box.’’   When asked if the NDC delivered on the mandate given them during their tenure, he said, the party did it best adding, nobody is claiming that we did everything. We did what we could. When you are given the mandate by the people, you have to do your best and do what you can. The NDC created a peaceful environment for a peaceful co-existence but we are seeing the exact opposite today and unfortunately for us, civil society is quiet.’’
The Member of Parliament for Manso Adubia, Yaw Frimpong Addo, says the provision of security for Geo Professional Services, a mining company, in Tontokrom, in the Amansie West District of the Ashanti Region was a serious illegality that went on for years. Speaking in an interview with Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5fm, the MP said what makes the situation more worrying was that the owners of mining company violated the laws. Geo Professional Services was issued with the “stop work order” by the Inspection Directorate of the Minerals Commission on May 18 but disregarded directives and continued mining. The Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, John Peter Amewu recently visited the location and upon interrogation the soldiers mentioned their commanding officer Lt. Col. Sebastian Abraham Arhin, the Commanding Officer (CO) of 4 Infantry Battalion situated in the Ashanti Region, as the one who dispatched them there. Commenting on the issue, the MP said, the military has been providing security for the company for so many years. That was a serious illegality and unfortunate, he added. The company is owned by Russians and Ukrainians. The company was mining on concessions fronted by three Ghanaian companies – Kasmil Mining Company Limited, K. Afriyie and Sons Precious Metal Company and King Solomon Mining Company.   Each of the three companies secured licences for 25 acres of land from the Lands Commission but according to the mp, GPS has been operating over 500 acres of land for the past 25 years and causing devastation in the area. 
The Minister of Food and Agriculture went ‘wild’ after he was referred to as an incompetent. In a radio interview with a journalist, the Minister flared up and asked the journalist not to make reference to him as incompetent.  A former  Member of Parliament (MP) for Kwadaso Hilda Addo had described the Minister as incompetent and the journalist asked the Minister what he makes of the comment. He lost his cool and slammed the journalist. The Minister in the audio said, “that’s very disrespectful… the word incompetence, and I don’t want you to use that word on me. If she’s crazy to use those words I don’t want you to repeat it on me, you know that is very offensive, the minister is heard retorting.     “I don’t want you to talk to me in these times… Do you know who I am, do you know what I have created in this life of mine for a journalist like you to tell me that I am incompetent. If you’re repeating somebody’s words it’s your words as well. You shouldn’t be that insubordinate. I don’t know how old you are but my son will be older than you, you understand, even the owner of your station does not come anywhere near my standard in terms of life achievement so you have to learn to be respectful, don’t use those words on me”
First Lady, Rebecca Akufo-Addo, has called on traditional leaders, individuals, philanthropists to contribute towards the construction of the mother and baby unit at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH). The First Lady who launched a fundraising towards the construction of the facility which is expected to reduce the mortality rate of mother and baby at the hospital by up to 60 percent. According to her, the facility will not be for residents in Kumasi but for the entire country. She stressed that no medical personnel should consistently go through the trauma of losing patients on daily basis and the contribution by Ghanaians will make the difference. ‘’This facility we are building is not for Kumasi or the regions it serves, this facility is for Ghana, therefore we Ghanaians are taking the initiative   for this to happen.         The KATH Mother and Baby Unit was the spotlight of the recent Joy News Special Assignment which revealed how hundreds of babies and mothers are dying each year at the facility.        
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