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The suspect who allegedly killed a Police Officer last Monday evening has been shot dead by the Police. Constable Michael Kporye was killed last Monday evening while on patrol duties at Tulaku near Michel camp in the Tema area. Acting on intelligence, the police stormed the hideout of the alleged killer of the officer at around 3pm Tuesday. The suspect reportedly shot at the police and the police responded back by firing back at the suspect, killing him in the process. Two AK47 rifles and two ammunitions were also in his possession.    The deceased suspect popularly known as, “Dogo America” has been on Police wanted list for sometime now, police has said.
Several people have died after a huge fire raged through the night at a west London tower block, a fire chief says. Firefighters are still tackling the blaze at Grenfell Tower in north Kensington, where eyewitnesses said people were trapped inside, screaming for help. More than 50 people are being treated in hospital, says London Ambulance. The BBC's Andy Moore said the whole 24-storey block had been alight and there were fears the building might collapse. Eyewitnesses said they saw lights - thought to be mobile phones or torches - flashing at the top of the block of flats, and trapped residents coming to their windows - some holding children from windows. The Met Police has set up an emergency number on 0800 0961 233 for anyone concerned about friends or family. London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton said there had been "a number of fatalities" but she could not say how many because of the "size and complexity" of the building. "This is an unprecedented incident," she told reporters."In my 29 years of being a firefighter, I have never ever seen anything of this scale." She said the cause was not yet known. Paul Munakr, who lives on the seventh floor, managed to escape. "As I was going down the stairs, there were firefighters, truly amazing firefighters that were actually going upstairs, to the fire, trying to get as many people out the building as possible," he told the BBC. He said he was alerted to the fire not by fire alarms but by people on the street below, shouting "don't jump, don't jump". "Now, honestly I don't know for certain if people jumped off the building to get away from the fire, but the main thing for me with this incident is the fact that the fire alarms didn't go off in the building," he said. Eyewitness Jody Martin said: "I watched one person falling out, I watched another woman holding her baby out the window... hearing screams. "I was yelling at everyone to get down and they were saying 'We can't leave our apartments, the smoke is too bad on the corridors.'" Michael Paramaseevan, who lives on the seventh floor with his girlfriend and young daughter, said he ignored official advice to stay in your home. "If we had stayed in that flat, we would've perished. My gut instinct told me just to get the girls out. I wrapped the little one up because of the smoke and I just got them out." The BBC's Andy Moore said: "We've seen debris falling from the building, we've heard explosions, we've heard the sound of glass breaking. "The police keep pushing back their cordons, pushing back members of the public for fear the building might collapse." London Mayor Sadiq Khan said a "major incident" had been declared. "Several hundred" people would have been in the block when the fire broke out, leader of Kensington and Chelsea Borough Nick Paget-Brown said. The first reports of fire in the tower, in Latimer Road, on the Lancaster West Estate, came in at 00:54 BST. Three hours later, people were still being evacuated from the tower, the police said. Safety concerns Grenfell Tower was built in 1974 by Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council. It's part of the Lancaster West Estate, a sprawling inner-city social housing complex of nearly 1,000 homes. Grenfell Tower underwent a two-year £10m refurbishment as part of a wider transformation of the estate, that was completed last year. Work included new exterior cladding and a communal heating system. The 24-storey tower, containing 120 flats, is managed by the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO) on behalf of the council. The local Grenfell Action Group had claimed, before and during the refurbishment, the block constituted a fire risk and residents had warned that access to the site for emergency vehicles was "severely restricted". The BBC has been unable to contact the property's management company in the hours since the fire. One eyewitness, George Clarke, the presenter of Channel 4 TV programme Amazing Spaces, told Radio 5 Live: "I'm getting covered in ash, that's how bad it is. "I'm 100 metres away and I'm absolutely covered in ash. "It's so heartbreaking, I've seen someone flashing their torches at the top level and they obviously can't get out." Jody Martin said he ran towards the building to try and help when he saw the fire. He said he was shouting at people to "get out, get out" but that residents were shouting back that they were stuck as corridors inside the building were filled with smoke. 'Building crumbling' Tim Downie, another eyewitness, told the BBC part of the building was "completely burned away". "It has burned through to its very core," he said. "It looks very bad, very very bad. I've never seen anything like this. It's just such a big fire. "The whole building is just crumbling. It's just billowing black smoke." Safiyah, who is about 500m away from the building, said: "There are lots of people gathered in the street. I just see more and more flames burning and tragically I hear people crying for help. "The entire building is burning through."   Source:BBC
President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has described his victory over former president John Dramani Mahama as historic. The President who was addressing at the Konrad Adenaeur Foundation’s Academy, on the theme, “Ghana, A Rising Star Of Africa, said Ghanaians wanted a change of government and in doing so, they went to the polls on December 7, 2016 to give him [Nana Addo] a historic victory which saw him unseat a president who had served only a term in office. According to him, his victory was something that had never happened in the country adding, the parliamentary election also saw the NPP clinch majority of the seats in Ghana’s Parliament. ‘’The upshot of our collaboration was the dramatic, emphatic victory the Ghanaian people conferred on the party and my modest person on 7th December, 2016. In a Parliament of 275 seats, we moved from 122 seats in 2012 to 169, a net increase of 47 seats, giving us some 62% of the House, and in the presidential vote, the difference between me and the then incumbent President, John Dramani Mahama, was approximately one million votes, reflecting a difference of 10 percentage points between 44% of the popular vote for him and 54% for me, in a poll of 10.6 million votes, representing 67% of the registered electorate. In the process, for the first time in the history of Ghana’s 4th Republic, an opposition leader won the presidential ballot outright in the first round, unlike the situations in 2000 and 2008, when the then opposition leaders, John Agyekum Kufuor and John Evans Atta-Mills, needed two rounds to secure victory.’’ The December polls he said was a testimony of how voters wanted a new era where opportunities for the private sector, peace, stability and rapid economic were assured. ‘’7th December, 2016 was, indeed, a good day for all those Ghanaians who believe in Ghana’s democratic engagement, and in the potential of an efficient Ghanaian private sector to drive, in conditions of social justice and solidarity, the rapid economic development of our country. We now have our work ahead of us to maintain the fidelity of the Ghanaian people to these beliefs.’’   The world he noted became surprised at the results from our polls however, Ghanaians were not surprised at all. ‘’In December last year, we went to the polls in Ghana. Before voting day, almost all the commentaries by international news outlets, and even diplomats, expressed anxiety about the outcome. In true African style, it was suggested, the incumbent would win the elections, or there might be violence and unrest. On 7th December, 2016, Ghanaians came out in their numbers, and, in all serenity and with calm dignity, they voted and made a clear choice of the government they wanted to conduct their affairs.   For the third time during the 25 years of our Fourth Republic, Ghanaians voted to change an incumbent government. We have done it without any fuss and without expecting it to be seen as a big deal, to borrow a manner of speaking. This is the clearest manifestation of the attachment of the Ghanaian people to democracy, and proof that democratic principles have become ingrained in our collective psyche.   Indeed, the rest of the world might have been surprised by the conduct and outcome of our elections, but the people of Ghana were certainly not surprised. I believe we can safely claim, therefore, that the foundations are now in place for a durable system of government in our country,’’ he said.
The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has stated that his government has put in place reforms, over the last five months, which involve fiscal responsibility and discipline, addressing corruption and unresponsive bureaucracies, focussing on the productive sectors of the economy, and improving the business environment, all aimed at attracting private investment, domestic and foreign, into the country.   Ghana with these reforms, according to President Akufo-Addo, “is a land of opportunity for private capital.”   More importantly, he added, “Ghana is ‘Open for Business’, and has taken it upon herself to build a business-friendly economy that will enable her get to the stage where the opportunities that are available will help her build an optimistic, self-confident and prosperous nation. Beyond Aid.”   President Akufo-Addo made this known on Tuesday, June 13, 2017, when he delivered a speech on the theme “Ghana, A Rising Star of Africa”, at an event organised by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, in Berlin, Germany.     Describing corruption as “the bane of our nation’s progress”, President Akufo-Addo reiterated that “we will establish this year, by Act of Parliament, an Office of Special Prosecutor, who, independently of the Executive and with a statutorily provided security of tenure, will have the responsibility to investigate and prosecute acts of corruption, free from predictable claims of witch-hunting.”   Words, he stressed, “can no longer defeat the canker of corruption. Concrete actions must. Public service is just that, public service, not an avenue for personal enrichment.” Year one Tangibles   President Akufo-Addo stated that there are certain tangible changes his administration aims to have in place by the end of its first year in office.   “You will discover that Ghana will be an easier place to conduct business: all transactions at our ports will be paperless, and we shall remove all internal custom barriers by the beginning of September,” he said.   The President continued, “As part of the process of formalising the economy, we will implement a digital property addressing system for Ghana this year, and also issue biometric national identification cards to residents this year, so that every resident will have a unique identification number.”   He also assured that his government intends to remove some of the quaint peculiarities of Ghanaian life that have been a source of frustration in conducting business.   “Those of you who have been to Ghana might discover that you might be able to take a taxi and simply give an address, instead of our traditional the second left after the big tree and right where the woman roasts plantain,” he added. Job creation, Free SHS, NHIS   President Akufo-Addo reiterated his commitment to creating the space for the private sector to grow the jobs that Ghanaian youth need.   “Our industrial regeneration, through our policy of 1-District-1-Factory, our agricultural revival, through the programme for Planting for Food and Jobs, targeted infrastructural development, especially of our roads and railways, and promoting access to digital technology are going to be the main avenues for job creation,” he stated.   In fulfilling the most basic elements of social justice, President Akufo-Addo indicated that his government has begun the processes of broadening access to quality education and quality healthcare.   “We shall, in September, begin to redeem our pledge of providing free Senior High School Education in our public schools. It is an important tool for the development of our country. We have begun to clear the arrears of debt that were strangling the National Health Insurance Scheme, Kufuor’s great legacy to our nation, so that we will have, again, a buoyant health delivery system to which even the poorest in our society can have ready access,” he added.      
The University of Education, Winneba has been temporarily shut down  following a court order. A statement from the school said, ‘’the University of Education, Winneba was sued at the Accra High Court in connection with a writ brought by one Supi Kofi Kwayera represented today Tuesday 13 June, 2017 in court by the Member of Parliament of Effutu, Hon. Alexander Afenyo Markin challenging the legality of certain actions by the then Governing Councils of the University.’’ The statement continued: ‘’Subsequent to the writ heard today [Tuesday] June 13, 2017, the honourably judge ruled that, the reliefs sought by the plaintiff be upheld pending the determination of the case on Friday 16th June, 2017. ‘’In line with the decision of the court, the members of the University Community comprising UTAG executives, Deans, Heads of Department, and representatives of Senior members  have therefore decided to shut down the University until Friday 16th June, 2017 when the substantive case will be heard. The decision has arisen as a result of implementing the judge’s directive that the principal officers be restrained from working until Friday 16th June, 2017 and also the fact the other management members, principals, Deans, and Deputy Registrars were appointed by the Councils whose authority are been challenged.   The statement signed by the Registrar added, ‘’In order not to flout the orders of the court, the Registrar has been directed  by the University community at a meeting held today [Tuesday] 13th June, 2017 to communicate the closure of all campuses of the University (Winneba, Kumasi, Mampong-Ashanti and Ajumako).’’
The Director of Green Global Resources Ltd, the company at the centre of the $1.3 gold scam that led to the interdiction of the Legon Police Commander has accused the police administration of cover up. Addressing the press today [Tuesday], James Barberi took a swipe at the police administration for stalling investigations into the matter three months after the commander was booted out. He described the police as a corrupt institution whose action may have negative impact on the country. ‘’Unfortunately, the country, Ghana in the long run is the loser since her Security Services are apparently corrupt by cheating and driving potential investors away instead of protecting them. What prevents DSP/Mr Basintale or the Ghana Police from producing the 13 kilos of gold he personally collected in his office back to the victims? It is also alleged that no entries were made in the Station diaries of the East Legon Police about the arrest, detention of the victims and seizure of the gold; no receipt given to the victims, the press statement said.       Below is the full details of the press statement: SS CONFERENCE BY GREEN GLOBAL RESOURCES LTD. OVER GHC1.3 MILLION WORTH OF GOLD CEASED BY THE LEGON POLICE Introduction Good morning ladies and gentlemen from the inky fraternity. We, ie., Green Global Resources Ltd., appreciate your honouring of this invitation at a very short time to this Press Conference to express our concerns and misgivings about critical and criminal issue bothering us, Green Global Resources Ltd., a company which is duly registered at Registered General Department of Ghana to do business in the country. NOW THE ISSUES: Ladies and Gentlemen, On 12th November 2016, our company and for that matter two Managers and two additional representatives of Global Resources Ltd. all United States of America (USA) citizens experienced a very unfortunate incident of fraud and corruption while performing its legal business duties with one Mr. Courage Gegepe Kobby, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of General Union Investment Agencies. By way of background information, I would like to state that: Global Resources Ltd, USA agreed to purchase 11 kilos of gold worth one million three hundred thousand Ghana cedis (Ghc1.3m) from Mr. Courage Gegepe Kobby, the CEO of General Union Investment Agencies. In less than ten minutes just after the transaction was completed and the cash was taken away by Mr. Courage, a team of Policemen suddenly appeared in the Conference room of the Tang Palace Hotel, arrested the buyers and took them to the East Legon Police station without any explanation or reason. They were later told that they were arrested for buying stolen gold. They were detained overnight in police cells after their Passports, cash on them and Mobile phones were collected. Most traumatic personal experience for these four law abiding USA citizens. In all, the buyers paid for eleven kilos of gold but were in possession of thirteen (13) kilos which they paid for since the quality of two (2) were tested and found to be below their standard. They used their own technical gold testing equipment and were very convinced of the quality before the payment was made. The buyers held onto the 13 kilos in a box on the way to the police station when one of the arresting Police officers hinted to them that they were being scammed. When they met the East Legon Police Commander, DSP Mr. Emmanuel Basintale in his office, they were required to hand all the 13 kilos in the box to him personally but he did not give them any receipt or any documentary proof; he rather pushed them into the police cells. A fellow foreign businessman friend to the victims who came in to the Police station to assist and if possible arrange their release was also arrested and detained in a similar manner by the Police. All their phones, passports and cash on them were collected from them immediately when they were arrested and only returned to them on Monday, 14th November 2016. The buyers were only released on bail in the afternoon of Sunday, the 13th November 2016 after Green Global business associate went and confronted Mr Basintale, the East Legon Police Commander in his office that afternoon before he granted them the bail. Whilst buyers were in detention about 04:00am, the dawn of Sunday, the driver of the buyers who was waiting outside and with some other persons allegedly saw Mr Basintale back to his office and they strongly suspected that he came and took the seized gold away. Shockingly, on 14/11/16, they were sent to Court by the East Legon Police and charged for buying stolen gold. On the release of the victims, they hired Attorneys who brought a petition to the CID Hqrs on their behalf on 15/11/2016 for Police assistance and were subsequently referred to the DVS unit of the CID Hqrs for investigation. The buyers were very hopeful that they were going to retrieve their gold since it was supposed to very safe in the custody of the East Legon Police. At the DVS, the victims showed some pictures they took of the business transaction to the DVS commander and he was surprised and told them that he knew the scammer and also brought out a picture of Mr Courage, wearing the same dress he wore whilst cheating them, they became very hopeful at this point that the Commander was honest and definitely going to help them apprehend the criminals. The DVS investigators also told them that the scammer, Mr Courage was already on Police bail involving previous Gold scam cases involving foreign investors at both the DVS of the CID Hqrs and the Accra Regional Police Hqrs. To their dismay, the case was suddenly withdrawn from the DVS unit and referred to a different Unit at the CID Hqrs. The investors got frightened of this police corruption and behaviour towards them and left the country when they realised that a lot of Senior Police officers at different levels were behind the scammers and were also repeatedly been warned by many local people that they should forget about their gold and money since Ghana was so corrupt and no one was going to help them. The victims’ lawyer also met the former IGP but he also could not assist them; heightening their fears. DSP/Mr Basintale surprisingly, had been at post without any disciplinary action taken against him until he was interdicted recently in March 2017 by the new IGP and the subsequent media coverage. Ref: Daily Guide “Police Commander busted for GHc1.6m gold fraud”, and was also subsequently published on www.myjoyonline.com on 17th -03-2017. It should be noted that the former Dp/Dir/CID, Mr. Denis was very much aware of all these unfortunate developments and was initially very instrumental in the calling of the case from East Legon Police to the CID Hqrs. Unfortunately, he was also aware of Mr Courage Kobby’s cases at the CID Hqrs and the Regional CID but never arrested Mr. Courage Gegebe Courage till date and has also not helped the victims. He allegedly was involved in the withdrawing of the case from the DVS to the new investigating team which he has a strong hold over. A lot of top Senior Officers and some other junior ranks including some BNI officers are alleged to be protecting the scammers and Mr Courage is always allegedly bragging about his immunity from the whole Police Service and the Courts. Unfortunately, the country, Ghana in the long run is the loser since her Security Services are apparently corrupt by cheating and driving potential investors away instead of protecting them. What prevents DSP/Mr Basintale or the Ghana Police from producing the 13 kilos of gold he personally collected in his office back to the victims? It is also alleged that no entries were made in the Station diaries of the East Legon Police about the arrest, detention of the victims and seizure of the gold; no receipt given to the victims. DSP Basintale allegedly brought some gold to be tested by the new investigation team from the CID Hqrs but the victims were not even invited to be present or to identify the gold bars before testing which automatically ended in a negative result as fake gold. The new investigate team was alleged to be composed under the supervision of Mr. Denis and unsurprisingly they have not even tried to consult the initial investigators for any update till date. Mr Courage Kobby Gegebe is still a free man going around possibly defrauding other innocent victims and the CID allegedly are now pretending to be looking for him and the other fraud culprits. CCTV footages of the transactions and individuals are available and could have been collected from the Tang Palace where the transaction took place for further investigation; the collection of the CCTV footages was already put in motion officially by the DVS investigators but nothing has been done since the docket was collected from them. A senior CID Officer has some photographs of the transaction which were given him by the victims. Likewise, the DVS who have Mr. Courage on bail with a surety should also be in the position to make him available for questioning when needed. After the media reportage of the welcomed interdiction of DSP. Basintale and his fellow policemen, the investors were privileged to meet with the new IGP on March 24th 2017 but were disappointed with the outcome of their trip when they had to go back to the US apparently achieving nothing. They were verbally promised that they will be collecting their money for them and will at the same time be going to court with criminals Their fears became heightened again when after three months no progress has been made with this unbearable case of Police corruption and breach of public trust. Above all Global Resources Ltd. would like to ask these following questions; Who reported that the gold bought by Global Resources were stolen from them? When was it reported to the Police at East Legon? Why did the East Legon Police Commander take the gold from the buyers without giving them any receipts? How come the gold which was tested before buying as real gold then in the hands of DSP Basintale turned to be fake when, DSP. Basintale sent them for testing without Green Golden Resources Ltd. representatives at the Police Headquarters after weeks in his possession? Why did they only arrest the buyers of the gold and leave the sellers? If according to the police, the gold were stolen, why was the money not returned to the buyers, (Golden Resources)? Why were the buyers processed for court the next day, Monday and charged for buying stolen gold but the sellers were not arrested? And lastly, we are also pleading with the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and the Director General of CID to change the Investigator handling the case, Inspector Lohdonu, for a new Investigator to take over because we have lost trust in the way he is handling it when we last met with him and the CID Boss a fortnight ago at the CID Headquarters. It must be stated categorically that the 13 boxes of gold that was confiscated have still not been returned to Green Global Resources Ltd. and we believe it is in the possession of the Police Service. We are therefore calling on the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo; Mr. David Asante Appeatu, Inspector General of Police and Mr. Bright Oduro, Director General of the CID to act on the information provided above to act upon to retrieve our money or the bars of gold are given to us. The Green Global Resource Ltd has a lot of investments around and ready to do legitimate business in Ghana but the managers are becoming apprehensive whether they can come and continue to invest in Ghana or not. If the perpetrators of this scam are not brought to book, it will have effect on the country’s image which may heighten the fears of potential foreign investors who may be willing to come and invest in Ghana. Once again, Green Global Resources thank you all for your kind attention despite been on short notice. Signed. James Barbieri Green Global Resources Ltd.   (Director of Strategic & Business Dev’t.)
The newly appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO), for the Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH), Dr. David Zawumya Kobilla has said the facility has suffered from poor management for far too long. The facility he said will not be a new place for him since he has worked as a lecturer and gynecologist for years and knows the ills of the hospital, which he has promised to rectify. When asked if it was safe for him to take up his new position due to the brouhaha surrounding it, he said, he was more than ready because the facility has the mandate to provide healthcare for every single person that comes there. Dr. Kobilla said, he was part of the team that gave Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital and Komfo-Anokye Teaching Hospital a face lift and that will be something he will do for the TTH. Poor management, poor attitude towards work and infrastructure are the issues we should focus our attention on instead of politicising the issues, he said when he spoke with Kwame Tutu in an interview on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm. The new CEO is taking over from Dr. Prosper Akambong, who refused to hand over to who refused to hand to him because he was not officially informed. Meanwhile the PRO for the Health Ministry, Robert Cudjoe has confirmed that they have not officially notified the outgoing CEO to hand over. According to him, the Ministry erred by not writing officially to Dr. Akambong.      
A founding member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Major Osahene Boakye-Djan (rtd), a retired military officer, says the New Patriotic Party (NPP) would have lost the 2016 elections if voters knew their deceptive nature surrounding the flagship education policy, the Free Senior High School (SHS). The NPP he said deceived Ghanaians to vote for them only to win power and throw dust into the eyes of voters. The retired military officer slammed the NPP stating, the party promised to roll out the free SHS for every child but have qualified the terms for the free SHS after winning. ‘’We were told in an unqualified manner that if government comes, they will give us free SHS, was that not the case? Today what do we hear? We’ve been told the roll out of the policy will be in September and will only benefit first year students. And you get a whole lot of people disappointed, parents of those who are in the second year are all disappointed.’’ He quizzed, ‘’if the policy would have been qualified, how many of these parents would have voted for them.’’ He called for such deceptive nature of politics to be erased from our democracy since it will have negative implications for us as a country. ‘’If you don’t approach issues with honesty and commitment to the voter and they get the disillusion that it happened in Britain and America, that won’t be a good news for us. When those promises where being made, they were not qualified but they have qualified them. This is a danger for the NPP and they must run from it.’’  The policy is set to take effect in September 2017 in fulfillment of a long held campaign promise by the New Patriotic Party. The Minister for Monitoring and Evaluation, Anthony Akoto- Osei, has said the Free Senior High School (SHS) programme to be rolled out in September this year will only cover first year students. Government in its maiden budget statement disclosed it had budgeted GHS400million to fund the free SHS policy. He explained that high school education would be free for “those entering in the September 2017/2018 academic year, then the next batch comes, then the next”, adding: “So, in three cycles, that is in three years’ time, the entire stream of senior high school education will be free.” But Major Osahene Boakye-Djan (rtd) says Ghanaians were deceived by the ruling government and very soon, Ghanaians will pay them back for deceiving them.    
Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the Ministry of Health, Robert Cudjoe has confirmed that the outgoing Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Tamale Teaching Hospital, Dr. Prosper Akambong has not  been officially notified to hand over to his successor, Dr. David Zaawumya Kolbila as the incoming CEO. The outgoing CEO refused to hand over and vacate his post because he did not received an official notice from the Ministry on whether he has been reassigned or dismissed. Speaking in an interview with Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, Robert Cudjoe explained, although the outgoing CEO was aware of the action, he was not officially notified. He said, the new CEO has been handed his appointment letter. The PRO said although the letter to notify the outgoing CEO has been drafted, he did not receive it. The Ministry he noted has taken steps to manage the situation.      
Member of Parliament (MP) of Builsa South, Dr. Clement Apaak has blamed the postponement of undefeated American boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather's visit to vigilantism, lawlessness and impunity under the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP). Upscale Entertainment had made preparations to invite the legendary boxer for a three-day visit to Ghana this month. However, the visit has been postponed until further notice. Mayweather was expected to be in Ghana from June 15-16 as part of his "Undefeated Tour" of Africa. Reasons for the postponement are not readily known but the legislator says the boxer cancelled his trip to Ghana because government has failed to deal with his pro-NPP lawless groups. The boxer he asserted is afraid of his life and to be safe, he will rather cancel the trip than to come and be hacked by some of these lawless groups. Speaking to Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, the MP maintained that, the postponement had everything to do with the lawlessness in Ghana and even when he was pushed to accept that the postponement may have nothing to do with the issue, he still held his view. ‘’If Mayweather says he will not come, we should blame it on Delta Force and Invisible Force. He has read and assessed what is going on in Ghana and has decided to cancel his trip to Ghana.’’ Ghana he added has gained international notoriety because of the lawlessness and impunity in Ghana. The president he said has sworn to uphold the constitution of the republic of Ghana, maintain law and order, peace and stability He said, although civil society, individuals and parliament may condemn the actions of vigilante groups, the buck stops with the president and he must have the courage to crack the whip on these lawlessness since it is part of his responsibilities. The former presidential staffer said ‘’he [president] has the responsibility of ensuring that we enjoy peace and stability because it is only when we have these things that we enjoy peace and stability. It is only when we these that we can achieve our goals and contribute meaningfully to wellbeing of our nation.’’ Dr. Apaak stressed that the members of the pro-NPP vigilante groups act with impunity because senior members of government and party support their activities. ‘’We have leadership of government and party encouraging vigilantism. They have failed to condemn the lawlessness being carried out in the country. The president should make the efforts in dealing with vigilantism before we start experiencing a replica of Bokom Haram and other civil wars like was witnessed in other countries, he said.    
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