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The Egyptian military has released images of items found during the search in the Mediterranean Sea for missing Egypt Air flight MS804. They include life vests, parts of seats and objects clearly marked EgyptAir. The plane was en route from Paris to Cairo with 66 people on board when it vanished from radar early on Thursday. Investigators have confirmed smoke was detected in various parts of the cabin three minutes before it disappeared, but say the cause is still not known. Speaking on Saturday, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said "all theories are being examined and none is favoured." The search has also reportedly found body parts and luggage. The main body of the plane and the two "black boxes" which show flight data and cockpit transmissions have not yet been located. The Aviation Herald said that smoke detectors had gone off in the toilet and the aircraft's electronics before the signal was lost. It said it had received flight data filed through the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) from three independent channels. It said the system showed that at 02:26 local time on Thursday (00:26 GMT) smoke was detected in the Airbus A320 toilet. A minute later - at 00:27 GMT - there was an avionics alert indicating smoke in the bay below the cockpit that contains aircraft electronics and computers. The last ACARS message was at 00:29 GMT, the air industry website said, and the contact with the plane was lost four minutes later at 02:33 local time. ACARS is used to routinely download flight data to the airline operating the aircraft. Confirming the data, France's Bureau of Investigations and Analysis told AFP it was "far too soon to interpret and understand the cause of the accident as long as we have not found the wreckage or the flight data recorders". Agency spokesman Sebastien Barthe told Associated Press the messages "generally mean the start of a fire" but added: "We are drawing no conclusions from this. Everything else is pure conjecture." Philip Baum, the editor of Aviation Security International Magazine, told the BBC that technical failure could not be ruled out. "There was smoke reported in the aircraft lavatory, then smoke in the avionics bay, and over a period of three minutes the aircraft's systems shut down, so you know, that's starting to indicate that it probably wasn't a hijack, it probably wasn't a struggle in the cockpit, it's more likely a fire on board." Analysis: Richard Westcott, BBC transport correspondent This data could be the biggest clue yet as to what happened. It suggests there was a fire at the front of the aircraft, on the right-hand side. The sequence begins with a warning of an overheating window in the cockpit. Smoke is then detected in the lavatory (we assume it's the one behind the cockpit) and in a bay right underneath the cockpit, which is full of electronic equipment. Finally, another window becomes too hot, before all the systems begin collapsing. All of this takes place over a few minutes, then the aircraft drops off the radar. Some pilots have suggested that the 90 degree left turn the plane then made is a known manoeuvre to get out of the way in an emergency, when an aircraft needs to drop height suddenly. The 360 degree turn after that, they say, could be the crew managing a crisis. So it seems that the aircraft caught fire and that the fire spread very quickly. But whether that fire was deliberate or mechanical, we still can't say. Security consultant Sally Leivesley said the timing on the data suggested an "extremely rapidly developing flame front from a fire that has overwhelmed the avionics very, very quickly". She cited the case of "underpants bomber" Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried to set off an explosive device hidden in his underwear on a Detroit-bound flight in 2009. Although the attempt failed, a fire from the device's chemicals still spread "right up the side of the plane". Greece says radar shows the Airbus A320 making two sharp turns and dropping more than 25,000ft (7,620m) before plunging into the sea. The search is now focused on finding the plane's flight recorders, in waters between 2,500 and 3,000 metres deep. Source: BBC
Presidential candidate of the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP), Dr. Henry Lartey has chastised the opposition New Patriotic Party for playing mischief with the official statement from the Electoral Commission (EC) regarding the ruling of the Supreme Court which ordered them to ''immediately clean'' the register. According to him, the EC at the recent Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) presented before the parties modalities that they intend using in cleaning the register as ordered by the Supreme Court. The presidential hopeful revealed, the Electoral Commissioner told the parties that they (EC) had studied the ruling of the Supreme Court and that it will not delete names of persons who registered with the NHIS cards but will implement the ruling as given by the court. Dr. Henry Lartey said he was shocked to hear the 'noise' and posture of the NPP and the petitioners in the case to make claim that the EC was in contempt of court. He has therefore challenged the petitioners, Abu Ramadan and Evans Nimako to go back to court if they claim the EC has undermined the integrity of the court. In his view, the EC as a referee has consulted its stakeholders and has shown to them what they had planned doing, so it is strange for other parties to find fault with what the EC had said. The EC he noted is not an institution of a political party to do their bidding, rather it is a referee that must remain neutral, transparent and honest in it dealings with all parties. He called on political parties to allow the EC to work and stop harassing the institution. ''The EC is not a political party. The EC is a referee and cannot do anything for a single party. It was established to work in the interest of every stakeholder. You are harassing the EC for no apparent reasons. Allow the EC to do its work.Those harassing the EC should rather focus their energies on what they want to do for Ghanaians when they are voted into office.'' Dr. Henry Lartey debunked assertions by the opposition NPP that the EC is working for the ruling government. ''I don't think the  NDC is jumping to the position of the EC just because they are a party in power. People think that EC is working for NDC, which  is not quiet correct. The EC cannot be harassed by any political party. It cannot do things to favour any party. They must remain neutral which i think so far they are doing.'' Speaking in an interview with rainbowradioonline.com, Dr. Lartey said Ghanaians should have confidence in the EC to discharge their duties to help us organise a credible election. The staff at the EC he noted are persons with the requisite experience to give Ghanaians a credible poll. He indicated, although the staff at EC may belong to political parties, they must are neutral due to the sensitive nature of their job, therefore Ghanaians should have confidence in the EC while assisting it to carry out their mandate as required by law. He also bemoaned the continuous attacks on the personality of the Commissioner, Madam Charlotte Osei, saying that it is unfortunate for people to attack her [Charlotte] when issues bothering on activities at the EC comes up for discussion. Dr. Henry Lartey described the Commissioner as competent and a woman with integrity and the experience to hold her current position. He further warned that things may go out of hands if we should continue like this, with attacks on the EC and pressure to do exactly what some political parties want. He said the GCPP as a party is confident in the EC to do what is right and as called on Ghanaians to support them in cleaning the register and embark on its other electoral activities leading to the elections.
Togbe Atatim IV, Chief of the Mafi Traditional Area, has indicated that the Chiefs and people of South and Central Tongu are confident that the 2016 presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is “capable of rising to the occasion and will not disappoint us”, when given the opportunity in this year’s election.       Commending the NPP flagbearer for the healthy campaign he is running, Togbe Atatim admonished all other presidential candidates in this year’s election to follow suit and “conduct their campaigns in a healthy such manner, so that peace will not elude us. Let us value each other and let us act in a give and take manner, in a healthy way, and let us not resort to intemperate language and fight.”   Togbe Atatim IV was speaking on behalf of Chiefs of South and Central Tongu, in a meeting with Nana Akufo-Addo, in Adidome, on Friday, May 20, 2016.   According to him, perceived strongholds of political parties should not have characteristics based on tribalism, opportunism and elitism, and urged the electorate not to pay heed to politicians who thrive on tribalism.   “These are negative features which can plunge a nation into chaos. In this context, therefore, we the Chiefs would want to unequivocally and unreservedly state that the 2016 elections should be an election devoid of tribalism and actions by dishonest politicians aimed at luring voters,” he said.   Highlighting a few of the NPP’s achievements, Togbe Atatim stated that the Kufuor government, during its administration from 2001 to 2008, made some huge developmental marks in the South and Central Tongu districts.   These, he said, “include the upgrading and infrastructural development at the Adidome Senior High School, making the school one of the model ones in Ghana. The NPP government started the Adidome-Sogakope-Hofume road, but could only complete the construction from Sogakope-Kpedzeglo before handing over to the NDC government. The main Adidome town roads were also constructed by the NPP government, to mention a few.”   He bemoaned the neglect of some major infrastructural projects in the South and Central Tongu districts, which were began by the Kufuor-led NPP government, but had been abandoned by the current Mahama-led NDC government, stressing that this behaviour retards development.   “One example in Central Tongu is the construction of the Police Headquarters in Adidome, which was started by the NPP government, but has been put to a halt under the present government. Work on the fence wall of Telefenyei dam was expected to be continued by the NDC government, after the plan had been drawn and started by the NPP government on this project. Nothing has been done ever since. In fact there are numerous of such projects in South and Central Tongu which will come to your attention in due time,” Togbe Atatim IV added.   The Chief outlined a number of developmental issues required by the people of South and Central Tongu, and requested that, should the people of Ghana give him their mandate in this year’s elections, Nana Akufo-Addo should address them.   They include: further construction of roads to link up and open up the two districts; major rehabilitation of the Adidome hospital to befit its status as a dirstrict referral hospital; construction of phase 2 of the Adidome Senior High School and renovation of the Sogakope senior high school; sustainable revamping of the Volta Star Textiles factory at Juapong, stating that “this is outside our jurisdiction but it does offer job opportunities to our youth.”   Additionally, the Chief urged Nana Akufo-Addo to fund and develop market structures at Adidome, Sogakope and other minor markets in the districts; build industries in the districts to offer jobs for the unemployed, “which is a is a big issue even at the national level”, and lastly dredge the lower Volta.   In concluding, he added admonished all political parties, in this election year, to be mindful of the fact that “the whole world is looking at us and politicians should also see Ghana in the same light. If we are divided we shall fall and be devoured. In unity we shall rise and live in progress and in strength, and be admired by the world.”   Source: NPP Communications
A member of the legal team of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), lawyer David Annan has posited that, it will be legally incorrect to cite the Electoral Commission (EC) for contempt of court for their decision not to delete names of persons who registered with NHIS cards since that was not the order that was given by the Supreme Court. The EC on Thursday, May 18, 2016 issued a statement saying that there will implement the Supreme Court ruling, however it will not delete names of persons who registered with the NHIS, since it was not part the ruling given. ''For persons who registered with NHIA cards, such registrations were lawful at the time of registration, and the subsequent declaration of unconstitutionality in the earlier Abu Ramadan case, does not ‘automatically render them void’. Such a position according to the Supreme Court, “would have the effect of disenfranchising the persons affected. Such registrations should only be deleted by means of processes established under the law”, portions of the EC's statement read. But petitioners, Abu Ramadan and Evans Nimako  have hinted of going back to court to cite EC for contempt of court. According to them, the ruling by the court was explicitly clear although it did not specify them to clear the names of persons who registered with the NHIS. However, lawyer David Annan has said that it will be illegally incorrect for the Supreme Court to cite the EC for contempt because they have not violated any law. The interpretation of the ruling is said did not request the EC to delete of names of persons who registered with NHIS cards but rather they ordered the EC to comply with existing laws to clean the register of ineligible voters including minors, and dead persons. He chided the NPP for playing mischief and misinterpreting the Supreme Court ruling given on May 5, 2016. Lawyer David Annan dared Abu Ramadan and Evans Nimako to carry out their threat of suing the EC for contempt of court. ''I'm daring them to go to court and sue the EC for contempt, they will lose on this one. I assure you.'' On his part, Deputy General Secretary of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) says the statement from the EC is a clear move to undermine the integrity, potency, supremacy, and potency of the Supreme Court and judiciary. Their statement he said is contemptuous. He said the EC should have gone back to the court to seek interpretation if they did not understand the ruling. He accused the EC of plotting and planning with the EC to do things their way to undermine the credibility of the elections. The vociferous member of the elephant family said the ruling of the court was not ambiguous as some may claim hence the EC should not give the kind of explanation they gave. ''The ruling of the EC was clear and unambiguous. Therefore the EC should have gone back to the court to seek interpretation because their statement is undermining the integrity, supremacy of the Supreme Court and further subjecting them to public ridicule.''  
A National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP) MP for Ablekuma Central constituency, Greater Accra, Hon. Theophilus Tetteh Chai says Ghanaians glorifies mediocrity hence the indiscipline, intolerance and nonperformance by some politicians.  According to him, politicians are to set good examples by exhibiting high sense of discipline but we have a situation in where some  politicians do not control their behaviour or obey rules due to the indiscipline form of leadership in Ghana. The legislator said he finds it worrying that some national leaders exhibit recklessness, violence, and indiscipline behaviours when they are to inspire those who have voted them into power for national development. Speaking in an interview with Rainbow Radio, Hon. Chai said he was not surprised that the indiscipline form of leadership has permeated into our major state institutions affecting productivity, breeding laziness, poverty, and mismanagement of state resources. His comments follows comments made by Hon. Kennedy Agyapong Assin North MP justified the alleged assault on the Member of Parliament for Manhyia North, Collins Amankwa, and a secretary to the party in that constituency, Felix Ibrahim at Krofrom in Kumasi.  The two were allegedly assaulted by the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Benard Antwi Bosiako aka Chairman Wontumi. The Assin North MP said Wontumi did nothing wrong by attacking the two since they were scheming against the NPP’s presidential candidate, Nana Akufo-Addo. He added that Wontumi should have beaten the MP the more for acting irresponsibly. He described Wontumi as a fantastic chairman and will support him anytime on such actions. ''I will support Wontumi anytime. He should have beaten him more than he did. They are always playing the fool. I really believe in him and that is the kind of Chairman that we need.” If you are a sitting MP and you misbehave we will beat you .I am sick and tired of these people,” Hon. Kennedy Agyapong said in an interview. But commenting on the issue for the first time, Hon. Theophilus Tetteh Chai said this happened because Ghanaians glorify mediocrity, indiscipline and hails politicians who are violent. The electorate he said should reconsider who they vote for since those they vote for, are part of the challenges we face in this country. He indicated, Ghanaians should vote people who can contribute to the body politics and development of this country, and not those who sit on radio or television to perpetuate violence and indiscipline to corrupt our society. ''If we want this nation to develop, than the electorate should reconsider who they vote for; because we [politicians] contributes to what is happening. We glorify mediocrity, indiscipline and violence. My role as a politician is inform and educate Ghanaians since there not aware of some of the things we do and highlight the areas where government is falling short, by so doing, it shapes our psyche as a nation as to how we do things. But most citizens accept people who come to radio stations to ridicule and insult individuals,and  perpetuate violence; those are the people we see as heroes...We are corruption the society and that is what some of we the politicians are doing to the country.'' Hon. Tetteh Chai said violent and indiscipline politicians will continue to perpetuate their negative behaviours if we continue to vote them into office. He urged Ghanaians to blacklists politicians who do not have the nation at heart or development inclined but rather promote violence even if those people are in their party. ''If you really want development, then vote for people who will ensure peace, stability and unite the people than to do vote for people who are reckless, violent and indiscipline.'' The legislator added, the statement made by his colleague MP was unfortunate and dragged the name of Parliament in the mud. Hon. Chai opined that the NPP is now practicing a culture of silence making it difficult for members of the party to voice out their frustration and discerning  views on issues within the party.  
  The 2016 presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has appealed for the support of the Chiefs and people of the Volta Region in this year’s election so as to bring into fruition the NPP’s policies and programmes aimed at lifting Ghana from the despondent state she finds herself in under the government of President Mahama.       Addressing a total of 83 Chiefs from South and Central Tongu, at Adidome, on the second day of his tour of the Volta Region, Nana Akufo-Addo indicated that the clarion call by Ghanaians in every part of the country is for a change in their circumstances, and it is imperative that the people of the Volta Region lead the chorus so as to save Ghana.   “Our young people don’t have work, so many of our businesses are not functioning, our agriculture is in decline, our industrial and manufacturing sectors are in decline, access to utilities is now a problem, and electricity is now more expensive than rent. These are the difficulties confronting our people, and we now need to get together to turn a new page for Ghana. A new page that will lead us onto the road to prosperity,” he said.   Nana Akufo-Addo indicated that the nature of Ghana’s problems point to the fact that “we cannot in the 21st century build our country on the basis of ethnic and tribal allegiances. It will not work and allow us to move forward.”   Describing this century as one about knowledge, technology and innovation, the NPP flagbearer stated that Ghanaians “are looking for the best elements in our country to come together for the growth and prosperity of Ghana – quality, competence, integrity and honesty. These are the qualities we need in our national leadership so we can move forward.”   The NPP flagbearer was, therefore, assured by the repudiation of the campaign of tribalism and ethnicity made by Togbe Atatim, the Chief of the Mafi Traditional Area, in a welcome statement delivered on behalf of the 83 Chiefs in the district. This, he noted, is a major statement for the progress of our nation.   He assured the Chiefs and people of Tongu that the path Kufuor trod by President Kufuor, for which the Chiefs had acknowledged the developmental fruits, “is the path I want to tread. A path of strong economic revival which covers all parts of our country.”   An Akufo-Addo government’s policy for development, he said, will be hinged on giving industrial production and expansion a major boost, diversifying agriculture and creating a financial system that will support the rapid expansion of industry and agriculture.   “Industrial and manufacturing activity has been on the decline. We can give it a boost, by abolishing import duties on industrial raw materials so our industries can become more competitive. We are going to abolish import duties on manufacturing equipment for the same reason. We will look at the whole tax regime, bring down corporate tax and encourage our entrepreneurs to invest and expand their businesses. We have a strong programme. We want you to help us to be able to do it,” he said.   On agriculture, Nana Akufo-Addo referred to the boom taking place in Cote d’Ivoire, where exports of 5 major cash crops earn the country $12 billion, whereas the value of Ghanaian agricultural exports is a mere $2 billion, largely dependent on the export of cocoa.   His government, he indicated, will focus on diversifying the country’s agriculture to include cash crops like cotton, coffee, cashew, oil palm and maize in our exports. This will be achieved by ensuring the existence of marketing boards and guaranteed prices for these cash crops to boost agricultural production.   “We believe that if we go down these two paths, we will be able to generate the jobs that our young people are looking at and begin to grow our economy. It is not right that 8 years ago when Kufuor was leaving office, and without a drop of oil, Ghana was growing at 8.4%. With oil, we are now growing at less than 4%,” he said.    He continued, “it is a result of poor policy, and mismanagement and ultimately, of widespread corruption. These are the things we are coming to deal with. We are going to set proper standards for public conduct and behaviour in our country. I did not come into politics to enrich myself at the expense of the Ghanaian people. That is not why I came into politics. I understand politics to be about service, service to serve my community and to Ghana.”   The NPP flagbearer reassured the Chiefs that “we in the NPP, and Nana Akufo-Addo, don’t have any tribal agenda. The agenda we have is a national agenda. We are interested in the development of Ghana, all parts of Ghana. It is an agenda about restoring prosperity and progress to our nation.”   He concluded by assuring the Chiefs that “I am not going to be interested in a campaign of insults, denigration and violence. What I am saying here is what I will be saying all over the country. The NPP will never be the first to start any problems in Ghana. It is not in our interest. We are interested in strengthening the peace and democracy of our country.”      
Activities at the Ghana's law court has halted following a nationwide strike action declared by the Judicial the Judicial Service Staff Association of Ghana (JUSSAG).  The strike action which began today, Friday, May 20, 2016 has left many clients and their lawyers stranded. President of JUSSAG, Mr. Alex Nartey blames the strike on the failure of government to appealed to them to call off a similar action following the failure to implement the consolidation of salaries and allowances of the staff of the Judicial Service.  According to him, all efforts to get government to conclude thee issue have proved futile hence the decision for them to withdraw their services which took effect today. The discussion he said should not only centrre on their recent action but should be focused on the delays on the part of government to address their concern after they have shown commitment in getting their concerns addressed. He said government is only applying delay tactics to deprive them of their legitimate demands. Mr. Nartey emphasied, they have already engaged with the appropriate authorities therefore there is nothing to engage government over but the implementation to take effect. Nyankonton Mu Nsem's visit to the various courts saw some clients and lawyers stranded.  Some said they are not aware of the strike action. A prosecutor with the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Nii Okai Ayeh in an interview with our team said he was not aware of the strike and that it has affected them since it is extremely difficult to arraigned accused persons before court. The strike has affected court hearings with cases which are expected to be heard today left hanging. Alex Nartey stressed they will rescind their decision if their concerns are not addressed.  
Koku Anyidoho, Deputy General Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) says Abu Ramadan and the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) should continue making all the noise they want to make over the position of the Electoral Commission (EC) on the Supreme Court  ruling regarding the credibility of the voters' register, since that will not change anything. The EC in a statement released yesterday said they are going to implement the Supreme Court ruling granted on May 5, 2016 in respect of the case of “Abu Ramadan & Evans Nimako vrs The Electoral Commission & The Attorney-General”. The two petitioners Abu Ramadan a former national organiser of the People's National Convention (PNC), and other person, Evans Nimako prayed the court to declare the electoral roll as null and void since it was bloated. But the ruling of the court ordered the EC to clean the names of persons who are ineligible to be on the roll and give them an opportunity to re-register. Petitioners have held the view that, the ruling required the EC to delete names of persons who registered with NHIS cards. However, the statement from the EC said, a careful study of the ruling did not order them to delete names of persons who registered with the cards. The EC said,  ''for persons who registered with NHIA cards, such registrations were lawful at the time of registration, and the subsequent declaration of unconstitutionality in the earlier Abu Ramadan case, does not ‘automatically render them void’.  And that deleting such names ''...according to the Supreme Court, “would have the effect of disenfranchising the persons affected. Such registrations should only be deleted by means of processes established under the law”. The petitioners are however citing the Commission for contempt of court and have hinted of suing all seven Commissioners for ''high crime''. The ruling, they argue is clear and for the EC to state this position is unfortunate. But Koku Anyidoho has chided the petitioners and the NPP and has urged Ghanaians to ignore them. According to him, the petitioners and the NPP misinterpreted the ruling of the Supreme Court to deceive Ghanaians on their unnecessary calls on the EC to compile a new register. Koku explained, the ruling by the court cannot take retrospective effect hence it will be unfortunate for one with 'common sense' to claim that the ruling suggested that EC should delete names of persons who registered with NHIS. He added, deleting the names of persons who registered in 2012 with the NHIS  by extension means deleting names of persons who they guaranteed for in the recent limited registration exercise. ''You cannot pass laws with retrospective effect, it doesn't happen anywhere. And so the Supreme Court can never rule for it to have retrospective effect, yet the NPP and Abu Ramadan were running around all over the place, creating the impression that,'' the Supreme Court had ordered the EC to delete names of persons who registered with NHIS...People guaranteed for people in the limited registration exercise 
The young man who is being held for allegedly killing Joseph Boakye Danquah-Adu, New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Abuakwa North in the Eastern Region, has reportedly claimed that he is now relying on his initial statement he gave to the police.   He had earlier claimed that he and two other people were contracted to kill the MP.   Daniel Asiedu, aka Sexy Don Don, a 21-year-old native of Larteh in the Eastern Region, in his first statement, made mind-blowing revelations upon his arrest on February 11; and even mentioned the amount of money paid him by his ‘recruiter(s)’ as well as the role allegedly played by an unnamed MP belonging to a certain political persuasion.   JB’s security man was said to be part of the plot, according to Daniel.   The security man claimed he did not know when the assailants entered the house, suggesting that he was sleeping when they attacked his boss.   BNI Custody    However, when the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) took over the case for further interrogation, Daniel Asiedu made a sudden u-turn, allegedly changing his thumb-printed statement by claiming that he had gone to the late JB Danquah-Adu’s house to rob and not to kill him.   Daniel had allegedly told a team of BNI investigators that he went into the house to rob and that while removing a television set on the wall, the MP, who was then not asleep, tried to arrest him by holding his neck and out of fear, he stabbed the MP in the abdomen and the ribs before escaping.   Major U-turn    Yesterday, DAILY GUIDE learnt from police sources that Asiedu was reportedly insisting that the statement he gave to the police on February 11 – two days after the MP was killed at his residence at Shiashie, East Legon in Accra – should be taken as the true reflection of what happened.   In the said statement extracted from him by the police in Accra, Daniel Asiedu, who has been returned to the police from BNI custody following a court order, had admitted that he committed the gruesome murder for a reward of GH¢2,000.   MP’s Assignment    He had said emphatically in his statement that it was one Junior Agogo, who appears to have been identified as Vincent Bosso, and Avenger who recruited him for the crime and that when he asked them about the source of the money, the two had told him it was an MP’s assignment.   Avenger has reportedly been arrested by the police and it is coming at a time Daniel has left BNI custody.   Whilst in BNI custody, he was said to be in solitary confinement and at one point claimed in court that the security operatives wanted to kill him through food poisoning.   Interesting Narration    “I was at Zongo Junction dealing in second-hand mobile phones when my friends, by names Junior and Avenger, approached me and said they had a job for me to execute for an amount of GH¢2,000. They did not tell me the type of job and I thought it was a stealing operation (sic),” Asiedu claimed in his statement.   He had told interrogators that on the following day, Tuesday, February 9, his two friends came in a taxi to pick him up at Madina Zongo Junction, went in the direction of Shiashie and stopped in front of a house and said there were flowers planted in front of the house.   Ladder    “It was Junior who called the security man on duty and told him he had arrived. In the vehicle, Junior was also talking to someone on his phone but I could not tell whether it was the security man or any other person,” he had said, adding that the security man assisted them with a ladder and a table and Junior climbed first, followed by Avenger and then he (Daniel) followed after sometime.   JB’s Room    The three of them entered the room through JB’s window while he was sleeping, according to Daniel. He said Junior took the late MP’s two phones and a catapult and handed them over to him.   “It was junior who stabbed JB with a knife,” he had claimed, adding that he (Sexy Don Don) left the catapult and his slippers behind.   He claimed he was paid the GH¢2,000 before they got to the crime scene and that he later used GH¢300 out of the GH¢2,000 to buy some clothes. He added that he kept the MP’s Samsung mobile phone and told the other two what he got from the room.   “When I received the money, I asked them how they got the money and Junior and Avenger told me that it was a certain…MP who gave them the job to do,” he averred.   Suspected Cover-up    On the eve of JB’s funeral recently, NPP MP for Obuasi East, Edward Ennin, lambasted the authorities for not doing enough to bring the perpetrators of the heinous crime to book and said on Adom TV that he suspected an official cover-up.   According to the vociferous MP, there is a video recording that appears to show the moment the assailants of the murdered MP left the crime scene at his Shiashie residence.   CCTV Footage    A close circuit television (CCTV) appears to have captured that moment when Mr Ennin said a white Nissan Altima left the scene after the gruesome murder at dawn that February 9, 2016.   He said what he saw on the video clearly showed that the security agencies investigating the gruesome murder had not done enough to track down the perpetrators of the dastardly crime.   “I am telling you that I have watched a CCTV video footage. The assailant had dressed like someone ready to fight karate. He was in black attire. A resident in the area had his/her CCTV camera capturing the assailant.   “There was a white car (Altima K45) which is popular in town. What was the car doing in the area at that material moment?” he queried. Source: DailyGuide
Metropolitan Catholic Archbishop of Accra, Palmer Buckle is raising concerns of some Christians due to the general economic hardships are employing all sources of means to make a living, warning that, one must not compromise his faith for food and the comfort of life. He was speaking at the Accra Ridge Church at the launch of the 80th anniversary of the church. The Archbishop bemoaned the increasing rate of sakawa among young people due to the economic hardship in the country. Speaking on the theme, 'Fix Your Eyes on Jesus Christ', the Metropolitan Archbishop urged the christian youth to remain faithful, devoted and dedicated to their principles as Christians and resist the temptation of making money the easiest way which he explained have negative consequences. Young people he noted must work hard, dedicate themselves to activities of the church and pray without ceasing since that remains the only way they can flee from the negative influences of this 'evil world'. Christians he added, must strive towards righteousness and hold on to their duty as the bible explains.
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