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Former President John Agyekum Kuffour, has also added his voice to the call for a credible voter’s register ahead of the 2016 general elections. The former President was speaking to members of the Let My Vote Count Alliance when they paid a courtesy call on him to seek for his opinion on the ongoing debate, for a compilation of a new voter’s register. According to the former President, it would be important for the Electoral Commission to take into consideration the interest of the entire nation. He said: "I am with you entirely, completely that the Electoral Commission should not plead excuses like cleaning the voters' register’’. Former President Agyekum Kuffour stated that, he has witnessed how faulty elections affected peaceful people and therefore there is the need for a credible register, ahead of the 2016 general elections, he charged the Electoral Commission to listen to the calls been made. “I have seen what faulty elections can do to otherwise peaceful people. So the Electoral Commission should listen”   The Let My Vote Count Alliance and the New Patriotic Party have called for a new voter’s register to ensure a credible election in 2016. The pressure group yesterday called on former President Rawlings, who also called for a credible register to ease tension ahead of 2016. Former President Rawlings said that, the country has a very challenging test in 2016 and therefore there is the need to do the right thing. The former First Lady also stated that, the current voter register is flawed, and therefore there is the need to compile a new one, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings in her statement said the Electoral Commissioner Madam Charlotte Osei cannot decide for Ghanaians on the voter’s register, because she must do her work in consultation with all stakeholders involved. The LMVCA is currently calling on some key institutions and personalities to comment on the debate over the voter’s register. The Catholic Bishops Conference had also called for a credible register ahead of the 2016 elections.
A political scientist and lecturer at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Dr. Richard Amoako has stated that any parliamentarian who would demand for an evidence from Pro. Stephen Adei over his alleged corruption allegation would be dishonest. Prof. Stephen Adei last weekend alleged that eight out every ten politicians are corrupt including MP's, the former rector accused the legislators of taking bribes before approving bills and laws and further go to the extent of taking some for their girlfriends. Meanwhile speaking with Kwame Tutu host of Frontline on Rainbow Radio, the political science lecturer indicated that, parliamentarians cannot in any way ‘gag’ Ghanaians for speaking their minds on issues because they do not have the sole power to be dragging Ghanaians before them. According to Dr. Amoako Baah, the only people parliamentarians can is to drag only government appointees before them if they made those allegations. He explained that the ternate of our democracy would be defeated, if parliamentarians keep intimidating Ghanaians over opinions they make. Dr. Amoako Baah opined that, the focus of the parliamentarians should rather be on the measures they would apply in dealing with the issue of corruption to save their dented image. He stressed that the legislators should rather be the sole protector of democracy by providing support to Ghanaians,  who show interest in fighting corruption rather than putting fear in them. It is  unnecessary for the parliamentarians to drag the former rector before them, but am sure when they call him he would shame them, he posited. Dr. Amoako Baah said the constitution of the Republic allows Ghanaians the opportunity to express their opinion on issues without fear or favour, in his opinion the issue if intimidation when people speak their mind must stop because it is unfair, unfortunate and an infringement on the right of Ghanaians. Dr. Amoako Baah said that if an allegation is made against you and you know you are not corrupt, then under no circumstance should you even respond to the issue. He advised that if parliamentarians insist of inviting Prof. Stephen Adei, then they should first invite Majority Leader Alban Bagbin, PC Appiah Ofori and other MPs who made similar allegations.      
Former First Lady Nana Konadu Aygemang Rawlings, says the Electoral Commissioner cannot decide for Ghanaians on whether we should have  a new voter register or not. According to her the Electoral Commissioner in consultation with all stakeholders involved, including all the political parties must dialogue on the call for a credible register. The former First Lady said: ‘’It is not up to the Electoral Commissioner to decide that she will or she will not do what the people of Ghana want. She is there to do what the people of Ghana want, in consultation with the people that she is working with, and the parties around. Not in consultation with me, myself and I, that’s not it. So why don’t you have a new register that would be more credible,’’ she quizzed. Nana Konadu Aygemang Rawlings stressed that,  there was a clear evidence that the voter register is totally flawed and if a voter register is flawed, we cannot pretend that all is well. ‘’We cannot say that we are going to have credible elections when it is clear that the electoral process is flawed, whiles it has been discovered that some pictures were actually scanned and poached into the register, it already flaws the register, totally flawed. And once it is flawed, that alone without talking about all the other issues, shows that something has to be done,’’ she posited. She made this comments after pressure group, Let My Vote Count Alliance paid a courtesy call on the former President Jerry John Rawlings to comment on the call for a new voter register.    
Daughter of former President J. J Rawlings and NDC Parliamentary aspirant for the Korley Klottey constituency, Dr. Zenator Aygemang Rawlings has revealed that she sees politics as a social responsibility than the mere interest to scoop power from the people. In an exclusive interview with rainbow radio’s reporter, Daniel Asuku the aspiring Parliamentary candidate said, ’’ I don’t see it so much as an interest in politics as I do see it as a social responsibility, this a platform on which we can create an awareness of the problems, which we can highlight the actual problems.  And also bring the people on board in terms of an empowerment situation where people are part of the solution, where people are part of the decision making process, and for me that is important. The empowerment of the power leads to the solution of a lot of problems and so for me is more social responsibility than the strict idea of going into politics.’’ Dr. Rawlings believes that politics should help tackle issues that confronts society at each point in time and so she is focusing that responsibility of addressing the needs of the constituents. When asked how she saw her chances in winning the primaries against the incumbent MP, Nii Armah Ashittey, she had this to say:  ‘’I think that decision would be left for to the people, but the response on the ground is to something new, to something different to new ideas, to a female candidate, the response is very very positive and is across board. We have people who have not been in active politics for many years who have come on board, we have people who just decided to vote against the NDC coming on board, and so we’ve done a lot of work so far bringing a lot of support back to the constituency and the party base for this area’’. In a related story, a former Parliamentary aspirant of the constituency and campaign team member for Dr. Rawlings, Alhaji Danjuma Alhassan says the incumbent Member of Parliament, Hon Nii Armah Ashitey has disappointed the constituents and for that reason they have thrown their weight behind Dr. Rawlings. He also accused the MP of vote buying.  
Presidential candidate for the Progressive People’s Party, Dr. Papa Kwesi Ndoum has in a facebook post, responded President Mahama over some comments he made over the weekend at the Grace Pentecostal branch of the Assemblies of God Church in the Western region. The politician and entrepreneur has told Mahama that God was not in line to vote for former President Rawlings, late Mills and including Mahama himself rather it was voters who voted for the leaders who have ruled us in the past and present. Dr. Ndoum said. ‘’I know you were not in the line to vote for Rawlings in 1992 and 1996, Kufuor in 200 and 2004, Atta-Mills in 2008, or Mahama in 2012. We the voters, human as we are did the voting.’’ His comments is coming on the heels of the statement that President Mahama made at the church. President Mahama whiles at Grace Assemblies of God Church admonished Ghanaians to ensure a violent free election come 2016, “because God in his own wisdom will choose a leader for us,’’ but in a quick rebuttal the founder of the PPP indicated that God is so wicked to rain on Ghanaians, cholera, dumsor, corruption, illiteracy, and HIPC. ‘’ You my Lord God did not rain dumsor, poverty, corruption, HIPC, illiteracy or cholera on us. We did it to ourselves. Help us work to get rid of them. You give us Grace in abundance daily. It is you who have given us a fertile soil, gold, oil, manganese, bauxite, and other minerals. You have made it possible for cocoa, timber, maize, cassava and others to grow when we do the work. Energize our will to put these to good use. Teach us all to pray for humility, incorruptibility, diligence and the courage to take the righteous path.’’     Below is the full statement   President Mahama said at the Grace Pentecostal branch of the Assemblies of God Church at Effiakuma in Takoradi in the Western region:   “Our politics should never be about life and death because God in his own wisdom will choose a leader for us,” And so My Prayer to God: Dear God   I know you are a kind God.   You love your children so much that you forgive us our sins, again and again. I pray for forgiveness for all of our people, especially those who lead our nation.   You give us Grace in abundance daily. It is You who have given us a fertile soil, gold, oil, manganese, bauxite, and other minerals.   You have made it possible for cocoa, timber, maize, cassava and others to grow when we do the work. Energize our will to put these to good use.   My Lord, I know you did not choose Bokassa, Iddi Amin, Jammeh, and others for Africa or Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and their type for the world.   You my Lord God did not rain dumsor, poverty, corruption, HIPC, illiteracy or cholera on us. We did it to ourselves. Help us work to get rid of them.   I know you were not in the line to vote for Rawlings in 1992 and 1996, Kufuor in 200 and 2004, Atta-Mills in 2008, or Mahama in 2012. We the voters, human as we are did the voting.   Master, I know you did not bring foreigners to vote in Ghana, nor did you carry minors to go and and vote.   You Lord, did not steal ballot papers or deny candidates votes that belonged to them.   As I continue to pray, Master, let not your people use Your name in vain.   Teach us not to bear false witness.   Teach us all to pray for humility, incorruptibility, diligence and the courage to take the righteous path.   Teach our people to know that it is they who vote and that no free manna will fall from the heavens and that whom we give our vote to will determine our well-being on this earth.   My Lord God, make our hearts pure and our minds fertile for the truth and help us make wise choices so that we can vote for leaders who will help us make excellent use of natural gifts you have put here on part of the world called Ghana.   These and others I ask and pray for in the name of Jesus.   Amen.
Majority Leader in Ghana’s legislative house says the former rector of GIMPA Prof. Stephen Adei has crossed the red line and therefore would to be important for him to appear before parliament to assist with investigations in his recent allegations. Hon. Alban Bagbin indicated that the house would invite the former rector to the house to assist them because just like he (Hon. Babgin) was dragged to the privileges committee some time ago, Prof. Adei should also appear before them to assist them with any available information regarding his allegations. The MP for Nadoli West stated that the allegations of Prof. Adei cannot be swept under the carpet because corruption is a serious matter that poses a lot of threat to our nation and therefore there is the need to consider the solutions to dealing with the canker. He said '' the institution of parliament is in Ghana and we all know that corruption is endemic in Ghana, and the members of parliament and the institution are not from heaven, we are not angles, we are also Ghanaians and so the canker of corruption has affected the institution.’’ He added that, the latest investigative work by Anas shows the extent of corruption in our various institutions. Hon Bagbin revealed that what they have done over the years is to put in place measures to contain corruption. and as part of that efforts, is the adoption of the national  anti-corruption plan which is to help expose and deal with corruption in the country. The majority leader of Ghana’s legislative house explained that as a house they have also introduced a code of conduct, rules and regulations that would help regulate the behaviours of members in parliament. Hon. Bagbin said, the code of conduct guiding parliamentarians would be enforced to make sure that parliamentarians are as honourable as expected by Ghanaians. He has therefore suggested that we as Ghanaians should join the fight against corruption, educate and create an awareness of the negative effects of corruption. Hon. Alban Bagbin indicated that, parliament would deal some of these issues when they resume sitting. He said it would be important to probe further as to whether MP’s go to the extent of taking bribes for their girlfriends as alleged by Prof. Stephen Adei. He reiterated that Prof. Adei allegation should be swept under the carpet and therefore the former rector must assist the house in their investigations for the appropriate action to be taking.  
National Youth Organiser for the Progressive People’s Party, Divine Nkrumah has alleged that President Mahama and his appointees are ‘thieves’ who are stealing massively from the state. According to him the Mahama led administration, his appointees and the NDC as a party are amassing wealth for themselves at the expense of the ordinary Ghanaian. The fire brand Youth Organiser of the PPP indicated that, if you appoint a ‘thief’ to protect your property, under no circumstances should you expect that your property would be safe. Mr. Nkrumah accused the president for allowing his appointees to steal massively from the state, he said they steal from left, right and centre including ministers and party executives. Speaking with Kwame Tutu on Frontline Tuesday morning, Divine Nkrumah stated that the President is a direct beneficiary of the massive stealing in his government and because of that he cannot stop his appointees from stealing from Ghana. He mocked the anti-corruption campaign been advocated by President Mahama, because he has amass wealth for himself up to the point where he is satisfied and therefore he is pretending to fight corruption. ‘’For now President Mahama can say that he is fighting corruption because he is a millionaire, he is a beneficiary from the system,’’ he opined. Divine Nkrumah said he is not surprise at all at the attitude of the president because he has shown clearly that he is indeed a corrupt leader, ''am not surprised that he cannot give a definite answer on corruption.’’ He further accused the Mahama government of looting and sharing of state resources through bloating of figures for government projects. Every project of the Mahama led administration ‘’is an avenue to create, loot and share, and steal from the people,’’ that is what is going on in this country, ‘’thievery,’’ he added.    
Member of Parliament for the Nkoranza-North Constituency who doubles as a member of the privileges committee in the legislative house Hon. Major retired Derrick Oduro, has criticized former rector of GIMPA Prof. Stephen Adei for his comments he made about MPs over the weekend. It could be recalled that, the former rector of GIMPA Prof. Stephen Adei accused Members of Parliament of taking bribes. The former rector alleged that, “at least 8 in 10 politicians in Ghana are glorified thieves although almost every need of theirs is met by the state; we have to stop it.’’ However in an interview with the host of the breakfast show on rainbow radio, the honourable Member of Parliament described the statement by the former rector as unfortunate, misguided and irresponsible. If he said we also take bribes for our girlfriends, then maybe his daughters may have benefited from those monies since Prof. Adei is so sure of his scandalous allegations, he added. Hon. Oduro who appeared very heated posited that, if indeed Prof. Adei made those statements then he as a Professor  and a trainer of majority of the MPs, has helped trained  ‘’glorified thieves’’ and corrupt politicians. The member of the privileges committee was highly disappointed in the statements made by the former rector and has refuted the claims and has charged Prof. Adei to provide evidence to back his claims. Hon. Oduro said, I will agree with Prof. Adei on the premise that, he has taught leaders to be corrupt with his ‘’corrupt’’ lecturers, and therefore what does he expect from his ‘’corrupt leaders’’ with his corrupt lectures, ‘’garbage in garbage out.’’ He explained that as members of the various committee, they do their work with due diligence, he said they don’t just pass a bill in parliament because they scrutinize, analyze and probe any document brought before them so they cannot be accused of taking bribes. According to the legislator, he would not be surprised if the former rector retracts his statements when he is dragged before the privileges committee, because some other Ghanaians who have made similar comments in the past have always retracted whenever they are dragged before the legislative house.      
President John Mahama says the people in the Western region are a living proof that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is on the right path with its unprecedented projects across the region. He indicated that Ghana is currently rising again because the country is touted as the fastest growing middle class economy in sub-region with very bright prospects and opportunities. The president stated that, the NDC is on track and focused on transforming Ghana and come 2016, the electorate would give the party the nod to rule the country for another four years. According to President Mahama, the NDC stands a better chance of winning the elections come 2016 if the party supporters remains united and remains faithful to the NDC. He had earlier on Sunday called on all parliamentary aspirants in the Western region to still remain faithful and support any candidate who emerges as winner to represent the party. The president has for the past two days been touring the Western region with his ‘Changing and Transforming lives Campaign’. As part of the tour, the president inaugurated the second community day senior high school, he also met with some business executives in the region. The Western region according President Mahama, contributes significantly to the country’s Gross Domestic Product. The president is currently in the Central region with his transforming lives campaign tour, he is expected to inspect some ongoing projects in the region.
A former presidential aspirant in the NPP Mr. Alan Kyeremanten says after every competition, it would be important to cooperate with those who won. He stated that although he has gone through a competition with Nana Addo in the past, this is the time to support Nana Addo to become the president of the Republic of Ghana because the days when they competed are fast gone.  ‘’Nana and myself have gone through our internal competitive process and after every competition we’ve work together, because we believe in one thing. I have said this before but I need to re-affirm it, in our party we believe in competition because its competition brings out the best in every organisation but after competition we cooperate, and that has been the strength of our party,’’ he said. He added that, ‘’seeing me going round with Nana is part of our tradition, we work together and that’s why you see me around to and that’s why am here to support Nana to become the president of the Republic of Ghana.’’ Alan Kyeremanten has for the past few weeks been part of Nana Addo’s ‘Rise and Build Tour’ across the regions of Ghana, currently Nana Addo is climaxing his tour in the Greater Accra region. Among the keys issues Nana raised on his tour were the need for Ghanaians to trust him as their president because he is incorruptible, courageous and a leader who would in the interest of all Ghanaians but not a selected few. He has also on his tour accused the Mahama led administration of mismanagement, incompetent and corrupt.
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