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Former President John Dramani Mahama is in Ethiopia for the 7th TANA High-Level Forum on Security in Africa, taking place on April 21 and 22 at Bahir Dar, a statement signed by her Special Aide, Joyce Bawa Mogtarai has said. The statement added that: ‘’Ahead of the Forum, Mr. Mahama this morning met with the Chairperson of the TANA Forum, HE Olusegun Obasanjo, former President of Nigeria, and officials of the TANA Forum Secretariat.Mr. Mahama will also pay a courtesy call on the Ethiopian Prime Minister, HE Abiy Ahmed Ali and the former Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn. ‘’In Bahir Dar, President Mahama will on Friday deliver a lecture on 'Self-reliance in Africa's Peace and Security Sector' at the Bahir Dar University,’’ the statement cconcluded.
The current Deputy General Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Volta region, Joshua Makubu, has confidently stated that, the region is no longer the ‘World Bank’ for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC). He called on the NDC to stop seeing the region as their strong hold because the performance of Nana Addo, has exposed how woefully the NDC performed and how the umbrella family took residents for granted. He said, ‘’the people of Volta region have not regretted voting for NPP and President Nana Akufo-Addo because comparing the performance so far of the current government against the so called government that sees Volta region as their world bank, I think most people are beginning to realize that, for the past years, we have also wasted our time and we have now started voting for the right party to give us a better governance.’’ On those claiming that the NPP has not performed, he said, no matter what the government does, there are elements that will still attack government based on their expectations. ‘’The NPP is delivering on our campaign promises. We took over office over the past one and a half years but our records have shown that, we are doing our best. In 2016, our major campaign promise was to ensure that every Ghanaian child is admitted into senior high school without any hindrance. We also promised to implement the three percent common fund for persons with disability and we have done that,’’ he touted. Joshua Makubu stressed, the performance of this administration is good and I am happy and the people in the Volta region are also happy about the performance of Nana Addo and his administration. Nana Addo has shown commitment and that is a positive sign of a visionary leader,’’ he added. The deputy scribe who is vying to retain his seat said his records have paid off for the party and he has produced an MP and by 2020 he is optimistic to produce more MPs should they retain him in office. He admonished party delegates to have confidence in his competence and retain him as the deputy scribe.
The Volta regional Deputy General Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Joshua Makubu, has slammed critics who have taken a swipe at government over the implementation of the one-district-one-factory policy. In an interview with Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, the PhD Finance student said, the policy is not like rain water that easily fall. The policy he indicated is one that needs proper planning before implementation. He said, ‘’the one-district-one-factory policy is not like rain water which falls. Even before the rain falls, it will first give a signal. We need to do a feasibility study, invite investors and these are things government is embarking on and doing.’’ Joshua Makubu, went ahead to reveal that ‘’there is no single district in the Volta region consultants have not been sent to meet the people to decide on what they think under the guidance of the consultant, will be feasible for the setting of a factory and it has gone on in every district and so, many reports have been sent to the region which have been forwarded to the ministry and they are working on it.’’ According to him, the Kente Village Project and farming were the major areas residents exploited. He said, residents in the northern part of the region are predominantly farmers who have vast farm lands and these are the areas we will explore. The ‘One-District-One-Factory’ programme is aimed at establishing, at least, one factory or enterprise in each of the 216 districts of Ghana as a means of creating economic growth poles that would accelerate the development of those areas and create jobs for the teeming youth. The policy aims to transform the structure of the economy from one dependent on production and export of raw materials to a value-added industrialised economy, driven primarily by the private sector.
General Secretary of the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (ICU) Solomon Kotei, has bemoaned the poor work conditions of Ghanaians especially in the private sector. He also lamented over the activities of recruitment agencies and outsourcing companies who are using their operations to cheat workers. According to him, the activities of these agencies usually plunge job seekers into trouble as most of them get poor salaries, no SSNIT or medical benefits and job insecurity. Speaking to Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he said because of unemployment, workers who are undergoing poor conditions have remained mute and the ICU has demanded for change through petitions and proposals. The law in Ghana he explained mandates the agencies to search for workers for a prospective company, take their commission from the companies but ‘’what we see today is that these agencies rather receives the salaries of the workers and give them what they want.’’ He has therefore challenged the Labour Commission to conduct serious audit so the agencies violating the laws to be punished. On 1st October 2011 UK’s Government introduced the Agency Workers Regulations which gives agency workers the right to equal treatment (with permanent staff working at the same organisation). But Ghanaian employers totally treat agency staff different from permanent staff, he opined. He said: ‘’several contract workers in Ghana are paid in the margin of 500-800 GHS a month, doing the same job with permanent staff receiving about 3 times this amount.’’
The Nigerian Senate was on high alert Wednesday after armed men interrupted a session at Nigeria’s parliament, stealing its mace. The men were allegedly led by suspended lawmaker Ovie Omo-Agege who seized the symbol of authority from the upper legislative chambers sitting in Nigeria’s capital Abuja, the Senate said. The incident was branded “an act of treason” by Aliyu Abdullahi, a Senate spokesman who said the lawmaker was trying to overthrow a branch of the Federal Government of Nigeria. “This action is an affront on the legislature,” he said in a statement. “Security agencies must stand on the side of due process and immediately mobilize their personnel to retrieve the mace and apprehend the perpetrators of this act,” Abdullahi said. Laws cannot be passed by Nigeria’s Senate in the absence of the mace, a symbol of authority binding decisions taken on the Senate floor. Despite the incident, sessions continued Wednesday in the 109-member assembly with a spare mace, Shehu Sani, a senator representing Kaduna Central said. “I and others insisted that the Senate must not adjourn. I removed my waist belt and lay to serve as a mace for us to continue.” “My colleagues seconded. Then a spare mace brought in and the session continued,” Sani added. The lawmaker who condemned the attack on Facebook called the incident an attempted coup that could fester if not addressed. “Those who sanctioned,organized and supported this will someday do that to the Presidency or the judiciary,” he added. Nigeria’s ruling party, the All Progressives Congress, APC, has called Wednesday’s incident an attack on the country’s democracy and called for arrests. “The APC hereby condemns this action and views it as an attack on our democracy and a desecration of the hallowed institution of the National Assembly, ” Bolaji Abdullahi, a spokesman for the party, said in a statement. “We therefore call on security agencies to take all necessary actions to recover the stolen mace and ensure that the perpetrators and their sponsors are brought to justice,” he added. Violent outbursts are common in Nigeria’s parliament but tensions rose last month over the proposed amendment of an electoral act that seeks to shift the presidential election date until after legislators and other branches have been elected. Omo-Agege, a member of the ruling party was reported to have objected to the move which led to his suspension from the Senate. President Buhari is seeking for re-election next year and tensions are set to rise ahead of the polls. Nigerians are clamoring for change in areas including: security, the economy and corruption- promises made by President Buhari during his campaign before he took office in 2015. Four years on, Buhari has faced criticism over increasing attacks by terror group Boko Haram in Nigeria’s northeast, frequent attacks from Fulani herdsmen in the central region of the country and a growing separatist movement in the east of the country. Source:CNN
The police in the Northern region have said they would be unable to arrest persons who were captured in a viral video assaulting a young lady. The police according to our Northern regional correspondent, Prince Kwame Tamakloe, says no official complaint has been lodged hence their inability to effect an arrest. In the 1 minute 16 seconds video, male voices in Dagbani are heard accusing her of roaming unnecessarily and flirting around with men and thus bringing disgrace to the community. She was stretched prostrate on a table and pinned down by two men whilst two other men subjected her to severe beaten with whips. The helpless girl was dragged on the ground and beaten up mercilessly while a community of onlookers stood back to watch and record her ordeal. The girl according to him came home at around 10pm a night before the incident and was accused of sleeping in a man’s room who they suspect is her fiancée.
The Executive Director for policy think tank Institute for Policy and Innovation (ILAPI-Ghana), Peter Bismark has called for the decriminalization of homosexuality. He argues that the most important thing we can do is to pursue a path of education on the negative medical effects of homosexuality so persons who practice the act will stop. He made reference to how fake pastors are fleecing members in the name of offertory and how corrupt leaders are draining state resources through their corrupt deals and compared it how homosexuals are demonized by the public. He however maintained that although the act is frowned upon by our religious beliefs, people who practice it see it as a choice hence the need to intensify education on the cat and that will help people to stop practicing it, he added. Read Below his Post Stop criminalizing LGBT and educate them on the medical repercussions. LGBTs and corrupt politicians who deserves to be maimed? Even though LGBT is termed immoral to Christians and other religious bodies, who are we to judge what is moral and immoral when majority of the laws are made by immoral leaders? Look at how churches are extorting and faking miracles for offertories? Look at how leaders in governance are drinking from the public envelop. It is a choice to be a fake pastor or gay. If LBGTs are humans like us but a choice they took to be one they must not be condemned. It's a choice to be a politician and lie to voters. Help them to overcome such and not to stigmatize or make laws to cage them while existing laws to fight corruption are left hanging.
Some angry concerned youth of Bia West and East in the Western region have given a one week ultimatum to government to fix their electricity problem for them else they will embark on a naked demonstration. Speaking to the general secretary of the group, Ackaah Joseph, aka Nana Kass ,he said businesses in the affected areas are collapsing due to the erratic power supply popularly known as 'dumsor'. He is alleging that their lights go off more than 20 times in a day without any notification from the ECG. ''Meanwhile both the past and the present government have failed in solving this problem, he lamented. They also complained about the poor nature of their roads a situation they noted has affected activities in the region. ‘’We are therefore asking the government to address our grievances’ or we will never vote again in the upcoming election and will never allow any political party to campaign in the area again,’’ he warned.
The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, says the effective execution of the National Strategic Plan for Malaria Control, as well as the introduction of other innovative strategies, means that “Ghana stands ready to beat malaria.” Speaking at the Malaria Summit London 2018, on Wednesday, 18th April, 2018, on the sidelines of the ongoing Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, President Akufo-Addo stated noted that the fight against malaria in Ghana is an age-old one. “According to the Ghana Health Service, malaria tops Out Patient Department cases, and is responsible for the death of three children, every day, in the country. Indeed, in 2016, 10.4 million cases of malaria were recorded in a population of some 30 million people,” he said. The President continued, “Although the figure from 2016 represents an improvement over that of 2015, we recognise that a lot of work has to be done in reducing prevalence of malaria to the barest minimum.” Reiterating the “solid, decade-long work and advocacy undertaken by my fair lady, Rebecca, Ghana’s First Lady, through her Infanta Malaria Prevention Foundation”, the President stated that this has reinforced his conviction that Ghana’s aim of reducing malaria morbidity and mortality by 75%, by the year 2020, is attainable. Ghana’s goal, through the National Strategic Plan for Malaria Control, he said, is to achieve and sustain near-zero malaria deaths, and, ultimately, a malaria-free Ghana. Key interventions of this Plan, the President outlined, include integrated vector management; malaria case management, including malaria in pregnancy; integrated community case management; seasonal malaria chemoprevention; integrated support systems, including advocacy and behavioural change communication; surveillance, monitoring and evaluation; and the strengthening of health systems. “Additionally, Government is providing tax exemptions on anti-malarial commodities, adopting measures to deal with antimalarial drug resistance, and implementing policies to mitigate the effects of climate change and environmental degradation, that impact on malaria transmission,” he added. Ghana’s strategy, the President told the gathering, is based on innovation, as Ghana is one of the first countries to adopt the new generation of insecticides for indoor-residual spraying, as well being one of the three countries testing the new malaria vaccine. “I am confident that the effective execution of this Plan and strategy would mean that Ghana stands ready to beat Malaria” he concluded.
The Managing Director for the Metro Mass Transit Limited (MMT), Bennet Aboagye, has been asked by the Board of Directors to proceed on leave with immediate effect. The embattled manager has been accused by some aggrieved staff of engaging in some corrupt deals. He was also accused of bribing workers to conceal information that could implicate him. Mr. Aboagye is expected to proceed on leave with his personnel assistant, Yiadom Kesse.
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