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McDan Boss Wins Top Award

McDan Boss Wins Top Award (0)

Dr. Daniel Mckorley, Chief Executive officer (CEO) of McDan Shipping Company, has won the ‘CEO of the Year Award’. This was at the second edition of the Ghana Shippers Awards, jointly organize by Globe Productions, the Transport Ministry, the Ghana Shippers Authority (GSA) and Graphic Communications Group, in Accra. Mr. McDonald Vasnanie, CEO of Conship, was adjudged the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ with the ‘Promising Entrepreneur’ award going to Isaac Amoako-Mensah. Mrs. Della Russel Ocloo, a journalist with the Graphic Communications Group took the prize for the ‘Reporter of the Year’. Over 40 shipping companies including Consolidated Shipping Agencies Limited, Sea and Shore services Ghana Limited, Transglobal Logistics Limited, Benmarine Services Limited and Swissport Ghana Limited received prizes. Mr. Kwaku Ofori Asiamah, Minister of Transport, applauded the initiative to recognize excellence in the shipping industry. The awards would serve as motivation to everybody – to up their game and improve the quality of client service. He underlined the government’s unswerving determination to create the right conditions and support local and private enterprises to succeed. This was vital to its drive towards job and wealth creation to put the nation beyond aid. Mr. Asiamah said the paperless system at the ports was meant to bring about efficiency and facilitate business operations at the ports. He encouraged the companies to continue to stick with best practices to expand and lead the nation’s socio-economic growth. Ms. Benonita Bismarck, the CEO of GSA, said the award was to recognize individuals and companies that played significant roles in the growth and development of the industry. It was also to acknowledge the key functions within the industry which promoted growth and sustainability. She announced that there was an 18 percent increase in demurrage payment in the first quarter of the year. That came to US$15.4 million dollars. Source: The New Crusading Guide

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Deputy National Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Joshua Hamidu Akamba, has been charged with offensive conduct following a viral video, which captured him inciting students at Tempane senior high school against President Akufo-Addo. According Mr Akamba, he was invited by the Tempane police after the video of him inciting the students against Nana Addo went viral. He indicated that he has been granted bail after he was made to write his statement. Mr Akamba has been slammed after he was seen in a video asking students if they would vote for the NPP in 2020 due the challenges they facing in the school. The students who he spoke to had suffered bite from bed bugs and as part of his campaign tour, Mr Akamba went to the school where he quizzed if the students were going to vote for the NPP following what they had encountered in school. Mr Joshua Akamba made the children show their bedbugs bite scars to the cameras, promising them their headache will be over by 2020. Asking them if they will vote for Akufo-Addo again after the bedbug bites, they all screamed “Nooooo!” He went to ask the students what they would do in 2020 when they get the opportunity to vote and urge them to vote massively against the NPP because the party has failed woefully. Mr Akamba said his lawyer James Agalga who is also Member of Parliament for Builsa North and other party regional officers accompanied him to the station. ‘’I have been charged with offensive conduct. The police told me I have insulted President Akufo-Addo and the MP, Mr Joseph Kpemka. The MP asked his party officers to file a complaint against me at the police station.’’ Mr Akamba accused the MP of influencing the police to press charges against him. He has however hinted of his plan to stage a one-man demonstration in protest against the plot to get him prosecuted. He has also asked the MP to resign from his positions as deputy minister before he [Akamba] will cooperate with the police on the matter. Meanwhile, Mr Akamba says he has received calls from NGOs and individuals who have pledged to help the school resolve the challenge.
US President Donald Trump has accepted the surprise resignation of UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. He told reporters in the Oval Office she would be leaving the post at the end of the year after doing "an incredible job". Joined by the former South Carolina governor in the Oval Office, he invited her to come back in a different role. "You can have your pick," he said. She told him: "Thank you, Mr President. It has been an honour of a lifetime." Mrs Haley told reporters that despite speculation, she was not planning to run for president in 2020. She said she would be campaigning "this one", pointing to Mr Trump. "I don't have anything set on where I'm going to go," Mrs Haley said. "It's been eight years of intense time, and I'm a believer in term limits. "I think you have to be selfless enough to know when you step aside and allow someone else do the job." Mrs Haley's Twitter bio had already removed all reference to her role as UN ambassador even before her departure was confirmed. Mr Trump said Mrs Haley - who was confirmed in the post shortly after his inauguration - had told him six months ago she wanted to take some time off. The president said she "has been very special to me, she has done an incredible job, she is a fantastic person, very importantly, but she is also somebody that gets it". "We've done a fantastic job together," he continued. "We've solved a lot of problems, and we're in the process of solving a lot of problems." "Hopefully you'll be coming back at some point, right," Mr Trump said. "Maybe a different capacity, you can have your pick." Mrs Haley laughed. Mr Trump also told reporters: "She's made it a very glamorous position." He added that he would be naming her replacement in the next two to three weeks. The president said "very good people" are interested in taking up her role. Her exit comes after she served as the temporary president of the UN Security Council for one month. Source: BBC
Ghana has been ranked the seventh wealthiest country in Africa with a total wealth of $63 billion as at December 2017. The figures were contained in The AfrAsia Bank Africa Wealth Report 2018 published in September. The report covers wealth, luxury, prime property and wealth management trends in Africa from 2007 to 2017, with projections to 2027. Ghana's capital city Accra also maintained its 2017 ranking as the 10th wealthiest African city with a current total wealth of US$38 billion in the report. "Major sectors in the city include basic materials, manufacturing and financial services," the report said. The country was also found to have a wealth per capita of $2,500 which was dwarfed in comparison to Mauritius ($32,700), South Africa ($12,900) and Namibia ($12,600). The report defines total wealth as private wealth held by all the individuals living in each country. It includes all their assets such as property, cash, equities and business interests less any liabilities. South Africa (1st), Egypt (2nd), Nigeria and Morocco (3rd) were ranked the top three wealthiest nations on the resource-rich African continent with US$722 Billion, US$330 Billion, US$253 Billion and US$122 Billion respectively. The report projected that the total private wealth in the continent will rise by 34 per cent over the next 10 years, reaching US$3.1 trillion by the end of 2027. “We expect Mauritius, Ghana, Rwanda and Uganda to be the strongest performing wealth markets in Africa during this period,” reads the report. South Africa, Angola, Morocco, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Tanzania and Nigeria, however, got less favourable predictions, although still positive. About The AfrAsia Bank Africa Wealth Report 2018 The AfrAsia Bank Africa Wealth Report 2018 provides insights gathered by, New World Wealth, on wealth trends in Africa over the past 10 years, with projections for the next 10 years. The report also provides comprehensive wealth breakdowns for 17 African countries and 23 African cities. Total individual wealth held in Africa currently amounts to around US$2.3 trillion. This figure is expected to rise by 34% over the next 10 years, reaching US$3.1 trillion by the end of 2027. The likes of Mauritius, Ghana, Rwanda and Uganda are expected to be the strongest performing wealth markets in Africa during this period (90% to 150% growth rates). Source: GraphicOnline
Two suspects have been arrested in connection to the near attack on the Member of Parliament for Tafo-Pankrono constituency, Dr. Anthony Akoto Osei over the weekend. The Tafo-Pankrono Divisional Police Command arrested the suspects. The two are 49-year-old Paul Attah Onyinah, and 51-year-old Richard Yaw, who are both members of pro-NPP vigilante group, Delta Force in the Tafo-Pankrono constituency. The MP and Minister of Monitoring and Evaluation escaped an attack when members of Delta Force stormed a meeting that was being organised by the party on Sunday. Some of the aggrieved members accused the MP of neglect and said he has failed to honour his promises made to them. The suspects have been transferred to the Ashanti Regional Police headquarters for further investigations. According to police, three other members are on the run.
Deputy General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Koku Anyidoho, has described Akufo-Addo as an insensitive president. The aspiring national general secretary is of the view the president is insensitive due to his ‘’frequent travels’’ at the expense of the economic difficulties facing the nation. ‘’This government is insensitive. Spare parts dealers were complaining bitterly about the economic challenges they were facing and the Vice President had the audacity to describe them as persons rented by the NDC to attack government.’’ Koku Anyidoho said, ‘’Abossey Okai spare dealers are suffering. They have been deceived by the Finance Minister that taxes on their imports had been reduced.’’ Ghanaians he said will show the NPP the exit in 2020 because ''the NPP has brought untold hardship on Ghanaians, job losses and unprecedented corruption''. He slammed Nana Addo for embarking on luxurious travels without value and benefits to the nation. He said, all kinds of invitations are sent to the presidency and it would be important for the president to determine the ones which should be of priority. ‘’Ghanaians did not vote for Akufo-Addo to be travelling on daily basis. Some of the travels are due to the per diems, which is $5,000 a month. He is also traveling with friends and family who are all entitled to the per diem.,’’ he said. ‘’To move the president is very expensive especially if you want to use the presidential jet. Do you know how much it will cost him to park the presidential jet? It is very very expensive to move the president,’’ he added. Meanwhile, a political science lecturer at the University of Development Studies (UDS), Dr. Dominic Degraft Arthur has also underscored the need for us to make us of our ambassadors and foreign minister for some of the travels. The president he noted should focus mainly on the local business so he would be able to have detailed information on challenges confronting the nation. The frequent travels he concluded should be curtailed so we allow our representatives in such countries to represent Ghana. President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, left Ghana on Friday, 5th October, 2018, to attend the 5th Edition of the Financial Times Africa Summit taking place in London, United Kingdom from 7thto 9th October. The Summit, being held on the theme “Africa Means Business”, is featuring “high profile speakers in business, politics and economics, as well as Heads of State committed to making business central to their development goals.” President Akufo-Addo will also hold meetings with CEOs of some important global enterprises, whilst in London. On Wednesday, 10th October, 2018, the President will fly to Yerevan, Armenia, to lead the Ghanaian delegation to the 17th Summit of OrganisationInternationale de la Francophonie, which will take place from 11th to 12th October. Ghana, which has been an Associate Member of La Francophonie since 2006, will be admitted at the Summit as a Full Member. Ghana will then be only one of a handful of countries that enjoy full membership of both the Commonwealth and La Francophonie. The President will, after the Summit, fly to Paris, France, for a series of meetings with some potential investors on Saturday, 13th October, 2018. He will return to Ghana on Sunday, 14th October, 2018, and, in his absence, the Vice President, Alhaji Dr MahamuduBawumia, shall, in accordance with Article 60(8) of the Constitution, act in his stead. President Akufo-Addo was accompanied by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Shirley AyorkorBotchway MP, and officials of the Presidency and the Foreign Ministry.
Political science lecturer at the University of Development Studies (UDS), Dr. Dominic Degraft Arthur, has said former President John Dramani Mahama, does not what it takes to attack the current administration of corruption. He told Kwame Tutu on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that, Mr Mahama was booted out in 2016 due to his incompetences. The lecturer, posited that, Mr Mahama was seen as one who presided over massive corruption scandals due to his inability to crack the whip on corrupt persons under his government. He was reacting to the comments made Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the Vice President-who said Mr Mahama is only coming back to cause more damage like he did in previous years. Dr. Bawumia described Mr Mahama as the ‘’incompetent one’’. The lecturer in his submission said, Mr Mahama is currently unhappy because he has also seen some claims pointing to the fact that, the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) is failing Ghanaians. But he believes Mr Mahama is not fit to make such claims because he also exhibited incompetences when he was in office. The level of incompetences under Mahama was clear and people from the countryside saw him as an incompetent person. Those in the rural areas saw that the Mahama government was not performing and so, he [Mahama] is using the same way to criticise the ruling party. The interest of Mahama is to come to power again because he wants to pay the NPP back.’’ Dr. Dominic Degraft Arthur when asked to highlight some of these incompetences exhibited by Mr Mahama said, ‘’during Mahama’s time, the incompetences were very clear and Ghanaians had perceived views corruption was extremely high but he [Mahama], found a way to support corruption. Aside this, his public utterances were not helpful. And in his government, inflation was abnormal. These were some examples that made citizens change him. We needed a new party to come and form a news government. That is why Ghanaians voted massively for the NPP.’’ In his view, Mr Mahama should not be the one to tell Ghanaians that the NPP has failed because Ghanaians are watching and will decide whether the NPP performed or not. ‘’Ghanaians are also watching and if the NPP is failing or not performing, citizens will know what to do.’’ His attacks on the government he said will make him come back as president. On what the new government may doing to indicate a failure he said, the allegation of corruption is still high Nana Addo despite the promise to crack the whip on corruption. He also touched on unemployment and the failure on the part of government to fulfil some of their major promises. He was quick to add that Ghanaians would have to wait for the four-year term of Nana Addo to end before we finally conclude they have been incompetent. He admonished Ghanaians to resist unnecessary political attacks from politicians since it would not inure to our benefits.
Former President John Dramani Mahama’s campaign team have warned Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia they will descend the gutters with him if he goes on that line. A statement issued and signed by spokesperson for Mr Mahama, James Agyenim Boateng slammed the second gentleman of land for attacking Mr Mahama describing him as the ‘’incompetent one’’. Dr Bawumia has suggested Mr Mahama ‘s comeback is a mission to come and create more damage like he did in 2016. Dr Bawumia was speaking at a meeting with Metropolitan and Municipal District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) in Accra last Friday. Dr Bawumia stated that twenty months into the Akufo-Addo administration, the difference is clear. He continued: “But you have to remember what happened at the time we came into office after many years of incompetent economic management; you cannot describe it any other than incompetent economic management. After many years of such economic management, the people of Ghana gave us the privilege to change course but after just twenty months in office, the difference is clear.” His comments, which the campaign team of Mahama believes were reckless, have forced to caution the Vice president to desist going on that political path or face their wrath. The statement accused Dr. Bawumia of bringing the office of Vice President into disrepute. ‘’Whilst reminding Dr. Bawumia that any needless and unprovoked attack on former President Mahama on any day will not go unanswered, we wish to remind him that the Office of Vice President is conducted with grace, decency and maturity, not reckless and unrestrained talk.’’ ‘’Let him also be reminded that respect for political office holders is earned and that if he chooses to play dirty, we will get it back in equal measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.’’ The statement reminded government to deliver the major campaign promises on the one-district-one-factory, one-village-one-dam among others. The statement described Dr. Bawumia as a joke and pointed out what they termed as his inability to match his performance on the job and the management of tee economy with his numerous propagandist lectures on the economy.’’ According to the campaign team, Mr Mahama and his government have a solid record of investment in education, energy, roads, and healthcare and aviation infrastructure among others.
A former Board Member of the Ghana Gas Company, Dr, Valerie Sawyerr has initiated a legal action against government in the bid to get the Forensic Audit report by the Caninet Committee quashed. The suit at the High Court described the report its findings as a breach of the rules of natural justice and her right to administrative justice. She is therefore seeking “A declaration that the Audit Report completed and submitted to the 2nd Respondent was made in breach of the rule of natural justice, audi alteram partem. A declaration that the Audit Report which implicated me, as a former board member of Ghana National Gas Company Limited, was done in breach of my right to administrative justice and my right to a fair hearing.” “A declaration that the Audit Report which implicated me, as a former board member of the Ghana National Gas Company Limited, contravenes Article 23 of the 1992 Constitution.” The former Chief of Staff wants the court to quash the report, its findings, observations and recommendations. Her writ added: “An order of Certiorari bringing up into this Court for purposes of being quashed and quashing the Audit Report which was completed and submitted to the 2nd Respondent, and which implicated me as a former board member of Ghana National Gas Company Limited.’’ Valerie Sawyerr also wants the court to restrain the security agencies involved in the case to stop inviting her for questioning since to her such invitations are a form of “harassment.” “An order of injunction restraining 2nd and 3rd respondents from going ahead to invite me as a subject of interest into investigation of allegations of procurement infractions at Ghana National Gas Company when the Audit Report has been completed and submitted to the 2nd Respondent without me being given a hearing. The report based on which the former appointee of NDC has sued government was released few weeks ago. The report alleged that that helicopters purchased from China Aero Technology Import and Export Corporation were never used for the purpose for which they were purchased. The report also alleges that equipment for the helicopters were never delivered even though they were part of the initial contract price, including initial training cost that was not utilised for the intended purpose. Per the findings of the Cabinet Committee, the situation came as a result from inflated contract sums, non-performance, non-enforcement and breach of contracts, and caused the State over $60 million dollars in financial loss.
The Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has announced plans by the government to embark on a massive infrastructural development across the country in 2019. “We are going to be tackling major roads, bridges, interchanges and so on across the country. There is a major infrastructure project on the way and the whole of Ghana, by the grace of God, will feel it when it starts in 2019”, he said, while addressing the closing session of a five-day capacity building conference for Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) in Accra last Friday. The conference was on the theme: “Re-Energising MMDCEs to Deliver on Government’s Agenda”. The topics treated included local government system, leadership and revenue mobilisation. Dr Bawumia said the Sinohydro project would be implemented on a full scale next year, and indicated that the government would be spending almost $1.5 billion out of the $2 billion Sinohydro facility on the road sector. He mentioned the Eastern Corridor Road as one of the projects that would be benefiting from the road project. Dr Bawumia said the rehabilitation of the railways had started, with work in progress on the Western and Eastern lines. Besides, he reiterated that the government would be extending the railway line all the way to Paga. “People think we are dreaming. Very soon it is going to be possible because this is the government of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo”, he said. Economic management With regard to the economy, Dr Bawumia accused the erstwhile government of creating a mess by the incompetent manner it mismanaged the economy. He said although the past government prided itself of embarking on massive infrastructural projects, the poor nature of roads across the country defeated that claim.Dr Bawumia said the government was correcting the wrongs and taking steps to propel socio-economic development. “Apart from cleaning the mess of incompetent economic management. We are putting in place structures to deliver”, he said. Dr Bawumia said 20 months into its tenure, the government had improved the macro-economic indicators. He mentioned improvements in the gross domestic product (GDP), reduction of debt to GDP ratio and reduction of fiscal deficit as some of the achievements of the government. He said the depreciation of the cedi was around seven per cent compared to about 36 per cent recorded under the past government. Besides, he said, the government had introduced free senior high school (SHS) education, the Planting for Food and Jobs, doubled the capitation grant and restored teachers and nurses allowances, among others. Dr Bawumia said he wondered why former President John Dramani Mahama had decided to give another shot at the presidential contest when he had mismanaged the economy. Dr Bawumia urged the MMDCEs to consider the training they had as a catalyst to study more and deliver more in their various assemblies. Local Government Minister The Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Hajia Alima Mahama, reminded the MMDCEs that the government had decided to allow for the election of MMDCEs. She urged them to dedicate themselves to deliver to make it possible for them to be elected as the first MMDCEs
Nigeria's presidential election was shaping up to be a contest between two veteran male politicians, but the candidacy of Oby Ezekwesili could change that. Women have run for the presidency before but she is the most prominent Nigerian woman to challenge for the top job, the BBC's Nigeria reporter Chris Ewokor says. Ms Ezekwesili is well known for leading the #BringBackOurGirls campaign to help free the 276 girls kidnapped from Chibok, northern Nigeria, in 2014. She has also served as the country's education minister and vice-president of the World Bank. But come February's vote it will be a tough challenge to unseat incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari, 75, or beat the main opposition candidate, Atiku Abubakar, 72, who both have formidable party machines behind them. The deadline to register for the election passed at midnight local time (23:00 GMT) on Sunday and at least nine candidates in all are thought to have submitted their papers. At the weekend, President Buhari was nominated by his All Progressives Congress (APC) and Mr Abubakar beat a field of 11 others to become the flag bearer for the People's Democratic Party (PDP). The two parties have supplied all of Nigeria's presidents since the end of military rule in 1999. What is Oby Ezekwesili's message? For Ms Ezekwesili the men she is facing represent a "mediocre political class that bumbles from one crisis to another", as she told the meeting of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN), where her candidacy was declared. She is setting herself up as the anti-establishment candidate, calling the politicians in charge of the country part of "an evil ruling class". And, in an Obama-like move, the ACPN is labelling her as the "hope" candidate. Ms Ezekwesili, who is 55 years old, is also trying to appeal to the youth of the country, saying that the people in charge do not understand the technological changes that are happening. More than 50% of Nigerians are under the age of 30. "How can a country gifted with millions of young, vibrant, brilliant people, be satisfied with just being [an] onlooker?" she asked. What is Atiku Abubakar saying? The main opposition candidate is turning his fire onto the country's current leadership. "The task to get Nigeria working again starts now," he tweeted after he won the PDP's nomination. Mr Abubakar, a powerful political figure and wealthy businessman, fought off a strong field including the leader of Nigeria's senate, Bukola Saraki, to get the nomination. He served as vice-president from 1999 to 2007 and has made several attempts to run for the presidency, but has only once before secured the nomination of a major party. He ran for Action Congress, a precursor to the APC, against the PDP's Umaru Yar'Adua and Mr Buhari in 2007. Mr Abubakar gained 7.5% of the vote but complained of widespread fraud. What is President Buhari saying? The president is under a lot of pressure as he runs for re-election. He won the 2015 election, beating incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan, as the change candidate, but he has left a lot of people disappointed. The country slipped into recession in 2016 and economic growth has been slow since then. Nigerians are also questioning whether the government has got a grip on insecurity in the country. But the president argues that progress has been made on the economy, saying that his government has "checked the slide [into] anarchy on the security and economic fronts". What has happened to the Chibok girls? More than 270 girls were kidnapped by Islamist militant group Boko Haram from a school in the north-eastern town of Chibok in 2014. The government was slow to react, with some in authority accusing opposition politicians of making the story up for political gain. But a massive social media campaign under the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls brought the story to international attention. Source: BBC
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