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McDan Boss Wins Top Award

McDan Boss Wins Top Award (0)

Dr. Daniel Mckorley, Chief Executive officer (CEO) of McDan Shipping Company, has won the ‘CEO of the Year Award’. This was at the second edition of the Ghana Shippers Awards, jointly organize by Globe Productions, the Transport Ministry, the Ghana Shippers Authority (GSA) and Graphic Communications Group, in Accra. Mr. McDonald Vasnanie, CEO of Conship, was adjudged the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ with the ‘Promising Entrepreneur’ award going to Isaac Amoako-Mensah. Mrs. Della Russel Ocloo, a journalist with the Graphic Communications Group took the prize for the ‘Reporter of the Year’. Over 40 shipping companies including Consolidated Shipping Agencies Limited, Sea and Shore services Ghana Limited, Transglobal Logistics Limited, Benmarine Services Limited and Swissport Ghana Limited received prizes. Mr. Kwaku Ofori Asiamah, Minister of Transport, applauded the initiative to recognize excellence in the shipping industry. The awards would serve as motivation to everybody – to up their game and improve the quality of client service. He underlined the government’s unswerving determination to create the right conditions and support local and private enterprises to succeed. This was vital to its drive towards job and wealth creation to put the nation beyond aid. Mr. Asiamah said the paperless system at the ports was meant to bring about efficiency and facilitate business operations at the ports. He encouraged the companies to continue to stick with best practices to expand and lead the nation’s socio-economic growth. Ms. Benonita Bismarck, the CEO of GSA, said the award was to recognize individuals and companies that played significant roles in the growth and development of the industry. It was also to acknowledge the key functions within the industry which promoted growth and sustainability. She announced that there was an 18 percent increase in demurrage payment in the first quarter of the year. That came to US$15.4 million dollars. Source: The New Crusading Guide

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The Northern Regional branch of the People's National Convention (PNC) have suspended some of it's top executives including a a former parliamentary candidate, Abdulai Seeidu Napodoo. The other members of the party affected by the suspension are Abubakari Sulemana, former youth organizer, Tamale Central, Ibrahim Mashad, former youth organizer Tamale North and Adam Husein, former deputy treasurer Tamale North. The decision according a statement signed by the regional secretary, Afa Tahidu Yahaya said was reached after they were found be interim executives of the newly formed All Peoples Convention (APC)  formed by their former 2012 and defeated presidential aspirant in their party's primaries, Hassan Hayariga. The statement said it acted ''line with the coconut fraternity guidelines visa via constitution of the party. According to the statement the suspended officers can no longer hold themselves or represent PNC in any form.  
Private legal practitioner and deputy communications director of the opposition NPP, Mike Ocquaye Jr.  has urged Ghanaians to rise up against what he described as efforts by the Electoral Commission (EC) to deny Ghanaians a transparent, fair and an accountable service. The lawyer said he finds it difficult to understand why the EC is operating without a public relations officer to engage its stakeholders especially the media on its operations. The position for Head of Public Relations and Communications at the Electoral Commission has been declared vacant after a reshuffle of staff some few weeks ago. The shake up at the EC saw Christian Owusu Parry former acting  Director for the Public Affairs Department moved to administration while Sylvia Annor who held the position as the Principal PRO, was also moved to handle protocol at the Commission. Currently, the EC do not have anyone officially communicating to the media on its operations. He said by law the EC is mandated to speak with the media and therefore he see no reason why the gap and refusal by the EC to engage the media. This lawyer Mike Ocquaye Jr. says is unacceptable hence the need for Ghanaians to rise up and demand from the EC to with immediate effect, to appoint an acting communications person to man their public affairs department. He debunked suggestions by the host that his call was meant to incest the EC against Ghanaians rather, the EC is inciting against themselves, he posited. The outspoken elephant member descended heavily on the Commissioner, Madam Charlotte Osei and her Commissioners of  putting fear in Ghanaians and abusing their powers as an independent institution. ''Who [Commissioners] do they think they are,? They are nothing but human beings like any Ghanaian. We are not afraid of Charlotte Osei. She is a lawyer just like me. She is just four years older than me. We know them all  very well. They cannot put fear in us because they are Commissioners. Ghanaians must rise up and stop the EC from their muddle and dishonesty. You [Commissioners] receive your monthly salary yet you have decided not to speak with the media because you have sacked your PRO. This is unacceptable.'' Lawyer Mike Ocquaye Jr. said Madam Charlotte Osei should be held accountable for happenings at the EC. Ghana's democratic rule he noted was not attained on a silver platter as our forefathers had to sacrifice their lives for us to enjoy the freedom today so, Madam Charlotte Osei and her Commissioners cannot let it go waste.  
Deputy Communications Director of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), lawyer Mike Ocquaye Jr. has accused  the Electoral Commission (EC) of picking and choosing the recommendations by its own eminent panel for their parochial interest. Lawyer Mike Ocquaye Jr. said the EC led by Madam Charlotte Osei have decided to make use of some portions of the recommendations by the Justice V.C.R.A.C Crabbe led committee and ignore some to pursue their parochial interest. The NPP has restated their call on the EC to validate the voters register since its the surest way of a credible register for the polls. The elephant family has agreed with the full recommendations of the committee which has suggested to the electioneering body to clean the voters register which the NPP refers to as validation. Lawyer Mike Ocquaye Jr. in an interview with Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio said, EC has ignored the modality set out by the panel for the exhibition or validation as the NPP put it. ''The panel is saying that the EC should do exhibition and has shown how the exhibition should be done. First of all, the panel said the exhibition in the CI92 was not the best hence it recommended the EC to do a new exhibition which the NPP refers to as validation...then they [panel]  went on to say that they must be a new law to replace the CI92.'' However, ''the EC for reasons best known to them have decided to do the new exhibition using the old law ignoring the recommendations of its own eminent panel because they [EC] know clearly that, the process will delete all the names of ineligible voters from the bloated register.'' Lawyer Mike Ocquaye Jr. noted, the EC's posture is very suspicious, outrageous and sinful because it gives room for Ghanaians and the NPP to suspect something fishy. The private legal practitioner, quizzed, ''How you [EC] do the new exhibition without the new law, how can you do the new exhibition without validation, why are you going to the old which we say is not going to work,?'' He indicated, the NPP will not relent on their efforts in ensuring that, they get the EC to implement fully the recommendations by the five member panel. ''The EC is not doing their job. They have to be transparent and accountable to the people although they are independent. EC should be honest with Ghanaians; and EC should not pick and choose from the panel's report to achieve their parochial interest. Because what the EC is doing now is pick and choose... The EC is no more a referee but picking and choosing for their parochial interest.''                        
The Head of the private security detail for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Flagbearer, Nana Akuffo Addo, Captain (rtd) Edmund Koda, has revealed that he was never manhandled by Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) when he was in their custody. Captain Koda was arrested by the BNI for allegedly inviting the three South African ex-cops who have since been deported back to South Africa to- train the security detail of Nana Addo and Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. The state dropped its charges against Captain Koda but re-arrested him for another round of questioning after it was established that, he invited the three South Africa ex-capos to train the party's private security. He was later released by the BNI on grounds of health. Speaking on his detention by the BNI for the first time in an exclusive interview with Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio, the head of security detail for Nana Addo, said he was never manhandled by the BNI while in their custody. According to him, the three South African ex-capos were also not abused nor manhandled by the BNI. ''I was never manhandled by the BNI while in their custody, neither were the three South African ex-capos maltreated. I saw them, I personally asked them and they told me that the BNI never abused them.'' Commenting on the detention of Nana Addo's private security guard and photographer, Captain Koda noted, the pair Kwadwo Kyeremanten and Malik Neequaye, were detained because they refused to sign a ''Personality Profile'' form at the Bureau. The pair had accompanied Captain Koda to the BNI to retrieve items collected from his residence when operatives of the BNI mounted a search at his residence few weeks ago. He said, the refusal by the pair in signing the forms was based on explicit advice by their lawyers which they had already conveyed to the BNI. According to him, the BNI contacted them some weeks ago to retrieve his items but with the pair who acted as witnesses when the items were collected from his residence.  
The Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) has released the personal photographer and private bodyguard of the presidential candidate of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo Addo. The two were detained last night because they refused to fill ''Personality Profile'' forms at the office of the BNI. The pair Kwadwo Kyeremeh and Malik Neequaye had accompanied Captain Koda to the BNI to retrieve some items they collected from his residence some weeks ago when the BNI mounted a search at his residence following his engagement with the three South African ex-officers employed by the NPP to train the security detail of Nana Addo and Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. Kwadwo Kyeremeh and Malik Neequaye acted as witnesses at the time the BNI took custody of the items from Captain Koda and had to present at the time of release. But the BNI insisted the pair must fill the ''Personality Profile'' forms, despite an explicit advice from their lawyers. Captain in an exclusive interview with Kwame Tutu on frontline on rainbow Radio said the pair were released at around 11:30 pm same night they were detained. The head of security for the former justice minister said the items which the BNI collected from his residence included pictures of security and safety equipment, metal detectors which belongs to the NPP and are meant for distribution to the various regional offices of the party.
Donald Trump has won the Republican presidential primary in New York while Hillary Clinton has triumphed in the Democratic race. With the majority of votes counted, Mr Trump looks set to extend his lead over rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich. Meanwhile Democratic hopeful Mrs Clinton, a former senator for New York, is on course for a victory over Brooklyn-born Bernie Sanders. Wins will put Mrs Clinton and Mr Trump closer to securing their nominations. With more than 98% of the results in, Mr Trump is leading with just over 60% of the vote while Mrs Clinton has just under 58%. US networks projected that Mr Trump had won in his home state barely seconds after the polls closed at 21:00 EDT (01:00 GMT). Speaking at Trump Tower in Manhattan, he said: "I have to say to the people that know me the best - the people of New York - when they give us this kind of a vote it's just incredible." He said he was going to get more delegates than "anyone projected even in their wildest imaginations". The big question is whether the billionaire businessman will make a clean sweep of all 95 Republican delegates at stake in New York by earning the majority of votes. This would reduce the chances of a contested nomination at the Republican party convention in July. Claiming her win, Mrs Clinton told supporters her campaign for the nomination was "in the home stretch and victory is in sight". "New Yorkers, you've always had my back and I've always tried to have yours," she said. "Today together we did it again and I am deeply, deeply grateful." It has been a fierce campaign in the state, with the leading candidates using their local ties to attract voters. The Democratic campaign has turned increasingly negative, with Mrs Clinton and Mr Sanders trading barbs about their qualifications. But following the latest result in the race for the Democratic nomination, Mrs Clinton said there was "much more that unites us than divides us". The two front-runners for both parties cast their own votes in New York on Tuesday. Mr Trump cast his ballot at Central Synagogue in Manhattan in the morning, while Mrs Clinton voted with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, near their home in the suburb of Chappaqua. They are the last presidential candidates to vote in the primary contest. Mr Sanders voted in his home state of Vermont in March, while Republican challengers Mr Cruz and Mr Kasich went to the polls in Texas and Ohio. The voting in New York was marred by widespread complaints of irregularities, including more than 125,000 people missing from New York City voter rolls. The city's chief auditing officer, Scott Stringer, ordered a review of the city's Board of Elections (BOE) over what he called "chaotic and inefficient" organisation. Although Mr Trump was sweeping to victory across most of the state, Ohio Governor Mr Kasich, otherwise in a distant second place, was leading in his home borough of Manhattan. Meanwhile Mr Sanders, who has vowed to fight on in the nomination process, spent Tuesday in Pennsylvania before heading home to Vermont for a day off the campaign trail. Republican hopeful Mr Cruz, whose criticism of "New York values" attracted scorn in the state, had also moved onto Pennsylvania and dismissed the New York result as nothing more than "a politician winning his home state", according to the Associated Press. Pennsylvania is the most important of five states holding both Republican and Democratic primaries on 26 April, and then candidates will look to score successes in Indiana on 3 May. Source: BBC
The Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) has reportedly detained the personal photographer and bodyguard of the 2016 presidential candidate of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo Addo for refusing to fill a ''Personality Profile'' form of the BNI. The pair whose names were only given as Kyeremeh and Malik according information reaching rainbowradioonline.com indicates that they accompanied Captain (rtd) Koda to the office of the BNI this afternoon to retrieve items which were seized from Captain Koda's residence some weeks ago, when operatives from the BNI raided his residence. Nana Addo's photographer and personal guard acted as witnesses at the time the BNI took custody of the items from Captain Koda's residence-and had to be present at the time of the release of the said items. The BNI from our sources insisted that the pair filled the ''Personality Profile'' form despite the explicit advice of their lawyers not to do so. The NPP is therefore accusing the BNI of unlawfully detaining the two aids of their flagbearer.'  
President John Dramani Mahama has admonished residents at Hohoe in the Volta Region, to give him four more years because he has executed his mandate as President satisfactorily. According to him, he deserves another term because he has done only a term in office-a term which part  was taken by a court litigation yet the party[NDC] has performed so well despite the challenges they encountered. Speaking to a charged crowd at Hohoe as part of his Accounting to the People's Tour, President Mahama said, the constitution of the Republic of Ghana mandates him to request for another term in office just like his predecessors in the persons of Former Presidents Jerry John Rawlings, and John Agyekum Kufour. He posited that, his boss who he took over from due to his untimely death, Prof. John Evans Atta Mills could have equally being given an eight year mandate hence, Ghanaians should give him that mandate to continue with his good works. ''I have done one term in office, and part of that term was taken by court litigation; And even then we have  executed our mandate satisfactorily and am certain that, Ghanaians will give me  the second term to make eight years (8) as required by the constitution.'' A hopeful President Mahama told the gathering that he was sure of victory come the general elections. He also assured them of his commitment to transform the region and Hohoe to be precise. ''I wish to assure you that as I continue my mandate, and I know that the people of Ghana will renew that mandate ; by the time I leave office in 2021, we would have,'' transformed the area so it becomes a commercial centre to boost trading and business activities. President John Dramani Mahama urged the people to believe in the country and continue to do the part to ensure that Ghana will continue to prosper. He thanked the people for showing him love and coming in their numbers to partake in his tour. ''...All of us should continue to do our good works and dedication to our country and I assure you that Ghana is going to be a land of prosperity; Ghana is a country that God has blessed and we should recognize the blessings that he has bestowed on us and when we do that, he will bestow more blessings on us,'' President Mahama said.   
The opposition New Patriotic Party has called on the Electoral Commission to state its official position on the recommendations by its own eminent panel that sat on the two-day forum. Addressing the press today, National Communications Director, Nana Akomea said the NPP finds it strange that the EC has failed to state its official position on the ongoing debate over the current register specifically the validation exercise. Nana Akomea stated that the issue has become a national issue prompting Ghanaians from all fronts to wade into the need for the EC to ensure that it gives Ghanaians credible register. The NPP he posited still stands by their call for the validation of the register because it is bloated and cannot be used as document to organize the forthcoming elections. ''In the aftermath of this great protest in Kumasi, the issue of how to clean the Voters Register in time for the 2016 election has been a major talking point in our national discussions. There is no doubt that the Voters Register is hopelessly bloated and therefore  not fit for purpose  for the 2016 elections.''   PRESS STATEMENT Tuesday 19th April 2016     CLEANING THE VOTERS REGISTER: NPP SIMPLY AGREES WITH THE RECOMMENDATION(S) OF THE EC’S OWN PANEL OF EXPERTS    The past week has seen a major street protest in Kumasi by thousands of Ghanaians calling for a clear way forward to clean the Voters Register in time for the 2016 elections. In the aftermath of this great protest in Kumasi, the issue of how to clean the Voters Register in time for the 2016 election has been a major talking point in our national discussions. There is no doubt that the Voters Register is hopelessly bloated and therefore  not fit for purpose  for the 2016 elections.  This concern has been expressed by all, -- the Supreme Court,  the Electoral  Commission, The political parties, civil society and the ECs five member panel (which reported there are indeed six hundred thousand names on deceased people and also statistically projected that the register should not have more than thirteen million names) Various measures have been advocated to clean the register to make it fit for purpose for the 2016 elections.  The Npp had advocated  a completely new register as solution to the bloated register.   The EC believes the compilation of a new register was not necessary.  To the EC, the current Challenge procedures under CI 72, and now C1 91 -which provide  the mechanism of Exhibition for cleaning records in the register, "are sufficient " However the EC's  own Committee /Panel of Experts , set up to evaluate proposals for cleaning the register and make faithful recommendations on the subject, has categorically rejected the Exhibition process as  not adequate  and not viable " for the purpose of cleaning up the bloated register.  In  the words of the Panel,     on page 17 paragraph 17 of their report: “Judging by the sheer numbers, the Electoral Commission’s proposition to display the register,  with political parties, the Electoral Commission and the citizenry to identify and point out invalid names, IS NOT A VIABLE APPROACH,  particularly when the persons who identify these records are expected to expend their time, energy and resources not only to provide the evidence but also to testify before a court of competent jurisdiction. "     The Panel continues on Page 18:  "the system is not effective in achieving the set goals of eliminating invalid records from the register and must be reconsidered. It is said you cannot do the same thing and expect different results”. So, in the  clear  opinion of the EC'S own Panel, the process of  cleaning the register through the Exhibition of the register  is simply not viable and not adequate.  The Panel report continues on pages 20 and 21: “It seems that doing nothing more than  the usual updating and waiting for the citizenry to pursue those who are illegally registered, will engender the most bloated register, by the mere fact that very few of the names are likely to be brought up. Generally, it might be difficult to justify leaving more than half a million invalid records in the register that we seek to characterize as credible."  In other words,  the EC's own panel of experts rejects the process of Exhibition as not viable in cleaning a bloated register, as the process amounts to a mere updating of records, that will still leave over 500,000 invalid names in the register. The question then is, what does the panel of experts then recommend? The committee's recommendation to correct such a bloated register is contained in pages 20-21 of its report.  It recommends that:  “The Electoral Commission COULD CONSIDER EXTENDING THE EXHIBITION EXERCISE TO HAVE VOTERS CONFIRM THEIR NAMES ON THE LIST, an indication that they would want to maintain their voter status. The benefits include signaling that the Electoral Commission is doing something about the known flaws in the register; the most cost effective approach is being used.  IN THE SAME WAY THAT A NEW REGISTRATION WOULD HAVE REQUIRED CITIZENS TO PHYSICALLY APPEAR FOR REGISTRATION, THE CLEANING WOULD REQUIRE THAT THEY APPEAR TO CONFIRM. The major difference is they spend less time because no forms are filled. Rather than make others responsible for maintaining voters names  on the list, the individuals should themselves do that. This also avoids the issue of people looking for documents to support any claim to get a record removed.” So in the clear words of the Panel, the Exhibition should be turned from a  process of voters appearing at polling stations  to  merely update their  records,  into a confirmation  process where voters will  go to  confirm their records. The panel insists this process will signal that the EC is doing something concrete to clean the known flaws in the register,  in a very cost effective way; and would have the same effect of cleaning as a process of compiling a new register would, at much less expense,  and at much less time. The Panel insists strongly that backed by the necessary enabling legislation,  their  recommended confirmation process is vastly superior to the Exhibition process advocated by the EC,  and compares very favourably to the process of compiling a new register.   For the avoidance of doubt perhaps, the Panel on page 21 summarises its recommendations neatly in a table,  and contrasts it with the process of a new registration. The Panel’s table is reproduced below:   Conditions.                      New Registration     Cleaning of register    Those who visit           Get registered onto      Record is validated   the polling centre        the new register.          and retained   Those who do not       Are not entered into     Are not retained on visit.                               the new register.          the clean register    Time required                            -                       lndividuals will spend                                                                              less time at polling                                                                               centres, since no                                                                               forms are filled.    Resources required.    Substantial                   Less than the full                                                                               scale registration                                                                                 (but more than                                                                                simple confirmation confirma                              ..                              of names on the    of names on the                                                 register ) New law required         Would require a new   Would require a                                          law                            .    new law   Legal provision for      Its the individuals         It's the individuals  individuals to choose  responsibility to           responsibility to  to register                     get on the list.               get on the list   What if someone         Apply the provisions    Same provisions  was not available        of the Registration        should be made or was indisposed?     Regulations                  as with new                                                                               registration      This in essence is the process recommended by the EC's own Committee/ Panel of experts as best process under our circumstances for cleaning our bloated voters register. To sum up, the EC'S own Panel recommended that: There should be legislation that will turn the Exhibition into a confirmation process, which will require voters to appear to confirm their names, and those who fail to do so will not deem dead or otherwise not eligible to vote in the 2016 elections.  The Panel itself uses words such as "confirm ", "Confirmation “and “validate" in its report. The NPP use the word "validate” to describe the process recommended as best by the EC's own Panel.   There has been controversy as to the appropriateness of the word "validate” to describe the process recommended by the EC's own Panel.  This controversy is needless. For the avoidance of any doubt whatsoever, the NPP states unequivocally that the party fully SUPPORTS the considered option/recommendation by the EC'S own Panel of experts for cleaning the 2016 Voters Register, whatever the description given the process.  The NPP's original position was for the compilation of a new register.  The party adduced evidence that have not been controverted to support its position. The EC was not in favour of a new register.  The EC set up the Panel to collate viewpoints and all alternatives and recommend the best way forward.  The Panel has done so in its report under reference. The Panel itself deems it's recommendation as a middle way.  What therefore should be the difficulty and controversy? Is there a difficulty on the part of the electoral commission in accepting and building consensus in implementing the faithful, considered recommendation of its own committee set up for that purpose? The EC will not accept the NPP’s proposal for a new register, despite the strong supporting evidence. Is the EC rejecting the clear proposal of its own committee too? Is the EC going to deploy the Exhibition process to clean the register, despite its inadequateness as demonstrated by its own committee?  The NPP supports this middle way forward on this all important matter of cleaning Ghana 2016 Voters Register and make it fit for purpose for the elections.  It will be a matter of grave concern and bewilderment if any obstacles are placed in the way of adopting and implementing this middle way recommended by the EC's own Panel /Committee of experts. Thank you NANA AKOMEA (COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR)   
Aid agencies are stepping up help following Saturday's devastating earthquake in Ecuador, amid concerns over the conditions faced by survivors. Thousands of people were left homeless, making them vulnerable to dirty drinking water and disease. The World Food Programme and Oxfam are sending supplies, while the UN said it was preparing a "major airlift". The 7.8-magnitude earthquake left at least 413 people dead and some 2,500 injured. The cost of rebuilding is likely to be in the billions of dollars, President Rafael Correa said during a visit to the worst-affected region. Six survivors were pulled from the rubble of a hotel in the town of Manta but despite the efforts of emergency teams hope is fading that others will be found. The smell of rotting bodies is filling the air in the worst-hit areas, witnesses said. From Tuesday, rescue efforts would become more of a hunt for corpses, Ecuador's Interior Minister Jose Serrano told Reuters. Focus is turning to the survivors. The quake damaged communications, transport links and sanitation, hampering relief efforts. Major international and aid organisations are sending help: The WFP is sending enough food to feed 8,000 of the most severely affected people The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) said it would send shelter and mosquito nets in an airlift due within 48 hours Oxfam said its first shipment of material providing safe drinking water would be sent on Wednesday Save the Children said it was working "around the clock" and trying to ensure children can continue their education despite the damage Foreign nationals from Northern Ireland, Canada and the US have been confirmed among the dead and the death toll is likely to rise further. "I fear that figure will go up because we keep on removing rubble," Mr Correa said in a televised address. Reconstruction costs are likely to be huge at a time when the oil-producing country is already reeling from the slump in global crude prices. Funerals for some of those killed have been held in Portoviejo and Pedernales, two towns that were the worst hit. The US Geological Survey said the earthquake struck at a fairly shallow depth of 19.2km (11.9 miles), about 27km from Muisne in a sparsely populated area. Scientists say there is no connection between the quake in Ecuador and a severe tremor in southern Japan, which also occurred on Saturday. Source: BBC
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