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McDan Boss Wins Top Award

McDan Boss Wins Top Award (0)

Dr. Daniel Mckorley, Chief Executive officer (CEO) of McDan Shipping Company, has won the ‘CEO of the Year Award’. This was at the second edition of the Ghana Shippers Awards, jointly organize by Globe Productions, the Transport Ministry, the Ghana Shippers Authority (GSA) and Graphic Communications Group, in Accra. Mr. McDonald Vasnanie, CEO of Conship, was adjudged the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ with the ‘Promising Entrepreneur’ award going to Isaac Amoako-Mensah. Mrs. Della Russel Ocloo, a journalist with the Graphic Communications Group took the prize for the ‘Reporter of the Year’. Over 40 shipping companies including Consolidated Shipping Agencies Limited, Sea and Shore services Ghana Limited, Transglobal Logistics Limited, Benmarine Services Limited and Swissport Ghana Limited received prizes. Mr. Kwaku Ofori Asiamah, Minister of Transport, applauded the initiative to recognize excellence in the shipping industry. The awards would serve as motivation to everybody – to up their game and improve the quality of client service. He underlined the government’s unswerving determination to create the right conditions and support local and private enterprises to succeed. This was vital to its drive towards job and wealth creation to put the nation beyond aid. Mr. Asiamah said the paperless system at the ports was meant to bring about efficiency and facilitate business operations at the ports. He encouraged the companies to continue to stick with best practices to expand and lead the nation’s socio-economic growth. Ms. Benonita Bismarck, the CEO of GSA, said the award was to recognize individuals and companies that played significant roles in the growth and development of the industry. It was also to acknowledge the key functions within the industry which promoted growth and sustainability. She announced that there was an 18 percent increase in demurrage payment in the first quarter of the year. That came to US$15.4 million dollars. Source: The New Crusading Guide

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President John Dramani Mahama will end his 'Accounting to the People' tour in the Eastern region. The tour is the second leg after he toured the Volta Region where he told the Chiefs and people that government has not neglected their 'World Bank' as alleged by the opposition New Patriotic Party. He has also toured the Western region. The three days tour offered the President an opportunity to  interact with the chiefs and people of the region, including religious leaders, students, workers, and traders.  President Mahama also paid courtesy calls on chiefs, interacted with traders and residents of various communities and inspected ongoing projects.  He will use the opportunity to elicit feedback and inaugurate new projects including a ferry at Agordeke in the Afram Plains. President is expected to visit Atebea as he rounds up his tour of the region.
At least 18 people have been killed by a crane which collapsed in high winds in China's Guangdong province. An official in Dongguan City told the Xinhua state news agency that the crane had toppled onto a two storey building made of shipping containers. Luo Bin said 139 construction workers had been inside the building at the time of the collapse, early on Wednesday morning. Most escaped, but by Thursday another 18 workers were still in hospital. Source: BBC
The Board of the Wesley Girls High School has described media reports of some 22 students allegedly caught practicing occultism as ''false'' and ''disappointing''. There were media reports that, about 22 students were caught in the act practicing occultism. Some media firms reported that, the students were caught in the process of inducting a new leader of the group because their current leader will graduate from the school this June. But a statement signed by the Chairman of the Board, Most Rev. Most Rev Titus Kofi Awotwi Pratt denied the report and stated that the school is unaware of such an incident. The Board expressed their disappointment in the ''false'' report  saying it was regrettable for the media to circulate the news without cross-checking with authorities of the school. “We write to place it on record that the school authorities and the Board are disappointed at the extent of falsehood in the publications as the school authorities are unaware who these 22 girls mentioned in the story are, when and where the alleged induction ceremony was held for some girls in the school initiating them into the occultly sect and who their supposed leader in the school is.” The statement has therefore assured the general public and parents of wards to remain calm and not panic over the issue. ''Be assured that being a school built on the solid pillars of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, with strong Methodist tenets, the watchful eye of the school authorities and the Board will ensure that at all times the traditional discipline, hard work and moral uprightness that have contributed in no small measure in producing some of the illustrious female leaders in our dear country Ghana and beyond, will not be compromised.''   Below is the full statement   STATEMENT BY THE BOARD CHAIRMAN OF WESLEY GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL – THE MOST REVEREND TITUS KOFI AWOTWI PRATT Our attention has been drawn to a number of unfortunate publications and raging discussions in the media alleging that school authorities at Wesley Girls High School in Cape Coast have recently “nabbed” twenty-two (22) students for belonging to an occult sect and engaging in occultism.   The named source of this April 11, 2016 publication in question titled “Occultism at Wesley Girls: 22 students nabbed”, was Starr Fm. UTV on April, 2016, also aired the said story while other media houses subsequently joined the fray with some commentaries and/or insinuating pieces.   It is most regrettable that the Ghanaian Times newspaper, one of the oldest and respected newspapers outfits in the country, also joined the bandwagon. Interestingly, none of the above media approached the authorities of Wesley Girls High School for any information whatsoever before putting the story in the public domain.   We write to place it on record that the school authorities and the Board are disappointed at the extent of falsehood in the publications as the school authorities are unaware who these 22 girls mentioned in the story are, when and where the alleged induction ceremony was held for some girls in the school initiating them into the occultly sect and who their supposed leader in the school is.   To even state in one breath that the said girls have been handed over to the Methodist Church in Cape Coast, and in another that when the Methodist Church in Cape Coast was contacted, they knew nothing about the matter, shows how spurious the story is. Even more spurious is the claim that a current student of the school emphatically stated that occultism is prevalent in Wesley Girls High School and has been in practice for the past 23 years.We wish to assure all parents, guardians, old girls and well-wishers that appropriate steps are being taken to unearth the mischief behind this cowardly attempt by the above-named media to tarnish the hard won and enviable reputation of our esteemed school.   Be assured that being a school built on the solid pillars of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, with strong Methodist tenets, the watchful eye of the school authorities and the Board will ensure that at all times the traditional discipline, hard work and moral uprightness that have contributed in no small measure in producing some of the illustrious female leaders in our dear country Ghana and beyond, will not be compromised.   SIGNED CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD THE MOST REV TITUS KOFI AWOTWI PRATT (PRESIDING BISHOP OF THE METHODIST CHURCH GHANA) 13th April, 2016  
Embattled nominee for the position of the Ejisu-Juaben Municipal Chief Executive(MCE) Yamoah Ponkoh has taken a swipe at the Ghanaian media accusing  them of churning out falsehood against the ruling government. The President's nominee said, the Ghanaian media is always towing a line to confirm the perception that, some media firms are in the pockets of political parties. Yamoah Ponkoh chastiesed the media for not publishing the truth to favour other political parties against the ruling government. The former speaking in an interview with Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio, the former MCE said the media has failed to project the achievements of the ruling NDC and is only churning out falsehood especially from the opposition New Patriotic Party that the country has seen no improvement under the NDC. Ghana in his view is far better under the NDC then under the erstwhile Kufour administration so the media should also focus on the positive side of what the umbrella family has done. He said the media has a key role to play when it comes to the development, peace, stability as well the instability, tension and political intolerance in the country. According to him, the media should be neutral, circumspect and stand for the truth at all times no matter the pressure and threats they may go through. He told Kwame Tutu that he felt sad because the media have forgotten about the ills and rot in former President Kufour's government including widespread corruption, mismanagement, incompetence, abuse of incumbency and failed promises and have rather focused on projecting falsehood.  
President John Dramani Mahama's 'Accounting to the People' campaign tour has been described as a campaign which is rather meant to account to only NDC sympathizers and not Ghanaians. First Vice Chairman of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Eastern Region Alhaji Omar Bondiga, said President Mahama has nothing to account to Ghanaians. Speaking to Nyankonton Mu Nsem, he said, President Mahama has only presided over a corrupt government, a crippling economy, untold hardship, high rate of youth unemployment among other challenges which has seen a number of businesses collapsed. Today marks the second day of President Mahama's touching lives and accounting to the people tour in the Eastern Region. As part of the tour, President John Dramani Mahama commissioned an ultra modern District Assembly block to facilitate operations of the Assembly in the region. According to the NDC, the tour has shaken the foundation of the NPP but Alhaji Bodinga said the claim is false. In his view, President Mahama has nothing to write home about when it comes to infrastructure in the Eastern Region. He claimed, the NDC are not responsible for the construction of the Ofoanse Ayiribi road because it was a cocoa road project constructed under the NPP's government in 2005. He further stated that, the Abirem, and Yayasu roads is a new-mount sponsored project and not a government of Ghana's project. Alhaji Omar Bodinga added, the so-called Nkawkaw Abirim road which President Mahama said was asphalted during his State of the Nations Address only saw contractors on it yesterday. The District Assembly Block Commissioned by President Mahama he posited was started by the NPP and almost completed before they left office. He has therefore challenged the NDC to provide evidence of what they have really done in the region. Alhaji Omar Bondinga predicted that the NDC will lose the 2016 elections abysmally because they have failed to fulfill their own campaign promise in the region. He demanded for answers on the promise made by President Mahama to deduct 10% of his appointees salary to put up chip compounds across the country to facilitate access to healthcare. The Agenda 50-50 which the NDC recently launched in the Eastern he told Nyankonton Mu Nsem is nothing but a dream because they will not even get close to 30% of votes after the November 7, elections.    
The Ejisu-Juaben constituency chairman for the ruling NDC in the Ashanti Region, Eugene Agyarko has accused President John Dramani Mahama and the First Lady, Lordina Mahama for collapsing the party in the constituency. He explains that, President John Dramani Mahama and the First Lady are  deepening the cracks and misfortunes of the NDC in the Ejisu Juaben constituency because of the nomination of Mr. Yamoah Ponkoh as Municipal Chief Executive (MCE). Eugene Agyarko said he does not see the reason why President Mahama keeps on nominating Yamoah Ponkoh anytime he is rejected by delegates. Speaking in an interview with Kwame Tutu, the NDC chairman posited that, they will continue to reject Yamoah Ponkoh anytime he is nominated by President Mahama because he [Ponkoh] is not fit to hold the position as MCE. According to him, the President and the First Lady have turned a blind eye to the happenings in the constituency due to the nomination of Yamoah Ponkoh. Eugene Agyarko said, Yamoah Ponko has created division within the party in the constituency due to his arrogance and disrespect for the party, and therefore he feels scandalised that President Mahama has failed to see the warning signs and the dangers ahead in appointing Ponkoh. The angry chairman told Kwame Tutu that the chances of the NDC in winning the elections in the constituency is at stake if President Mahama fails to appoint a new person aside Yamoah Ponkoh because he will never be approved by the delegates. ''President Mahama is not helping Ejisu Juaben constituency...I don't know what President Mahama and the First Lady saw in Yamoah Ponkoh by appointing him as a nominee for the position as MCE because the people don't want him yet President Mahama keeps on nominating him. This is collapsing our party in the constituency. Yamoah Ponkoh will never be approved...He [Ponkoh] is reaping what he sowed in the past as  MCE. Yamoah Ponkoh was an arrogant person and never had the interest of the party at heart.'' He stated that he will not sit and watch the President and his wife collapse the NDC in the constituency. ''President Mahama and the First Lady should be extremely careful...They are collapsing our party. We are going into an election with victory on our minds and so we want a leader who is a unifier, humble and selfless. We will not win more votes with Yamoah Ponkoh as MCE,'' he said. He added, ''If President Mahama wants to win the elections, then he should appoint a new person because his nominee is not popular as he he appears to be.''  Yamaoh Ponkoh has failed to to garner the statutory two-thirds majority of assembly votes to be approved as MCE, but has blamed this on the Ashanti regional NPP chairman, Bernard Antwi Bosiako aka Wontumi for working against his efforts. But Eugene Agyarko shot down the allegation and said, the nominee is not the people's choice so President Mahama should take hid and change him with immediate effect. He noted, Yamaoh Ponkoh has a sour relationship with the constituency executives making it difficult for him to work with them in ensuring victory for the NDC in Ejisu-Juaben.  
The National Democratic Congress (NDC) constituency chairman for Ejisu Juaben, Eugene Agyarko has refuted claims by Afrifa Yamoah Ponkoh, nominee for Municipal Chief Executive of Ejisu-Juaben that the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) were sabotaging his efforts to be affirmed by assembly members. Mr. Ponkoh in an interview with Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio accused the NPP's regional chairman, Bernard Antwi Bosiako aka chairman Wontumi of scuttling his efforts in getting the approval of the assembly members. The former MCE who is seeking to head the assembly which he once held, has failed on the second attempt to garner the statutory two-thirds majority of assembly votes to be approved as MCE. Mr. Yamoah Ponkoh accused chairman Wontumi of bribing delegates to vote against his nomination in order to prevent him from becoming  MCE. According to Mr. Yamoah Ponkoh, Chairman Wontumi and some elements within the NPP have held countless number of meetings to resist all efforts to prevent him [Ponkoh] from getting appointed. ''Wontumi do not want me appointed, because he is aware i will ensure that the NDC will wins massively in the Ashanti Region and that is something he wants to prevent. I am reliably informed that, he [Wontumi] told the delegates that the NPP will win the elections at all cost so with my appointment, their efforts in winning more votes will not be met...I dare Chairman Wontumi to deny the accusation.'' However, in a rather shocking revelation, the NDC constituency chairman, Eugene Agyarko described the allegation by Mr. Ponko as palpable falsehood and mere allegations which cannot be substantiated. According to him, the nominee is the cause of his own woes. He told Kwame Tutu that, Yamoah Ponkoh is an arrogant, abusive, intolerant and snobbish who do not respect. Eugene Agyarko said the former MCE used his office to torment and mistreat people so the assembly members do not want to approve his nomination. ''We do not want Yamoah Ponkoh as our MCE. We will vote against him anytime he is nominated...He is an arrogant, intolerant, abusive and a snobbish who used his office as an MCE to violate the fundamental human rights of the people and because of that, the people do not want him...He does not even respect me as a constituency chairman nor does he talk to me.'' Eugene Agyarko stressed, Yamoah Ponkoh's appointment is rather dividing and slimming the chances of the party in the region and until the situation is resolved, sympathizers of the NDC will not put in their efforts to ensure victory for the umbrella family in the region. He admonished Ghanaians to disregard Ponkoh's allegation that the NPP is sabotaging his efforts and threat with the contempt it deserves because he [Ponkoh] does not have good working relationship with his own party executives. He further lambasted Mr. Ponkoh of unlawfully arresting some executive members of the party in the constituency. ''If you have arrested, your own party executives, how do you work with them or how do you expect us [executives] to support you?'' He quizzed.  
Some aggrieved Agricultural College Students have expressed their disappointment in Management over their decision to dismiss and cause their arrest over refund of excess payment in student allowance.   According to the students, the Human Resource Development and Management Directorate (HRDMD) and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) have ordered them to refund an over payment in student allowance paid them or they will be sacked and arrested by the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI).   The group in a petition copied to Nyankonton Mu Nsem said they had to 'fight' for their allowances as far back 2014  before a biometric system was used to effect payment however, taxes were deducted from their payment.   The affected Colleges, are Ohawu, Ejura and Pong-Tamale College of Animal Health.   Speaking to Nyankonton Mu Nsem, President of the Ohawu College, Asare Agyakor Samuel said, the students were threatened of non-payment when they resisted attempt by authorities to deduct taxes from their allowance.   He explained, the initial amounts students of the three colleges signed against were GHC 8, 847.63, GHC 9, 100.00 and GHC 8, 315.00 for level 300 students and GHC 3, 213.00, GHC 4, 100.00 and GHC 4, 200.00 for level 200 students respectively.   However the Controller and Accountant General's Department paid the allowances in excess of GHC 8000 and GHC 9000 which the students have been notified by the Ministry of Agriculture to refund by March, 28, 2016 to a Bank of Ghana Account or risked being dismissed from school and further arrested by the state security.   Asare Agyarko Samuel said the affected students sees the sanction as an injustice and have called on authorities to rescind their decision.   He indicated, the student body had held discussions with authorities over the matter and are therefore surprised at the sanctions against them.        
National Communications Director of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) Nana Akomea says the confiscation of the property of Nayele Ametefe aka Ruby Adu Gyemfi is long overdue. According to him, it has taken too long for the state to confiscate the property of the 'coke girl'. An Accra High Court last Wednesday ordered the confiscation of properties of Nayele Ametefe also known Ruby Adu-Gyamfi who is currently serving an eight jail term in the United Kingdom for drug related offences. The assets the Accra High Court asked the state to confiscate include the Night Angels Enterprise on the Dzorwulu Motorway Extension in Accra. Six different bank accounts of the convict with the Fidelity Bank and the East Legon house. The Deputy Executive Secretary of the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB), in charge of Enforcement and Control, Mr. Richard Nii Lante Blankson, has said that, his outfit was taking steps to serve Nayele with the court ruling. But Nana Akomea in an interview with Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio said its unfortunate that, the state is now going to confiscate the property of Nayele two years after she was convicted. He explained, the state should have confiscated her property the moment she was convicted of the crime of transporting 12.5 kg of cocaine worth $5million in her hand luggage to the United Kingdom. Quoting Section 13 of the NARCOTIC DRUGS (CONTROL, ENFORCEMENT AND SANCTIONS) LAW - 1990 (PNDCL 236), Nana Akomea said, the law mandates the state to confiscate Nayele's property after conviction. ''By law, persons convicted for various drugs offences usually have some of their properties confiscated and for me I strongly believe that, the state has delayed in confiscating Nayele's property. She was arrested and convicted in 2014 and we are in 2016...This is unfortunate and i personally think is not the best practice,'' Nana Akomea told Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio. Nayele Ametefeh, also known as Ruby Adu Gyamfi, was arrested in the UK [the Heathrow Airport ] on November 10, 2014 for carrying 12.5kg of cocaine worth $5million in her hand luggage. The 33-year-old who pleaded guilty to carrying 12 kilos of cocaine to the United Kingdom was sentenced on her own plea by the Isleworth Crown Court in London in January 2015.  The sentence was discounted because of her early guilty plea. Meanwhile mother of the drug baron, has initiated steps to stop the process arguing that, the property in question are hers and not her daughter, Nayele Ametefe.  
Former President of the Ghana Actors Guild (GAG) Nii Odoi Mensah is dead, rainbowradioonline.com has learnt. The veteran actor died in China after undergoing a kidney transplant, Monday evening. The actor was scheduled to return back to Ghana this Sunday. He was diagnosed of kidney failure some years back and has battled to survive for a while now. The actor spend 300 dollars per week to stay alive after doctors declared his two kidneys incapable of effectively keeping him alive. Movie producer, Socrate Sarfo confirmed the sudden demise of the actor to rainbowradioonline.com.  
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