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McDan Boss Wins Top Award

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Dr. Daniel Mckorley, Chief Executive officer (CEO) of McDan Shipping Company, has won the ‘CEO of the Year Award’. This was at the second edition of the Ghana Shippers Awards, jointly organize by Globe Productions, the Transport Ministry, the Ghana Shippers Authority (GSA) and Graphic Communications Group, in Accra. Mr. McDonald Vasnanie, CEO of Conship, was adjudged the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ with the ‘Promising Entrepreneur’ award going to Isaac Amoako-Mensah. Mrs. Della Russel Ocloo, a journalist with the Graphic Communications Group took the prize for the ‘Reporter of the Year’. Over 40 shipping companies including Consolidated Shipping Agencies Limited, Sea and Shore services Ghana Limited, Transglobal Logistics Limited, Benmarine Services Limited and Swissport Ghana Limited received prizes. Mr. Kwaku Ofori Asiamah, Minister of Transport, applauded the initiative to recognize excellence in the shipping industry. The awards would serve as motivation to everybody – to up their game and improve the quality of client service. He underlined the government’s unswerving determination to create the right conditions and support local and private enterprises to succeed. This was vital to its drive towards job and wealth creation to put the nation beyond aid. Mr. Asiamah said the paperless system at the ports was meant to bring about efficiency and facilitate business operations at the ports. He encouraged the companies to continue to stick with best practices to expand and lead the nation’s socio-economic growth. Ms. Benonita Bismarck, the CEO of GSA, said the award was to recognize individuals and companies that played significant roles in the growth and development of the industry. It was also to acknowledge the key functions within the industry which promoted growth and sustainability. She announced that there was an 18 percent increase in demurrage payment in the first quarter of the year. That came to US$15.4 million dollars. Source: The New Crusading Guide

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A riot and a fire at a prison near Monterrey in northern Mexico has left 52 people dead. Nuevo Leon state Governor Jaime Rodriguez said 12 other people were injured in Topo Chico jail after violence broke out overnight between prisoners belonging to rival factions. Officials say the situation is under control and no inmates have escaped. Crowds of people worried about relatives inside the jail blocked roads outside, demanding information. "I want to know that my daughter is OK. She is in the infirmary. There are children in there," one woman said. The incident comes just days before Pope Francis is due to visit a prison in the northern city of Ciudad Juarez, an area notorious for violence between drugs cartels. Initial reports said up to 60 people had died and anxious families of inmates had to wait several hours before Mr Rodriguez confirmed the numbers. He said the fight had involved a faction led by a member of the notorious Zetas drug cartel. "We are experiencing a tragedy," he said. Earlier, state public security spokesman Antonio Arguello told AFP news agency that authorities had formed a security cordon and no-one had escaped. Witnesses reported hearing shouts and explosions when the fire began. Mexican newspaper El Universal said one of four buildings in the prison had been set alight by inmates burning furniture and rubbish. Gang violence and break-outs are common in Mexico's notoriously overcrowded and corrupt prison system. In 2013, 13 people died in a battle between inmates at the La Pila jail in the central state of San Luis Potosi. A year earlier, 44 inmates were killed in a riot at the Apodaca prison in Monterrey. Another 30 prisoners escaped. The prison's director was later sacked. Source: BBC
The National Communication Authority has debunked statements that it fraudulently awarded licence to Afriwave Telecom Ghana Limited to provide a common platform for the routing, switching, billing and settlement of interconnect traffic for the telecommunication industry. NCA has been accused of compromising the Evaluation and Selection process for the Interconnect Clearing House (ICH) licensing. IMANI Ghana had alleged that, the NCA compromised process and have called for the board at NCA dissolved and a review of the contract. They've also advised for the contract to be awarded to three qualified companies to ensure accountability and prevent monopoly of the operations. However, the Director General, Mr. William Tevie  addressing the media today, said ''...there was no fraud or rigging in the selection process for the ICH lincence. NCA has always operated in a way to protect the integrity of its operations and we have been in this space for the past 20 yeras and we have worked in the interest of the country.'' He also described the assertions as regrettable and unfortunately misleading because the NCA did due diligence before awarding the licence. He also refuted claims that the evaluation committee had no much information relating to the financial standing of the companies and winner of the contract rather NCA through its technical team provided information that the evaluation committee required to arrive at the winner of the bidding. Mr. William Tevie reiterated that, the score awarded the companies who bid for the contract were not over scored because, the NCA in  preparing the report transferred the scores from Excel to Microsoft Word  which led to the figures doubling but made the correction when it was noticed. Financing Mr. William Tevie noted, the evaluation committee before awarding the contract in respect to points awarded and specifically to financing sought to ascertain ''the extent to which an applicant would be able to raise equity and/or debt to pay for the cost of deploying and maintaining the infrastructure required for for the project. The panel also took into consideration the experience and track record of the company and its management to raise funds from both equity and debt to fund the roll-out.'' Mr. William Tevie emphasized, the process was very comprehensive and was not fraudulent or rigged in anyone's favour. He also shot down suggestions for a multiple clearing houses, saying emphatically that it makes no economic sense to have a multiple ICH. ''...The operation of the ClearingHouse makes it unnecessary for Government to pay multiple consultants for monitoring traffic volumes in the country.Therefore it makes economic sense to have one ICH.'' The NCA he noted were of the opinion that, it was baseless to review the process and employ a new new because, the followed due diligence throughout the process. Mr. William Tevie stressed the need for anyone with valid evidence contrary to their claims to make it available or stop speculating. ''We [NCA] wish to state me suspicion and speculation  without valid evidence should be avoided to prevent a sense of distrust in the activities of state institutions.'' He also explained at the press briefing that, they was no need for NCA to have visited the premises of the bidders nor was it necessary for applicants to be operational at the time of submitting of proposals especially for new entrants, ''and in any case, there has never been an ICH operations in Ghana''. Mr. William Tevie added, the ''eventual winner, Afriwave Telecom partnered with Huawei Technologies, Meucci Solutions and Laurasia Associates.This partnership was evident by letters of commitment and agreements.'' He concluded, the benefits of the implementation of the Clearing House will ensure value for money.      
Intelligence picked by Rainbow Radio indicates that some Muslim youth through social media are currently mobilizing themselves to attack residents of Tafo over the boody clash between some Muslim youth and non-Muslims yesterday. The clash which led to the destruction of property and one person confirmed dead was a result of the demolition of a fence wall that the Muslim community mounted following a clearance from the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly. The Chief of Tafo is said to have ordered the demolition of the wall but the Muslims angered by the incident clashed with the youth of the town, their claim was that, the portion of the cemetery they errected the wall was sold to them by one of the sub-chiefs. A mosque, restaurant, a number cars and other property were destroyed in the process. A curfew is currently on the Tafo town starting from 6pm-6am. But it seems the issue is taking a new twist as information we have gathered indicates that one Zaidam Mohammed through his facebook page is seriously inciting the Muslim youth against residents of Tafo. A post on his wall read: ''Revenge loading ''No turning back. .I hoped Rufai Ibrahim u re well prepared. ..big up to kantudu Alabar los family we are definitely going to rescue all Tafo members trust me....young jeezy dreamchaser I don't use to fight but for dis tragedy ..I swaer we ain't waiting ...we ar goin to face to them any moment by now!!!!! U kill hamisu nd aslo burnt mosque. .fuck all Christian people's at tafo..I mesn it ''I was in born in Islam or Muslim as my religion nd I m praying to Almighty dat he should kill me dat religion ..so I m not expecting to hear any bullshit from any non believers trying to condemn ny religion I swaer I wil not accept dat. Islam is my pride no doubt ''Today' the location is KUMASI TAFO !!!!! ''No doubt !!! No turning back!!!!!!! ''Trust me....I hoped de non believers at tafo are well prepared for de up comin commotion!!!!!''
Founder and leader of the Hezekiah Prayer Ministries, Pastor Kwabena Owusu Adjei has in a shocking revelation on frontline Thursday morning said, the opposition New Patriotic Party will elect a new flagbearer before Ghana goes to the polls come November 7, 2016. In an exclusive interview with Kwame Tutu, the man of God said he sees the possibility of the NPP opening a new race for trhe position of presidential candidate before the November elections. ''I see; I see; I see; I have repeated this three times; I see the possibility of the flagbeaership race in the NPP being opened again. I repeat it again, I see the possibility of the NPP flagbeareship race being opened again before we go into the November polls.'' Victory for the NPP Pastor Kwabena Owusu said victory awaits the NPP but the victory will only come if they pray extremely hard. Asked whether he was not contradicting an earlier prophecy that Nana Addo will never be president of Ghana, the man of God noted, if indeed Nana Addo is marked to be president, there will be signs that will lead to that prophecy but going by what he saw, the NPP's victory will be led by another presidential candidate. He called on the NPP not take his prophecy for granted but adopt measures and pray hard to fulfill God's prophecy.
The Electoral Commission of Ghana has presented a provisional certificate to Hassan Ayariga's newly formed All People's Party (APC). Hassan Ayariga who represented the PNC in the 2012 presidential race broke away after he lost the bid to represent the PNC in the upcoming November 7, polls to gynacologist and four times flagbearer of the party, Dr. Nasigri Edward Mahama. He broke away from the party right after his contender was declared as winner of the keenly contested race. Hassan Ayariga said his decision to breakaway was because the party did value him hence his break away. News broke a month ago that his APC party was certified by the EC but the electioneering body denied the claims. However, the EC has presented a provisional certificate to him at a short ceremony yesterday. Deputy Commissioner of the EC, Rebecca Kabukie Adjalo presenting the certificate to Hassan Ayariga said,  APC would be issued with a final certificate after thirty days. Speaking to the media after the event, Hassan Ayariga said “It is not that Ghana has failed because some bad people are leading us. Ghana has failed because the good ones are quiet and that is why we are suffering. And this time around, we are telling the good ones, wherever you are, come on board.If you are tired of voting, come on board…let’s make sure everybody gets a platform and the opportunity to serve mother Ghana.When people begin to believe that there is no more hope, they are losing confidence in the system, then we need a change. And this is what we need in this country.”
A US push for an immediate ceasefire in Syria has run into Russian opposition ahead of talks aimed at reviving peace negotiations on the conflict. Russia proposed a 1 March ceasefire, but the US believes Moscow is giving itself and the Syrian regime three weeks to crush rebels, reports quoting Western officials said. World powers are meeting in Munich later for talks on the Syria conflict. Discussions come amid fresh warnings of a worsening humanitarian situation. A surge in fighting in Syria's Aleppo province has displaced about 50,000 people, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) warned - adding that supply routes for aid had been cut, putting civilians under "enormous pressure". And reports quoting the Russia defence ministry revealed on Thursday that Russian planes carried out 510 military sorties in Syria in the last week. Russia says its strikes target what it calls terrorists, but Western powers say they have been used against mainstream opposition groups fighting the Syrian government. US Secretary of State John Kerry is expected to push for an immediate ceasefire and access for aid workers in Aleppo when Russia, the US, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other powers meet in Munich later. But Syrian officials have indicated no plans to ease up the battle to return Aleppo to state control. And Russian ambassador Vitaly Churkin said his country was not about to be "apologetic" for its actions, accusing other Security Council members of exploiting the humanitarian situation for their own political gain. Western officials suggest Washington has concerns about Russia's ceasefire proposal and that no agreement has been reached. Meanwhile French UN Ambassador Francois Delattre said on Wednesday night: "The (Syrian) regime and its allies cannot pretend they are extending a hand to the opposition while with their other hand they are trying to destroy them." Thinly-stretched camps Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has warned that fighting in Azaz, near the Turkish border, has left health systems "close to collapse". New arrivals from the fighting have been forced to seek shelter in already thinly-stretched refugee camps, according to the charity. Turkey is under pressure to open its border to an estimated 30,000 people fleeing the Aleppo fighting. It has already taken in more than 2.5 million Syrian refugees over the past five years and says it will continue to do so in a "controlled fashion". Up to 300,000 could be cut off from aid if the offensive by Syrian government forces and Iranian-backed militias encircles rebel-held eastern Aleppo, the UN has said. Source: BBC
The Ashanti regional police command is currently making moves to arrest identified persons over the bloody clash between Muslims and youth groups in Old Tafo in the Ashanti region yesterday. The clash resulted in the death of about 1 person (confirmed) with 27 others suffering very serious injuries and on admission at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital. Reports gathered indicates that the Muslim youth with a clearance from the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly built a fence wall at the Old Tafo Cemetery which the claimed they had possession over. However, the chief of the town is alleged to have ordered for the demolition of the fence wall because the Muslim youth had no right mounting the fence wall. The youth group and the Muslim youth clashed on their way back to the chief's palace. Property including a mosque, restaurant and other valuables were destroyed in the process. The Regional Security Council placed a curfew on the town starting from 6pm-6am. In a  statement signed by the Regional Security Council Chairman, Mr. Peter Anarfi, said residents are to oblige to the order to ensure lives and property are protected. DCOP Kofi Boakye in an interview with the media said everything is under control hence there is no need for Ghanaians to panic. Meanwhile armed men were reported to have taken opportunity of the incident to rob residents of their property but the police we are told are in control of the situation.
President John Dramanai Mahama will be overthrown from government just like the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah will overthrown in the 1966 if he fails to rename the Presidential Palace from Flagstaff House to the Golden Jubilee House, Pastor Kwabena Adjei has professed. The leader and founder of the Hezekiah Prayer Ministries in an exclusive interview with Kwame Tutu on frontline said, President Mahama is being stubborn and hardening his heart to the word of God and if he fails to do what God has directed, he will be overthrow-ed in the same manner Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown-ed. He has therefore warned the President to reverse what he described as the curse of the Flagstaff House if he does not want his government overthrown-ed. The Flagstaff House, commonly known as "Flagstaff House", is the presidential palace in Accra which serves as a residence and office to the President of Ghana. Pastor Kwabena Adjei told host that the reconstruction and renaming of Golden Jubilee was in fulfillment of God's covenant with Ghanaian through the discovery of oil and the blessings he bestowed on us after our 50th Anniversary. He indicated the name which was accepted by God after prayers from both the Clergy and Muslim Clerics brought a name of blessings upon Ghana but the change back to Flagstaff by the then NDC led by Mills government brought upon Ghana a curse which only Mahama can reverse by renaming the seat of Government to Golden Jubilee. The man of God added, the ongoing economic hikes, challenges and tax hikes among other ongoing violence and crisis are due to the failure and disregard for God. Background Flagstaff House was built on the site of a building which was constructed and used for administrative purposes by the British Gold Coast Government. The previous seat of the government of Ghana was the Osu Castle. The original budget for the reconstruction was $30 million  and was secured from the Indian government, but according to increasing inflationary rate, the construction may have cost as much as $45-50 million.  The structure was maintained by the first President of Ghana, Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, as his office and residence and later became famous for a private zoo which was  established by him. The zoo, which became a national asset after his overthrow by the National Liberation Council on February 24, 1966, attracted visitors from both home and abroad. The irony was that the zoo was poorly maintained, and this led to the demise of prized animals and its eventual closedown. On 24 February 1966, soldiers stormed Flagstaff house as part of a military coup ousting Ghana's First President Kwame Nkrumah in a coup allegedly supported by the CIA. The edifice, thereafter, became the headquarters of the Ghana Armed Forces after the 1966 coup and for so many years, remained so until it was taken over by the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) in 1992. In 2002, thousands of Liberian women led by Leymah Gbowee staged a silent protest outside the previous Presidential Palace in Accra and demanded a resolution to the country’s civil war.  Their actions brought about an agreement that achieved peace in Liberia after a 14-year civil war. The story is told in a 2008 documentary film called Pray the Devil Back to Hell. In July 2009, U.S. President Barack Obama and his family were hosted by Ghana's President John Atta Mills to a breakfast at the Osu Castle. The re-construction of the presidential palace and building by the government of John Agyekum Kufour who belonged to the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) was criticized by the opposition party NDC during the 2008 elections.  The NDC government when sworn into office on 7 January 2009, had refused to utilize the Flagstaff House preferring Osu Castle as the seat of government.The house was temporarily used as offices for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The current Vice-President,  Mr Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur, moved into the office after the conduct of the 2012 general election, after which the President, Mr John Dramani Mahama, also relocated to the house.    
The Police Administration have placed a GHc10,000 bounty on the heads of persons behind the death of the late Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North, Joseph Boakye Danquah-Adu.  Hon. JB Danquah was stabbed to death at his Shiashie residence here in Accra, Tuesday dawn. He suffered multiple stabbed wounds which led to his death.  The Police in a statement signed by the PRO, Supt. Cephas Arthur called on the general public to volunteer any information to the Criminal Investigations Department who took over investigations from the Greater Regional Police Command today. Meanwhile the police has set up a crack team to investigate the incident seeking support from the general public to bring the perpetrators to book. The public can volunteer any information relating to the murder via 18555 for MTN and Vodafone subscribers. Alll medical facilities across the country are to be on the look out for any suspicious characters  who come to their facilities with fresh knife  wounds. The Police has also assured the public of maximum security and protection and have asked people not to panic.
Some women in the Abuakwa North constituency where the late Hon. JB Danquah presides have invoked curses on assailant of the legislator. According to them, the death of Hon. JB as he is affectionate called will jeopardize the education of many residents especially young people because the deceased was the one who paid the fees of many students in the area, from basic to the tertiary. ''His death is shocking and devastating and as residents we grieved...Our benefactor was murdered in cold blood...We are shocked...No words can explain our mood...The one who killed him will know no peace...We the women invoke the deities and spirits in the land to curse the one who committed this heinous crime..There are a number of patients at the various hospitals in our constituency whose bill is footed by the late MP and so you imagine the shock and pain there will be going through...They are not eating or drinking because of the shocking news.'' Hon. JB Danquah Adu was stabbed at his private residence in Shiashie Tuesday dawn 9, February, 2016 by unknown assailant. The five suspects arrested in connection to the murder were discharged today while the Criminal Investigations Department taken over investigations from the Greater Accra Regional Command.    
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