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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Wednesday, 18 October 2017
New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) chairman for the Agona West constituency, Mr. Kojo Addo says the current government led by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, is delivering on their campaign promises one after the other Speaking to Kwame Tutu on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he said, government’s agric policy will not only motivate farmers but give them greater revenue. The one-district-one-warehouse policy launched by the president will not only create employment but be attractive to farmers and encourage them to grow more foodstuffs, he said. The warehousing project is part of the Planting for food and jobs project which was launched recently.       When completed, the warehouses will provide handling and storage space for food crops planted by farmers and reduce drastically the post-harvest losses that hamper the work of farmers.   Mr. Kojo Addo said the sustainability of the policies under this administration will be paramount. On technology he said, government has also shown commitment in taking advantage of the advancement in technology to formalize our economy just like any developed country. He lauded the e-billing system introduced by the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL), the Digital Address System, and the National Identification System.   ‘’We cannot ignore technology if we really want to develop. Nana Addo has shown commitment in developing this country. He has a vision for Ghana and that is the kind of leader we want to see rule this country.’’   Meanwhile, he advised the party to be focused and avoid being complacent. The massive victory chalked by the NPP in 2016 should not eat into our heads. We must work hard to retain the seat in 2020. We cannot afford to fail Ghanaians. Our over 50 percent victory should not make us relax because we are starting everything afresh.''
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  A large tree collapsed on two vehicles at East Legon, causing serious traffic near the KFC fast food joint on the Lagos Avenue, after nearly an hour-long downpour on Wednesday afternoon.     One saloon car and a commercial vehicle [trotro] were affected but there have been no casualties recorded.         Some passengers according eyewitnesses were able to evacuate the commercial buses,  affected, before the full impact of the tree. Fire service personnel also arrived at the scene to take measures to cut and remove the tree trunk from the cars.    
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A Deputy Communications Officer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Kwaku Boahen has said the party belongs to the grass root however, they are sometimes neglected when the party wins power. He said, the grass root is an integral part of the party but they have been neglected on several occasions. Kwaku Boahen told Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that, it was time the party gives them the necessary attention so they will contribute to the success of the party.   He was responding to the reforms adopted by the NDC towards their reorganization and restructuring.   He was optimistic the party will win power in 2020 due to the implementation of the Kwesi Botchwey report. The NDC has scrapped its biometric register because it was a credible document. Party Chairman, Kofi Portuphy announced at a media encounter yesterday [Tuesday] the decision to scrap the register was unanimous by the National Executive Committee (NEC).   He said, ‘’In line with the wishes of the majority of our party members and in the wake of recommendations made by the Election Review Committee led by Prof. Botchwey, the NEC, which is the highest decision making body after congress, unanimously voted for the scrapping of the register which was used to conduct our internal elections last year.’’ NEC he said decided to adopt the manual process of capturing the names of members, at all branches nationwide. The decision to scrap the biometric register he indicated was because the biometric register, did not meet the required standards to make it qualify for a biometric register.   The new process to be adopted is intended to restore integrity to the party’s register and it will become the basis of the new process that the party is going to capture the names of our members. Party members he stated were not happy with the registration exercise conducted previously and the dissatisfaction caused ‘’us a lot in the last election and we have no option but to discard the old register and create a new one which will have a lot of integrity and will also b accepted by all. He stressed that the new process will revive all branches of the party and to also make the branches the most important entry point as far as membership is concerned. Mr. Boahen explaining further said, the reforms are geared towards empowering the grass root. ‘’We have always neglected the grass root but we want to empower them through these reforms so they will contribute towards our victory in 2020.We want them to own the party at the branch level. We want to appeal to them to forget the past and focus on the future. Sometimes, when we win power, we neglect them, but we want to stress the need for them to forget the past. The reforms we are implementing have united our front,'' he said.
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The Minister of Communications, Ursula Owusu, says  the launch of Ghana’s Digital Property Addressing System will boost the operations of the Ghana Post. In her address at the official launch of the system, the minister told the gathering that, “the inability to keep up with technological advances in the past, bedeviled Ghana Post and almost killed it. Ironically, the technological advances of today have become the salvation and rejuvenation of Ghana Post, and this is what we are about to witness today [Wednesday].’’     According to her, the digital addressing system will unlock a new window into the area of modern technology for the country and will also help the country in the identification and registration of lands in the country, while banks will find it easier to locate their clients and borrowers.           The location-based system will provide an effective means of addressing every location to facilitate the implementation of key government policies. Vokacom, a Ghanaian Information Technology firm, designed the system at the cost of 2.5 million dollars. The digital address system will be a precursor to the National Identification Authority’s Ghana card.
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The Damango Agric College has been closed down following the boycott staged by students at the school over the restoration of their allowances.   Vice Principal  of the school, Abdulai Mohammed, said “Our students are currently agitating for restoration of their allowances by the government, and for that matter they decided that may be one of the ways to see government to listen to them is to vacate campus.”     “This is the third week running, but staff and all lecturers are on campus and they are doing their normal duties, except that lectures are not ongoing just because of the absence of the students.” “We are actually helpless in the sense that, the decision that they took is a nationwide one, and that is what their union (ASU) has asked them to do.”   “On our part, we are ready to teach, but then once they are not there we can only attend to some other administrative duties. It is not the best of situations for us, but we still going on with the other activities around.”
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The Acting Chief Fire Officer, Ekow Blankson has revealed plans to embark on a One-District-One well equipped Fire Station to augment government's One-District-One-Factory project.   This is to ensure all round safety in the country.   Mr. Blankson, in an address at the opening address of the 11th Conference of Directors and Regional Commanders, of the service on the theme Transformational Leadership for Efficient Service Delivery.     He noted the service does not have adequate Personnel Protective Equipment, but his leadership would ensure strengthening human resource capacity building among other things so they can attain full international standards in the near future.    The three day conference is made possible to brainstorm on how to deal with issues of human resource capacity building, solutions to logistical constraints, safety of firefighters during emergency response. Other areas are improving personnel welfare and improving fire safety standards in the country.   He touched on the 7th October gas explosion at Atomic Junction in Accra that claimed about seven lives leaving more than 132 injured, consoling with victims and at the same time congratulated fire service personnel for the tireless exertion of duty to save the situation from causing further harm.   On behalf of the Interior Minister, Hon. Ambrose Dery, his deputy, Hon. Henry Quartey opened the conference and said government is set to do anything possible to deal with the devastating fire outbreaks and all sort of disaster that suffer the nation in recent times. The minister sounded quite relieved when he revealed that per fire service statistics, Ghana recorded 3,377 fire outbreaks in the last three quarters of the year 2017 as compared to 5,638 cases in the same period in 2016 showing 41% decrease. The cost of damage of fire this year is estimated to an amount of about GHC 26,962,322.23 whilst that of 2016 stood at GHC 90,935,819.40.  The conference is said to end on Friday, 21st October, 2017.   By: Daniel Asuku
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The Canadian High Commissioner to Ghana, Heather Cameron has lauded the government of Ghana for launching the digital address system.   Speaking in an exclusive interview with Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm after the official launch, she described the system as an important initiative. According to her, the system will contribute towards Ghana’s socio-economic growth. President Nana Akufo-Addo on Wednesday launched the address system at the Accra International Conference Centre. The president in his address said the system will help formalize our economy. The location-based system will provide an effective means of addressing every location to facilitate the implementation of key government policies. Vokacom, a Ghanaian Information Technology firm, designed the system at the cost of 2.5 million dollars. The digital address system will be a precursor to the National Identification Authority’s Ghana card. Commenting on the address system, the Canadian Commissioner said, ‘’Congratulations to the government of Ghana for this important initiative and I can think of lots of potential both social and economic.’’   She added that, the digital system will help female entrepreneurs get their addresses registered, and also help them assess credit. That is one example that comes to mind. I can also think of students that are applying for jobs to be able to have an address, will be very important. The impact for women and the youth following the launch of the system, will be significantly important, she stated. Heather Cameron also expressed her happiness over the efforts by the government of Ghana in ending early child marriage in the country. She said, we were very pleased with the efforts that are being made in terms of the fight against early child marriage.     She further commended government for the policy on agriculture saying, we hope that women farmers are going to benefit from the work Ghana and Canada are doing together.
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President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo today [Wednesday] launched the Digital Addressing System. The president in his address touted the system as the dawn of a new era. He said the address system will also help in formalizing and industrializing the economy.   The location-based system will provide an effective means of addressing every location to facilitate the implementation of key government policies. Vokacom, a Ghanaian Information Technology firm, designed the system at the cost of 2.5 million dollars. The digital address system will be a precursor to the National Identification Authority’s Ghana card. President Nana Akufo-Addo said “Today marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. We are launching a solution to our locations and addressing problems. “This will ultimately, change the way we do business. The project born from a partnership of the Ministry of Communications and Ghana Post will give the country a trustworthy database of addressing.”   “With this new system, every property in Ghana will have an address and can be accounted for,” Akufo-Addo stated, adding the era when landmarks or food joints were used to give directions is over. “With this new system, the location of the blue kiosk, the ‘waakye’ seller or the ‘koko’ seller will have an address,” the president stressed, noting that “the Property Addressing System also means that the ‘koko’ seller can now open a bank account.”
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A former vice chairman for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Ashanti region, Alhaji Sani has lambasted management of the state-owned State Transport Corporation (STC) for not being creative and innovative enough to face today’s transport business. He was responding to the impasse between STC and VIP over a piece of land. Both transport companies were fighting over a piece of land at the heart of the city in Kumasi.   The clashes started at the Asafo bus terminal where some workers of the VIP Group prevented drivers of STC from using an area close to their terminal. They also prevented a bus load of passengers from taking off.     Leaders of the VIP had said the land belongs to them, hence their refusal to allow STC to operate on it. Commenting the saga, Alhaji Sani encouraged the management of the company, to think outside the box. In his view, the state-owned company wants to ambush operators of VIP. The company he noted should have advertised their services in a vigorous manner so the public will patronize their services but they have not done that rather they want to use a shortcut to improve their services. They should sit down on think, he added.   Meanwhile, the  Ashanti Regional Security Council has directed management of the State Transport Corporation (STC), to suspend operations at the Asafo bus terminal in Kumasi, until the conflict with operators of the VIP buses is resolved.
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The Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the Ghana Water Company (GWCL), Mr. Stanley Martey has said the company will treat government’s indebtedness as a bad debt.     He told Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that the company will retrieve all debt owed them.   The Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources, Honorable Joseph Kofi Addah at an event to launch the new e-billing system said, GWCL is owed 850 million Ghana cedis with 42% by domestic customers while 58% is owed by Ministries, Departments and Agencies urging that the new system is much convenient and forthcoming in paying bills as it is assumed that the current system is not convenient not because they are broke.        Mr. Clifford Abdallah Brimah underscored that the new system is as a result of adopting technology in the world and indicated it can be accessed 24/7 by smart phones , IOSplatforms and through partner banks.       He indicated that the new transformation and digitization of their paper billing system to the E- billing and payment system is in line with the vision of the president and second to Ghana Port and Harbor Authority (GPHA) to roll on the paperless system ensuring efficient delivery.       Mr. Martey said the new system will assist them to retrieve their monies from those owing them including government.
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