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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Saturday, 02 December 2017
Entertainment critic Sally Frimpong says female dancehall artiste, Ebony Reigns does not need to ride on nudity to sell herself.   The “Sponsor” hitmaker has been making the headlines in recent times over her nude performances on stage.   Despite the criticisms from some individuals, Ebony says she is unperturbed. But Sally Frimpong has advised Ebony to channel her energy on her performance. She said Ebony should depend on her talent instead of the nudity. She is a beautiful girl and talented but the way she is branding herself is extremely bad.   Sally was of the view that, if she [Ebony] is copying from the foreign musicians like Beyonce and the others, she should do it tastefully.   She added Ebony needs guidance and I will advise her management to take time and work on her.    
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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Oxzy FM, Alfred Kwame Larbi has disclosed on GH entertainment on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that, he has paid a renewal fee of GHc2,000 instead of the initial GHc1.5 million fine by the National Communications Authority (NCA).   Alfred Larbi had said  if he were to sell his children, he will not be able to raise the ¢1.5 million fine slapped on his station by the NCA.   The controversial radio owner had consistently argued it was never true that his radio station flouted the NCA's rules governing the renewal of licenses in the country.   Speaking to Agyemang Prempeh host of the show, he said I notified the NCA following a letter they wrote to me that I violated the regulations but I informed them that, the law requires that, you have to notify the NCA  three months when the license expires which I did. Then they sent me a letter acknowledging receipt that they are going to study it and get back to me. I never heard from them again until I received a notice of suspension with the demand for some documents including his tax clearance. The NCA gave me a wrong letter and even quoted a wrong frequency. After all said and done, we have resolved the issues and I have paid a renewal fee of GHc2, 000.’’   He cautioned television stations to be prepared as the NCA is gearing up to sanction them for violating regulations in the sector. The NCA some few months ago, sanctioned 131 FM Authorisation Holders found to have committed various infractions pertaining to their authorizations to operate as contained in Section 13 of the Electronics Communications Act (2009), Act 775.   34 of the sanctioned stations had their licences revoked because their authorizations had expired and were operating illegally.     The action  followed the completion of a nationwide FM Spectrum Audit conducted to determine compliance of Authorisation Holders with their Authorisation conditions and to determine which FM stations were in operations or otherwise.         The FM Spectrum Audit was also part of a wider and on‐going audit of all services regulated by the NCA, including TV and ISP services, according to a statement from the NCA.
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A group calling itself Concerned Muslim Youth   has berated President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for failing to take a definite stand on homosexuality when he granted an interview to Aljazeera. The group described as shocking teh response by the president when he was asked why Ghana has not legalized homosexuality.   The president has been criticized for his response to a questioned on homosexuality in Ghana. President Nana Akufo-Addo has said changing Ghana’s laws to legalise homosexuality is not a matter which is "on the agenda" but "bound to happen". “This is the socio-cultural issue if you like,” adding: “I don’t believe that in Ghana, so far, a sufficiently strong coalition has emerged which is having that impact on public opinion that will say: ‘Change it [the law], let’s then have a new paradigm in Ghana’”. Asked by the interviewer: “What’s going to provoke it, what’s going to make it happen?” President Akufo-Addo said: “Oh, like elsewhere in the world, the activities of individuals [and] groups”. “I grew up in England; I went to school as a young boy in England and I grew up at a time in England when homosexuality was banned there, it was illegal and I lived in the period when British politicians thought it was anathema to think about changing the law and suddenly the activities of individuals, of groups, a certain awareness, a certain development grew and grew and grew stronger and it forced a change in law. I believe those are the same processes that will bring about changes in our situation.” The president, however, pointed out that: “At the moment, I don’t feel and I don’t see that in Ghana, there is that strong current of opinion that will say: ‘This is something that we need even deal with’. It’s not, so far, a matter which is on the agenda.” But the group believes his response was bad and has since charged the Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Boniface Saddique the Minister for Zongo Development to distance themselves from the comments by the president. They have admonished them to resign if they are true Muslims and abhor homosexuality.   Read below the full statement We the Concerned Muslim youth of Ghana are utterly shocked by recent comments made by President Nana Akufo-Addo to foreign press on the subject of homosexuality.    In that interview, the President subtly endorsed the abominable acts of gays and lesbians and indeed encouraged those in Ghana to form groups in order to agitate for its legalization in the country.   Asked if he will endorse the legalization of homosexuality in Ghana, the President Nana Akufo-Addo said, ‘’It is bound to happen’.   We are not only appalled by the responses of the President, we are also scandalized that we have a Muslim vice President and a minister for Zongo development who equally share this position with the President of Ghana.   For the record, homosexuality is an abomination in Islam and we expect Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and Alhaji Boniface Saddique Abubakar to resist the position of the President, if they are true Muslims who believe in the teachings of the prophet Mohammed (PBHN).   It will be recalled that, Dr. Bawumia prior to the 2016 elections called on Ghanaians to vote for the NPP to bring religious balance to the Presidency. Today, Dr. Bawumia and Boniface Saddique Abubakar are looking on whiles Akufo-Addo is welcoming abominable ideas to the seat of government which is a total disregard for Muslim values and teachings.   We are hereby condemning, in no uncertain terms, the subtle endorsement and encouragement of homosexuality in our country by President Akufo-Addo and the loud silence of our Muslim Vice President and our minister for Zongo development.     We also call on Dr. Mahmudu Bawumia and Alhaji Boniface Sadique Abubakar to distance themselves from the comments of the President or consider themselves fake Muslims who cannot provide moral leadership for the Muslim youth in Ghana.
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The Leader and Founder of the Freedom Chapel International now Lord’s Parliament, Apostle Amoako Atta  says it ‘’is about time that African leaders rise up and build a better and prosperous nations for their youth.’’   The man of God believes until leaders in the continent creates better opportunities for its youth, they will continue to travel through Libya to Europe in search of better opportunities.   Reacting to the inhuman treatment meted out to migrants in Libya by their captors, he said although some are being sold and others killed, there are others who are willing to go all because they do not have better opportunities in their home countries.   Hundreds of African refugees are being bought and sold in "slave markets" across Libya every week, a special investigative report by CNN revealed some few days ago. Many of them ended up being murdered by their smugglers in the open desert or die from thirst or car accidents in the vast Libyan desert, the report has indicated. The President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, former President Rawlings, Parliament and other individuals have widely condemned the act.   About 127 of them touched down at the Kotoka International Airport on Wednesday with some narrating very harrowing experiences.   But the man of God says the young people who fall victims to the inhuman treatments do not have interest in their homeland. If we have a better country, who would want to go to Libya and be sold? We have brought some detainees back home but as I speak to you now, some are still on their way to Libya. People are still going although they know what is going on there. If we are able to build our nation and our continent for us to have a stable economy, I believe this thing will stop.’’   He continued: ‘’until we get leaders to help build the continent and their individual nations; we will transform. If in this 21st century we are selling people and killing same then there is something wrong somewhere. Africa must rise up, our leaders must rise up.’’   He also urged President Nana Akufo-Addo to roll out his one-district-one-policy to help create jobs for the unemployed youth because when the youth are assured of sustainable and secured jobs, they will not risk their lives and move to Libya.     ‘’When a nation is cool and calm and there are jobs available, people don’t travel,’’ he concluded.
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The Youth Mirror (TYM), a platform where the youth are inspired, encouraged and assisted to bring out what is in their inner create beings held its 7th edition of the TYM talk show on the theme ‘’Investing In Your Past; Making Your Past Tomorrow’’ at the Royal Ravico Hotel, Accra on Saturday. Founder and speaker, Dr. Solomon Ablampah, in his presentation said before one can have a better future, you have to invest in your past. He said some individuals are so comfortable where they are today and do not pursue a path to upgrade themselves. Investing in one’s life is to expect a dividend from what you have invested in your life- being it money, time, emotions or any valuable asset you have. According to him, the youth sometimes invest in wrong things.   He bemoaned how some young people waste money on material things yet there will be the same category of people, going round seeking for sponsorship to go to school or start up a business. He said the phones, television sets and other gadgets we buy can start up a business.   Successful people we see today suffered, labored and went through thick and teen to get to where they are today, and it you do not learn from their experiences, then you do not have a future, he said.   On leadership, he charged them to go back and invest in our past so we can have a better future. He also lamented over the sale of our natural resources and state assets. ‘’If Ghana is to invest in our past resources, Ghana will be a better place for us to live. But they [leaders] are selling all our resources. Everything that belongs to Ghana, is going away and the generation that is coming are walking on that same path…It is not only the president that is killing us, we are killing ourselves.’’   According to him, when you visit some countries, there is a laid down plan for the president to follow. You cannot come and do your own thing. You have to follow what the plan. But  what is happening in Ghana? ‘’When the NDC comes, it brings a new idea…When the NDC leaves, the NPP will also come with its own ideas then we start chasing them. Then every dream of the NDC would be shattered. So every four years, Ghana restarts life all over again. Ghana is reborn every four years and it is not helping us. They are not helping us…’’   The second part of the event saw some personalities awarded for their achievements and dedication to youth development. The recipients were former Deputy Health Minister and MP for Teshie under former President Kufour, Dr. Gladys Ashietey, Dr. Andrews N. Bonney, a Chief Neurosurgeon, Mrs. Bernice Safo-Ayiam, CEO ADVISAB and Nii Kotey Afutu Gbomosane II, Chief of Ashalebotswe.        The TYM defines the youth as any individual with the ability, strength and energy to do something positive and impact in society, irrespective of the age, class and personal background. The vision of TYM is to aid and assist the youth to become successful entrepreneurs; enable newer generations to be independent and self sufficient; empower people from all walks of life to have good and better future. The mission of TYM is to organize motivational talk shows, help individuals define their true purpose in life among others.   The 2018 edition under the theme, ‘’Creating and Recreating Your Vision’’, has been slated for June, 2018.
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Second Deputy of Parliament and presidential hopeful, Alban Bagbin says an aspiring Member of Parliament will have to gather an amount of GHc2 million as cost for campaigns.   The lawmaker described politics in Ghana as a private business where party members demand money from parliamentarians.   “In our minds political office is private business so young men and women are struggling to be members of the national parliament. Your salary is so low it cannot take you up to two weeks. When you join a political party to be a parliamentary candidate and go round to campaign, party members demand money. When you pay courtesy calls on chiefs you are supposed to part with something”.   The resources candidates dole out are supposed to come from their own pockets and in situations where they are unable to meet that challenge they rely on ‘money bags’ a term used to describe the sources that fund the campaign. “When you go to talk to your party members and any of them you approach, they will tell you that you cannot just come and talk to me like that and go away. When you visit the chiefs the courtesy must be followed your pocket is empty. Some people are funding you and you are dolling out to the constituents because they know their bread is buttered when you are in office”, he disclosed. “When you are going around and you are not greasing palms they will vote against you. When you do not organize events and let the drinks, food and music flow you are bound to lose. If you don’t visit the community too, they will tell you that you do not respect and will vote against you. You don’t have the money and some people are sponsoring. You spend about two million Ghana cedis to be elected as a member of parliament. Now you are in parliament and there is call ‘serve the state’. …Who who pays the piper calls the tune”, he said.   He stated that due to the ‘moneycracy’ in politics, corruption grows high in public office and has therefore called for an urgent need to reverse the situation.     We can’t fight corruption and when I speak out then I am lambasted and insulted, but that is the truth and you cannot take it away. Recently I was talking about Nana Akufo-Addo and I said well after fighting three world wars and becoming president, all those three world wars people funded you and now you say you are going to fight corruption, you think they are “Father Christmas?” “I’m charging the President to lead the way in cleansing the system, redefine politics and also reduce the cost of political business in Ghana.
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The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has reaffirmed the determination and commitment of his government to developing a sustainable, sound and vibrant agricultural sector, that enhances the performance of all agricultural commodity value chain actors. Delivering a speech at this year’s Farmers’ Day Celebration, held at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium, in Kumasi, on Friday, 1st December, 2017, the President noted that a thriving agricultural sector engenders prosperity in the society. “Ours is a blessed land, and we have all the ingredients not only to feed ourselves, but also to generate jobs, and create wealth and prosperity, through the modernisation of and the change in attitude towards agriculture,” he said. The President noted, however, that, in recent past, the country was in danger of allowing agriculture to fall into the doldrums, as, in the last ten years, the contribution of agriculture to GDP had plummeted from a high of 42% to a low of 18.5% in 2016. With some attributing the decline in agriculture to the “Dutch Disease” and also the growth of the services sector, President Akufo-Addo noted that problems of post-harvest losses, low productivity, weak link with industry, low application of technology, insufficient agro-financing, land tenure issues, weaknesses along the agriculture value chain, all contribute to the flagging fortunes of agriculture. “We can, and we should overcome these problems, if we keep our focus, ensure efficient and effective implementation of policies and programmes, and rally fully behind Government to give agriculture the decisive impulse it needs, to take its pride of place once again,” he said. To this end, President Akufo-Addo stressed that the modernisation of agriculture would remain a priority of Government. Tackling problems of agric sector Government’s prescription for tackling the problems of the agricultural sector, the President outlined, will be to operationalize a comprehensive plan to enhance food security, improve farm productivity, strengthen linkages with industry and, thereby, create jobs, improve rural livelihoods and wealth for all Ghanaians. The thrust of the key policies in pursuance of the objectives, he added, is to promote agribusiness, by placing emphasis on agricultural value chain development in partnership with the private sector. On the crops sector, which, the President said, is the key driver of growth of the agricultural sector, has, this year, benefited from various interventions through the programme for Planting for Food and Jobs. “These include the distribution of improved seeds, improved extension services, acquisition of agricultural machinery and equipment from Brazil under the “More Food International Programme”, amongst others. Most of these equipment are being used in diverse ways along the agricultural value chains, which include land preparation, seeding, crop protection, harvesting and primary processing,” he added. In line with Government’s target of promoting all-year-round cropping, President Akufo-Addo noted that preparatory activities are ongoing to implement the “One Village One Dam” agriculture development agenda. “I can report that 320 small dams and dugout sites in 64 districts, in the northern part of the country, have been earmarked for development. Additionally, 192 will be evaluated in 2018 for development there. A provisional list of 51 dams in Volta, Greater Accra and Central Regions has been submitted for consideration for rehabilitation,” he revealed. Additionally, a water transmission project, to distribute water from rivers Oti, the Black and White Volta to communities for productive cultivation, the President said, will begin next year, and will bring up to 90,000 hectares under irrigation. Implementation of an agricultural programme, he added, with the help of multilateral partners, will potentially also bring about 1,732 hectares of land under irrigation through solar pumping from rivers, sinking of bore holes, rehabilitation of existing irrigation schemes, and construction of new ones. Touching on agricultural finance, the President noted that this area has been identified by the private sector as one of the most limiting factors to investment in agriculture. He noted that the Ghana Incentive-Based Risk Sharing Agricultural Lending Scheme (GIRSAL), initiated with the assistance of AGRA, will improve and provide incentives for commercial lending to agribusinesses in Ghana. On road infrastructure, the President noted that this “has also been identified as critical for private sector investment in agriculture. Consequently, we are intensifying our efforts to develop the road network through the Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund. There is also support from the multilateral institutions for the development of a good number of strategic roads in the country.” President Akufo-Addo, thus, assured that his “Government will continuously support food production for domestic consumption, provision of raw materials for industry and exports. We aim to increase incomes and enhance livelihoods for farmers and their households.” He, thus, called for the “support of all stakeholders, including our gallant farmers, fisherfolk, value chain actors, entrepreneurs, financial institutions and friends of Ghana, towards the realisation of Government’s agenda of transformation of the agricultural sector.    
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US senators have passed a sweeping tax cuts bill, paving the way for Donald Trump's first big legislative victory. The package would mark the biggest tax overhaul since the 1980s. It was passed by 51 votes to 49, after a series of amendments in a marathon session. Democrats complained it only benefited the wealthy and big business. The plan sees a sharp cut in corporation tax, but a Senate committee finding has warned it would add $1tn (£742bn) to the budget deficit. President Trump wants the measures enacted by the end of the year and congratulated Republicans for taking the US "one step closer to delivering massive tax cuts for working families". The Senate will now have to merge its legislation with that passed last month by the House of Representatives, before it can be signed into law by the president. The move will be seen as a major victory for Mr Trump, who since taking office has struggled to get major legislative movement in Congress - including fulfilling his vow to repeal and replace Obamacare. His presidency has also been dogged by an independent investigation into Russian attempts to influence the 2016 US election and possible collusion with his campaign team. On Friday, ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn became the Trump administration's most senior member to be charged in the investigation. The only Republican senator who refused to back the legislation was Bob Corker. "I am not able to cast aside my fiscal concerns and vote for legislation that... could deepen the debt burden on future generations," he said. On Thursday, the non-partisan Senate Joint Committee on Taxation found that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would add significantly to the federal deficit over a decade. The report contradicted a White House claim that economic growth would compensate for the tax cuts.     Source: BBC
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An amount of $40 million loan facility to improve some Senior High Schools in the country has been approved by Parliament.     This forms part of a financing agreement between the government of Ghana and the International Development Association of the World Bank.     According to the Chairman of Parliament’s Finance Committee, Dr. Mark Assibey Yeboah, “75 senior high schools will have their facilities upgraded to improve academic performance. Also, there will be quality improvement support to 107 additional schools.”     He added that “the committee finds the project immensely important towards enhancing secondary education in Ghana, to help provide more secondary level graduates with the relevant skills to enter tertiary institutions and the labour market.”
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