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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Monday, 04 December 2017
The Paramount chief of Tema Traditional Area,(Tema Mantse), Nii Adjei Kraku II, has described the lack of interest in agriculture by most people in Ghana in recent times to the development of estates in various parts of the country. Speaking in an interview after the farmers day celebration in Tema, he indicated that large acres of lands which could have been used for farming and other agricultural purposes, have been diverted to estate developers to the detriment of agric.  He noted’’ The failure of people to go into farming could partly be attributed to estate development in Ghana. I am not against estate development, it is a good thing and helping  people  acquire homes but our  farmlands should  not be affected. People can even start back yard farms around where they live, let’s not forget all of us will have to eat in order to survive’’ The Tema Mantse therefore appealed to the chiefs, government and custodians of lands in the country to prioritize and help demarcate lands for agricultural purposes  rather than focusing only on providing lands for the development of estates.  When asked why the youth are not interested in pursuing agric which is the main stay of the Ghana’s economy, he said the desire to travel abroad for greener pastures  has preoccupied the minds of the youth as a result of which certain jobs such as farming- which was bequeathed to the youth by their forefathers has been neglected. He  appealed to the youth to take advantage of government policies such as the planting for food and jobs and go into farming to enable them, generate income and also contribute to the growth of the economy. Nii Adjei Kraku II further lauded the government for supporting farmers over the years but  appealed to corporate institutions, individuals and other bodies to continue to support farmers beyond farmers’ day in order to attract the youth to pursue farming as a profession. By: Ebenezer Kofi Amponsah    
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Senior Minister, Mr. Yaw Osafo Maafo says the praise President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo showered on CEO of Jospong Group of Companies some few weeks ago, would be improper should the allegations of corruption against him be true.   President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo had praised CEO of Jospong, Mr. Siaw Agyepong for the work his companies are doing in the sanitation sector. The president  Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo during a tour, met with the CEO of the Jospong Group and showered praises on him for his role in dealing with sanitation in the country. The President said “When you are at the forefront of doing things like you are, you will be the subject of controversy, it goes with the territory. I know you a little bit, and I know you are capable of handling it. Stay focused.”   The president was widely criticized for his endorsement of Jospong. But the Senior Minister has said the critics should make sure the allegations are true before concluding.   On the issue of the company being blacklisted some years back by the World Bank, he said the World Bank’s comments on criminals in Ghana is not what we are looking for rather, the law of the country must be the major factor. He said, ‘’There should be the law of the country concerned…We must prosecute our criminals here in Ghana…We are looking for people going through the due process of the law, being found guilty by the law and being dealt with.’’ He cautioned against the vilification of private businesses in the country and urged people to have concrete evidences before accusing people of being corrupt.   When he was specifically asked what message the endorsement of the president send to perceptions about the fight against corruption, he said. ‘’ “It’s certainly not right. It will give the wrong signals if you are seen to be pampering or endorsing a known wrong doer…That one is not right,” he said.     But he quickly reiterated that we must be sure that the condemnation is also accurate.   He was speaking at the launch of the anti-corruption week today [Monday].
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An environmental scientist, Mr. Kwame Owusu says individuals engaged in ‘galamsey’ will soon die due to the use of chemicals in extracting gold.   He told Rainbow Radio that the sector poses serious dangers to human health and the environment.   He explained, dust and fumes from drilling and blasting of ore present health threats to miners due to poor ventilation.  It is known that underground mining in Ghana is characterized by unsafe acts and conditions including stope collapse, improper choice of working tools, and absence of personal protective equipment among others. He said the use of some of the chemicals could take close to 200 years before they can be less dangerous. He was however quick to add that if the proper mechanisms are put in place, the years will be reduce but if do not do these things, it will take years and take our lives as well.     Government is expected to use 100 million dollars to reclaim lands destroyed by activities of illegal miners in the country, through the Multi-sectorial Mining Integrated Project (MMIP).   The five-year project is an initiative of the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources (MLNR), aimed at combating ‘galamsey’ and also sanitizing the artisanal small scale mining in the country.       Components of MMIP included; the reclamation and dredging of affected rivers, a review of legal framework with regards to the issuing of license, and provision of alternative livelihoods for people engaged in ‘galamsey’ among others, he said.
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Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice under the John Mahama administration, Marietta Brew Appiah -Oppong will be representing the 19 year-old lady allegedly raped by a Lebanese national as counsel in court. The suspect according to information forcibly had sex with the victim around 5 pm on Saturday in the absence of his wife and other occupants of his household after subjecting her to severe beatings for resisting his demands.   The former Minister told the media that:“The police started their investigation last night and it is continuing so we will know what the results of the investigation are soon. So far they have done a good job, and I believe they are going to continue with that. I am definitely going to follow up on this to make sure that justice is served.” “We are fortunate to have caught this one early so that the investigation can be done properly. Very often, by the time we become aware of a situation like this, time has elapsed, evidence is lost and it becomes very difficult to follow up on it. That is why we are very keen to follow up on this one to make sure that the proper investigation and proper prosecution is also done,” Mrs. Appiah-Oppong said.     Background The Ordeal Narrating her ordeal to Graphic Online, after seeking medical care, the victim (name withheld), who speaks only Ewe and French, said the suspect beat her up mercilessly after she refused to accede to his demands for the second time. He slapped her twice on the face, finally overpowered her and dragged her to his bedroom to rape her. According to the victim who could barely turn her neck, she had been in the employment of the suspect from the month of November but was persistently harassed by him for sex anytime his wife was not at home. She said last Saturday’s event was the fourth time the suspect had raped her in a total of two separate encounters. Narrating how it happened, she said the suspect directed her to have her bath after his wife, another househelp and his children had left home. After her shower, the suspect allegedly directed her to his kitchen, which was close to the master bedroom to prepare him coffee. She obliged after he refused to allow her to dress properly after bathing. On reaching the kitchen, he locked the door but her attempt to escape was not successful. The victim said Rabih threw her out of the room after raping her twice. She bled after the act. Help The victim said she sought help from some police officers on duty at a nearby house. The police officers, she noted, apprehended the suspect and took him to the Airport Police Station but on reaching there, a policewoman on duty led the team back to the suspect’s home. On reaching the house, the policewoman allegedly took GH¢350 being her [victim] salary for the month of November 2017, from the suspect and handed it over to her. The victim said the policewoman stayed on until she had packed her belongings out of the suspect’s home. Assistance A good Samaritan directed the girl and her relatives to report the matter to the East Legon District Police Command a day after the incident. The Police Command issued her with a medical report on Sunday to undergo medical examination. Summon Additional information gathered by Graphic Online indicates that the Airport Divisional Police Command has summoned officers who were on duty on Saturday, December 2, 2017, for an emergency meeting to explain why the victim was not taken through standard protocol.   By: rainbowradioonline.com with additional files from GraphicOnline
Published in Crime
Commissioner for the Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), Mr. Joseph Whittal has emphasized the need for Ghanaians to help uproot corruption in the country. Corruption he lamented affect every aspect of our economic life hence the need for Ghanaians to renew the fight against the canker.   The existence of ghost workers he observed is making Ghana lose an amount of GHc30 billion annually.   “Corruption facilitates generalised disrespect for the law [and] it is responsible for the provision of poor quality services in education, in health, sanitation and electricity,” he said at the launch of an anti-corruption week campaign.   Mr. Whittal described corruption as a system problem hence the need for a concerted efforts in dealing with it.        
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Starbow sacks workers over plane crash

Airline Company, Starbow has fired workers after a plane belonging to the company skidded off some few weeks ago The action has affected top management as well as ground officials.   A letter signed by the CEO of the company, James Eric Antwi, stated that contracts of workers have been terminated effective November 30, 2017.   The letter further directed the workers to submit all their IDs and other company assets in their possession to the administration. “We write to serve you this day’s notice of termination of your employment contract effective November 30, 2017.” “In accordance with the termination clause of the existing agreement between you and the company, the company is formally exercising its right to the said agreement”. It added that, “On your last day of work, kindly liaise with the Human Resource and Administration Department to submit all company assets in your possession, including but not limited to ID cards, equipment, cell phones, work products (electronic and paper files) etc.” “Upon receipt of these items, the payment of any outstanding amounts as stated due will    
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Former President John Dramani Mahama has reiterated the need for need for African countries to open up their borders to trade.     The former president said the move will allow the free movement of goods and services which will eventually lead to economic growth.   Speaking  in Pretoria, South Africa, at an Expert Seminar to commemorate the adoption of the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance, he said “Ghana has great potential. We have abo one-third d of the world’s mineral resources. We have 400 million hectares of the world’s available arable lands and so can you imagine if 50 percent of this arable lands are under cultivation, we will not only feed Africa, we will probably feed the rest of the world but certainly one thing that is in our hand is the low value of trade among ourselves. The difficulty of opening up our borders to trading among ourselves is just one that cannot be understood..If we must remove some of the challenges Africa faces then let us open our borders and allow our people to move freely, allow goods and services to move freely across the continent.’’   He added: ‘’ “Democracy has seen a return to growth, but I believe the growth is not fast enough to keep ahead of the rate of population, but if we don’t accelerate the pace of economic growth and throw up the essential jobs that will keep the youth engaged then we will have the kind of situation where our young people will be struggling to cross the Sahara and being auctioned as slaves like in Libya, where people are trying to cross the Mediterranean, and so in that regard, we need to look at how we manage our economies” .      
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The National Communications Authority (NCA) has been ordered to to halt sanctions against some 131 radio stations that were cited for various breaches some few months ago.. The tribunal, headed by ex-Supreme Court judge Justice Dartey-Baah, ruled on Monday, 4 December in a case brought before it by the Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA) against the NCA in connection with the sanctions against the FM stations, that none of the sanctions should be implemented until the case is fully determined. GIBA dragged the NCA before the tribunal on 3 November 2017 after its attempts to have the regulatory body be lenient with the errant FM stations failed. The NCA, however, did not enter an appearance thus compelling the tribunal to order a suspension of all sanctions until the case is finally dealt with.      
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Controversial radio owner, Alfred Kwame Larbi popularly called DJ Oxzy, has lashed out at individuals supporting female dancehall artiste, Ebony Reigns over her choice of dressing. The ‘Hustler’ hit maker has been widely condemned over her nudity. Some have admonished her not to ride on nudity to sell her brand but focus on her talent. However, others have strongly defended the artiste on the premise that, she is only branding herself to look unique from other performers in her genre.   But commenting on the issue on GH Entertainment with Agyemang Prempeh as host, DJ Oxzy said those supporting Ebony are fornicators. He said Ebony should differentiate between performing as a musician and dressing seductively or in a manner that is distasteful. He described Ebony as talented but admonished her to be tasteful in the way she dresses.     Ghana is not like the countries where nudity is encouraged and so she should be guided by that.
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A delegation from Confederation of African Football (CAF) is in Ghana to inspect facilities at Ghana’s disposal for a successful host of the Women African Champion 2018. Ghana is hosting Africa's flagship women's tournament next year and the team is in the country it check the venues for the eight-team tournament. The team started the inspection at the Cape Coast stadium which would be used as one of the venue’s for the tournament . The team later went to Robert Mensah and Nduom stadia and later went to Glowlamp soccer academy to assess these pitches which would be used as training facilities for the competition. The exercise continues tomorrow, facilities to inspect would be the various hotels to be used by the teams and officials, hospitals and any other ancillary services that would be needed.   By: Naa Darkuah Dodoo
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