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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Saturday, 01 April 2017
The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has assured Asanteman, and, indeed, the people of Ghana, that the pledges he made during the electioneering period were not mere campaign platform talk, but are pledges that will be fulfilled during his tenure of office. According to him, the fulfillment of these pledges remain the surest way to creating jobs and wealth for the people of Ghana, as well as returning the country onto the path of progress and prosperity. “I made a lot of pledges during the campaign. We have started fulfilling them. The Free Senior High School policy will commence from September 2017. So you should know that what I said during the campaign was not political talk. Yesterday, in Parliament, the ‘Asempa’ budget became law. The Appropriations Act has been made, so there is financial provision for Free SHS in the budget,” he said. The President continued, “Ghanaians should know that I did not lie to them during the campaign, in order to get their votes. Whatever I said I was going to do, I will do.” President Akufo-Addo made this known on Saturday, April 1, 2017, at the commencement of his 3-day tour of the Ashanti Region, in a meeting with transport unions and transport owners in the Ashanti Region, at the Kumasi Cultural Centre. “We said we were going to reduce taxes, which had become a burden on businesses and was stifling productivity. We said were going to reduce import duties on imported spare parts. The first budget has removed taxes on imported spare parts in our country. We have also abolished a number of other taxes,” he stated. This was met with a rapturous response by the packed hall at the cultural centre, with many expressing their appreciation for the gesture by the government of President Akufo-Addo. The President assured the various transport unions gathered that “a review of the laws governing the transport sector is ongoing. We will make sure there is a proper licensing and proper registration system in place, which will protect all of us. I am giving you that assurance.” He also reiterated his government’s commitment towards the provision of the requisite infrastructure for businesses of the transport unions and transport owners to thrive With the Easter festivities on the horizon, President Akufo-Addo bemoaned the spate of accidents and causalities that have characterized the Easter celebrations over the years. “Let us make it our priority that this year’s Easter will see a drastic reduction in the number of accidents and fatalities on our roads. Everyone should observe the rules of the road, and make this Easter the best in terms of a reduction in accidents and causalities on our road. It is a major concern of mine. Help me make this a reality,” he added. Taskforce harassing market women In a separate meeting with the leadership of market women and Kayayei at the same venue, the market women lamented their rampant harassment by several “taskforce operatives”, who demand extra tolls from them, even after they have paid the requisite taxes to the Assembly as stipulated by law. This, they, said was hampering their businesses, and one of the reasons for the increase in prices of goods, as they are forced to pass on these costs onto the consumer. President Akufo-Addo, in his response, indicated that this practice was unacceptable and stated that, together with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and  Metropolitan Chief Executive of Kumasi, Osei Asibbey Antwi, the activities of these taskforces will be regulated and those operating illegally clamped down. He thanked the market women and Kayayei for their support in the run-up to the December 2016 election, and appealed to them for their continued support throughout his tenure of office.        
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It has come to the attention of the Ghana High Commission UK that individuals are spreading false information on social media alleging that some groups are hacking into the bank accounts of applicants who use our online visa and passport services and transfer monies out of the applicants accounts. The Ghana High Commission to UK and Ireland wishes to state that there has been no such incident reported by any of its applicants regarding data breach after using its system. The Mission is confident with the security procedures in place which are reviewed regularly with its service providers to ensure protection of data of its cherished clients at all times. The High Commission would like to advise that in the unlikely event of an applicant experiencing any breach of data after using the Missions online services, they should contact the Ghana High Commission UK immediately. Credit: www.ghanahighcommissionuk.com
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Nana CallBack a member of defunct music duo, Nframa, has said on GH Entertainment hosted by Agyemang Prempeh on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that, nothing can bring them back as a group. The artist who has gone solo and released some tracks which are enjoying massive airplay said, God will not even approve of their reunion. Originally called Kenneth Osei Owusu said the reason that led to their separation was that, Dada Hafco, the other member  lied about him to a producer. Nana CallBack,  together with Dada Hafco formed one of the most phenomenon musical groups ever to be produced in Ghana;”Mframa” with the hit song “Fiiligadochi” which featured Kwabena Kwabena. The duo went their separate ways after being together for almost a decade. According to him, they have tried on several occasions to reunite as a group but it has not yielded any fruitful results. When asked what led to their separation, he said, in 2007, Dada Hafco once stabbed him in the back by making false claims to their producer who helped them produce the hit track. He said, the producer later advised him to settle any issues he had with Dada Hafco since he felt they had some differences. According to him, although he did not know exactly the details of what Dada Hafco told the producer, he never bothered to find it out from him [Hafco] what he told the producer. A former manager who once managed the group before they separated- Kofi Baboni, called into the show describing the claims by Nana CallBack as false and urged him to forget about the past and move on. When asked what led to their separation, he said, ‘’to be very honest none of them told me anything. Before we realized, communication had broken. This person was going his way, that person was going his way. So eventually we all had to sit and talk about this whole thing…Nana had an issue which had to do with confidence and he felt that most of  the things coming to the group-in terms of singing, was going the other which he was not comfortable with. So he decided to go his own way. We tried to solve it but it just didn’t work out.’’   He said, the main cause had to do with personality and direction adding, ‘’it was a bit difficult with the way the music industry changed to a direction we were pursuing. And so we also wanted to go that way. But the two are two different people, and anybody who works with a group, will tell you that working with two different people is very difficult.’’
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Policy think tank, Strategic Thinkers Network, STRANEK has slammed UK’s High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin over what they termed ‘’provocative tweets’’.   According to STRANEK, The Commissioner must put a stop to his ‘’provocative tweets’’ to ensure that, an open and cooperative international relations between the two countries.   A statement issued by the policy think tank charged the Commissioner to channel his energy in ‘’harmonizing peace among political parties and Ghanaians in lieu of his provocative tweets. Diplomacy, they say is “fundamentally working with people, bringing people together to deal with difficult issues” hence we believe it’s a serious business which it trickles down to one’s comported modus operandi.’’   Jon Benjamin has been described as a controversial diplomat due to his views and comments on issues especially on social media.      Below is the full statement    *JON BENJAMIN’S PROVOCATIVE TWEETS NOT THE BEST- STRANEK*       Observing from our end, it is one provocative tweet to another. Poking of nose in affairs outside the scope of diplomacy. Such tweets from a United Kingdom High Commissioner and now former sends a rolling eyeball as we believe he should know his limits.   In advocating for an open and cooperative international relations, we at Strategic Thinkers Network (STRANEK) think the former UK High Commissioner to Ghana must halt on his provocative tweets. It only breeds unwarranted tension and hatred. Provocative tweets such as “I’m in a non-V8 car which hasn’t been painted”; “Did someone inaugurate the Harmattan already” which particularly brought about a lot of controversy must be curbed by him.   We think he should divert his energy in harmonizing peace among political parties and Ghanaians in lieu of his provocative tweets. Diplomacy, they say is “fundamentally working with people, bringing people together to deal with difficult issues” hence we believe it’s a serious business which it trickles down to one’s comported modus operandi.   We don’t think our once colonial masters who have seen Ghana through the mill will endorse provocation from their diplomats. Harmony and good relations is the raison d’etre.   In order not to leapfrog the issue, we will pause here and hope that advise is taken in good faith by Former High Commissioner Jon Benjamin as he turns a new leaf.   We are indeed all involved in building our motherland.   Signed. Nii Tettey Tetteh Executive Director Charles Kwadade Deputy Executive Director  
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Ghana and Singapore pledge to deepen ties

A visiting delegation from Singapore, led by its Minister for Trade and Industry, Dr Koh Poh Koon, on Friday, March 31, 2017, paid a courtesy call on the President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, with the aim of deepening further the ties that exist between the two countries. For many years, Ghana and Singapore have enjoyed very good bilateral relations, and it is for this reason that Dr. Koon informed President Akufo-Addo that Singapore would want to invest more in Ghana, so as to use it “as a spring board into the larger West African countries”. Aside the good bilateral relations that both countries enjoy, Dr Koh Poh Koon, indicated that officials from the two countries continue to co-operate in many other areas of mutual benefits to them. “We have today received 650 officials from Ghana for capacity building and training over the years in areas such as education and economic policy making. And, this is something that we are happy and continue to support and to work closely with Ghanaians officials”, he said. The Singaporean Minister of State for Trade and Industry noted that there is an increasing desire for companies based in his country to invest in Ghana. He explained that “what we see today, in opening and extension of the plan by Olam International, is a testament to the kind of desire for companies to continue to expand their operations in Ghana. On top of that, the pupil to pupil ties have also increased. We now have Singaporean students from the university doing their internship in this country. From all levels, from the government to the people, we are witnessing deepening ties.” In view of Dr. Koon, there are several other areas for Ghana and Singapore to connect and work together, and is, thus, hopeful that more companies from his country “would continue to support the growth and development of Ghana in meaningful ways”. In welcoming the delegation, President Nana Akufo-Addo noted that their visit has come at an “appropriate time” when the people of Ghana have happily received the directions and policies contained in the ‘Asempa’ budget, which was read by the Finance Minister, Mr. Ken Ofori-Atta. The President reiterated his pledge of making Ghana an investment-friendly country, and pointed out that his government is doing all it can to clean up the business environment for investors to come and put their money in. “We are taking measures in terms of taxation, monitoring and policy, along all these lines with the goal of attracting investment in Ghana”, the president stated. He described Singapore as a country that has won the administration of the world through its achievements. The President told Dr. Koon that “Singapore is a country that has won the administration of the world for their achievements, which you have been able to undertake in this last 50 to 60 years and, especially, in this country, there is a great admiration for what you have done”. The achievements of Singapore, according to President Akufo-Addo, have built a desire in the hearts of many countries, especially Ghana, to try to replicate. “Particularly, because a long time ago, the man who was responsible for putting everything together came here in Ghana in 1960. There are still memories of his visit to Ghana – the famous man Lee Kwan Yew. It is good that both countries have been able to sustain the relationship and we are to do more”, he said.     Credit: Flagstaff House
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President Nana Akufo-Addo has given the assurance that, it will never be under his watch that people will take the law into their own hands. The law he stressed will work without fear or favour. He gave the assurance when he paid a courtesy call on the Asantehene Otumfour Osei Tutu II as part of his three-day, thank your tour. He specifically made reference to the recent attack on his nominee as the security coordinator for the Regional Security Council, Daniel Adjei by Delta Force, a vigilante group  associated to the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP). He described the incident as unfortunate and noted,  efforts are underway to ensure that the offenders are punished. “It will not be under my watch that people will take the law into their own hands, neither will it be under my watch that the laws of our land will not be enforced. That will never happen. The law will work without fear or favour.’’   Nana Addo said, he was aware that the issue is of great concern to the Overlord of the Asante Kingdom and promised that it will not occur again.   The president also used the opportunity to express his gratitude to residents in the region for the overwhelming support given him during the general polls. He described it as unprecedented and reiterated his commitment to deliver on his campaign promises including the free Senior High School (SHS). He emphasized that, he will not disappoint those who had confidence and voted for him.   “The votes I got in Ashanti was unprecedented. I, therefore, came to show appreciation, and to tell Asanteman of the policy initiatives we are putting in place to ensure that we bring relief to the people of this country, and, thereby, return the country onto the path of progress and prosperity.’’   The President is also expected to visit the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, and apprise himself with the problems of the health institution, and what government could do to salvage particularly, the abandoned maternity block, to reduce infant mortality in the region. He would also call visit the Kumasi Central Market to interact with traders and customers. President Akufo-Addo would as part of the tour, hold an encounter with the media in the region attend church services at the Saint Cyprian Anglican Church and the Bantama Methodist Church.   He would also meet the Muslim community at the Central Mosque in Kumasi.
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The General Overseer of the Glorious Waves Church, Prophet Badu Kobi has cautioned the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), to call for an early congress since that is the only way to end the ongoing infighting in the party.   According to him, until new leaders are elected to manage the party, they will continue to blame and fight each other. This he warned may lead to further division within the largest opposition party.   Some key functionaries of the party have through the media, blamed party executives and former president Mahama for causing the defeat of the NDC. The Central Regional Chairman, Mr. Allotey Jacobs, in a recent interview said he was having a bomb hanging on his chest and when he drops it, the party will collapse. He also said, his warning signs were ignored and that contributed to the defeat of the NDC especially in the Central Region. The party has since called on members to channel their grievances to the Kwesi Botchwey led committee, mandated to investigate the reasons for the humiliating defeat of the NDC in the 2016 general elections.   But Prophet Badu Kobi says the party is yet to witness worse scenarios if they do not go for an early congress.   He said, speaking as a man of God, I will only advice the leadership of the party to call for an early congress to avert any serious problem. The confusion we see in the NDC today, could be worse and the only way they can prevent it, is to call for an early congress.   He further indicated that, some senior members of the party with presidential ambition, worked against the victory of Mr. Mahama in the 2016 general elections.   Although he failed to mention names, the Prophet insisted that, the former president was ousted on purpose by some party big shots. He also blamed the former president for failing to do things that could have made him win or maintain his seat. He said, the former president took certain things for granted hence, the defeat.   Asked if Mr. Mahama could ever become the president of Ghana, he said, that will be for God to decide.
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The much awaited and the most publicized boxing bout between the current popular Crucial Weight boxer in Ghana Braimah Kamoko alias Bukom Banku and Super Middleweight knockout artist Bastie Samir is finally slated for August 6, 2017 at the Bukom Boxing Arena. In an exclusive interview with Chief Executive Officer of Box Office Boxing Promotion Mr Alex Ntiamoah hinted that both boxers and their managers have agreed to a sign contract for the bigger showdown boxing fans have being .looking for in over two years. Bukom Banku has also revealed to Rainbowradioonline.com that he is now ready to take up the fight because Bastie Samir is bragging for more than two years in the media so it is time to clear Bastie from the way as he did against Michael Ayitey Powers and others vow to beat him. Banku again said he is physically, mentally and spiritually experience and stronger than Bastie Samir and ready to be decitizenised to Mali if the bout go passed 6th round he promised his fans. He edged all Ghanaians to be apolitical about the fight because he supported former president Mahama but Nana Addo is the president now so politics is over what is left for fans to take is Banku or Bastie. The unbeaten Bastie Samir who boast of 16 fight wins record in his carrier with 14 knockouts, 1 draw and 1 travelling full length which 9 of those knockouts happened in first round in the other hand was extremely happy to have the green light to face Bukom Banku in the ring to showcase Ghanaians and globally what he got under his sleeve after dodging him for close to 30 months. In an telephone interview with Nana Prempeh, the knockout specialist said he is ever ready to eat more and become big to make the required Crucial Weight from his current Super Middleweight status of 76KG to 90KG which is required for Crucial Weight championship.     By: Nana Prempeh
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The Diare zone of the ruling NPP and its community elders, have expressed their disappointment in some party leaders and some unknown party supporters at Savelugu constituency,  who are calling for one Hajia Ayisha Maame to be the Municipal Chief Executive for the Savelugu Nanton Municipality after she was accused of not participating during the campaign towards the 2016 general elections. Responding to an earlier press conference organized by some sympathizers of the said MCE aspirant, Hajia Ayisha Maame, the aggrieved group said it would be unfair if the the constituency treasurer Mr. Imoro is not made the MCE considering his contribution towards the victory of the party in the Savelugu constituency and the Northern Region at large. Mr. Imoro according to the group funded most of the food, water and the transportation of party supporters including motor riders during the campaign period. Hajia Ayisha according to some electorates, is not a registered voter of the the Savelugu constituency and suggests that, she does not qualify to lead the people of the Savelugu Nanton Municipality since she is not known by most of the leaders and supporters of the party. Furthermore, the have argued that there is a member of parliament from Nanton and another from Savelugu, therefore getting a chief executive from Diare which won majority of the NPP votes as compared to what was won at Savelugu.     The group have however promised to register their intense opposition if the said woman is made the MCE of the Savelegu-Nanton municipality and have warned that the ruling NPP  would see massive division and can cause the party's defeat in the 2020 election should Hajia Ayisha be made the Savelugu Municipal Assembly boss. The President of Ghana Nana Akuffo Addo is expected to name his remaining municipal and district chief executives and it is the expectation of the people of Diare to see Mr. Imoro as the new MCE and the best person for the municipality.     By: Prince Collins Bening
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Students at the Kumasi Academy, a mixed Senior High School nearly clashed with the police who had gone to the school to maintain law and order following a demonstration held by the students. The students held the demonstration in protest against what they termed, mysterious deaths in the school and were demanding to go home. Sources say, three students died while in the Hospital after they were given exeats last week due to the ill health. According to the source, three more students fell ill and were taken to the Hospital; this informed the decision by the entire student body to hold the demonstration on suspicion that, these other students may die like the others.   Some students are now expressing fear and feel unsafe in the school. According to them, the ‘mysterious deaths, usually occur during third term. The main entrance to the school was blocked with several people including parents and townsfolk demanding that authorities open the gate for them to take their wards home. Speaking to Accra based Citi FM, Assistant Headmaster in charge of Academics, Mr. Ernest Wiafe said the students became agitated and were becoming chaotic following rumours that another student had died after supper. “…So in the process, there was a bit of stone throwing and some noise; and so we had to call the police who were close and they came with a little bit of reinforcement. So as you can see the situation has normalized. Unfortunately, some media houses presented a completely different story, that’s why you see a few parents outside the school trying to get their wards back home. But let me confirm that our students are all safe and they are sleeping. So the parents would have to leave and find a better time to come back and find out things for themselves.”   He also debunked claims that the schools died out of food poisoning.   “Nothing like food poisoning; Mind you we have a boarding population of a little over 2,100 who all take food from the dining hall. There’s also a canteen where the students go to buy food from. So if it were to be a case of food poisoning, you could have imagined the number of casualties. So we have no doubt at all, that these are students who had ailments and unfortunately passed on. However investigations by professionals are still ongoing and I believe we will know everything.”     He indicated that the matter has been reported to the municipal directorate, which has dispatched officials to the school to collect vital information, and also do same at the hospitals where the students died, to ascertain the cause of death. 
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