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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Monday, 10 April 2017
The Founder and leader of Levite House International Ministry, Prophet Johnson Nana Gyima has cautioned the Nana Addo led New Patriotic Party (NPP) government to tackle head on the insurgence of political vigilante groups. According to the charismatic man of God, these groups are capable of plunging Ghana into war. ‘’You see in this age when men of God speak about what is yet to befall the nation- revealed to them by God, we vilify them instead of coming together to find a solution to those revelations. God has revealed a lot of things to me concerning these vigilante groups, if care is not taken their activities will plunge this nation into war. The devil already wanted an avenue to plunge this nation into war during the election but  through prayers we had a successful election but he is still looking for other avenues and one found avenue is through the political vigilantism…’’ the man of God said. He further caution the nation not to politicize this political vigilantism but come together and fight it head-on else its effect will be regrettable. ‘’….if the government, pastors and the country as a whole do not rise against these group and NDC say it’s the cross of NPP to carry and the government also leaves this problem to stare in its face it will become an albatross on our necks’’. Activities of political vigilante groups especially the Delta Force in Kumasi has become a subject for discussion for the past one month. Their latest activity which broke the camel’s back was when the group invaded a Magistrate Court in Kumasi to free thirteen of their members who had been remanded in police custody for attacking the newly appointed Ashanti Regional Security coordinator.   Prophet Johnson Gyima advised members of such groups who are dominantly youth to find for themselves sustainable employment rather than joining such groups to involve themselves in acts of hooliganism. 
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The Greater Accra Regional branch of the Ghana National Fire Service led by its commander, DCFO Ebenezer Simpson has launched the 2017 Fire Safety Week. The programme is aimed at going the extra mile in engaging the schools, homes and other societies in the country in ensuring total safety all year-long. It is the wish of the service to achieve fire safety through public education to reduce undesired fires across the country. About 303 fire cases have been recorded from January-March 2017 as compared to 428 cases within the same period of time in 2016 in the region.  Although the nation has recorded a reduced number of fire cases, the statement as carried in a press release at a press conference has it that the nation has not achieved fire safety yet. To achieve the level of safety in view, the service is asking its personnel, the media and all other individuals of the public to engage each other’s attention in due time in accomplishing the task at hand. The GNFS is battle ready to design the necessary fire safety programmes to be carried out through the various media platforms available as a means of reaching the citizenry to have them engaged in all that it does. A taskforce has so been formed to check on the safety status of all fuel stations plus a team whose mandate to is patrol highly patronage public places and vital installations.   Greater Accra Metro Safety Officer, Assistant Divisional Officer Grade II Genevieve Nana Derby speaks with us. By: Daniel Asuku  
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Gospel artiste, Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong has reiterated that he will not give the fight with Daddy Lumba until he gets his share from their collaboration and album Hosanna. Speaking with Delay on the Delays Show which is aired on GH One TV, Great Ampong as he is affectionately called said, he will take his share of the proceeds from their album launch and sales wherever he meets Daddy Lumba. According to him, he feels bitter and will never forget about the experience he has gone through. He also answered in the negative when he was asked if he will ever collaborate with any artiste again following this challenge. He told the host that, he composed the song and so will not allow any person eat from his sweat. The artiste when asked if they had an agreement said, we had a verbal agreement and we came to a compromise that I will take 40 percent and him [Lumba] will take 60 percent from whatever we get.   ‘’Wherever I meet Lumba, I will take my money. I am not a hypocrite to deny that I felt bitter at what happened. I have moved on but I will collect my money from him.’’
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A member of pressure group OccupyGhana, Alex Segbefia has slammed the Chinese mission in Ghana to the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Peter Amewu over activities of illegal mining popularly galamsey involving their nationals. Speaking to Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he said the letter was unfortunate and an insult to Ghanaians. He questioned if Ghanaians in China would dare engage in illegal mining activity without being prosecuted or executed. The mission in the letter expressed its anger at what they termed a negative reportage over galamsey activity by the Ghanaian media targeted at China. “The Chinese side is very concerned about this unhealthy tendency. We hope that the Ghanaian government will pay due attention to this situation, take the necessary action to stop such things from happening again and guide the media to give an objective coverage on the illegal mining issue so as to create a good environment for further development of our bilateral exchanges and cooperation.”   The mission says the [Chinese] government attaches great important to the illegal mining issue and is firmly against the involvement of Chinese in illegal mining in Ghana.The letter also admonished government to guide how the media reports on the menace as the mission will do its best to ask their nationals to go back to China.   “We sincerely hope that the Ghanaian government shall take responsibility of guiding the media and requesting them not to publicize such defamatory reports or stories against Chinese leaders officials and the Chinese government.   This will help create a sound environment for our joint efforts to address this issue and the continuous development of our bilateral relations.”   But responding to the letter, Mr. Segbefia lambasted the Chinese mission wondering why they will embarrass themselves by writing the letter. He said ‘’we have seen the letter and awaiting government’s response to it. However, crime is a crime and cannot be hidden under the heading of bilateral relations. This is an embarrassment. If their ambassador understands what is diplomacy, she would not have written such a disgusting letter.  You [Chinese mission] have agreed and cautioned your nationals not to engage in illegal mining and when we are reporting about it as Ghanaians; you write this disgusting letter to warn of our bilateral relations. He went on to ask government to give us a specific date to end galamsey because ‘’we are looking for a strategy that will work. Just like Nigerians worked on the Ebola issue- they counted the days to the end of Ebola. We should do the same thing…We should all get involved... We want the Minister to give us specific day that Ghana would be galamsey free.’’   The law should be enforced, the fight should be continuous and I expect every Ghanaian to be involved, he concluded.
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A coalition group calling itself Progressive Teachers Youth Alliance (PROTAYA) has called for the arrest and immediate prosecution of executives of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) as a matter of urgency for woefully causing financial loss of GHc120, 000 to the Association. According to the group, after several complains by teachers over the illegal deductions of mutual fund money by GNAT without having any agreement with them as the leadership of GNAT has gone ahead to waste the dues thereby hiding their alleged corrupt practices Spokesperson for the pressure group, Lord Caesar said they will take legal action against the executives over the corrupt practices. Meanwhile, General Secretary of GNAT David Ofori Acheampong has debunked the allegation. He also denied claims that there has been misappropriation of GHc120,000. The allegation he added was something discussed and finalized in 2016.   David Ofori Acheampong has dared the pressure group to go to court if they suspect any criminality against GNAT executives and stop wasting time in the media.
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The candidate who represented the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) in the 2016 parliamentary election in the Bortianor Ngleshie Amafrom constituency, Nii Adjetey Larbie, has in an exclusive interview with Rainbow Radio’s Banahene said, his sacrifice for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is enormous. According to him, he helped establish the ruling party in the constituency which was dominated by the National Democratic Congress. The candidate who contested in the 2012 parliamentary election for the NPP said, he sold his property at very cheaper rates just to represent the party in that constituency. Describing himself as a strong pillar in the NPP, and Ghana’s political landscape, Rev. Adjetey Larbie said he could not depend on the party to campaign although he received some amount in 2012 and was able to garner over 150, 000 votes as compared to the 7,000 the party got in previous polls. The Reverend Minister who has filed his CV for consideration as the MCE for Ga-South added, he is optimistic that he will be considered for the post. According to him, ‘’I brought the NPP in this constituency. I used my own house as meeting grounds. The fortunes of the NPP was not encouraging and so I contributed immensely to the success of this party in the consistency. I did not contribute towards the party with the intention of a payback but I helped the party so we could break the dominance of the NDC.’’ Residents in the area are rooting for an indigene as the MCE and Rev. Adjetey Larbie remains the favourite among those who have submitted their CVs for the job. A meeting according to deep throat sources had been held with Rev. Larbie appearing as favourite. Expressing strong optimism, Rev. Larbie said ‘’I am not a novice in the NPP and that is why I applied for the MCE, let us wait and see what will come out of this then we can talk about anything else,’’ he said when asked why he has returned back to the NPP after crossing carpet to represent the PPP in the 2016 general polls.   His desire to apply as MCE he concluded, was borne out of the confidence the residents have in him and his willingness to serve in his best ability.
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Kumasi Market on Fire

The Kumasi Central Market has caught fire rainbowradioonline.com has gatheredThe cause of the fire is not yet known but reports indicate that the fire is fast spreading to other shops.According to reports, several shoppers and traders are trapped in the market as personnel from the National Fire Service are doing their best to bring the fire under control
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The application for an out of court settlement by the Abelemkpe Supervisor of Marwako Resturant in Accra  has been rejected by the Abeka District Court has dismissed where he is facing trial for allegedly dipping the face of a Ghanaian female employee in blended pepper. The magistrate said, although the application fell within the rights of the defence, the accused still maintains his innocence,  and will need to prove it.   According to her, the case was one of public interest and needed to go through the full trial process.     Lawyers for Chabaan last week filed a verbal application praying the court to allow both parties settle the case out of court. According to lawyers for Chabaan, the charges preferred against their client are misdemeanors, and that the court had the power to order the parties to attempt an out of court settlement. He had cited section 73 of the Courts Act in his argument, to back his request. 
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Court remands 8 Delta Force raiders

A Kumasi Circuit Court on Monday morning remanded the eight Delta Force members who were arrested last week for raiding a court to free 13 of their members who were facing charges of assault of a public officer.   The court presided over by Patricia Amponsah said they should be placed in custody until Tuesday April 18, 2017 when the case would be recalled. They were arraigned Monday morning charged with disturbing a court session, resisting arrest and rescuing persons in lawful custody, Graphic Online's Donald Ato Dapatem reported.   The eight were represented in court by six lawyers led by Mr Garry Nimako. They all pleaded not guilty.   Mr Nimako told the court the eight accused persons were not members of the Delta Force and were also not arrested at the court premises.   He said they were rather arrested at Fante New Town, which is far away from the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) Circuit Court where the alleged incident took place.     The eight accused persons are said to have aided the escape of the 13 who were remanded by a Kumasi Circuit court last Thursday.   The 13 had been arraigned for forcibly throwing the Ashanti Regional National Security Liaison Officer out of office last month.   Shortly after the presiding judge, Mrs Mary Nsenkyire, had remanded the 13 into prison custody to reappear on April 20, 2017, the group ‘invaded’ the court and in the ensuing melee, the 13 left the courtroom, joined those outside to leave the court premises.   On Monday morning however, Dapatem reported that there was heavy presence of armed police personnel at the Kumasi Circuit Court Two where the accused persons were arraigned.   Dapatem said the suspects were brought to the court in handcuffs and aside the uniformed police personnel from the SWAT team in Accra, there were a number of others in mufti wielding AK 47 assault rifles.   He said unlike the previous court hearing last Thursday, where there were a number of supporters at the court, there were no supporters of the group around Monday morning.   Source:GraphicOnline
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Maverick politician and former chairman for the Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency, Michael Omari Wadie has called on the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator, George Adjei, to resign from his post following the ongoing brouhaha after his attack. In his view, staying at post will be a threat to his personal security. In his view, the surge of vigilante groups within these few months could be as a result of their disapproval of some government appointees. He said, because of him [George Adjei] some people are not satisfied and his life is now under threat hence he should resign from his position. He was responding to the attack on the Kumasi Circuit Court by vigilante group, Delta Force where some 13 other members were standing trial for allegedly harassing the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator, George Adjei. ‘’He is my friend but I think he should step forward and announce his resignation. His life is now under threat. I am talking about his personal security and the ripple effect of what has happened. It is not wise or prudent for him to stay there. Some people would be jailed because of him and when that happens, his life would be under threat so I will advise him to resign from his post.’’ Omari Wadie also called on the rank and file of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) to exercise patience especially those who are lobbying for positions. Speaking in an interview with Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he said, it will not be everybody who would be given an appointment. The party he indicated is only three months old in government hence, the pressure being mounted on government regarding appointments is unfair. He said, the NPP was given the mandate to create opportunities for people and that promise they will keep. Mr. Omari Wadie said, we were given the opportunity to create jobs so Ghanaians. That is why we gained the massive endorsement of Ghanaians. We cannot fail on our promises, we must deliver over the next four years and so, I will plead with our party supporters to have patience. The point is, for the next four years, we have to deliver on our promises however, we cannot give everyone an appointment in our first 100 days. It is not possible, it is absolutely impossible and so we have to exercise patience.’’
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