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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Wednesday, 12 April 2017
The Member of Parliament for Trobo Constituency in the Greater Accra Region, Hon. Moses Anim has taking a tour of his jurisdiction to inspect the state of road network under construction. Most of the road networks within the constituency are under construction but work has been slowed in recent times. This has contributed to the poor nature of the road leaving the people complaining every now and then. Some of the residents cried out saying the unmotorable nature of the roads have caused a lot of harm in the area, pleading with their legislature to do his bit to have work finished as early as needed. The road when constructed up to standard they believe will reduce flooding in the area at the raining season and control dust during dry seasons. Following their complain and appeal, the MP asked them to remain calm assuring them of his readiness to give a monitoring eye on construction works within the length and breadth of the constituency till they attain that expected status. The principal engineer at the Ga West Municipal Assembly, Mr. Edwin Teye said his department is aware of the challenges in the area and are always on the field to tackle the issues one after the other. He praised the MP and the assembly for the effort put in place to have the roads constructed to modern status.    By: Daniel Asuku
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The debate over the appointment of 110 Ministers and Deputies under the Nana Akufo-Addo led administration has been described by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) as an ‘’Obolo’’ government. National Chairman, Kofi Portuphy at a press briefing posited that the appointments by the president is only job for the unemployed supporters of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP). ‘’One pledge that stood out in the heavily plagiarized inaugural speech of president Akufo-Addo was the protection of the public purse. Protecting the public purse implies among others avoiding a large and unwieldy government that becomes a drain on the state resources.   It means installing a lean government that uses minimal resources to obtain an optimal output. That is what every competent chief executive does. Since taking office however, everything the NPP government has done points to the exact opposite. Ghana is now burdened with unprecedented 110 ministers and deputy ministers.     This obolo government has now been turned into a job creation venture for prominent but unemployed members of the NPP. President Akufo-Addo says he needs a 110 ministers for the efficient performance of his government so he has appointed minister for national security, minister for defense, minister for interior, national security advisor, deputy minister for defense, deputy minister for interior in addition to the IGP, National security coordinator, yet with so many appointees in the security apparatus they could not contain a small force like Delta Force.’’
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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has lambasted the clergy, civil society groups over what they termed, the ‘’loud silence’’ following the acts of lawlessness and vigilantism. Addressing the press at the party’s headquarters on Wednesday April 13, 2017, the Chairman, Kofi Portuphy wondered why these groups have kept quiet over the attacks on innocent people yet they became vibrant during the era of the NDC. “All of a sudden, they have abandoned their neutral outlook. They have ceased being the conscience of the nation. We don’t want to believe the attitude of some clergy and civil society towards the disturbing developments in the political scene in Ghana is borne out of political or ethnic prejudice or is arousing out of hypocrisy and double standards,” he said.   On the recent attack on the Kumasi Circuit Court by the Delta Force, the NDC questioned why the various associations kept mute over previous attacks yet came out to speak against the recent incident. “Where was the Ghana Bar Association, CODEO, Peace Council when the NPP brought in mercenaries from South Africa to train these terrorist elements. Where was the Peace Council, when after the elections, these NPP elements attacked, burned down and a took over operations of toll booths at Tiafre in the Brong Ahafo Region and in Tema at the Motorway?”   “Where was the GBA when those goons beat up police officers and chased them out of their offices? Where was the peace council when NPP-sponsored goons murdered four NDC activists in different parts in the country in the Western, Central and Upper East Regions?” 
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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) says the impunity with which the Delta Force and Invincible Forces  operates has dented the image of the country. According to the National Chairman, Kofi Portuphy, the Invincible Forces have continued to subject innocent Ghanaians to a reign of terror including unlawful raids and attacks in their homes and offices. ‘’This development is an affront to our democracy and in particular to the principles of the rule of law…Since the NPP assumed office, the national mood has become one of fear and personal insecurity and there could be a backlash if President Akufo-Addo refuses to act,’’ he warned. The operations of the vigilante groups they stated are some of the factors that led to the formation of Boko Haram, a terrorist group in Nigeria. “The real danger in not dealing swiftly and ruthlessly with insipid domestic political terrorism is that it can easily grow uncontrollably into armed terrorism of international proportion.” Although Nana Addo has assured Ghanaians that he will ensure that vigilantism is brought to an end, the NDC believes his assurance was only a lip service.   ‘’…the president shied away from expressing outrage or total condemnation and chose rather cynically to pontificate on the rule of law, when responsible world leaders expressed outrage at violence in their countries it is not because they do not believe in the rule of law, it is because violence should never be condoned under any circumstances.  "As a lawyer, President Akufo-Addo is an officer of the court and should, therefore, be concerned when the court is physically attacked and the Presiding judge threatened, but President Akufo-Addo doesn't seem to care."
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Although the immediate past governor of the Central Bank,  Dr Abdul  Nashiru Issahaku-said he resigned based on personal reasons, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has asserted that he forced out office. The former governor who was the 14 in an interview with the media  has explained that he resigned as Governor of the Bank of Ghana on personal grounds. “They did not force me out. It was a personal decision".  But addressing the press at the party’s headquarters, Kofi Portuphy said the man was forced and when asked if he had any evidence to support his claim, he said the party was aware the man was forced out despite his media interview to state otherwise. “Since the assumption of office, the Akufo-Addo administration has forced several professional public servants out of their offices, and replaced them with loyalist party members… A typical example is the manner in which the governor of the Bank of Ghana has been prevented from completing his term of office and has been forced to resign prematurely,” he said.     Dr Issahaku was appointed governor in April 2016 by former President John Dramani Mahama.
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The fine which the Kumasi Circuit slapped on the 13 Delta Force members for escaping lawful custody has been described by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) as ‘’shambolic and theatrical’’. A Kumasi Circuit Court presided over by Justice Ekow Mensah, on Tuesday fined the 13 Delta Force members 200 penalty units, which translates into GHc2,400 or in default spend three years in prison for escaping from the court after they were remanded. The 13 Delta Force members were facing charges of conspiracy to assault for raiding the Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council and assaulting the Regional Security Coordinator because they were against his appointment. They were last week freed by some members of the vigilante group in open court, after the presiding judge remanded the 13 to police custody. About eight of those who caused the confusion at the court were arrested, while the 13 escapees subsequently turned themselves into the police. But responding to the ruling, National Chairman of the opposition NDC, Kofi Portuphy said ‘’the ruling was shambolic and theatrical and only compounds the national disgrace that the former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana complained of. He said, the ruling will ‘’certainly have grave ramifications for law and order in this country.’’ He further suggested that, ‘’this latest manifestation of Nana Akufo-Addo’s all die be die mantra could plunge the nation into further lawlessness with grave consequences.’’ He added: ‘’We [NDC] now have every reason to believe that the Akufo-Addo’s presidency is complicit in the violence being unleashed by Delta Force, Invincible Forces and the like.’’ The party also took a swipe at civil society groups, clergy, the Ghana Bar Association (GBA) over what they termed as their silence over the acts of vigilantism. The response from these groups they lamented was in respect to only the attack on the Kumasi Circuit Court. In a barrage of questions he quizzed: ‘’Where was the Peace Council when after the elections these NPP elements attacked, burnt down and in some cases took over operations of toll booths at Fiapre in the Brong Ahafo Region and the Tema end of the motorway? Where was the GBA when the goons beat up police officers and chased them out of their office? Where was the Peace Council when the NPP-sponsored groups murdered 4 NDC activists in different parts of the Western and Central Regions? Where was the so-called moral conscience of society when the NPP-sponsored terrorists invaded and attacked homes of former government officials on the pretext of searching for government property? Where were they when these same NPP goons destroyed state property at the Kwame Nkrumah interchange, raided NADMO head office etc?   The NDC he concluded will use legitimate means to address their concerns if the President fails to crack the whip.
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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has expressed optimism that it will bounce back into power in the year 2020, following regrets on the part of Ghanaians over the leadership of NPP in the past few months.  The party however believes their come back, will not materialize if members do not channel their energies in reorganizing the party towards victory 2020. Some senior members of the party after the party lost the polls blamed and pointed accusing fingers at the executive and former president John Dramani Mahama. But addressing the press today [Wednesday], National Chairman of the largest opposition party, Kofi Portuphy appealed for cessation of the public bickering. He also charged those who are vying for position to be reminded of the reorganization of the party instead of their quest for positions.   He said: …I have had cause to appeal for cessation of the public bickering. Today I wish to make a fresh appeal especially to those nursing leadership ambitions in in the NDC; Let us not put the cart before the horse. The task we face now is reorganization of the party and mobilization for victory. Those who aspire to leadership positions, including the flagbearership position, must understand that they will need a strong, united and formidable party to stand behind them in the quest to regain power in 2020.’’ He also admonished party supporters to ‘’act in ways that play into the hands of the ruling NPP which appears determined to use its presidential and parliamentary majority to rule We with impunity and arrogance. All of us from the rank and file to senior members must understand that we cannot fight the NPP with a divided front. And if we, by our actions create a void, our detractors will continue to fill the void with falsehoods.’’ He reminded party supporters that the NDC encountered similar challenges in the year 2000 but managed tp put the challenges behind them and won the 2008 general polls. ‘’The NDC can do it again, not in eight (8) years but God willing in 4 years.’’ The NDC he stressed will bounce back because Ghanaians are expressing anger and are disappointed in the current administration for failing in their promises.   ‘’The NDC will re-organize. The NDC will unite. We [NDC] will emerge stronger having learnt our lessons, ‘’he stated.
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National Organizer for the Convention People’s Party (CPP) and a leading member of the Economic Fighters League, Ernesto says the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) would have lost miserably if elections were held today  after their first 100 days. The outspoken politician who took to his facebook page to score the first 100 days of President Akufo-Addo said, never has any government incensed Ghanaians in their first 100 days like what we have witnessed under the NPP over the last 100 days. Touching on different issues, Ernesto Yeboah lambasted government over its incompetence in addressing the invasion of Chinese nationals and illegal mining.     Read below the full post from Ernesto Yeboah: After 100 days of being in office, if elections were held today the NPP will lose miserably. Never has any government incensed the people so much in its first 100 days than that of President Akufo-Addo, and it started with his inaugural speech which embarrassingly turned out to have been plagiarized from speeches of western leaders. This shameful despicable act deflated Ghana's pride in a most profound and fundamental way that words have never been enough to describe. Many of us understood there and then that the leader we thought we had elected was actually not ours but theirs. We knew thus who is in charge of our country. Soon after was the government's speedy action to enforce the consumption of genetically modified foods in Ghana, outsourcing the country's Agricultural sector to USAID and appointing a pro GMO advocate as Minister of Agriculture. It would be recalled how many Ghanaians protested and demonstrated against the passage of the GMO Plants Breeders Bill by the NDC administration and how it eventually contributed to their defeat at the polls. To the shock of many Ghanaians was this government's pleadings to the IMF to extend its program with Ghana, a program they criticised the erstwhile administration for when they were in opposition. This was yet another sign of the insincerity and incapacity of this government. As if this was not enough this government sneakily moved to sign the second part of the Millennium Compact Agreement that commits Ghana to sell ECG, Gridco and VRA. Beyond these policy issues has been what many have described as this government's childish fixation with pulling down Kwame Nkrumah, the only name that still reverberates sense in hearts and minds, and brings hope to many Ghanaians. Sadly this curious obsession by government has been at the expense of the unresolved dumsor crisis, massive youth unemployment, lorry fare hikes and ever worsening socio-economic conditions in the country. The President's inaction and incompetence in addressing the Chinese invasion and the galamsey question hasn't helped their image either. At a time when many Ghanaians are screaming their lungs out to "stop galamsey NOW", this government has only managed to show great impotence by either begging the Chinese or giving them THREE WEEKS to further steal our gold and pollute our rivers. All of these moves have led to a massive recession of confidence in the government. The Ameri saga is fast developing to represent the first and final test to the much professed anti corruption character of this government. And all signs so far shows a rather worrying picture. There is no doubt that there was foul play in the Ameri deal which led to Ghana being shortchanged. Thus to learn of this government's immediate seeming complicity due to the fact that the company under investigation paid the hotel bills of the committee members leaves a soiled patch on the image of this government. The question is why has the government not moved to abrogate the contract and to prosecute culpable state officials of the previous administration who were involved in this dubious deal? And indeed why are those found to have stolen state vehicles not being prosecuted as every thief ought to under the laws of Ghana? Is President Akufu-Addo going to fight corruption in this manner? Is this all there is to the much-touted commitment to fighting corruption? The 100 days of the NPP can well be described as an era of lawlessness and weak leadership marked by the hungry NPP hooligans and miscreant thugs attacking and molesting citizens with no attempt by the president to call them to order or the government to disband the criminal groupings still holding themselves as invisible and delta criminals strangling the whole nation to death. The most disturbing bit is the arrogant and insulting NPP communicators unleashed to provide justifications on issues. The NPP has squandered the goodwill that brought them to power and are fast preparing their way back to opposition. They have forgotten so soon that a significant number of Ghanaians no longer hold allegiance to political parties but on the question of true Economic Freedom and who can provide it. As youth we must always remember as Franz Fanon puts it "each generation must discover it's mission, fulfil it or betray it". We know that we cannot betray our mission, we have a moral duty to fight for our people to bring about economic freedom in their lifetime. You know as much as I do that this is certainly not the change you voted for so let us speak up before it is too late.    
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The world has witnessed yet another display of the military might of the United States with the missile strikes on Syrian targets a few days ago.The United States justified its strikes because it believed the Assad regime was behind a chemical weapons attack on opposition strongholds in Syria last week.The action of the United States raises serious questions of justification and the real motives behind the positions taken by the world’s super powers on Syria.The pattern of behaviour only goes to perpetuate the immorality of international politics.When these dastardly scenes of chemical warfare were being given their usual high publicity in the Western media it was quite obvious that it was designed to poison the atmosphere against the Assad regime.In spite of all the sophisticated armed support that the rebels have enjoyed the Assad armed forces with Russian support were able to degrade and defeat so many ISIS targets and rebels. The world saw the huge blow that the Assad forces dealt the rebels.The big question now is how an Armed Force that has virtually beaten the rebel resistance with Russian assistance and with victory on a threshold could conceive of such madness as to dump chemical weapons at innocent civilians and children. Where is the sense in this illogical accusation if it wasn’t done to create a false impression in order to justify what the USA and the West are doing?Most world leaders have gone quiet instead of condemning this subterfuge. Who are most likely in that demented situation to do such an atrocious act of chemical weapon usage?Not too long ago the West looked away, the media kept quiet while the Yemeni were being bombed and starved of food and water. Vessels bringing aid (food and water) were blocked and children were left looking emaciated in scenes straight out of the holocaust.Some of these Western countries must regain or reset their own internal moral compasses before embarking on such adventures. Right from the onset, when the Assad regime and other Shia nations refused to subordinate themselves to the unipolar power of the West and some Sunni powers, Russia under Putin, was one of the powers that stood tall in defence of international freedom. Russia’s effort to assist the Syrian government set the West to attack her economy with so-called sanctions and the reduction of the price of oil in a bid to cripple her.This act of underhand desperation should be seen and recognised for what it is. The world cannot be so naive as not to see through this kind of confidence propaganda.The audaciousness to embark on this fraudulent behaviour (and to follow up to this extent) can only happen as a result of the extent of decline of international morality and it is a manifestation of the decay in the quality of leadership in some parts of the world.All in all an independent body involving neutral states must be set up to investigate where these chemicals came from. This body must be free from the influence of the accusers and must carefully investigate and expose the real perpetrators. Then and only then can the world know who the real hidden perpetrators are.Trump’s warmth or respect for Putin contained the seeds of peaceful co-existence and there were those who were so dead against it and for whatever random reason wanted to restore an antagonistic position of the old days with Russia. Looks like the negative forces who wanted to see a climate of conflict between Putin and Trump may finally have their way.The minute Secretary of State Tillerson said enough of talking at Korea and the US ambassador at the UN staged her drama at the Security Council followed by Trump’s act it was clear a scapegoat would have to be found. What better target than Assad’s Syria on the verge of taking a military high ground and the political process kicking in with Russia’s support?The West and their Sunni allies’ attempt to unseat the Syrian Government is what has precipitated this military and refugee crises in the region. Russia’s attempt to prevent a handful of countries in the West from constituting themselves into global governors to decide and dispense freedom and justice is partly why this war is being fought. This is nothing more than the fraud that was perpetrated at the UN prior to the ‘shock and awe’ in 2003. The world cannot be so naïve, so uninformed, so blind, so emasculated as not to see through this daylight robbery that’s going to degrade international ethics even further? The life of freedom, justice and democracy is what’s at stake. The deafening silence of most leaders around the world will lead to further degrading the already sad state of democracy.Are these Western countries prepared to back the Iranian and Russian calls for a very competent neutral investigation? This call should have been made the first time this madness occurred. I have to repeat that a regime on the threshold of defeating its perceived enemies will not do this. A rebel group on the verge of defeat is likely to resort to this madness on the urging of its mindless backers.The world must wake up. Leaders must wake up. Assad’s Government and Assange are not those in danger. Freedom Justice and genuine democracy is what is in danger from a unipolar ambition to rule the world!!!This has been the most vicious and persistent cowardly act over the seven-year period. America and her allies know those behind it. Russia, Assad and Iran must know those behind it. We’ve all kept mute about the real culprit nation and the situation has now been exploited by the US in a senseless manner that insults the intelligence of human beings. And because of the seeming ineffective denial and rejection of the act by those being accused the propaganda against them has been exploited.No matter how much we may hate or resent Assad it’s absolutely outrageous and immoral to resort to this uncivilized behaviour so as to provide the pretext to engage in military action.Abdul Hamid who escaped the chemical weapon attack has every right to fight Assad for over drum bombs etc, for anything and everything but not for the chemical weapon attack. That comes from behind him…his own back. Point being killing the children with the gas can serve an exploitable purpose than leaving them to be killed by Assad’s bombs. Let’s wake up. Let’s wake up. This kind of evil should not be allowed to pass!!We have been living in an age where the ability and the capacity to make an accusation more impressive than the denial by the accused and victim seemingly puts the truth on your side. The US pulled this con at the UN before invading Iraq. This time it’s Syria. Syria is politically in a very very tight spot and has conducted her war with Russian support in a fairly conventional way and dislocated and dislodged ISIS and rebels in a very impressive manner when the Russian Air Force got involved. They were left with cleaning up a few areas. So why they would do anything so stupid is a question I’d like to direct to the world and especially Mr. Trump and his allies and most of all to the Western media. This daring and dangerous fraud undermines man’s attempt to restore trust and integrity into words and actions of nations. The world watched Mr. Trump hack and brutalize the truth and noble people on his way into office. This behaviour will make the world unsafe. Let’s show a little more respect and reverence for basic truths and natural justice.It’s unfortunate that those around Trump have taken advantage of his shortcomings. This is shameful, disgraceful and a serious indictment on the forces of good in this world. The war and its toll on human life is a painful sight for all of us. Defeat Assad if you may, but don’t resort to this deceit to justify the unjustifiable. This fraud is going to be a test on the leaders of today and the citizenry.By: Former President Jerry John Rawlings
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Former president John Dramani Mahama has admonished his appointees who served under his administration to hold their heads high considering the unprecedented achievements chalked by the party.The former president at a meeting with former ministers of state under the NDC administration said posterity will be the judge for the remarkable achievements chalked by the NDC when they were in power.“In the monumental achievements that we chalked, I believe that you must hold your heads high because that government did a lot for this country, and I believe that posterity will be the judge eventually. We did a lot to improve the infrastructure of the country, and often infrastructure is a thing people take for granted. It is possible to be in the opposition and criticize.“We should not feel depressed or feel ashamed about our service in government. It was outstanding. We must continue to defend the legacy of that government.”The ruling NPP described the former leader as incompetent but the Mr. Mahama says his achievements were unprecedented.He used the opportunity to admonish party supporters to channel their grievances to the Kwesi Botchwey led committed mandated tio review the reasons for the defeat of the party.“I’ve been meeting with FEC and the elders; the chairman of the party is now the leader according to our constitution but all of us are members of the party. We’ve served at high level of government and so we have a role to play both as ex-president, ex vice president, as ministers of state and our fortunes are tied in with the party and we are committed members of the party so we must work to make sure that we put the party in a state where we are able to contribute to the progress of this country even in opposition by making sure that we provide the kind of opposition that safeguards the interest of the people.” -
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