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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Wednesday, 19 April 2017
President Akufo-Addo has noted that if Ghana is to make any meaningful change in the lives of the people, her efforts must be directed at agriculture, as the majority of people can only feel a change in their lives when agriculture is developed.   With Ghana’s agriculture predominantly hinged on the production of cocoa, President Akufo-Addo noted that the country has not made much progress in the cultivation of staples, like rice, maize and soya, urging, therefore, for a fundamental change in attitudes towards agriculture. He made the statement when he launched the ‘Planting For Food and Jobs’ at Goaso in the Brong Ahafo Region.   “Agriculture is not and cannot be a single-crop industry. Farming is a business and it is a profession that must be promoted and studied like all other professions. Ghana has the unique potential to feed its growing population, meet the raw material requirements of our processing industries, achieve food security, and compete successfully as a leading supplier to countries around us and beyond,” he said.   The vision of his government, he stressed, will be to modernize agriculture, improve production efficiency, achieve food security, and profitability for farmers, all aimed at significantly increasing agricultural productivity. Additionally, a value-addition strategy, aimed at rapidly ramping up agro-processing and developing new and stable markets for products will be pursued.   “Our policies and interventions will encompass the full agricultural value chain and create additional businesses and job opportunities in the areas of storage, transport, processing, packaging and marketing of agricultural produce, all of which will ensure that our farmers and fisher folk earn higher incomes,” he added.    
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Ghanaian musician, Kwame Anokye known in showbiz as Lumba Jnr says he has been possessed by highlife legend, Daddy Lumba. The musician who has imitated everything about the celebrated musician in an interview with Delay said, “Daddy Lumba knows whatever I am doing. We have performed on stage together and he encouraged me to work hard, he will support me one day. We met in 1998 in Atimatim, Kumasi and he gave me twenty pesewas in the presence of his late mother.’’ He also stated on the show that, Daddy Lumba originally known as Charles Kwadwo Fosu is his father. ‘’Daddy Lumba is my father. I will do DNA one day when the time comes. I am not trying to imitate Daddy Lumba, this is my lifestyle. I see Daddy Lumba’s son as my brother”. The 32 year-old musician when pushed further said his biological father once commented that he is surprised his own son is following the footsteps of Daddy Lumba, his lifestyle and music career.   He said, my father who resides in Offinso suspects his late mother have committed adultery with Daddy Lumba.
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President Akufo-Addo has expressed strong optimism that, the flagship agricultural progromme by his administration, ‘Planting For Food and Jobs’, will succeed. He gave the assurance when he launched the programme in the Brong Ahafo Region. According to the president, the programme, is expected to modernize agriculture, improve production, achieve food security and make Ghana more self-sufficient, whilst creating jobs for the youth. The president said he is aware of the expectation from Ghanaian farmers and their interest in government’s policy intervention in modernizing agriculture.  He said: “I am happy to inform you that ‘Planting for food and Jobs’ is the basis of the answer to the twin problems you have been confronted in recent years.” He added, the policy “is anchored on the pillars that will transform Ghana’s agriculture; the provision of improved seeds, the supply of fertilizers, the provision of dedicated extension services and marketing strategy. The initiative is expected to increase the production of maize by 30%, rice by 49%, soybean by 25% and sorghum by 28% for current production levels. The president further noted that agriculture must be prioritized to ensure that the lives of Ghanaians are affected positively. According to him, government will  “pursue a value addition strategy aimed at rapidly ramping up agro-processing and developing new and stable markets for our products.” “Our policies and intervention will encompass the full agriculture value chain and creating additional business and job opportunities in the areas of storage, transport, processing and marketing of agriculture produce, all of which will ensure that our farmers and fisher-folk earn a higher income.”        
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The Chairperson for the Women’s League Board, Linear Addy has called on Ghana’s influential women to promote women’s football. She indicated that, if they can get the First Lady, the Electoral Commissioner and other influential ladies of the land to support women’s football, then ''we must make sure we do our homework well. But I am also calling on them to at least with this medium; know that they have a course and a role to play in developing and shaping our girls…’’ Launching the National Women’s League, she said, as stakeholders they can only say they’ve done a great job if they play according to the rules of the game. She further admonished stakeholders to make their brand attractive by taking out negative things so they attract sponsorship for women's football.   Miss Addy stressed that, the FA will do all it can within it powers to sustain women’s football,  Isaac Worlanyo Wallace who was at the event reported.   The fixtures for the season 5 of the Women’s League will kick start on April 29 with two new entrants joining from the Northern and Southern sectors namely: Holy Royals and Kumasi Sports Academy Ladies respectively. She commended the Women’s League Board for their efforts in sustaining the game but charged them to embrace themselves for more challenges because they are growing.    
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The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has given traders around the Circle Interchange, two weeks ultimatum to relocate to the Pedestrian Shopping Mall. The traders have expressed their anger at the directive from the AMA and vowed not relocated to the market. Meanwhile, former chairman for the traders, Charles A. Akomea is accusing the new chairman, Adu Boahen for conniving with the AMA to frustrate the traders. According to him, before the interchange was constructed, they were promised a compensation package because some of the traders were affected but they are still pursuing it in court and the new chair appears unconcerned. He further alleged that, the current chair has sold some portion of land at the market instead of allocating it to the traders. He said the traders that were affected by the construction, were supposed to get access to the portion of land allegedly sold by the chair. When called and asked to comment on the allegation, Adu Boahen refuted the claims and questioned whether the former chair sold lands like he has alleged. He said, the traders are now trading on the pavements because trading activities at the market have halted. He said, the traders selling outside have spaces in the market but they don’t want to use it. Mr. Boahen went on to threaten that,  the other traders in the market will join their colleagues on the pavement should the AMA fail to eject them. The interview nearly turned sour as they used unprintable words on each other but were asked to retract.      
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The Head of Research Centre at the University of Ghana, Legon Professor Ofosu-Budu has lauded efforts by government in initiating the ‘Planting For Food and Jobs.’ He described it as a good initiative that will benefit Ghanaian farmers and give us more food in our food baskets if well executed. He was however quick to add that, this is not the first time a government has initiated a programme like this hence, the need to review and learn from our past, identify our failures and success to inform how this new initiative is rolled out.   President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo  today [Wednesday], launched the government’s flagship agricultural programme, ‘Planting for Food and Jobs’. The launch was held at Goaso in the Asunafo municipality in the Brong Ahafo Region. The programme, according to the government, would motivate farmers to grow staple foods such as maize, millet, and beans. Interested farmers are to be provided with free seedlings among other agricultural inputs and agro-chemicals such as fertilizer at reduced prices. But commenting on the programme, Prof. Budu raised questions over the distribution of farm inputs under previous governments and cautioned against any undue political interference.   He called for accountability and transparency under the new programme so farmers, will not use other means to sell their produce since that will frustrate the process.   Government has expressed strong optimism at the success of the programme. The sector Minister, Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto  has said the programme will create over 750, 000 jobs.   “This year, we expect that with these interventions and only the 200,000 farmers, we would be able to increase the demand for jobs on the farms, and create 750,000 jobs. Government has also resolved to build a 1000-metric tonnes capacity warehouse in each of the 216 districts to ensure that we have enough storage capacity to store and market the expected increases that we get from this program,” the minister said.     It is estimated that the programme will kick start with GHc 560 million cost.    
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Two persons have been arrested been arrested by the police at Agbogloshie for possessing 500 round of ammunition. Their arrest was based on an intelligence gathered by the police. The arrest was collaboration between a community member and the police. Public Relations Officer (PRO) for  the Greater Accra Regional Police Command, ASP Effia Tenge  addressing the press today [Wednesday] said, he two suspects, Imoro Abdul Wahab, 25, a scrap dealer, and Kwaku Amankwa, 58, who claims to be a registered arms dealer, were involved in a transaction which saw the scrap dealer purchase the ammunition valued at GHc 1,000. Abdul Wahab was arrested first, and subsequently led the police to the second suspect at a place called Arena in Accra.   “The police retrieved 250 rounds of BB cartridges and 250 rounds of AA cartridges summing up to the 500 pieces of cartridges,” the police PRO said.   “Both suspects are being detained for investigations, and shall soon be put before the court when our investigations and the intent has been established.”   The arrest follows renewed clashes in the area recently which led to the death of two persons.
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Deputy Executive Director of the African Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP), Benjamin Boakye has noted that, the power purchase agreements signed under the former National Democratic Congress (NDC) government and cancelled under the current administration may save the country money. According to him, the new administration may have reviewed the deals and concluded to cancel the deals based on what they have reviewed and seen. He was however quick to add that, the cancellation is a step in the right direction but we do not know the immediate impact it will have on us. They do not put in public details of the agreement and so if there are loopholes, and you cancel, they may seek legal redress and that may create a judgment debt. There were number of agreements signed but not working and so it was prudent to review the agreement and cancel the ones that could be cancelled. The Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia at the Townhall meeting held on Monday revealed that, government has abrogated about 20 power purchase agreements signed by the erstwhile Mahama government. According to him, this has saved the country a whopping $300 million. “We have saved the country $300 million by reviewing and prioritizing the existing power purchasing agreements. We’ve essentially cancelled about 20 of them, we’ve asked four of them to go ahead and the rest to delay by two or three years and in so doing, we have managed to reduce government’s liabilities,’’ the Vice President said. The NPP had argued that some of the power deals signed by the former government were bloated, and were not value for money. Mr. Boakye stressed that in ensuring value for money, it will be proper for government to review the deals and select those that will serve our best interest. ‘’You have to sign the contract to assure the company that they will have value for their services but after signing the agreement and for some time they have not started offering their services, you can cancel it or review it before signing with a new company. Because if you fail to do that, and they still generate power for you together with the new one, you will have to pay them and that will mean excess power which you do not need but paying for it…The World Bank had estimated that we will be paying an amount of $2.5 billion for excess power.’’   He added: ‘’We have to work with a plan to prevent corruption in the sector. We don’t usually work with a plan and that is why people use that to corrupt the system. We do not plan and so when we are faced with crisis, we rush to go for emergency procurement and that is where people corrupt the system, ’’ he said.
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The chief executive officer of McDan Group of companies, Dr. Daniel McKorley has expressed optimism that the interest in this year’s McDan Open Tennis Championship will grow to a higher notch. According to the charismatic tennis buff, the tennis championship has grown in leaps and bounds, taking into account how it has provided a relieving departure for the athletes who starved tournaments of this magnitude, designed to unearth and harness talents. He stated that, tennis, is a discipline with a broad spectrum of fanatics and interests and abounding with talents were the bread-and-butter factors that motivated the McDan Group to come on board to salvage the sport from its dwindling fortunes and predicaments. He further stated that this year’s competition is going several notches up in terms of the prize monies for the deserving athletes. Speaking to Rainbow Sportsonline.com, the tennis enthusiast reiterated his passion to see tennis players soar to dizzy heights. He added that, his pride and joy is to see every tennis player desirous of making the grade, rise to the apex of success or establish themselves as powerhouses on the continent and abroad. My expectation for the upcoming tournament is to see our compatriots cover themselves with so much luster and glory, given that the Nigerians were the athletes who gained hegemony in the previous tournament.” he intimated” The McDan Open Tennis championship which commenced four seasons ago, with this year’s edition, being the second in a row since the organizers spread its net wide to cover West Africa, will host the likes of Wisdom Naa Adrago, Jeff Baggerbaseh-winner of the maiden edition, Benjamin Fumi and Nigerian pair Michael Moses and Sarah Adegoke, winners in both the male and female categories. The championship will kick off on April 25 to 29, 2017 at the tennis court of Ohene Gyan Sports Stadium. By: Nana Prempeh.        
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There has been a record-breaking achievement in distributing tablets to fight neglected tropical diseases, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation says.The effort has ramped up since a key meeting in London five years ago.In 2015, one billion people worldwide were treated for at least one tropical disease. Companies have donated seven billion treatments since 2012.The World Health Organisation said improving water and sanitation was key to driving further progress.The London meeting resulted in a pledge to control or eliminate 10 neglected tropical diseases – including guinea worm, river blindness and trachoma – by 2020.Some 170,000 people die from one of the illnesses every year, but their biggest impact is disabling their sufferers.In an interview with BBC News, Bill Gates praised pharmaceutical companies for “doing their part in a great relationship” by donating treatment at “a phenomenal scale”.‘Fantastic story’Mr Gates said: “None of these diseases are getting worse. They are less neglected than they used to be.“We’re behind on some of the very ambitious goals which were set in London for 2020 – but the burden from all these diseases is getting better.“And for some, such as lymphatic filariasis (a mosquito-borne worm which causes limbs to swell), there’s been a big reduction in the population we need to treat – from 1.5 billion to one billion people.“Guinea worm is close to the end, with only 25 cases last year – though the unrest in South Sudan is making this work harder. But it’s not going to spread back in big numbers.“And we’ve had huge progress on sleeping sickness (a parasitic infection which can kill) – with cases now down to under 3,000. This is a fantastic story.“It’s a hard area to explain because it’s not just one disease – and there is a certain complexity to the individual diseases.”Five of the 10 diseases are tackled with big programmes to distribute multiple drugs, requiring lots of co-ordination to deliver and evaluate treatment in an efficient way.Mr Gates was speaking from a meeting in Geneva, where new commitments worth $812m (£641m) have been made by governments, drug companies and charitable bodies.He applauded the UK government’s announcement at the weekend that it would double support for fighting neglected tropical diseases.Mr Gates told me: “The UK is a critical donor. As somebody who’s very measurement-oriented, I find that partnering with the UK on these health-related areas is a great way to spend money and lift these countries up.“Anyone who gets to see these very tough diseases, and to see the benefit from these initiatives, would be absolutely convinced.”President Trump ‘pragmatic’Mr Gates, who had a meeting with President Trump last month, described the recent US funding cut to the United Nations Population Fund as “disappointing and unfortunate”.He added: “I feel quite confident that when Congress decides the overall aid budget, there won’t be the large cuts to foreign aid that would have been implied by the President’s proposed budget.“I don’t know that we’ll get to a situation where there are no cuts – but I think with the support of Congress, we’ll get close to where we’ve been in previous years.“I talked to the President about the critical role the US has played in the great progress on HIV, malaria and reproductive health – and in terms of how strong health systems can stop pandemics.“We got a glimpse of that with Ebola and Zika.“I think I was able to get across the idea that global health matters even in an ‘America First’ framework.“The President has proved willing to be pragmatic since he’s been in office – so continued dialogue about development aid will be important.”Source: BBC 
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