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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Thursday, 25 May 2017
A traditional priest Komfo Pashew popularly called Nana Express has sustained knife injuries after he was allegedly stabbed by one Kojo Benson for snatching his fiancée at Nyamekye a suburb of Atwima Mponua district in the the Ashanti region. Narrating the incident to Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, our correspondent Abdul Malik Anokye said, the suspect together with his fiancée, Janet Ocloo went to see the priest to help them make babies. However, the priest reportedly performed a magic on the lady and started having an affair with her. Kojo Benso who was given a tip-off by friends confronted the priest about his relationship with the fiancée. The priest is said to have denied having an affair with the lady but Janet Ocloo reportedly told her fiancée that she could no longer date him. The suspect who was angered by the situation picked a knife, stormed the shrine of the priest and inflicted knife wounds on him. The priest is said to have sustained eye injuries which may cause him his sight. He is currently on admission at the Bibiani Government Hospital whereas the suspect has bolted.    
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Fall army worms have invaded eleven maize farming communities in Dormaa Ahenkro, the Municipal Capital of the Dormaa Central Municipality of the Brong Ahafo Region. Three hundred and twenty – four (324) farmers in the area have been affected and a total of 522 hectors of farmlands have been infested representing 31.70 per cent of destruction. The affected communities include Suromani, Agyemankrom, Nsuhia, Amasu, Asenso Number One, Koradaso, Asikasu, Kofiasua, Kwameasua, Dormaa Ahenkro and Antwirifo. Mr Akaare Damian, the Deputy Director of Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) told the media that the invasion was as a result of the wrong application of insecticides – farmers did not use the right dosage of chemical when the insects attacked the farms. “The farmers delayed more than one week before reporting the incident. They resorted to using their own means to control the insects. When the chemical proved ineffective in dealing with the insects, they later rushed to our office”, he said. The Deputy Director of Ministry of Food and Agriculture said his outfit has taken delivery of some insecticides and distribution is being made to farmers of the affected communities.   Source: GNA 
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The governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has urged  African leaders to make  youth development a key part of his government's agenda. This was contained in a statement signed by John Boadu, the Acting General Secretary.   Below is the statement   NPP SALUTES GHANA AND AFRICA ON THE OCCASION OF AFRICAN UNION DAY   As Ghana joins its neighbouring countries on the continent to mark African Union Day, the NPP is pleased to join the rest of the world in congratulating Africans on the Continent and in the Diaspora for their diverse contribution towards the African project. The party also salutes the continental organization on this milestone occasion and calls on Africans and African governments to reaffirm their support and commitment to the ideals of the Union.   This day, which has been declared a continental holiday, also happens to be the 54th Anniversary of the founding of the African Union and surely, it is worth celebrating.   This year’s celebration is anchored on the theme, “Harnessing the Demographic Dividends through investments in the Youth” with the view to providing a unique opportunity for Africans to reflect on matters of Youth Development and also celebrate milestones chalked in this enterprise.   It is gratifying to note that in Ghana, the government of His Excellency President Nana Akufo-Addo has in words and in deeds, shown significant commitment towards the wellbeing of the nation’s youth and so, the NPP is hopeful that other African countries will emulate the good examples of Ghana. Undoubtedly, no nation can make any meaningful progress without prioritizing matters of Youth Development.   The party also wishes to, on this special occasion, pay glowing tribute to the founding fathers of the Union including our own Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Haille Selassie, Malcom X, Muammar Gaddafi among others. Finally, the NPP extends its best wishes to all Africans as we commemorate this historic day and also calls on Ghanaians in particular, to actively take part in activities earmaked by the Foreign Affairs Ministry to climax the day. Long live our motherland. Long live the continent of Africa.   Thank you.   …Signed…   JOHN BOADU   Acting General Secretary
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Africa is in disarray-Prof. SKB Asante

Renowned historian, Professor S.K.B.  Asante, says not much has been achieved after the African Union (AU) was formed. Responding to a question posed to him by host Kwaku Owusu Frimpong on Rainbow Radio on whether the AU has been able to achieve what it set out to do, he said, not much. According to Professor Asante, the AU had great hopes- we thought by this time, Africa will be moving together, cooperation will be great, economies would be integrated and so on but we haven’t done that. It is sad, he added. In the view of Prof. Asante, Africa is in disarray. Maybe I expected so much, we were so ambitious. He was however quick to add, some countries are doing well despite the challenges confronting the continent. When asked if leadership has failed us despite the resources (human, material and others) in the continent, he answered in the affirmative. ''We have the man power also. Africa is all over the place. In Europe, America, our people are doing well...People think they can do better outside  and they do. Our people are very talented but somehow, we don't seem to do the right thing here.'' The African he noted, works hard when they travel abroad yet they fail to employ that same zeal in their home country. He charged academicians to take up the challenge to find reasons why Africans do better in European countries instead of their home region. Africa he said must move beyond aid and be self-dependent. He charged young people to be selfless like our for-bearers who sacrificed themselves for the continent. According to him, we are disunited, selfish and not our brother’s keeper. He said, there is no future for the youth if we allow what is going on to continue.   The host asked the historian whether the objectives, mission and vision of the AU would be relevant in modern day Africa, he said, the late  Muammar Gaddafi Abu Minyar Gaddafi, commonly known as Colonel Gaddafi, who was a Libyan leader was killed because of his efforts to continue the fight for the unity of Africa. He said, the country was invaded by outsiders and Gaddafi was killed because they saw him as a threat. ‘’We should not only be one in our country but Africa. We should not amass wealth for ourselves but we should improve the lot of the African…It beholds on all of us to change our ways,’’ he said.
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Dr Akwasi Osei, the Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Mental Health Authority (GHA) has asserted that Ghana is inching towards civil upheaval. Dr Osei described as sickening the reported cases of alleged corrupt deals by public officials. He noted: “It is very sad for this country. Corruption in this country is worrying and when you are a patriotic citizen, you will be worried and sad at the level of corruption in this country.’’ According to him, the culture of impunity in this country has also contributed to the canker stressing that, leadership in this country has also been a factor. He cited Tanzania as an example where the leadership has cracked the whip on corruption and has admonished leaders in Ghana to crack the whip, punish corrupt officials to serve as a deterrent to others. When asked if the fight against corruption will be successful considering the various level of the canker, he said, we can fight against corruption at levels with commitment. ‘’Blame the top hierarchy for the culture of impunity in Ghana and not the average Ghanaian. The average Ghanaian when abroad obeys laws but do not do same in his home country because of leadership.We should be a corruption free country. We should be bold and name and shame corrupt people.’’ ''Ghana will soon witness a civil upheaval because of the level of corruption, impunity, and bad leadership. Ghanaians will reach a point and say no, we can no longer tolerate these things. Civil society has a role to play but if care is not taking, it will build up to a civil upheaval.''                 He said the existence of the African Union (AU) has not helped member countries and until we rectify that it will not augur well for us. African leaders he stated have not shown commitment towards the unity of the continent with specific mention on the way we trade and do business. He was however quick to add that, there should be strict policies to prevent others from taking advantage of the other.         expressed worry over the poor attention given to mental health care in the country and called for stakeholders’ intervention.  
Published in General News
Ghana and Sierra Leone have agreed to ratify the agreement for co-operation between their two countries, so as to provide the legal framework for addressing their trade and investment concerns.   Despite the good relations that exist between the two countries, there is no framework for co-operation to guide these relations, with this development hampering the deepening of bilateral ties and co-operation amongst the two countries.   To this end, President Akufo-Addo has assured that “I will pursue this matter with my Parliament to ensure the ratification of this Agreement”, an agreement which was signed between the two countries on 19th December, 2013, but which is yet to be ratified.   “Co-operation in the development of our agriculture, education, science and technology, infrastructure, health, energy and culture, and the co-ordination of the exploitation of our mutual natural resources, such as bauxite, iron ore, diamonds and gold, would be of immense benefit to our two countries.”   President Akufo-Addo made this known on Wednesday, May 24, 2017, after paying a working day’s visit to Sierra Leone, at the commencement of the third phase of his official visits to countries in the ECOWAS region.   In addition to intensifying the links between Ghanaian and Sierra Leonean enterprises, the President stated that the process of regional integration must be hastened.   “For a region that has made the choice of pursuing integration, we have not done much as we should have in liberalizing and encouraging trade amongst member countries,” he said.   Research has shown that countries or groups of countries with the largest share of world trade are located within regions with the highest share of intra-regional trade. However, Trade between African regions remains low compared to other parts of the world.   With these very low levels of trade and investment co-operation, President Akufo-Addo noted that deliberate measures at expanding trade and business collaborations must be put in place to improve the prospects for prosperity of our two peoples.   In reiterating his commitment towards strengthening ECOWAS, President Akufo-Addo was certain that “for a marked improvement in the welfare of the 350 million people currently living in the 15 member states of ECOWAS, I believe it is extremely important that we, the leaders, demonstrate strong political will to make the community an economic and political success, and make the project of integration real.”   With West Africa’s population set to hit 500 million people in 20 years from now, up from the current population of 350 million, he stressed that “this could be a large regional market, which could present immense opportunities to bring prosperity to our region with hard work, enterprise and creativity. The time for West African integration is now. Together, all ECOWAS member states should show real commitment towards converting ECOWAS into a true regional market.”   President Akufo-Addo also commended his Sierra Leonean counterpart for the efforts he has made in restoring law and order, fostering a spirit of national reconciliation amongst the people, and the strong leadership he has exhibited in restoring macroeconomic stability since assuming the reins of government in 2007.   “In 2013, for example, the GDP growth rate reached a record, all-time high of 20.70%. In 2014 and 2015, in the face of two major shocks, i.e. the ebola virus outbreak and the collapse of iron prices, Sierra Leone’s economy was shaken. Growth rates slumped dramatically,” he said.   However, according to President Akufo-Addo, “with prudent economic policies, spurred on by new investments in mining, agriculture and fisheries, economic growth has resumed, with GDP growth projected at 5.4% in 2016. Hopefully, this growth path will endure.”   President Akufo-Addo added that it was his desire that “Ghana and Sierra Leone to search continually for ways to co-operate, irrespective of who is at the helm of office of our respective countries. I have no doubt, that, together, we can forge a new, strong partnership for cooperation between our two nations for the mutual benefit of our two peoples.”     With the Sierra Leonean people about to go to the polls in March 2018 to elect a new leader, President Akufo-Addo noted that “that process will be enhanced, to the admiration of all in our region and beyond, by the quality of the arrangements for the next electoral contest in Sierra Leone, and by the quality of the democratic transition which Sierra Leone is about to witness. I wish you and the Sierra Leonean people well and Godspeed.”  
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The Kasoa Police commander has arrested a retired military officer, Kofi Adu for harassing a resident in the area. Confirming the arrest to Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, the Divisional Commander ACP Dennis Abade said,  the suspect resisted arrest and the patrol team had to call for reinforcement before he was overpowered and arrested. The commander in address to the media said, the police had a call that there was an armed robbery attack around Kasoa Fan Milk and so some men were detailed to the location. But the suspected armed men had left before the police go there. In the process of doing some enquiry, the police chanced upon the suspect harassing a young lady and so, he was warned to stop but he persisted. ‘’And so the police went ahead to arrest the man but he resisted. The lady told us he was armed and so we made the attempt to retrieve the weapon but the suspect resisted and struggled with the police. The struggle continued for a long time; the police had to call for re-enforcement before he was empowered and arrested.’’ He added that the retired military officer bit the ear of one of the detectives during the struggle. A locally manufactured pistol loaded with cartridges were retrieved, the ACP said. He concluded, the suspect will be arraigned for court soon.
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Executive Director for SEWA Foundation- a non-governmental organization committed to the eradication of human trafficking and modern day slavery, Mr. James Owusu Yeboah has appealed to government to put in measures to end trafficking of humans to the Gulf States. Mr. Yeboah in an interview with Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm said, human trafficking is a heinous crime and seriously gaining grounds in the country. He opined, if government does not deal with the situation, we will have more citizens falling victims to the issue and die in the process. He charged stakeholders to put in efforts to fight the menace just like we are doing for illegal mining. He lamented that some Ghanaian women or young ladies, are languishing in Kuwait and other countries in the Gulf States because they fell victims to ‘sweet advertisement’ and the desire to seek greener pastures.     He revealed, SEWA has contributed to the fight against human trafficking and will soon roll out programmes to educate people on the need to be careful. He said, we will nationalise the fight against human trafficking just like galamsey. It is a serious issue that needs attention from government.’’ The perpetrators deceive our citizens and promise them with juicy jobs which do not even exist. The advertisements are too juicy and the victims are easily lured.’’ Unemployment he emphasied remains one of the major challenge, hence the need for government to create jobs for Ghanaians. The tricks in human trafficking he noted are more and usually victims who are lured are literates and desiring to work. Government should be blamed and pressured to crack the whip on human trafficking. He revealed, SEWA Foundation have a lot of mentally challenged victims who returned home from the Gulf States. ‘’When you take 10 people, only two of them are able to survive in the Gulf States. We have a lot of videos of ladies who have been injected and gone mad during their stay in the Gulf States.’’ Mr. Yeboah told the host that more than 45 people travel to the Gulf States each day and from evidence and records available, some are being murdered by their so-called employers. Ghana stands the risk of losing some $ 600 million annually from the United States aid if it continually fails in its fight against human trafficking. The country is also likely to remain on the tier 2 watch-list for the third consecutive time following the US State Departments human trafficking report for 2016. The Interior Minister Ambrose Dery, had expressed these fears at the handing over of six vehicles to the police anti-human trafficking unit in Accra some few months ago.    
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The Minister for Roads and Highways, Hon Kwesi Amoako Atta says he dispatched some officials from the Urban Roads to the Mallam Interchange following an exclusive report by Rainbow Radio on the burning of tyres under the bridge. The burning of tyres under the Mallam Interchange which has began weakening the facility was exclusively reported by Rainbow Radio’s Nhyiraba Kwabena Asirifi. The Minister had earlier expressed shock at the activities and promised to deal with the matter. Speaking to Kwame Tutu on the latest update after the report, the Minister confirmed the activity adding, it was shocking. ‘’Whatever you reported was true. We have visited the location and taken pictures and will take the necessary action,’’ he said. The Minister added that the stagnated water under the bridge is due to a technical fault which would be addressed as soon as possible. He commended Rainbow Radio for the report and stressed the situation would be solved to prevent any unforeseen disaster. He cautioned the individuals who are burning the tyres and dumping refuse under the bridge to desist from doing so or face sanctions. ‘’I am appealing to the residents around the Mallam Interchange to stop burning the tyres and dumping the refuse. This is a humble appeal but should they refuse to desist from doing that, the force that will come after them will be swift,’’ he warned. The Mallam Interchange is a dual carriage road system flyover in Accra in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. It is part of the six-lane, 14-kilometre (8.7 mi) George Walker Bush Highway funded by the United States' Millennium Challenge Corporation. The Mallam-Tetteh Quarshie road was part of projects  funded by the $547 million Millennium Challenge Account secured by President Kufuor and the NPP government in 2008 as a result of good governance from 2001 to 2008.
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Helicopters not missing-Ghana Gas

A statement from Ghana Gas  has disputed claims that some helicopters procured for the security surveillance of oil and gas enclave in the Western region are missing. The statement said,  “four (4) helicopters in total, not seven (7) as reported by some media outlets, were acquired.”   “The said helicopters were procured from China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corporation (CATIC). The contract to that effect was signed on 21st December, 2017. The helicopters are currently stationed at the Air Force Headquarters at Burma Camp.”   Ghana Gas does not have the expertise and hangars to operate and maintain the helicopters hence the reliance on the Air Force, the statement added.   “The Ghana Air Force, however, possesses such facilities. Ghana Gas, therefore, mandated the Ghana Air Force to operate and maintain them on its behalf. The helicopters are in good working condition and not “broken down” as erroneously reported.” Find below the full Ghana Gas statement   The Management of Ghana Gas wishes to respond to an allegation circulating in the media regarding the whereabouts of the helicopters, procured to provide surveillance services to the oil and gas installations in the Western Region.   The Company wishes to make it known to all stakeholders and the public that on Wednesday, 23rd September 2015, then President, His Excellency, John Dramani Mahama commissioned the four Z-9 EH helicopters at the Air Force Station at Burma Camp. The helicopters were to ensure adequate security surveillance of the nation’s oil and gas enclave in the Western Region.   Four (4) helicopters in total, not seven (7) as reported by some media outlets, were acquired. The said helicopters were procured from China National Aero Technology Import and Export Corporation (CATIC). The contract to that effect was signed on 21st December, 2017. The helicopters are currently stationed at the Air Force Headquarters at Burma Camp.   Ghana Gas does not have the expertise and hangars to operate and maintain the helicopters. The Ghana Air Force, however, possesses such facilities. Ghana Gas, therefore, mandated the Ghana Air Force to operate and maintain them on its behalf. The helicopters are in good working condition and not “broken down” as erroneously reported.   It is worth noting that, there is a helipad at the Atuabo Main Camp.   Dated: Wednesday, 24th May, 2017   ISSUED BY:   The Corporate Communications Department   Ghana Gas
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