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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Saturday, 05 August 2017
Award winning gospel musician, Superintendent Kofi Sarpong has  told Agyemang Prempeh on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that, nothing bad has come between him and his management, Media Excel to warrant his departure from the firm. He was responding to a question from the host on when he plans to depart from Media Excel like Joyce Blessing did. The police officer had finished commenting on perceived ingratitude on the part of Joyce Blessing after her departure with Media Excel. Superintendent Sarpong was of firm belief that, Joyce Blessing and her former manager Kwasi Ernest parted ways mutually. According to him, the Mr. Ernest gave his blessing when Joyce Blessing, informed him of her decision to part ways with him and he [Ernest], gave his full blessing. He did not hold any bitterness against her, neither did he feel bad. Rather, he blessed and promised to assist her in any shape of form should she [Blessing] call on him. When he was asked when he will also depart from Media Excel, the award winning musician said, nothing bad has happened to warrant such an action. Nothing has come my way to inform any move. However, we all want to make progress in life. I will also not be an ingrate. Kwasi Ernest has done a lot for me but if I currently receive GHc5 as my benefit, and someone offer to give me GHc20 or Ghc30; when I get that offer, and brother Ernest is around, I will not hesitate to give him something from the offer. I will give him something from that offer but as I speak with you today, there is nothing bad between me and Mr. Ernest,’’ he added. He also used the opportunity to call for cease fire in the media and the negative reportage, coming from the recent interview Joyce Blessing granted on the Delay's show which is aired every Sunday on GH One. According to him, ''to the best of my knowledge, there is no rift between Joyce Blessing and Mr. Ernest. If there is, I am not aware of that. Mr. Ernest is currently out of the country and so, I will plead with everyone to be patient and hold their gun and allow him to return so we will deal with any issue between the two.
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The ruling New Patriotic Party’s 2016 campaign manager, Peter Mac Manu has been refused entry into Kenya. Mr Mac Manu was leading a team of election observers from the Democratic Union of Africa into Kenya in the run up to that country’s election, scheduled for August 8th. Reports indicate that, his denial is linked to his role as Honorary Chairman of the Democratic Union of Africa, an umbrella body of centre- right parties in Africa which includes some opposition parties in Kenya. Mr Mac Manu is expected back in Ghana, later today.   President Mahama , on the other hand is leading a 15-member delegation from the Commonwealth nations to observe the upcoming general elections in Kenya.
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A Deputy General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Koku Anyidoho, has lambasted Ghana’s Speaker of Parliament, Prof. Aaron Mike Oquaye for ‘’re-writing the history of Ghana''. Speaking to Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, the firebrand politician said it is very sad for a professor, man of God will re-write Ghana’s history. He said, ‘’Professor Mike should be ashamed of himself for trying to r-write the history of Ghana. It is sad that a Baptist Pastor like him, a teacher of political science and history will today bastardize history and think that we should applaud him.’’ Prof. Mike Oquaye said whilst he has great regard for Nkrumah it would be travesty of justice for anyone to suggest or say that he was the founding father of Ghana. Delivering a lecture in commemoration of August 4, 1947, the Speaker said, the date August 4 will forever remain a momentous occasion in Ghana’s history because it marked a major turning point in the independent struggle. Describing the date as Ghana’s day of destiny, the Speaker of Parliament said the democracy, rule of law freedom of speech which Ghanaians enjoy today can be traced to the seeds sown in August 4. The Speaker also indicated that, if CPP is determined to survive, then their focus shouldn’t be on the New Patriotic Party (NPP) because they (the NPP) are not out to destroy them but rather should concentrate on the NDC because they created confusion within the CPP party which made it broken and fragmented into six political parties. “The CPP has been penetrated by the newly created NDC.....and that they have created confusion within the party which was then broken and fragmented into six political parties. And I wrote if the CPP wants to survive, they should not look our way because we are not out to destroy them”.   “They must proceed to extricate themselves from the bowels of the NDC, then they will survive because as at now they are swallowed and as a truism, they know or should know who swallowed them”, the Speaker said. But responding to the lecture by the Speaker, Koku Anyidoho said, the Speaker should be ashamed of himself for the ‘’very disgraceful conduct.’’ He said, if he [Speaker] and Nana Akufo-Addo think that they can re-write the history of Ghana to make JB Danquah, more important than Kwame Nkrumah, they are joking. There is no way JB Danquah shall become more important than Kwame Nkrumah when it comes to the history of Ghana. He quizzed if the Speaker has forgotten the role their party played in ousting Nkrumah out with the role of the CIA in the coup staged in 1966. He asked: ‘’Is Prof. Mike Oquaye telling us that he does not remember that it was  the  UP tradition that supported the CIA to take out Kwame Nkrumah through the 1966 coup? ‘’No wonder the Minority in Parliament is threatening to stage a walk out on Prof. Mike Oquaye because his political coloration is becoming an embarrassment to parliament. Peter Ala Adjetey was not politically bias like Mike Oquaye, Sekyi Hughes was not politically bias like Mike Oquaye. Mike Oquaye is becoming an embarrassment and a disgrace even to the institution called Parliament. Who does not remember that it is was the Progress Party or the UP tradition after the 66 coup that passed a law to outlaw the Convention People’s Party (CPP), as a political party? ‘’Was it not the UP tradition that went round removing Kwame Nkrumah's statues all over Ghana? Was it not the UP tradition  that begun to destroy Kwame Nkrumah’s development agenda when they supported the CIA to oust Kwame Nkrumah through the 66 coup? Koku Anyidoho stressed that everything that Kwame Nkrumah sought to do after the 66 coup, ''the UP tradition destroyed everything.''   In the view of Mr. Anyidoho, the lecture by the history professor was an academic dishonesty, treacherous, adding, ‘’so he should be ashamed of himself and some of us are prepared to go back to history and prove to him that, he is an embarrassment to intellectualism and academia.    
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The Narcotics Control Board (NACOB), has arrested three suspects for facilitating the export of banned sea products to Malaysia.   The suspects including one Prosper Kumaku according to Director of the Wildlife Division, Nana Kwesi Adu Nsiah smuggled 400 kilograms of pangolin scales worth $1.2 million to Malaysia but authorities there have impounded.  According to him, pangolins are mammals considered as endangered species hence international ban on dealing in them. Addressing the press over the week, Nana Kwesi Adu Nsiah said, they will enforce the ban. According to him, it is becoming evidently clear that, some wildlife traffickers are using Ghana as transit destination to operate their nefarious activity. He cautioned such individuals to desist from doing so before the law catches with them. He said, ‘’we want to send a strong message to them that they have no place in Ghana. We will smoke them out. We are going to intensify our collaboration with customs, police NACOB, airport officials, informants, intelligent networks, media men and all other agencies to combat this crime.’’   He pleaded with the general public to join them in combating wildlife crime in Ghana and make the country a place to live, ''otherwise if we continue the trafficking, we are going to get people using the money their getting from the trafficking to destabilize the country,'' he warned.
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Methodist Bishop, Most Rev. Asante Antwi has called on pro-New Patriotic Party’s (NPPs) Invisible Forces to bring an end to the lawlessness, attacks and violence recorded across the country. The action by the vigilante group he said, was an affront to democracy and disregard for the laws of Ghana as well as disregard for the three arms of government including the legislature, judiciary and the executive. He was speaking to Nyankonton Mu Nsem on the sidelines at the commemoration of August 4, 1947 by government functionaries at Saltpond on Friday. The Bishop who delivered the sermon on the day, underscored the need for the youth to eschew violence and avoid people who will incite them to engage in lawless acts. The Tema branch of the vigilante group, this week made headlines after storming a town hall meeting in Tema, threatening to replicate what occurred at the Kumasi circuit court where some members who were on trial for attacking a public officer, were freed. The suspects subsequently turned themselves in.   Commenting on the development and other unlawful acts, the Methodist Bishop said, ‘’we know what is going on in the country. And I think it is important for us and for me in particular to take the occasion to advice the youth and the Invisible Forces, to put a stop to the violence, uncharitable things so that people will respect the government, legislature and judiciary.’’
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The Speaker of Parliament, Prof. Aaron Mike Oquaye has justified why August 4 has been celebrated as Ghana’s day of destiny.   At a public lecture held in commemoration of August 4, 1947, he said, the generation today, must follow the trajectories, the principles; keep on watering what is good and keep on uprooting and throwing out which is not good and develop this nation.   According to the Speaker, a seed was sown and sown by men of excellence, valour and the seed sown, has grown into a mighty oak tree and under the most turbulent trajectories of politics, it continues to move around like the mighty eagle which our founding fathers chose for Ghana in 1947.    The name Ghana he said  was researched and produced by J.B Danquah.   According to him, the founding fathers knew the Independent state would require a flag, they (Founders) chose red, yellow and green but when Nkrumah had his way, and became president in 1964, he changed the flag, of red, yellow and green to red, white and green; all of Ghana's embassies had the flags changed to the red, white and green until after 1966, we went back to the ideas of the founding fathers.   Prof. Oquaye said, the founding fathers chose the eagle as our emblem  and J.B Danquah justified and explained inextenso ...the eagle for Ghanaians...these had been established and written in the various papers and no one person could have changed it at that stage, he said.   He added, a constitution was also written; that was the opposite of the constitution that ruled Ghana until 1966. And that of 1969 was a sankofa of the constitution the founding fathers agreed upon that day, 70 years ago, he said.         ‘’Edward Akufo-Addo wet under his bed and took out that old constitution, dusted it and that formed the essence of the 1969 constitution, the 1979 one and later gave birth to the 1992 constitution,’’ Prof. Oquaye stated in his lecture. The Speaker stated that our progenitors should definitely be smiling with pleasure looking down on us- as an undivided party today who are promoting the idles of August 4, 1947.   ‘’We have been through a turmoil but we still move on. We were imprisoned but we were not perturbed. We were fractured yet our fighting spirit continues to live on. Some were killed but the spirit of good men live beyond their bones at a time when our opponents thought that we were out…President JA Kufour became president and gave us good governance and unprecedented socio-economic development; at a time when the manipulators of election thought they had found a political strategy to shriveled us, Akufo Addo came out with unprecedented political victory,’’ he said  
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