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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Monday, 07 August 2017
President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has said, the former Mahama led administration drained the public purse before his administration took over seven months ago. The current administration he said is focusing on fixing the finances of the country. The priority of his administration he said, is to work hard and maintain a stable economy despite the challenges. President Akufo-Addo, who was speaking to some chiefs and residents in the Western region said, his administration did not meet any money because the money was looted hence the nation itself did not have much. Growth and development he stated will be far from us if his administration does not fix the mess left by the previous government. The budget presented in March by Finance Minister Ken Ofori Atta, gave hope to Ghanaians and he [Nana Addo] will not relent in his efforts to maintain a stable economy. ‘’Ghana’s economy is on a way to stability. It will be a better economy than what we inherited,’’ he said. This is not the first time the president has painted a poor nature of Ghana’s economy. He expressed shock at the state of economy when he named some regional ministers in January  this year. The president  in January said: “We have inherited an economy in poor shape and I suspect from what I’m hearing, the evidence that is coming to me that it is in even poorer shape than we anticipated.’’   “This is the time that we have to show leadership and commitment to our nation. I continue to be an unrepentant optimist. “We are a special people and we have a special destiny and I’m going to do everything within my bones to make sure that that destiny is realized in the years ahead of us.”
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Senior Minister Mr. Yaw Osafo Maafo has warned that government will no longer employ public servants and maybe forced to lay some off because the public is choked. The Senior Minister was speaking at the 2017 Ghana Economic Forum on Monday where he said,  “the public sector is full in terms of employment [and] we can’t employ anybody in the public sector.”   Ghana’s economy is currently in a mess stressed that the public service was“full” and “perhaps we may have to even lay some [workers] off.” According to him, Ghana currently has 20 public and 75 private universities and that it will be very difficult to employ students from the tertiary institutions saying this situation could be averted “if the private sector grows, if the private sector expands, if the private sector becomes prosperous.” He urged industry leaders, and the business community to partner government to establish furnish tertiary institutions with state of the art laboratories to enable them train more researches and engineers for the country adding that “if we do not get our minds set into this direction, we are heading for trouble as a country.”   Government he announced will focus on four thematic areas including improving Ghana’s micro economic stability, massive infrastructure development, accelerated industrial development and agriculture transformation. “These four thematic areas should be able to change the complete face of our economy and I’m sure with your support – captains of industry, the banks, we should be able to accomplish this as a cooperative effort for the sake of Ghana. Let us think about future generations. This generation should lay forever a foundation that will make Ghana a centre of industry in West Africa,” he added.   “What are we doing to domesticate that production? Our location even in West Africa is even central; all these should speak to us. Let us resolve to get the economy resolved once and for all. Let us remove this tag of irreversibility on our head that Ghana will do well for some time and later we reverse to the bottom then we climb again to the top that cannot do. Once we set on motion and moving we should make it impossible for any government to reverse that motion. And that is why we are looking at the fiscal responsibility law, so you can’t come and run the deficit anyhow. There should be a law restricting you,” he concluded.
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Officials from the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has said drugs including Coartem, Procold, Zentel and Amodiaquine Suspension are some of the unregistered drugs shipped into the country.   The FDA appearing before the Public Accounts Committee said these drugs forms part of a list of 72 drugs the FDA said were imported into the country between 2012 and 2013, without authorisation. The drugs listed include medication used for treatment of malaria, flu and other ailments commonly recorded in various health facilities across the country.    
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 A prophetess called Mame Dora, is calling on all other men of God to intercede for Ghanaian men in prayers. According to her, God has revealed to her on three occasions that, the devil has cast a spirit of fornication on men, and that anytime they have an affair with women, they will complain of waist pains. She said that any attempt to find a solution to the pain, will lead to their death. She is therefore encouraging all men of God to assist in reversing this calamity from occurring. She added that, Ghana has the hand and love of God. This is because, he has provided us with all needed resources but the only thing that is hindering the achievement of our goals is that, we are always committing sin against our creator. She again said that, to progress in life we need to resist from all wrong doing. Explaining the revelation further, she said the women who these men lust after are mostly prostitutes with evil spirits and their aim is to make men who lust after them, impotent. The activities of these prostitutes she stressed will soon increase because they are on a mission to destroy men who patronize their services. The revelation should not be trivialized rather prayers should be said on behalf of young men, she said. Some of the men she said will resort to suicide to save themselves from public ridicule and embarrassment.   By: Naa Korkoi Tettey (Intern, Rainbow Radio)
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An articulated truck with registration number, AW 976-R which was loaded with cement bags, has crashed two women to death around the Kejetia Township,  Nyankonton Mu Nsem’s Kwabena Amaoteng has reported. The two victims, a trader and a student who was at a mobile money point to withdraw money to pay her school fees, were crashed to death on the spot. The student’s name was given as Janet and was a student at St. Louis. According to Amoateng, the trader one Ama, was supposed to tie the knot with her would be husband, on Saturday August 13, 2017. Narrating the incident on Rainbow Radio 87.5fm, Amoateng said, the articulated truck was offloading the cement bags at a construction site. The truck he said started moving without the driver on board and subsequently crashed the victims and injured several others. He said, it took the effort of another driver to stop the moving truck. Otherwise we would have witnessed a worse situation, he added.   The driver of the truck is yet to be identified, he said. Meanwhile the deceased bodies have been deposited at the morgue.
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The Inspector of General of Police (IGP) David Asante Appeatu says he intends making the Ghana Police Service a world class and Africa’s number one by the year, 2020. Opening a four-day training workshop on Strategic Communication for 18 personnel selected from the 11 police regions, the IGP said, the service under his leadership is pursuing a robust transformation aimed at actualizing the vision of the service ‘’to be a world class police service capable of delivering planned, democratic, protective and peaceful services up to the standard of international best practice.’’  ‘’In doing this, our goal is to position the Ghana Police Service in the world and a leading one in Africa by 2020.’’ His administration he said recognizes the strategic role of the Public Affairs Directorate as the department assigned to ensure that a better window of communication is opened to the public. Building the capacity of personnel at the PAD he said is one of the key deliverables our transformation agenda. ‘’The administration is of the view that effective communication is a means to reach out to the public and also get their views to the attention of leadership of the service.   According to the IGP, if there ‘’is one Directorate that I will want to see empowered, well-resourced and professionalized; it is the Public Affairs Directorate.   The workshop he opined should allow the officers and participants to adopt innovative communication strategies in line with international best practices for effective communication for the police service.
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The Inspector of General of Police (IGP) David Asante Appeatu, has charged personnel at the Public Affairs and Communication Officers within the Police Administration to be very timeous in doing their job. He said the Public Affairs Directorate serve as the interface between the service and the general public hence the need for personnel must strictly adhere to high standard of professionalism in all its endeavours. Technology he noted has brought a revolution in information dissemination adding, ''there are many sources of information today than before. This in itself has created the forum for misinformation, slandering and character assassination.’’ Misinformation he lamented has allowed people to denigrate the police service stressing that, the less people know, the more they perceive the police in bad light. The less people know, the more they still perceive officers as less educated group of people. The IGP made the remarks at the opening ceremony for a four day Strategic Communication Workshop being organized for 18 participants from all 11 police regions including the headquarters, the CID and other strategic units. He admonished participants to adopt innovative best practices for effective communication for the police service. The police administration expects the participants to come out with strategies and recommendations to re-brand the service to make it a service with ‘’true’’ integrity. ‘’I also expect participants to come out with approaches of best practice to achieve the vision of the service. I expect the workshop to foster a network of engaged communication officers who will own the police transformation agenda and translate it to every  police officer in the service as well as members of the public…It is my expectation that participants would develop a style guide or standard operating procedure for strategic communication in the service,’’ he said. According to the IGP, if there ‘’is one Directorate that I will want to see empowered, well-resourced and professionalized; it is the Public Affairs Directorate. The workshop he opined should allow the officers and participants to adopt innovative communication strategies in line with international best practices for effective communication for the police service. The IGP added that because the Ghana Police is affected by global changes and cannot remain static, he has pursued a robust transformation agenda aimed at actualizing the vision of the service that is ‘’to be a world class police service capable of delivering planned, democratic, protective and peaceful services up to the standard of international best practice.’’   ‘’In doing this, our goal is to position the Ghana Police Service in the world and a leading one in Africa by 2020.’’
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The Mayor of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), has asserted, the sanitation problem in the capital city is daunting and a challenge that cannot be solved easily. Speaking to Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5fm, Mohammed Nii Adjei Sowah said, the issues of sanction confronting the nation is serious and ''I don’t like complaining when there is a lot to be done. We need to find solutions and ensure that Accra becomes the cleanest city,'' he added. He told the host that the AMA is indebted to all the waste management companies and that has also affected their operations since some of the staff have abandoned their post. ‘’We took over office when all the service providers were owed.’’ We are indebted to Zoomlion to the tune of GHc 14 million and Stanley Owusu GHc 2 million. I go on and on, he said. The failure of government to pay its debt, has weakened their operations and they are unable to buy equipment to collect the refuse. The labourers working, are Zoomlion staff and because they’ve not been paid, they have refused to work.   He also clarified that the management of waste at the major markets in Accra ''is not under the AMA because ‘’we [AMA] do not take tolls from the drivers. We do not take money from the traders. It is the market company that collects these monies and it is the responsibility of the market company to evacuate the waste there.’’ The AMA he stated has invested heavily in assisting the Kaneshie market, to evacuate waste there because when people see a heap of refuse there, they blame the AMA when it is not our responsibility. ‘’You cannot take money from the people in the market and expect the AMA to pay for the evacuation. We will assist them so they get on their feet to do what is necessary,’’ he said.   Nii Adjei Sowah further explained that, some individuals who collect waste at some locations within Accra, dump them at major areas because they refuse to pay at the major dump sites. He described the situation as unfortunate and cautioned those to stop from doing so. According to him, some drug users who have turned themselves into waste collectors all the ones doing that.   The AMA he assured will do it best to resolve the situation. The Mayor said he came to inherit 42 illegal dump sites and has written letters to such places for it to be halted.
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Maulvi Mohammed Bin Salih, the Head of Ahmadiyya Mission in Ghana has expressed fear in politicians and the way they continue to draw religious leaders into partisan politics. He lamented over the prediction that characterized the 2016 presidential and parliamentary polls. The situation he noted was unfortunate and happened because of political influence. According to him, Ghana is a study case for everybody and anywhere in the world when it comes to religious stability. Ghana he said is one place where all the religious bodies corporate, live and work together and there is harmony.  ‘’And so as far as the political scene is concerned, we don’t really have a problem. It is very stable and it is one place you can comfortably rule out religious conflict because it’s almost non-existent. Much earlier yes, there was but like I said, we’ve overcome that. We’ve grown and we continue growing. My only fear is the politicians because they try to draw the religious leaders into politics…The recent elections that we had, you find some of the political parties getting some of the religious leaders onto their side. They’ve been predicting this will win, predicting that will win. And so on and so forth.  That was not the right thing to do. But the religious people will not just come and do these things without the interference of the political parties. They led them to that. But all said and done, it is not bad for Ghana. We are okay, we are good  and I think the peace we are enjoying in Ghana is good for everyone to see.’’ He was speaking on the sidelines at the 2017 Jalsa Salana in the UK.
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  The Head of the Ahmadiyya Mission in Ghana, Maulvi Mohammed Bin Salih has charged President Nana Addo Dankwa-Akufo to bring all on board if he really wants Ghanaians to be citizens and not spectators. According to him, if the person charging you to be a participant or citizen does not extend to you a hand of invitation, how do you get involved, he quizzed. He was speaking on the sidelines at this year’s Jalsa Salana in the UK. President Akufo-Addo in his inaugural speech on January 7, 2017 set the tone for patriotism with a call on Ghanaians to be active partakers in the running of the country. The President on the day said: "Fellow citizens, you must be at the centre of the change. The change we have voted for will have to start with each of us as individuals. We can start with little changes in our own individual attitudes and practices. "The change can and should start now. I urge you to be citizens, not spectators; citizens, not subjects. Responsible citizens building our communities and our nation. Let us work until the work is done.’’   However, the Islamic leader believes the president should go beyond the rhetoric and extend an invitation to the people who he wants to be participants.   He said, ‘’If you want people to be participants and not spectators, you at the helm of affairs, should put in measures to ensure that you invite them, you get them onto the playing field. If you don’t invite me into the playing field to be part of the  team, then I will end up being a spectator sitting there and watching you.’’   He added, ‘’So it is for him; the president who says he wants everybody to be involved, to get everybody on board.’’   He was of the view that, not much has been seen in that regard and the only thing he pointed to was the appointment of Dr. Edward Nasigri Mahama as the Ambassador-at-large.     ‘’So far we haven’t seen much of it. But I believe it’s early yet to see; what I have seen so far is that, for instance, only recently one opposition leader was brought into the government…The president appointed him as the Ambassador-at-large for Ghana. This is the head of an opposition party. And because of the all inclusiveness, maybe he decided to bring him on board. It is also a sign that possibly many other positive things will come,’’ he noted.
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