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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Tuesday, 08 August 2017
Today at Tarkwa Nsueame in the Western region where  President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo continued with his regional tour, tempers got high and  there was rage of an old feud between the NPP constituency organizer, known as Kwame All the Way and one radio host, Nana Yaw Osei popularly known as ‘Bush’. According to Bush who works with Pure Fm in Tarkwa, Kwame approached him and his producer Samuel Odoom, and accused them of monitoring his movements and unveiled himself as the one he had a feud with but things got heated, and he the NPP constituency organizer threw a punch at his producer which got people around rushing to the scene, to separate them but he also threaten him they will meet again. When the constituency organizer was called to to get his side of the story, he said, the radio host has been on his case and that of the NPP because of his past encounters with them and his rude and disrespectful behavior.   ''Prior to that, he insulted me [Kwame] once and even went ahead to publish a story about me. ‘Bush’ kept pointing fingers at me whenever we meet at a program and the same thing happened today [Tuesday]. It provoked me so I approached him and his friend to ask him what his problem was but Bush didn’t mind me rather his friend behaved rudely towards me and it got me angry and made me push his friend but I never threatened him nor punched him as he [Bush] alleged,'' he narrated. He has therefore challenged Bush to report him [Kwame] to the police if he punched him so he would be arrested and prosecuted. By: Lona Quartey (Intern with Rainbow Radio)
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The contract between Intercity STC Coaches LTD  and Prudential Solutions has been terminated, rainbowradioonline.com has gathered. The letter of termination of contract which was addressed to the General Manager of Prudential Solutions Limited and sighted by rainbowradioonline.com said, ‘’we refer our letter to you of 5th July,2017, notifying you of termination of your contract by 12th July, 2017 unless you made satisfactory arrangement to settle your accumulated indebtedness to STC as per our contract.’’ The letter further stated, ‘’the arrangement you had proposed to management in your letter of 12th July, 2017 offering to; Pay lease fees of One Hundred Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHc100,000.00) s month and six months period to settle only Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand Ghana cedis (GHc450,000.00). This is not acceptable to management of ISTC,’’ the statement added.   ‘’The contract between ISTC and Prudential Solutions Limited therefore stands terminated. Kindly handover all ISTC assets and properties in your possession to management by close of work today Friday, 4th August, 2017,’’ the letter signed by the Managing Director, Nana Akomea said.
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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) will on Thursday launch its political training institute to help people understand the ideals of social democracy.   According to the party’s Director of Research, Dr. William Ahadzie, the institute will help members of the leading opposition party to understand the ideals and principles of the NDC. In an interview he granted Graphic Online, the Director of Research said the main focus is to ensure that party faithful understand the principles and ideologies of the NDC. The institute will also help party loyalists to understand what the party stands for he added. Programmes at the institute he revealed will  include the philosophy of the party, history of the party, history of Ghana, constitutional studies, party management, political communication, leadership skills, elections and electoral systems. Dr. Ahadzie who doubles as Rector of the school said,  the school for a start will focus more on short courses, workshops and conferences for party members.   He said the party has already begun the process of having the school registered with the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE).
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The Bank of Ghana says it will strictly enforce new capital requirement, the governor has said.   Governor of the Central Bank,  Dr. Ernest Addison stated that  the bank will depart from the practice where the new capital requirement is just announced and banks are left not to meet it.   The BoG he noted  will soon increase the minimum capital requirement of banks from the current 120 million cedis to an estimated  250 million cedis.   The governor speaking at the day two of the Ghana Economic Forum organized by the B&FT said, “Let me assure you that whatever decision that we make on the new level of capitalization, it will be accompanied by procedures for enforcement. We are not just going to announce a minimum capital requirement that will not be enforced. This has been the practiced in the past where new capital requirements are announced, the banks are given a 2 year period to meet the requirement, and they never really meet it.’’. He added: ‘’ “In fact the 120 million cedis that was last announced was supposed to be for new entrants but the bank has not really clarified what that level of capitalization means for banks that already existed. We are not going to have that happening going forward”.   “Once we announce the new capital, this will be accompanied by measures of enforcement and we will do this in a very orderly manner. We are not going to see any disorderly consolidation in Ghana if this is the way that we to go,” he said.
Published in Business
A former Deputy Chief of Staff under the previous National Democratic Congress (NDC), Valerie Sawyerr  has slammed former Attorney General Martin Amidu and challenged him to resign from the umbrella family if he believes the party has lost its values.   In a lengthy statement from the former Deputy Chief of Staff, she said, “I am not a soothsayer, neither am I a harbinger of gloom and doom … but once again I say to you … this time with a nation full of witnesses … that your Achilles heel will destroy you!Respectfully Martin, cut the crap! You have achieved your aim … the NDC is in opposition. I challenge you to resign from the NDC since you no longer promote the cause of the NDC. Or do you also subscribe to the agenda to destroy to take over? The agenda that is based on the premise that it is easier to take over the NDC when it is in Opposition!” she said.   She further chided Mr. Amidu who she accused of attempting to assault the late President Mills a situation she added caused his dismissal. She said Martin Amidu should resign because you have “become a so-called crusader, sinking lower and lower in the NDC as he seems to rise higher in the NPP.”   She said Martin Amidu started toeing this path when he was “relived of his post as Attorney- General after attempting to assault a sitting Head of State.”
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  Ghana has made history as the second country in the world to use ‘The Walking Egg’ (TWE) technology to produce a baby. The feat was achieved on Monday after a couple who had been childless for eight years had a healthy baby boy on the third attempt with the technology at the Pentecost Hospital at Madina, near Accra. It was a moment of joy and glory for the couple, their families and friends after the birth of the baby, who weighed 3.3 kilogrammes. The Walking Egg The TWE technology is a form of in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) method that allows the sperm of a man and the egg of a woman to fertilise outside the body for about two to five days. After that, the fertilised egg is given back to the woman to carry till the delivery period. The technology was developed by a team of Belgian fertility experts, led by Professor Willem Ombelet. The IVF is one of the three forms of artificial fertility treatment. The two others are intra-uterine insemination (IUI) and intra-cervical insemination (ICI), in other words, intra-vaginal insemination. The TWE was introduced at the maiden edition of the affordable IVF Fertility Treatment Conference organised by the Association of Childless Couples of Ghana (ACCOG) in 2015. Before the application of the method, the couple are examined critically to find out the problem of childlessness and this is solved immediately before the process begins. Currently, the method has resulted in the delivery of 83 babies in Belgium, and Ghana is the second country in the world to have used the technology to deliver a baby, although other countries, including the United Kingdom, have also started using the method. Differences Briefing the media in Accra on Monday, the Medical Administrator of the Pentecost Hospital, Dr Gordon Nii Armah Attoh, said children were a source of happiness to many people and so the lack of children in marriage was a source of worry and frustration to couples. As a result, he said, the hospital worked in collaboration with the team in Belgium to introduce the affordable IVF, which also underwent cycles, just like the natural way of becoming pregnant and delivering babies. “Unlike the conventional IVF known to people, the TWE has minimal medication for stimulation and does not require any sophisticated medication to see its success,” he stated. Dr Attoh said although the cost might differ from the conventional method, the TWE method was made affordable for the childless couple because the hospital went through the process in groups to ensure efficiency of equipment, resources and effective utilisation of medication. He said the hospital looked forward to advancing the technology by introducing other methods of fertility treatment to facilitate the process for helpless couples to give birth. Limitation “How patients are treated ensures that no infections are carried by patients, healthcare providers and the environment,” he said. Dr Attoh said there was no restriction from undergoing the method for women who had been menstruating. However, people with two children would be denied access to the method in order to create room for couples who were in dire need of babies, he added. Affordability For his part, the Chief Executive Officer of the ACCOG and fertility counselor, Nana Yaw Osei, said “the cost for the TWE has been reduced from GH¢20,000 per cycle to about GH¢6,000 to make it affordable for all childless couples”. He called on the government and corporate bodies to support the initiative by subsidising some of the equipment used in the process. Failure rate Some women the Daily Graphic spoke to expressed delight in the new technology to help childless couples to have babies. They, however, asked hospitals specialising in the treatment not to hide the failure rate from potential patients. According to them, every technology, especially the different types of insemination, had failure rates and it would be professionally good on the part of the doctors to make public the failure rates, just as they celebrated the success rate.     Source: Graphic Online
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Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), Mr. James Lartey has outlined a number of challenges affecting their operations. In an interview with Rainbow Radio’s Kweku Owusu Frimpong on Frontline in the UK, James Lartey said, the FDA has resource challenges. He indicated that because the FDA lacks office space, they are forced to keep more than the required number of staff at their office. He further revealed that because they lack a warehouse to keep seized our unauthorized products, they keep them at the client’s warehouse but they have had one or two instances where the products were smuggled onto the market. However, we have applied sanctions against those who smuggled the products out of the warehouse onto the market. Mr. Lartey said, when it comes to regulations, the FDA uses a number of ways in dealing with defaulters but it will be best for them to have their own warehouse. The 2016 Auditor-General's Report has cited the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) for infractions that have allowed uncertified and low quality medicines to enter the market. The infractions include keeping unregistered drugs at the FDA canteen, keeping detained drugs on the premises of offending companies, failure to register some medicines and allowing importers to import drugs into the country before securing import permits for the drugs.   Appearing before the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament,  Mrs Delese Mimi Darko, the Chief Executive Officer of the FDA said, medicines were stored at the canteen due to the lack of a warehouse facility. The drugs she further said were kept for a short time there and indicated that the windows to the canteen were opened to give the medicines the right temperature.    
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Jollof Rice Festival Launched

The Ghana Tourism Authority has launched the ‘Jollof Rice Festival,’ a part of its activities to make people patronise made-in-Ghana products.     The festival is  scheduled for 26th August, 2017 is being organised to promote Ghanaian cuisine, and is in connection with the “See Ghana, Eat Ghana, Wear Ghana, Feel Ghana campaign initiated by the Ghana Tourism Authority.   At a press conference to officially launch the ‘Jollof Rice Festival’,  the Chief Executive Officer of the authority, Mr. Akwasi Agyeman said “Basically we want to settle the age old controversy of who has the best ‘jollof’ rice in West Africa. We believe it is Ghana and we are going to hold one of the biggest food festivals.’’   “Even though this is a ‘jollof’ competition, it will also help us showcase all the other food we have. Under the big umbrella it is a food festival but we want ‘jollof’ to feature prominently.     The authority will encourage corporate institutions, the media, among others to be part of the food competition. “We are going to also leverage on some of the festivals that will be held in August. August is our eat Ghana month so Homowo is also ongoing. We will use that platform to project Ghanaian foods,” he said.
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Government of Ghana has issued a statement indicating that it has no interest in Kenya’s elections. The statement which was signed by Information Minister Mustapha Hamid said “We wish to make it clear the government of Ghana has no interest whatsoever in who emerges the winner in Tuesday’s poll. The decision as to who leads Kenya for the next four years as President remains the sole preserve of the Kenyan people.” “The Ghanaian Constitution guarantees every citizen of Ghana the freedom to participate in political activity inside or outside of the country, within the laws of Ghana or wherever they find themselves. They do so in their own capacity as free citizens of a free state, and not at the behest of the government of Ghana.”   The statement added: ‘’Ghana enjoys strong diplomatic relations with Kenya and would continuously work to deepen this,, as well as explore other areas of co-operation between the two countries to the mutual benefit of the two peoples, irrespective of the government at the helm of affairs.   ‘’We pray for a successful and credible election, and hope that the winning candidate at the end of the process, would receive the unalloyed support of all. That is how Kenya can strengthen her democracy and the peace and stability of the nation.’’
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 When will this buzzing sound stop? Aaba! Should I call them ntomtom (Twi word for ‘mosquitoes’) or nwansena (Twi word for ‘flies’)? In the Ga dialect, the mosquito is referred to as tonton and the fly adidon. Yet another day dawns in which we are supposed to share love, peace and laughter … yet again the buzzing sound is on … distracting all from the joy that the day brings. They say he booms … I say he buzzes … like an agitated mosquito … looking for his next victim. Again, he heads for other Heads of State … describing their governance as riddled with corruption. Is he trying to say that his reign was unblemished or that his twin brother’s (President Akufo-Addo) reign is unsullied? Really? Who born dog … in fact … who born monkey? 1.     BOST sells 5 million litres of contaminated fuel to a non-registered non-licensed company, Movinpinaa Energy, under questionable circumstances and he has not seen or heard? Indeed, the matter is before the High Court … Suit No. GJ 1010/17. 2.     Minister for Finance issues US$2.25 billion worth of bonds, 95% of which is purchased by Franklyn Templeton Investment Limited under opaque circumstances giving rise to conflict of interest issues, and he has not seen or heard? There is a suit before the High Court requesting for certain details of the transaction; a Petition before CHRAJ on conflict of interest issues; a suit before the Supreme Court requesting clarification on whether the Attorney-General can defend the Minister for Finance in a conflict of interest matter; a Petition before the United States Security & Exchange Commission; and a Whistleblower Complaint lodged with the Regulator in Luxemburg (Commission de Surveillance de Secteur Financier). 3.     Minister for Interior deports someone under questionable circumstances and the High Court quashes the deportation order, and he has not seen or heard? Suit No. GJ/1034/2017 (Justice Ackaah Boafo). 4.     Members of the Philip Addison Committee investigating AMERI are financed by the same AMERI on an overseas trip under unethical circumstances, and he has not seen or heard? 5.     Cocaine goes missing at the port under fishy circumstances, and he has not seen or heard? 6.     GHC5 million from state coffers is spent on Ghana@60 celebrations under hazy circumstances, after we have been told that corporate Ghana will sponsor the celebrations, and he has not seen or heard? Has Government been able to tell the nation how much they received from corporate Ghana? I could go on and on … JJ oooo JJ … the great Papa JJ … the one and only Junior Jesus … the great saint who never does wrong … you are still flogging a dead horse … the NDC is in Opposition in case you have not noticed, while a living raging bull is moving around with reckless abandon destroying everything it finds in its path including the assets and citizens of this nation.     … but I guess you really can’t see it … or you are waiting for it to raise its tusks in avenging rage to gore your eyes out. I hope when the tusks are raised, the bond or pact you have made with the ‘brass band conducting’ President will be strong enough to cause the tusks to be lowered before they pierce your eyes that see only what you want to see in line with whatever agenda you deem fit. By the way, did you see the President conducting the brass band? Was that the police band or army band? Was it in Ghana or overseas? Ei, Mr. President, what was that? Papa Stone, I hear you said: ‘When I talk they say I don’t like NDC, no! I don’t like stealing, I don’t like disgrace so if NDC does good I will praise them if they are bad I will say it as well’. Who has said you don’t like the NDC? Are you setting your own questions and answering them please? Nobody has said you do not like the NDC. Stop putting words in our mouths. Indeed, some think you crave for the NDC so much that you are prepared to destroy anyone and anything in the NDC if that will suit your agenda to always be in control of the NDC. … but I don’t blame you Papa J … I blame the NDC … after you taught us probity, accountability and transparency, why can’t we rise to demand same of you? After you taught us to be fearless in upholding the truth, why don’t we rise to demand same of you? When you twist and manipulate us, why don’t our leaders ask you why you are breaching your own so-called rules? With all due respect, have you named those you KNOW to be involved in corruption? ·         Maybe they will explain to you that the Head of State put the money in a bag and placed it on the plane and that it was used for the ‘good of the country’ … the same way the US$5m (oops US$2m) was placed in a briefcase and put on the plane and was used ‘for the good of the country’. ·         Maybe they will explain to you that the luxury car you see in their yard was given to them as a gift by unnamed friends … the same way the black convertible Chevy Coupe sports car was given by unnamed friends as a birthday gift. You never know what their explanations would be. It is therefore important that you name them and allow them to have a hearing in line with the rules of natural justice. ·         NDC, where are our men and women? ·         NDC where are our leaders? ·         I challenge you to rise and speak the truth unblemished and fearlessly!!! ·         The truth can be told by all – no man or woman is the sole repository of truth! … and what is Comrade Martin Amidu also babbling about? Martin, did I not tell you that your pomposity, over-bloated ego and sense of self-importance constitute your Achilles heel? Remember, when I told you (years ago) after a presidential press conference, that a directive had been issued that no appointee should grant a press interview in order to avoid any contradictory statements on air … and you screeched … ‘who are you … small girl like you … where were you when I was Attorney General’ etc etc? Remember I told you that it is your Achilles heel that would destroy you? Barely a week or so after that, you were relieved of your post as Attorney-General after attempting to assault a sitting Head of State? Since then you have become a so-called crusader, sinking lower and lower in the NDC as you seem to rise higher and higher in the NPP. I am not a soothsayer, neither am I a harbinger of gloom and doom … but once again I say to you … this time with a nation full of witnesses … that your Achilles heel will destroy you!   Respectfully Martin, cut the crap! You have achieved your aim … the NDC is in opposition. I challenge you to resign from the NDC since you no longer promote the cause of the NDC. Or do you also subscribe to the agenda to destroy to take over? The agenda that is based on the premise that it is easier to take over the NDC when it is in Opposition! Hahahahaha!!! ·         I am waiting for the surrogate groups that will spring up suddenly like jacks in the box (I understand the plural is either ‘jack in the boxes’ or ‘jacks in the box’) to lambast me and everyone or everything that is connected with me … the modus operandus is always the same … ·         I am waiting for the NDC men and women who will suddenly find their voices and go on air and call me unprintable names … the modus operandus is always the same … ·         I am waiting for the NDC leadership who will summon me because all of a sudden they have found their disciplinary tongues having been whipped in line by bullies who seek to terrorise those around them … the modus operandus is always the same … Buzz buzzzzz buzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! Papa J, what happened to the anti-malaria crusade you were supposed to have embarked on after you left office? We have not heard much about it. Did you not find enough minions to work on it for you to ensure that you could take the glory? Is it true that you fell out with a majority of those who worked diligently for you at different stages of your journey … the Ahwois, the Tsikatas, the Peprahs, the Abodakpis, the PV Obengs (blessed memory), the Sherry Ayiteys, the Kwesi Botchweys, the Martha Tamakloes, the Sipa Yankeys, the Ibrahim Adams, the Mould Iddrisus, the Herbert Mensahs and a whole host of others? I guess the anti-malaria crusade was too calm a crusade for you. Then with all due respect, please look for something more exciting … ·         The galamsey problem is still in existence despite the fact that the Government is trying to pretend that it has gone away. I am sure you are needed in places like Denkyira Obuasi to help clamp down on the menace. This will help your twin brother President Akufo-Addo fulfill his anti-galamsey promise. Even though he did promise the galamseyers before the 2016 elections that he would leave them to ply their trade. Hmmm …confusion here, there and everywhere! ·         The army worms have destroyed a lot of our crops, signaling some level of food shortage in the country in the not too distant future. Under better regimes, the Ministry of Defence and the army were brought in quickly to deal with the problem anytime the worms reared their heads. This Government was busy doing paperwork to request millions of Cedis to enable them bring the situation under control. Then, finally, the amazingly incompetent Minister for Agriculture lied to the people of Ghana, telling us that the worms had been eradicated when it was not true. He should keep on lying till he wakes up one day to find the worms crawling in his hair … but I guess the dye is strong enough to kill them … oops! I promised Kwesi Botchway that I would behave myself … hehehe … after 50 years, most of us women are dying our hair anyway, so why not the men? President Akufo-Addo … where are your men and women? Do not be deceived by JJ’s recent rantings that seem to favour your cause. Your Government in seven months is reeking of corruption. Rise up and do something about it instead of waving that baton with that uninspiring look on your face … to the left, up and down… to the right, up and down! A man is only as good as his word! … and for your information, the primary responsibilities of a conductor is to ‘unify performers, set the tempo, execute clear preparations and beats, listen critically and shape the sound of the ensemble, and to control the interpretation and pacing of the music’ (Wikipedia). With all due respect, is that what you were doing in the ‘conducting video’ I saw? Is that what you are doing in governance today? Years ago, we used to have some kind of insect spraying equipment that looked like a pump … it had a can which contained the insecticide and a long arm for pumping the insecticide towards the target. Nowadays, we have a simple tall can with a spray nozzle at the top. Maybe it is time to stop the gentle puffs with the modern cans and find one of the old bazookas! The buzzing sound still continues … I am going back into hibernation … what I choose to call ‘Peaceful Opposition’! … but before I leave … Mr. President, is it true that Peter Mac Manu (former NPP Chairman) was deported from Kenya where he was going to consult for the National Super Alliance (Nasa), Kenya’s Opposition Coalition, on ‘control’ of electoral data? … hmmm! I am for peace … Shalom!!! August 7, 2017 – By: Dr. Valerie Sawyerr The writer is a former Deputy Chief of Staff    
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