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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Monday, 18 September 2017
The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) will on September 21, 2017 will embark on a solidarity march to commemorate ‘’ the Founders Day Celebration of the birthday of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the Founder and first President of the Republic of Ghana.’’ In a statement signed by aa Deputy General Secretary of the NDC Koku Anyidoho, the NDC said, ‘’The March, which will commence at 6am, will move from Nima, through Kwame Nkrumah Circle, to UTC and end up at the Community Center next to the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum. Party loyalists must endeavour to show up massively to join the March in solidarity with all Ghanaians as well as all Socialist and Progressive Forces,’’ the statement added. ‘’It is a fact that "Nkrumah Never Dies", the statement concluded. Below is the full statement Press Release ------------------ NDC Solidarity March ------------------------ The National Democratic Congress (NDC), will be embarking on a Solidarity March on Thursday, September 21, 2017, to commemorate the Founders Day Celebration of the birthday of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the Founder and first President of the Republic of Ghana. The March, which will commence at 6am, will move from Nima, through Kwame Nkrumah Circle, to UTC and end up at the Community Center next to the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum. Party loyalists must endeavour to show up massively to join the March in solidarity with all Ghanaians as well as all Socialist and Progressive Forces. It is a fact that "Nkrumah Never Dies". Long live Ghana's Founders Day and long live Mother Ghana. Koku Anyidoho (Deputy General Secretary, Operations ). Monday, September 18, 2017.⁠⁠⁠⁠
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The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has stated that African countries would have to change the structure of their economies, from raw material dependent economies to industrialised, value-added economies if they are to fully finance the implementation of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). According to President Akufo-Addo, several countries on the continent, including Ghana, are taking steps towards converting the 17 SDGs into concrete outcomes for their peoples, with the conviction that they cannot expect others to do it for them. With the implementation of the SDGs agenda set to cost between 3.5 trillion to 5.0 trillion dollars per year, and with the news that aid to Africa will be cut significantly by the current US administration, President Akufo-Addo stressed that “Africa must be efficient and effective not only in mobilising resources, but also looking beyond the benevolence of others to finance implementation of the SDGs agenda. He noted that “We are a continent reliant on foreign aid, despite economic growth in parts of Africa significantly outpacing the global average. Truth be told, the full implementation of the SDGs in Africa cannot be done with a mindset of dependence.” President Akufo-Addo made this known on Monday, September 18, 2017, when he delivered the keynote address at the 5th International Conference on Sustainable Development, at a packed auditorium of the Earth Institute, Columbia University, New York. The President stated that the first priority of African countries, to this end, must be to change the structures of the economies on the continent, which are dependent largely on the production and export of raw materials, adding that it is this reliance on raw material exports that feeds our dependence on foreign aid, and subjects us to the politics of the West. Citing the example of Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire, which produce nearly 60% of the world’s cocoa and yet earned, in total, in 2015, only $5.75 billion out of the $100 billion chocolate market, the President stressed that such scenarios can no longer continue. “We certainly cannot finance the vision of building sustainable development on the continent with such scenarios. There can be no future prosperity for our peoples, in the short, medium or long term, if we continue to maintain economic structures that are dependent on the production and export of raw materials,” he said. The President continued, “We must add value to our resources, and we must industrialise. Unless we do so, we cannot finance on our own the full implementation of the SDGs. The agenda surely has to be an Africa Beyond Aid.” Ghana, a case study It is for this reason that President Akufo-Addo told the gathering that his government has introduced measures to stimulate the private sector, through the introduction of a monetary policy that is stabilising the currency, reducing interest rates, and reducing significantly the cost of borrowing, in addition to a raft of tax cuts to bring relief to and encourage businesses. It is the competitiveness of Ghanaian enterprises, particularly in the agricultural and manufacturing sectors, he added, that will determine Ghana’s capacity to create wealth for her youth and women, and wealth in our society, and the sustainable development of the country. “The competitiveness of Ghana’s private sector is key to addressing issues of inclusion, economic development and growth of Ghana. That is the way to building a self-reliant Ghana, with a strong economy, capable of generating jobs and prosperity for the mass of her people,” he added. This process of economic and industrial transformation, he added, is going along with the most basic elements of social justice are met, i.e. Free Senior High School education, and the revitalization of the National Health Insurance Scheme. Africa must follow suit In a similar vein, President Akufo-Addo noted that “we need to build an Africa that is able to look after her peoples through intelligent management of the resources with which she has been endowed, and embark on a new path. This path offers a new Africa. It is an Africa that will be defined by integrity, sovereignty, common belief, discipline, and shared values. It is one where we aim to be masters of our own destiny, and establish an Africa Beyond Aid.” The success of the Continental Free Trade Area on the African continent, he was confident, will present immense opportunities to bring prosperity to the continent with hard work, enterprise and creativity, stressing that “a working, common continental market has to be a very fundamental objective of all peoples and governments on the continent.” To guarantee an Africa Beyond Aid, President Akufo-Addo noted that Africa must breed a new generation of leaders who, amongst others, “are looking past commodities to position their countries in the global marketplace; leaders who are determined to free their peoples from a mindset of dependence, aid, charity and hand-outs; leaders who are bent on mobilizing Africa’s own immeasurable resources to resolve Africa’s problems.” This new generation of African leaders, the President added, must “help bring dignity and prosperity to our continent and its peoples.”
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The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has described allegations against two presidential staffers by musician A-Plus are unfounded and baseless. A statement from the CID said: “the allegation of corruption was found to be baseless, unsubstantiated and without credibility.” The maverick musician in recent post on social media accused two Deputy Chiefs of Staff, Francis Asenso-Boakye and Abu Jinapor of being corrupt, without giving details to back his claim. However, the CID in the statement said that A-Plus’ corruption allegations stemmed from Francis Asenso-Boakye and Abu Jinapor’s involvement in the management of the Korle-Bu Teaching hospital. According to the statement the allegations had to do with a petition by Unibank Ghana Limited to the effect that the management of Korle-Bu had abrogated an existing MoU with them without any reason, and that Korle-Bu had treated them unfairly. “Their [Francis Asenso-Boakye, and Abu Jinapor’s] intervention was transparent, borne out of the protection of the public interest and consistent with their duties as chiefs of staff,” the CID’s investigations concluded.
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The Licensed Small Scale Miners Association is appealing to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to reconsider the ban on small scale mining. The association argues that government has discriminated against them with the ban because the large scale mining companies are still operating at the detriment of the small scale miners. Director of Operations for the association, Mr. Emmanuel Yirenkyi Antwi explained to Nyankonton M Nsem that, activities of licensed small scale miners are regularized by the Minerals Commission just like the large companies hence it was unfair to ban them. He lamented over the inability of the association to work over the past seven months due to the ban insisting that, government should have rather revoke the license of companies that violated the laid down procedures instead of punishing all of them. ‘’We are appealing to government to lift the ban on the small scale mining because we are losing our investments as licensed small scale miners.’’
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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is no longer a party or a congress but a National Disorder Congress, the Editor-In-Chief of the Inquisitor Newspaper, Godfred Opare-Djan has asserted on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm. According to him, hurricane ‘gbli gbli’ has hit hard at the NDC saying if there is any ‘’wow’’ in any political party then it is how the opposition party is struggling. He lamented the disregard for party leadership and structures stressing, the NDC lacks leadership, and direction. ‘’I don’t call the NDC the National Democratic Congress anymore because it is now the National Disorder Congress… There was respect for the party in the past but there is no order in the party anymore. The party has no national executives and program. It lacks direction and everything goes for the party today. The party is shredding itself,’’ he said. He said almost all those in leadership are doing things in a disorderly manner to the extent that some weightless persons in the party are now the voice of the party. The centre of the party he noted has broken down completely with anyone insulting the founder of the NDC and what is currently happening is benefitting the ruling NPP because ‘’there is no opposition in Ghana today.’’ He was responding to his Monday’s publication that said former President Rawlings appears to be at his weakest political period as he is widely seen as indecisive adding, ‘’the elf-acclaimed founder of the NDC, as leader, is expected to hold on the core principles and values of the NDC with firm decisions but he is wearing from time to time.’’ Rawlings he stated is becoming a dangerous character because he is not consistent. The Editor-In-Chief said people are becoming disappointed in associating themselves to the NDC because people are now behaving like little children on a playing field. The humiliating defeat in 2016 has not thought us any lessons and we are not thinking along the lines of working to find solutions to what caused our defeat in 2016, he fumed.
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Multiple award winning Radio Station through its morning show host, Kwame Tutu today [Monday] September 18, 2017 managed to raise over GHc2500 for Madam Oforiwaa and two year old son. The beneficiary needed GHc2000 so her son undergoes an eye surgery which has been destroyed completely by cancer of the eye according to Doctors. The mother has being struggling to raise Gh2000 for surgery to remove the cancerous eye for the past one year. According to Doctors at one of the premiere hospitals if the eye is not removed it will affect the other. In about 7 minutes this morning “I raised about Gh2500 for the poor mother and suffering kid on Rainbow radio 87.5. It’s obvious they will need drugs after the surgery, and I wish the mother is helped to do some small business to sustain themselves. Am too glad I embarked a course to save a life. Please reach me if you are touched to help,’’ he told Rainbow Radio after presenting the amount to Madam Oforiwaa. She [Oforiwaa] expressed her gratitude to Rainbow Radio and all those who donated to ensure that her son undergoes the surgery. Rainbow Radio is particularly grateful to Tourism Ambassador and CEO of Kaya Tours and Multiple award winning show host on Okay FM Abeiku Santana and the President for the Car Renting Association, Mr. Seth Yeboah Ocran for their individual donations. We also appreciate our cherished listeners for their enormous contributions. We will keep you updated on the two year old boy after his surgery.
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An Accra High Court has ordered the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) to within seven days (7) restore the work and resident permit of Indian businessman Ashok Sivram. Presiding judge Justice Naa Adoley Azu in her ruling said it was the responsibility of the immigration Service and Interior Ministry to ensure that the permit of the applicant was restored after an Accra High Court presided over by Justice Ackah Boafo quashed the deportation order by the respondents. She also placed an order of injunction restraining the respondents and their assigns, agents, privies and anyone acting on the authority by the respondents from making any attempt to remove the applicant from the jurisdiction or harass the applicant in any shape or form until the said resident or work permit is duly and effectively issued by the Immigration Service. An Accra High Court had earlier indicated that the Interior Minister breached the rule of natural justice by refusing to give the plaintiff a hearing after he had accused him of allegedly committing fraud. The court on July 31, 2017, quashed the deportation of Mr. Sivaram by Ambrose Derry. According to the court, the Interior Minister exceeded his jurisdiction by determining a fraud against the Indian Businessman without recourse to the court. But Mr. Sivaram, since his return to the country, has not been given a visa despite a court order. In his application, which named Mr. Takyi and Mr? Dery as respondents, the businessman prayed for the court to restore his residence and work permit, which was withdrawn by the GIS following his deportation on June 1, 2017, on the basis that his deportation was quashed by the High Court on July 31, 2017. He is also praying for an order restraining the two, their agents, servants or anyone acting on their authority from “making any attempt to deport him from Ghana’’ or “harassing him until his application is determined.’’ Mr. Sivaram claimed that, the GIS had refused to accept the money he paid as the requisite fee for his application for visa on arrival, which he claimed was a “deliberate attempt to decline his application.’’
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The Editor-In-Chief of the Informer Newspaper Andy Kankam, has dared former President John Dramani, that if he is not behind what Appiah Stadium a sympathizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), is doing he [Mahama] should issue a statement by close of day today [Monday] to disown him. The maverick sympathizer of the NDC has reportedly described former President JJ Rawlings as an immature politician for suggesting that the NDC would not be able to win the 2020 polls if they fail to purge themselves. Former President Rawlings in a recent interview with TV3 said he would wish the NDC captures power in 2020 but questioned the readiness of the party. ‘’Let me simply say, that I will very much want to see the NPP beaten but do we have what it takes? Do we have the capacity to be able to wrestle power from them,’’ he questioned. Mr. Rawlings was clarifying a widely reported story that captured him saying that it will be difficult for the NDC to regain power. The former president clarifying the statement said if the NDC would win power in 2020, there are a lot of issues it must address indicating that the party has lost its moral grounds. The comments did not go down well with some individuals including a diehard supporter of the NDC Appiah Stadium, who has lambasted the former president and described him as a an immature politician. But responding to the issue on Rainbow Radio Andy Kankam slammed Appiah Stadium, described him as a nobody and accused him of doing Mahama’s bidding. According to him, former President Mahama is sponsoring Appiah Stadium to attack the founder of the NDC. ‘’When I Andy Kankam was beaten by former President Kufour’s bodyguard in the full glare of the late Mills where was Appiah Stadium? ‘’...so today it was an opportunity for former President Mahama to become president and so Appiah Stadium is a fan. I am daring former President John Dramani Mahama that if he is not behind what Appiah Stadium is saying; insulting Rawlings, he should immediately by close of day issue a statement to disown Appiah Stadium for insulting former the founder of the party that he is politically immature,’’ he said. The attacks by Appiah Stadium he noted has vindicated Mr. Rawlings’ call on the party to purge itself and restore its integrity because it has lost touch with the grass root. Andy Kankam insisted that Appiah Stadium is doing ‘’this to please Mr. Mahama and so he must come out to disassociate Appiah Stadium’s comments…If he [Mahama] fail to do so, then people are watching. People will decide for themselves. What the founder has said is simple. Who did not know it? We all knew how our grass root was disrespected…So this is what the party’s founder is saying. The arrogance and disrespect for party structures must stop,’’ he noted.
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Three more officials of the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) have been interdicted for their roles leading to the $72-million software scandal. They are the Manager of its data management unit, Mr Joseph Appiah-Mensah; the Head of Networks, Mr Erasmus Acheampong Mensah and Harold Brookman-Amissah, who was in charge of the team that migrated data from the legacy system into Operational Business Suite (OBS). Mr Appiah-Mensah’s interdiction letter which was contained in a memorandum dated September 15, 2017 and signed by the Deputy Director General in charge of Finance and Administration, Mrs Joyce Wereko-Ampim, a copy of which is available to the Daily Graphic, said: “Management has decided to interdict you pending the final conclusion of the investigations into the allegations of impropriety levelled against you in the implementation of the OBS Project which you were the Project Manager. “You will be put on half basic salary without any allowances during the period of the interdiction. “You are directed to make yourself available to EOCO officials and cooperate fully with them during the investigations,” the internal memo noted. The two other interdicted officials are also being investigated by the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) in connection with the same issue. Academic credentials The academic certificates of 2,465 workers of the SSNIT are being verified by the trust as part of moves to cleanse the system of possible fake certificate holders. The exercise comes against the backdrop of the revelation that the dismissed Head of the Management Information Systems (MIS) of the trust, ‘Dr’ Caleb Afaglo, used fake certificates to gain employment with SSNIT in 2015. The Director-General of SSNIT, Dr John Ofori-Tenkorang, recently told the Daily Graphic that management gave the directive to the Human Resource Department two weeks ago as part of moves to cleanse the system of possible culprits. “It is a policy of SSNIT for all certificates to be verified, but, somehow, Afaglo’s slipped through. We, therefore, need to make sure similar incidents do not occur in the future,” he said in an interview in Accra last Thursday. Software scandal The SSNIT has been hit by a $72 million software scandal, leading to ‘Dr’ Afaglo’s dismissal after the Trust and the EOCO realised that he had used fake degrees to gain employment. ‘Dr’ Afaglo was dismissed on August 30, 2017 after a committee set up to investigate his conduct in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Trust recommended his dismissal. A statement issued by the acting Corporate Affairs Manager of SSNIT, Ms Victoria Abaidoo, said: “The evidence made available to the trust indicates that the university degrees presented by ‘Dr’ Afaglo to secure his employment with the trust are fake”. It indicated that ‘Dr’ Afaglo, who was then on interdiction, “has been relieved of his post with immediate effect”. According to EOCO, its investigations revealed that ‘Dr’ Afaglo did not have a doctorate degree as he had claimed; neither did he have a master’s degree nor a first degree. ‘Dr’ Afaglo was employed by SSNIT in 2015 after the trust had completed phases one and two of its OBS. Source: Graphic Online
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A Deputy General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Koku Anyidoho has thrown salvos at President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for implementing his ‘’populist’’ free senior school policy. According to him, the free SHS promised by the NPP is not free because parents are buying chop boxes, trunks, brooms, soaps, sponge, toiletries and other items for their wards admitted in the various public schools. In the view of Koku Anyidoho, the policy would have been totally free if the current administration had provided all other items the beneficiaries needed for school. ‘’They say it is free education. Is the trunk free? Is the chop box free? Is the mattress free? Is the blanket free? Is the bed sheet free? Are the toiletries free? Where is the free education,’’ he quizzed further. ‘’where is the free education? Parents are buying chop boxes, trunks and other items and so where is the free education? Speaking to Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 875Fm, the fierce critic of Nana Addo said, families are going through trauma because the NPP promised to implement the policy to cover all students however, after winning power they have resolved to allow only fresh students benefit. The government he lamented is frustrating head teachers and treating them as zombies. The administration he said has forced the various schools to admit beneficiaries as day students to cut cost. He said, ‘’you have forced students to rent hostels when we have boarding facilities. This is nothing from witchcraft and a populist agenda…Who forced you to implement the free SHS? If you cannot implement the SHS, then don’t do it.’’ He slammed government for intimidating head teachers who are making demands for PTA levies. ‘’Because of Akufo-Addo’s populist free SHS, they have placed an embargo on PTA dues’’
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