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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Monday, 04 September 2017
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Addison International Centre for Emotional Intelligence, Mr. James Kwesi Addison, has underscored the need for Ghanaians to invest in their emotional strength. Speaking to Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow radio 87.5Fm, the master trainer said, emotional capital is crucial to success and just like we invest in our physical development and invest in property, we should do same in building our emotional strength. He explained, research has indicated that the relationship between success and emotional intelligence shows that people who performs better than others do so because, they invested in building their emotional capital or strength. The successes he noted are premised on emotional self-awareness, self-actualisation, empathy, inter-personal relationships, flexibility, problem-solving and stress management. Mr. Addisson indicated that people who invest in their emotional capital, are self-reliant, assertive, and take responsibility for themselves and are independent minded. Such individuals he added are confident and able to become great leaders. He said, ‘’emotionally Intelligent leaders operate at a level of self-awareness that ensures they understand people. They are able to see issues from the perspective of their team. Individuals who invest in the emotional capital, are able to control their anger  and negative actions.
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The leader and 2016 presidential candidate of the Great Consolidated Popularly Party (GCPP), Dr. Henry Lartey has described government’s flagship education policy, the free Senior High School (SHS) as a good policy. He however asserted that, the policy lacks clarity. According to him, despite the fact that the NPP promised to provide every Ghanaian child with free senior high school, it is clear that the policy will only benefit candidates who are entering form one this September. He said the party in 2016 promised that they will roll out the policy for every child but from the explanation given so far, only form one students would benefit. He said, apart from that clarity, a number of issues are unclear and has called on government to come clear on the policy so Ghanaians will understand it properly. The policy he said is good but ''it will be important for people to understand it properly. Some parents are confused and are not clear with the explanation given by government on the policy. Some chiefs within the best performing schools he stated are also calling for a percentage for residents within their jurisdiction. ‘’The ordinary people must understand the policy. The policy is starting next week and so I will admonish government to explain the policy into details so everybody will understand.’’ Commenting on the 8 percent of candidates who failed their English and Mathematics hence making it impossible for them to benefit this academic year, he said, government should also explain this to Ghanaians properly so they will understand that, their wards would be allowed to re-sit so when they pass, they are allowed to benefit next academic year. ‘’It is so important. Communication is key and so they need to explain to everybody so we can all understand,’’ he added. Dr. Lartey said he will not be a prophet of doom but believes the policy will succeed and has also expressed optimism that, the Nana Addo led administration would be able to sustain the policy because they’ve got the men. Meanwhile, Deputy Education Minister in charge of Secondary and TVAET, Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum has said payment of Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) levies would not be mandatory under the free Senior High School Policy. Addressing the press at the Ministry today [Monday], the Deputy Minister said the policy will afford qualified beneficiaries free education at the secondary level. He stressed, “Our PTA, levies, fees and utilities, development levy and even teacher motivation is going to be paid by the government, as a result we’ve made it abundantly clear to our headmasters that money should not be the reason a student must not go to school and no parent should receive a bill.” According to him, several dialogues have been held with head teachers of various Senior High Schools to make them understand that students are not to be sacked from school for non-payment of any fees.
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The National Democratic Congress (NDC), is in Windhoek, Namibia, to participate in the first ever Africa – European Party Dialogue of Socialists and Democrats to be held on African soil. The governing SWAPO Party in Namibia, in collaboration with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung of Germany, is organizing the Dialogue under the theme: “Overcoming Inequality As A Political Challenge”. The two-member NDC delegation that is participating in the high level Dialogue, is led by, comrade Koku Anyidoho, Deputy General Secretary in-charge of Operations, and he is accompanied by, comrade Dr. William Ahadzi, Director of Research as well as Acting Rector of the NDC’s Party School. In his Speech to officially kick-start the Dialogue, President of Namibia, His Excellency Dr. Hage Geingob, commended the Organisers for choosing Namibia to host such an important Dialogue by African and European Parties that believe in the Left and Center of Left divide of politics. President Geingob appreciated the support given Namibia during the struggle for independence, and Namibia’s strong commitment to also lending its support to the fight against social inequalities that are stifling the growth of nations and states. The Namibian President spoke extensively of the need to “attack decisively the negative mathematical equation of: Inequality + Poverty = High unemployment”. The 2 day Dialogue, will see participating countries delving into issues such as; 1. Gender Inequality in the 21st Century, 2. Youth Empowerment and stemming the tide of youth unemployment /migration, 3. Inequality and its impact on security and public safety, 4. Inequality vis-a-vis economic relations between Africa and Europe. The NDC delegation will be presenting a Paper on the topic of “Inequality And Its Impact On Security, Public Safety And Migration”. 26 African countries and 14 European countries are in Windhoek to participate in the Dialogue. The African countries include and not limited to – Angola, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameron, Cape Verde, Ghana, Mozambique, Namibia, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Belgium, Denmark, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Switzerland, are some of the countries representing the European contingent. Based on its Revolutionary antecedents, the NDC in 2002, officially joined the world-wide League of Socialist Political Parties known as Socialist International (SI), and has since been an active member of SI. Indeed, at the last Assembly of SI, General Secretary of NDC, comrade Johnson Asiedu Nketia, was overwhelmingly elected as 1st Vice Chairperson of the Socialist International.
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The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Spinal Clinic a sponsor of Rainbow Radio’s upcoming blood donation exercise, Dr. Bryan Cox, has said spinal disorder can affect anybody irrespective of your age. According to him, ‘’from womb to tomb’’ i.e from infancy to old age can experience spinal disorder. In an explanation he said, people from infancy to over 100 years can get chiropractic care. Dr. Cox said, a lot of children fall in pain for a little while and fall out their pain. However, a lot of people don’t realize that their pain receptors don’t really start to work at an ‘’optimal level until they hit twenty something’’. He said, ‘’so that is when they start to feel the pain for a longer period of time. But then, as you get to 29 you start to experience more stuff. Then when you hit your mid-thirties then you start to experience more things...Then when you get to 48 you going to experience more things,’’ he said. There are a number of children that are getting chiropractic care because they are having headaches, dizziness; but some of those things could be changed through our diets because there is something called excito toxins; excito toxins deal with things that are artificially putting into our foods that can affect us, because it can cause dizziness, heart palpitations, and so many different things. Some of the ways one can avoid spinal disorder is by sitting and standing properly. Exercising, eating healthier, reducing the amount of weight we have sometimes, and standing with a good posture. All these different things can help strengthen the spine.’’ He stressed, ‘’when I say exercise there are four things we must do; cardiovascular, strengthening, flexibility and balance. These four things along with the chiropractic care helps our spine to function properly. He emphasized the need for the public to visit the ‘’spinal clinic regularly to get their spine checked because a lot of times we don’t realize how our spine could affect us negatively.'' He said spinal disorder could cause misalignment or other serious health problems hence the need to get your spine checked regularly. He said, ‘’Your posture is the position of your muscles, ligaments, spinal bones, and the condition they are in. Your spine is the most important factor affecting your posture. In order to have the best possible posture and health, your spine has to be in the best possible condition.’’ Spinal Clinic Limited is one of Africa’s leading providers of Chiropractic Care. Established in 2006 as a chiropractic facility by Dr. Bryan Leon Cox, Spinal Clinic Limited has curved out a unique niche for itself as the foremost provider of the best chiropractic experience in Ghana. The clinic specializes in the identification of spinal misalignment as a means of safe guarding the wellbeing of our clients. The mission of the clinic “is to positively impact the world by providing the ultimate chiropractic experience’’. The vision  is to be the number one chiropractic facility not just in Africa but the entire world’’. Their services include chiropractic, massage therapy, and corporate chiropractic care, rehabilitation, spinal health education seminars-SHES and Lifestyle Coaching.  You can reach the spinal clinic on www.thespinalclinic.com or cell number 0246199503 or 0303410354
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The National Association of Lotto Marketing Companies have expressed concerns over ‘’pertinent issues affecting the lotto industry particularly matters concerning activities of some persons that tend to undermine the administration of the National Lottery Authority (NLA). The members of the association at a press briefing today [Monday] said, they have disassociated themselves from the press statement issued by a group of disgruntled individuals who purport to be members of the association. According to them, the group is not known to the association which is duly registered. The claims by the disgruntled members of the association the association posited, were baseless, unfounded and above all unwarranted. General Secretary of the association, Kofi Frimpong, also indicated that about 60-70% of the lotto business have been taken over by illegal operators who are popularly referred to as Banker to Banker operators. Banker to Banker they lamented has become an ''albatros hanging on the neck of NLA adding, several attempts by the NLA under the previous administration yielded no positive results. They have therefore called for such individuals to be registered aand their operations regularized. Meanwhile, NLA had earlier held stakeholder meetings where a consensus was reached to get theillegal operators licenced. The operators have an amnesty by close of year to get registered or be prosecuted if caught operating illegally. They expressed confidence in the new Director-General Kofi Osei-Ameyaw who has ‘’articulated his vision to the good people of Ghana''. The appointment of the new director he noted ,has yielded positive results at the NLA. He said, prior to the appointment of the NLA boss, there were challenges in paying retailer commissions even though the lotto marketing companies had these monies paid up-front. Through the prudent financial engineering, the new administration has liquidated all bank overdrafts and interests thereof. ‘’As a result of these new initiative, the Director-General has now saved the authority from paying GHc 396,00 it would have paid over 6 months. It is intriguing to note that all LMC retailer commission which was hitherto paid between 20-30 days in araraes by the previous administration is now paid in a fashionable time.’’ The initiative to roll out the e-kiosks and point of sales terminal (POSTs) by the Director General they described as amazing and so ‘’refreshing to the association. This they stressed will create more jobs for the youth and has condemned the attempt by some individuals ‘’who are bent on pursuing their narrow parochial interests at the expense of the NLA. In their view, these individuals are bent on thwarting the vision of the new NLA director.
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Deputy Minister of Education in charge of Secondary and TVAET, Dr. Yaw Adutwum has said payment of Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) levies would not be mandatory under the free Senior High School Policy. Addressing the press at the Ministry today [Monday], the Deputy Minister said the policy will afford qualified beneficiaries free education at the secondary level. He stressed, “Our PTA, levies, fees and utilities, development levy and even teacher motivation is going to be paid by the government, as a result we’ve made it abundantly clear to our headmasters that money should not be the reason a student must not go to school and no parent should receive a bill.” According to him, several dialogues have been held with head teachers of various Senior High Schools to make them understand that students are not to be sacked from school for non-payment of any fees. He further assured parents that government is on course with rectifying challenges encountered under the placement of students who qualified for the free SHS. “As I speak, we have acquired new servers. We are making sure there are back up plans. We are working with NIIT in Accra… their place is open for parents who may have connectivity issues.” “We are looking at options around the country. Internet cafes and other places, we are talking to them to see how they can open access to our parents so that they can get in and prepare their children.”
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Government has with immediate effect withdrawn the purported mining leases granted to Exton Cubic Group Limited to mine bauxite deposits at a forest reserve in Nyinahin in the Atwima Mponua District of the Ashanti Region. Mr. John Peter Amewu the Lands and Natural Resources Minister made the announcement. According to him, the three mining leases were invalid because the country’s mining laws were not duly followed in securing the said licenses. According Mr Amewu, a series of documents were supposed to have been submitted by Exton Cubic but said none of those were fulfilled hence the leases granted the company on December 29, 2016 were invalid
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Nii Gborlor IV is accusing Nii Akramah Nyonmor Bei II father of controversial dancehall artiste Shatta Wale, of fraudulently deleting his name from the National House of Chiefs. Nii Gborlor IV also disputed media reports that he was destooled and Nii Akramah Nyonmor II enstooled as the new Ngleshie-Amanfrom chief. Addressing a press conference over the weekend, Nii Gborlor IV also disputed claims that he has gone into hiding together with his two elders after they allegedly hatched a plan to defraud one Isaac Boakye Yiadom (Kofy) a known land guard who operates within Ngleshie Amanfro and its environs. The three persons; Nii Kwashie Gborlor IV, Nii Kwaku Botwe IV and Nii Armah Okine have been described as “unscrupulous aliens” who have been fraudulently selling Ngleshie Amanfro Stool lands by Nii Akramah Nyonmor II. According to a news paper publication by the New Crusading Guid Newspaper, Humphery Dzartor Botchwey, (Nii Kwashie Gborlor IV), and some five others, including Nii Noi Morton, an estate developer, Festus Dzartor Botchwey, Nii Armah Okine, Numo Kankam and Isaac Aryee have also been restrained by an Accra High Court, Land Division presided over by Her Ladyship Justice Barbara Tetteh-Charwey from entering, occupying and developing parcels of land in the community. However, Nii Gborlor IV rubbished the claims and added that, the case is still pending in court and so will not make comments on it. He has also challenged Nii Nyonmor II to tell the public where his palace as a chief is and whether he resides within the royal house where chiefs are elected and enstooled by the traditional rulers. ‘’I am still the chief of Ngleshie-Amanfrom. I have not been destooled as published by some media firms. The public should treat with contempt the said publication. I expected the media houses that published the stories to call me and find out the truth.’’ He stressed that there has never been a chief with the name Nii Akramah I for him [Nii Akramah Nyornmo II] to be enstooled with  that stool name. ‘’The chieftaincy law says a person does not need government recognition to become a chief. I was gazetted but all of a sudden, they manipulated their way and deceived the National House of Chiefs to remove my name. I am still the chief of Nglesie-Amanfrom,’’ he added. He said, by the customary law, he still remains the chief and has not been removed because he was nominated from the appropriate family, taken through the rites and enstooled. He also alleged that Nii Nyonmo II in the year 1986 was imprisoned for defrauding and farcifying the late PV Obeng’s signature and cannot be enstooled as a chief as by law established. On his part, Nii Kwaku Botchwey IV who was also referred to as self-styled Dzaasehene disputed the claims and threatened to sue the media firms that published the story without consulting them. He described the publication by the New Crusading Guide as ‘’foolish’’. ‘’Nii Akramah is nobody and the one who enstooled him is not the Dzaasehene. They enstooled him fraudulently,’’ he said.
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The family of a young man allegedly murdered by a soldier over a mobile phone at Kasoa in the Central Region on Friday 1st September 2017, is demanding for justice. The deceased, Nana Yaw Owusu was stabbed to death by the yet to be identified soldier following a heated argument between the two. Sister of the deceased, Ama Tutua narrating the incident leading to his brother’s death to Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, stated that, during the Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations three men in military uniform approached the deceased and his friends who were having fun and subjected them to a body search. The soldiers then demanded that they submit their mobile phones, the deceased refused to surrender his phone which resulted in a scuffle between them. In the event, the soldier stabbed Nana Yaw Owusu on his chest and stomach following which he was rushed to the Kasoa Polyclinic but was pronounced dead on arrival, she alleged.The incident she noted was reported at the Kasoa police station. The deceased body has been kept at the Police Hospital Morgue while the Kasoa Police continues with investigations into the incident. She told the host that the family will only be satisfied if the alleged killer of her brother is brought before the law and punished.
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The 2017 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidates who were not placed in any of the four chosen schools undwr the school computerized placement system into the senior high school have till Tuesday September 5, 2017 to place themselves, a statement from the Ghana Education Service (GES) has said. According to the statement, the affected candidates should go to the official website (www.myjhsresult.net) and select a school of their choice from a list of schools displayed. Candidates are to log on to the website and follow the instructions to select a aschool Visit www.myhsresult.net Log in with your index number, then your pin code number, to check your placement If you are not placed, the link to the self-placement will follow Click on the link to open the self-placement module Select the region of your choice Select the school of your choice Select the programme of choice Click on the ‘Submit Button’ to place yourself Please note that once you submit, you cannot change your placement You can then print your placement form The statement was signed by Prof. Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa, Acting Director General, Ghana Education Service.
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