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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Thursday, 07 September 2017
Exton Cubic Mining Company Limited has asserted that the revocation of their license by government, will scare private investors away. The company in a letter addressed to the Lands and Natural Resources Minister and signed by its Managing Director Augustus Amegashie said, ‘’ “your action in disrespecting the sanctity of signed agreements will deter the potential private investments needed to create more jobs.” The letter said: ‘’We are by this letter expressing our disappointment at your decision, and state that the reasons for your action are not borne by the facts and the evidence on record. We believe that such unfair treatment meted out to an indigenous Ghanaian company runs against his Excellency President Akufo-Addo’s mantra of ‘I believe in Ghana.’’ “Your unilateral decision to ‘revoke’ or ‘invalidate’ the leases threaten to jeopardize the massive investments we have made in the bauxite project and also cause us to default our firm off-take agreements with our international partners. We wish to inform you, that our company intends to do all that is possible within the remit of the law to protect and realize its rights under the leases. Our lawyers have been instructed in this regard,” he added. Government revoked the mining license given to Exton Cubic Group Limited to mine bauxite in the Nyinahin area of the Atwima Mponua District of Ashanti. This was because the company failed to comply with all the necessary statutory regulations. At a press conference in Accra on Monday, the Minister said the failure to obtain an environmental permit by the company, and also, an operational permit as well various statutory infractions, renders the license which was earlier issued, invalid and of no effect. “Section 13, subsection 6 indicates an approved application shall lapse if the applicant fails to accept the offer in a form stated in subsection 4. “There is no record of an acceptance of the offer of the mining lease in writing by the company as mandatorily prescribed by section 13, subsection 4 of the act.” He added: “Act 703 sections 87 grants the minister the procedure for revoking of licence and what that law states is that if for any reason the minister is satisfied that the company has failed to abide by the terms and conditions of the licence or a requirement applicable to the licence then the minister has the right under the clause 87 to terminate. “The infractions have been carefully analysed and it has been established that it falls short of the procedural mechanisms that allow grant of lease and so that calls for the [invalidation],” he said.Revocation of our mining licen
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Money which went missing from the Electoral Commission (EC)’s Endowment Fund did not end up in the accounts of the officials of the EC. The Economic and Organized Crimes Office (EOCO) has revealed. The Executive Director of EOCO However says it was too early to conclude that the officials are innocent, given the mandate and access they had to the funds during the period. Speaking to Accra based Peace Fm he said,  K. K. Amoah, stated that, investigations were far advanced into the matter, and that they would submit their findings to the Attorney General very soon. “We are still on the case. I met with my colleagues and we noticed that, the money did not end up in the accounts of the officials, so right now it is missing,” he said. “It is too early to conclude anyone is innocent because [Georgina Opoku Amankwah] was in charge of the Endowment Fund and [Asamoah] was the auditor at the time. In a few days, we’ll make our determinations.” “It’s been suggested that the money was used for some work for the EC. If that’s the case, they should bring receipts and documents to prove it. We haven’t got any such documents from them. Without those documents, we’ll continue to pursue them. With time, we will pass the information on to the Attorney General to pursue the matter in court.”
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Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice Martin Amidu, has disputed claims that he has been invited by the Constitutional and Legal Committee of Parliament over the Special Prosecutor’s Bill. Chairman of the Committee Ben Abdallah, speaking to Kwame on Frontline Thursday said they have invited the anti-corruption campaigner  to make recommendations to the Special Prosecutor Bill 2017, which is currently under consideration. But in a statement issued by Mr. Amidu and copied rainbowradioonline.com denied any such invitation and said he has been disrespected per the approach used in getting his views on the subject. The statement said: ‘’I think it is absurd that when a Committee of Parliament wishes to invite a senior citizen to assist it in its work it should do so through the press before any formal invitation to the citizen is made or received. At least, I served and continue to serve my nation in my own way and deserve a modicum of respect if my services are needed by any organ of the Government. I should not be treated as anybody’s appendage. I have equal rights of citizenship and respect under the 1992 Constitution.’’ Mr. Amidu in the statement asked: “Why did the Criminal Offences Act, (1960) not balkanize all criminal offences into serious and permissive crimes? Because, then there would have been no need for a criminal Code.” “The basic principle of law is that criminal offences are cast in general terms as deterrence to enable the prosecutor the discretion to decide which to prosecute. This is basic first-year general legal system study. As citizens, we need to treat each other with respect even when we hold a public warrant to represent the Republic,” he added.
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We've uncovered more rot at SSNIT-EOCO

The Economic and Organised Crimes Office (EOCO), has hinted that it will conclude  investigations into how the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) , spent a whopping $72 million on Operational Business Suite (OBS) in a bid to digitize the Trust, in a week. Executive Director of EOCO K.K. Amoah gave the hint when he granted an interview on Accra based Peace Fm. He revealed further that EOCO had uncovered “some corrupt deals.” “As I speak to you, my men are still investigating some workers and officials of SSNIT. There is also a gentleman called Hagan we have interviewed. He was the Project Manager,” Mr. Amoah noted in the interview. Among the instances of corruption, he said, “some items stated in the contract were not supplied. $34 million was set aside for the contract. It was bloated to about $72-73 million. We haven’t completed with the investigations, but I believe the figures may go up.” SSNIT is being investigated by EOCO for blowing $72 million on procuring and installing a software and other hardware systems known as the Operational Business Suite in a bid to digitize the Trust. The cost, which was originally $34 million, later ballooned to $66 million and then to $72 million due to maintenance and additional infrastructure.
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57 OMCs sanctioned for cheating customers

Fifty-seven oil marketing companies (OMCs) have been sanctioned by the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) for engaging in various infractions detrimental to the interest of consumers. All the affected OMCs are in the Greater Accra Region. They were fined a total of GH¢261,000 for serving customers with lower volumes of fuel, using non-approved GSA seals and breaking GSA seals meant to stop cheating at the pumps. The acting Director-General of the GSA, Prof. Alex Dodoo, told the Daily Graphic in an interview in Accra on Wednesday that the companies were sanctioned within a 12-month period. He said the GSA undertook periodic checks on the operations of all OMCs across the country twice a year to ensure that they conformed to GSA standards. Breakdown Prof. Dodoo disclosed that 45 OMCs served their customers less fuel than the customers purchased and were accordingly fined GH¢5,000 each. Ten other OMCs, he noted, used pumps not verified by the GSA, for which reason they were fined GH¢3,000 each. According to him, two OMCs who were found to have broken nuzzles were also fined GH¢3,000 each for that infraction. He said the OMCs were fined depending on the severity of their offences. He said the GSA usually installed its seals on the nozzles of fuel pumps to ensure that consumers were not short-changed. Prof. Dodoo declined to disclose the names of the sanctioned OMCs, with the explanation that majority of them were first-time offenders. He, however, gave an assurance that the GSA would soon name and shame any OMC that repeated the named infractions. Apart from naming and shaming, he noted, those which repeat the cited infractions would be dealt with in accordance with the law. Nationwide exercise Prof. Dodoo assured the public that the GSA was working round the clock in a bid to safeguard the interest of consumers. He disclosed that the authority was currently working on its report from its nationwide inspection of fuel pumps and would soon make its findings public. “We wish to assure the public that they have the right to know the performance of OMCs. We will put out our findings in the public domain as soon as we are done with our inspection across the country,” he noted. Response from COPEC Responding to the GSA’s intervention, the Executive Secretary of the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC), Mr Duncan Amoah, told the Daily Graphic: “It is refreshing that the authority is keeping to its mandate of ensuring that Ghanaians do get value for money in all aspects of our national lives, especially within the petroleum downstream.” “The practice of some dealers adjusting pumps to cheat or under-deliver to the unsuspecting public is one that has recently gained prominence due to the greed of some of these dealers,” he said. He said sometimes consumers did, indeed, get raw deals at the pumps, especially from some greedy but experienced pump attendants who under-delivered. “This practice does not only rob the unsuspecting consumer of value for money but also goes to enrich the crooks engaged in this practice,” he stated. He said the current fine of GH¢5,000 each was obviously not deterrent enough. “COPEC intends to forward a communique to the GSA to drastically increase these fines by at least 100 per cent to further deter others from engaging in this practice. We are also going to recommend custodial sentences for dealers found to be engaged in this act,” Mr Amoah said. Source: Graphic Online
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Some parents are still stranded at the Education Ministry to express their frustration over the non-placement of their wards in their preferred schools. The parents since Monday besieged the Ministry because they were unhappy parents and their wards making frantic efforts to get their preferred placement. Rainbow Radio's visit to the Ministry on Thursday morning, saw some parents waiting to see authorities in charge of the placement. Some of them had travelled form Bolgatanga, Kumasi, Brong Ahafo and other regions to get their concerns resolved. A parent from Bolgatanga told Rainbow Radio that, her ward could not be placed at his first choice but second however, he has expressed dislike because of his grade. The Ghana Education Service extended the deadline for Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidates to secure their places at Senior High Schools across the country. The deadline will  end midnight today [ Thursday], September 7, 2017. A statement signed by the Deputy Minister of Education in charge of pre-Tertiary Education, Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum, said this extension was done “in view of the challenges experienced.”
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The Chief of Ayakokuoso in the Anyansuao District, Berima Boamah Bekoe III has decried the increase in teenage pregnancy in his community. Speaking in  an interview with our correspondent Francis Armah Frimpong, he called on government to come to their aid by rolling out programmes to help reduce the increasing rate of  teenage pregnancy. He said, this has resulted in a number of young people dropping out of school. ‘’This is a major challenge for the community. The increasing rate of teenage pregnancy is alarming and worrying,’’ he said. He also used the opportunity to appeal to government to repair their deplorable road and market. According to him, when it rains heavily, traders are unable to use the market because of its deplorable nature.
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A six-week old baby suffering from convulsion has allegedly been left by health officials to die at the Zebilla District Hospital in the Upper East Region because the mother could not afford the cost of a patient folder – GHC10. Reporting the incident on Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5fm, Rainbow Radio’s Justice Anthony said, the baby was sent to the Hospital at about 8:00pm on Monday with a suspected case of convulsion but officials at the Folder Unit of the Hospital demanded she paid GHC10 before a folder could be issued her to see a doctor. According to Justice, mother of the baby Azumah Atiah, said she informed those at the Folder Unit that she is a subscriber of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), but they told her NHIS does not cover the cost of patient folder. She stated that all pleas to them to take the GHC5 as a part payment so her baby could get medical attention proved futile as the officials were not ready to accept anything less the stated amount. The situation, she said, forced her to leave the baby alone on a bench at the Hospital’s Out Patient Department, and rushed to town with the hope of finding extra GHC5 to make up for the full cost. However, she was unable to raise the money and a patient who had visited the health facility offered her the money. But the baby died because the situation worsened. She has therefore called for an investigation into the matter by authorities.
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The Constitutional Affairs Committee of Parliament has invited former Attorney General, Martin Amidu to appear before the committee to present his recommendations on the office of the Special Prosecutor Bill 2017. Chairman of the committee, Ben Abdallah said the move is part of efforts by the committee to receive inputs from the general public on the subject before it is passed into law. “This Bill is not final, we are yet to receive inputs from the general public. Martin Amidu himself who has brought out his perspective on the seeming inconsistency of the bill has been written to and we are hoping that Martin Amidu will heed to the invitation of the committee and appear before the committee to share his thoughts,” Ben Abdallah told Accra based Citi Fm. “If in the wisdom of the plenary, Martin Amidu’s position so far as the law is concerned is a sound position, the plenary will take same on board,” he added.
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