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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Monday, 01 October 2018
The Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, has launched the 2018 National Cybersecurity Awareness Programme with a call for concerted, coordinated efforts to fight the ills of cyber crime and prevent the growing menace. Citing various reports showing the growing, negative impact of cyber crimes worldwide, Vice President Bawumia expressed concern about how security breaches have gained notoriety with the capacity to endanger a global economy increasingly linked through digitalization, and pledged government’s determination to stay ahead of the curve. Ghana, the Vice President noted, is part of the global village that is pushing for connectivity in an increasingly digital world, and it is imperative that everyone becomes security conscious. Vice President Bawumia issued the clarion call when he launched the month-long awareness programme dubbed “A Safer Digital Ghana” in Accra on Monday October 1, 2018. The awareness month is to bring to the attention of the general public, the already critical importance of security within the cyber ecosystem of our country, as well as the profound impact of dynamic technologies in our lives. The Safer Digital Ghana campaign, focusing on four key thematic areas – Children, the Public, Business and the Government - has been developed to respond to the increasing spate of cybercrimes and cyber security breaches which could potentially undermine the gains from Ghana’s digitalization agenda, according to officials of the Ministry of Communication. “As we become more reliant on the digital economy, we must have a collective responsibility to create awareness as an imperative for ensuring that our digital world is secure and mutually beneficial to all users,” Vice President Bawumia indicated. “It should be obvious to many of us that due to the way business is conducted and the linkages between countries through the cyber space, like terrorism, cyber risk has become one of the most dominant issues on the international agenda. “As we become more and closely connected to each other, together we become highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. When there are insufficient authentication methods or a lack of consumer security knowledge, then each user is only as safe or vulnerable as the other,” he emphasised. Government, Vice President Bawumia indicated, is working with partners both home and abroad to ensure enhanced cyber security for Ghana. “The Ministry of Communications has assessed the challenges facing Ghana with respect to cyber security and charted a roadmap that would ensure protection for government, business, the public and most importantly our children who have become a target for all forms of abuse and exploitation online. “For government, cybersecurity is a public good. The benefits are shared. It is therefore an obligation that the Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Communications takes seriously. Government will make the necessary efforts to support national cyber security development efforts,” he assured. In brief remarks, the Minister for Communications, Hon Mrs Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, outlined a number of activities lined up for the awareness campaign, including regional launches, cyber security and crime awareness campaigns in selected schools in all 10 regions, and a dialogue with all former Ministers of Communication for a frank exchange of ideas on cyber security.
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The Agogo State SHS has been closed down indefinitely following students rioting on Sunday night. The students vandalised school property in a demonstration staged Sunday night. According to details available, the students were angered by frequent interruption of electricity supply to the school, which they said has contributing to denying them water supply for five days. The scholarship has over the past five days have black out, a situation that has also deprive them of water supply. But for the timely intervention of the police, the students would have caused further damage to school's properties. Some staff of the school were said have suffered stone stack from the stone-wielding students. The windshield and glasses of the school bus were smashed, about three air conditioners in separate offices were destroyed whilst the office of the assistant headmaster in charge of domestic was also damaged by the angry students. Other areas in the school affected were the guidance and counseling centre, classrooms, louver blades and the school keyboard. The situation has therefore forced the Ashanti Regional Director of the Ghana Education Service (GES), Mrs Mary Owusu Achiaw to shut down the school indefinitely. She took the decision after visiting the school to gather first hand information about the incident.
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A groom has been crushed to death with his bride currently in critical condition after a crash occurred on Sunday. The couple were engaged route a wedding reception when the painful disaster occurred. The couple, Disu Kamaru and Janatil Firdaws Yakubu, had just blessed their marriage in accordance with Islamic practice and were on their way to the reception when a vehicle run into the car that was conveying the couple at Madina. The groom, Disu Kamaru was rushed to the Legon Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. Information reaching rainbowradioonline.com indicates that the first part of the marriage ceremony took place earlier Sunday morning at Adenta and guests were supposed to converge at the Africana Guest House, opposite TF Hostel at Atomic Junction where the reception was to take place.
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Second Lady, Samira Bawumia Hajia Mrs Samira Bawumia, has been honoured as the African Woman of Excellence for her contribution to the cause of humanity. The Global Ambassador for the Global Alliance for Cleancookstoves, was honoured for the passionate drive with which she is undertaking her projects through the Samira Empowerment and Humanitarian Projects (SEHP). The Samira Empowerment & Humanitarian Projects (SEHP) is a not-for-profit organisation established with the purpose of empowering the underprivileged in Ghana through diverse social intervention projects to improve lives. The African Women of Excellence Awards, organized by the African Union in partnership with Diasporan African Forum (DAF), is an event designed to recognize and award African women for their contribution to development and peace in social, political and economic spheres. This year’s edition was held on September 29, 2018 in Sandton City-Johannesburg, South Africa. Mrs. Bawumia, through SEHP, has initiated a number of interventions in the areas of health, education and empowerment, with special emphasis on women. Notable amongst them is the ‘Safe Delivery Project’, an initiative that seeks to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality in deprived communities. The safe delivery project endeavors to distribute one hundred thousand (100,000) birth kits to expectant mothers in their third trimester, in deprived communities. The project has, additionally, trained traditional birth attendants and several health workers. SEHP has also equipped selected health facilities in deprived communities in Ghana. So far, SEHP has retooled the Tamale Teaching Hospital, other four (4) health centres, and ten (10) Community-Based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) Compounds with necessary medical and surgical equipment, as well as medical consumables. In the area of education, SEHP’s ‘Library-In-A-Box’ project has distributed thirty five thousand (35,000) books to thirty five (35) schools in seven (7) regions across Ghana. A total of about 40,000 pupils are expected to benefit from these books. This is in fulfillment of a quest to improve literacy and instill a culture of reading among students in Ghana. SEHP with support from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has launched a Coalition of People against Sexual and Gender Based Violence and Harmful Practices (CoPASH). CoPASH will spearhead a national response to the issues of SGBV/HPs including case management and increasing prevention efforts in Ghana. The goal of CoPASH is to bring together agencies, organizations and individuals who are passionate about the rights of women and girls, to advocate for better case management for SGBV victims throughout the nation. In a brief remark at the awards ceremony, Mrs. Bawumia thanked the African Union Commission and the Diasporan Affairs Forum for acknowledging her works. She asserted that, “Although this award comes to me, I see it as a celebration and acknowledgement of the work of countless individuals and groups across the globe, whose names we may never know but are serving humanity, selflessly”. Other noteworthy recipients of the award were; Mrs. Jeannette Kagame, First Lady of Rwanda; Hon. Baleka Mbete, Speaker of the National Assembly, South Africa; Dr. Amina Mohammed, Cabinet Minister for Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Kenya. The rest are Dr. Martha Namundjebo-Tilahun, Chairperson of the United Group , a multi billion business conglomerate in Namibia and Dr. Toni Luck, of the African Legacy Trust.
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The Member of Parliament for Bia East constituency, Mr Richard Acheampong, has cautioned government against any attempt to contract more loans due to the rebasing of our economy. He is warning Ghana may run into difficulties should we be deceived by the rebasing of the economy .to contract more loans Ghana’s economy has expanded by 24.6 per cent for last year, according to rebasing figures by the Ghana Statistics Service (GSS). This was after the GSS reviewed the based year from 2006 to 2013 and the way of calculating economic growth for the country. The revision should mean that the new growth rate for 2017 stands at 8.1 per cent compared to an old rate of 8.5 per cent. The economy is now worth GHC‚$256 billion as a result of the rebasing. If this is shared among a population size of 28.96 million, then everyone could get GHC8, 863. However, the GSS says this does not mean that growth has declined because the base of the economy has expanded. Commenting on the issue, the legislator and member of the Finance Committee of Parliament said, ''a direct reflection of this should have reduced unemployment, led to the expansion of businesses, reduction in the cost of doing business, improve living conditions but mistakenly, our economy is not like that. The activities being mentioned are in the service sector. And these services are foreign owned and they repatriate their profits. We have the numbers alright but it is not having direct reflection on the people.’’ ‘’The activities are not done by government, they cannot create employment, they cannot generate any revenue for the government and the rebasing means your economy has expanded and so you may be able to contract more loans but the question is that, would have the resources to repay the interest and principal? ‘’Ghana must be very careful and should not be contracting loans because of the rebasing in order not to distress the country,’’ he warned. Mr Richard Acheampong said, the current administration is finding it difficult to pay arrears, nursing training allowances, Common Fund among other statutory payments ‘’and all these shows that, we do not have the space and the only way out is to borrow and that is why I am caution government o be careful.’’ He admonished government to look at the dynamics and avoid activities that could crash Ghana’s economy. When asked to outline some of the activities that may crash the economy, he reiterated that, the major businesses in the telecommunications, oil and other financial sectors are foreign companies with few local businesses and ‘’these resources and profits are repatriated. The informal sector is unable to contribute any meaningful resources for government to invest in developmental projects. And so, the concentration is on the foreign companies and if you are swayed by the figures and contract more loans, you will run into difficulties.’’ ‘’If we are not careful, we will run into difficulties because this government has the appetite of borrowing. They have demonstrated that through the loan they have presented before Parliament. Our debt is increasing and yet we do not have a clear guideline on how they intend repaying these loans.,’’ he stated in an interview with Kwame Tutu on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 875.Fm. Meanwhile, policy think tank, Center for Economic studies has argued that; - Short-term revenue performance measures by the government could mean upward review of taxes in the 2019 budget. - Grants in aid of vulnerable sectors of the economy could dip further as has been the case post middle income status, coupled with exit signals from the donor community premised on government's undocumented policy of "Ghana Beyond Aid". - The tendency to interpret higher per capita income as a true reflection of improved livelihoods could provoke public anger. The Centre for Socioeconomic Studies (CSS), guided by these facts, believes that the post-rebasing focus of government should be on fiscal prudence through improved tax and non-tax revenue performance to spur productive expansion of the Ghanaian economy and accommodate the high expenditures building from numerous manifesto promises
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Former President John Dramani Mahama will on Tuesday begin a five-day campaign tour of the Northern Region. He will interact with delegates of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). Mr Mahama is scheduled to visit every constituency in the Northern Region during his five-day tour. Mr Mahama will remind delegates of the importance of the upcoming flagbearership elections and encourage them to participate on Election Day. He will also urge party members to work together following the constituency and regional executive elections of the NDC. Last week, Mr Mahama started his campaign in the Central Region where he met with delegates and addressed them on a wide range of issues, including the current economic hardship, the high cost of living and the campaign of lies and deceit which has resulted in the non-performance by the government.
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As part of his contribution to raise awareness over the unsanitary situation in the country, morning show host of Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, Kwame Tutu, has launched a campaign to help rid the country of the filth we are engulfed in. The outspoken radio and TV personality who is popularly known as Boys SP is social media to get Ghanaians join his campaign to get the ‘’crisis situation resolved. The social media campaign which is already going viral read: #CleanGhanaNow. Fellow country men and women, let us save ourselves and unborn generations by embarking on the above social media campaign to call the attention of our government to the insanitary abyss the Nation Ghana is falling into. It is said, a healthy Nation is a wealthy Nation. Looking at the number of country men/women who attends hospital in a day with preventable diseases caused by filth such as typhoid, diarrhoea, cholera, malaria, dysentery etc, we cannot say our Nation is healthy and therefore cannot be wealthy. The cost of living in filth is priceless. Millions are dying due to the dirty environment we live in. Millions are losing huge amounts due to medical care. Government expenditure on health keeps soaring due to the filthiness of our environment. Fact is our very existence is 100% dependent on the environment we live in. Let's do this together. Note, this campaign is not political. It's a campaign to save our lives from outbreak of diseases that can wipe all of us away untimely. Tweet or post as many as you can in a day. It’s okay when you can add photos of dirty places. #CleanGhanaNow Few months ago, the morning show host called on President Akufo-Addo to declare the filth situation in Ghana as a ‘’national crisis.’’ His letter to the president read: ‘’ Dear Mr. President, I salute you this day and trust you are in good shape spiritually and physically. Mr. President this is my first letter to you on your assumption of office a year ago. I have thousand to write to from now. My letters are not ”love affair ”but to draw the attention of your good self and high office to myriads of pertinent national and international concerns. I, therefore, pause here to wish you a happy new year Mr. President. Sir, I was invited to the year meet the press ritual, but could not catch the eye of the moderator to put a question to you. I seize the opportunity to, therefore, write to you. Mr. President, I listened to you with rapt attention the many issues you touched on as a prelude to the Q and A section of the event, but conspicuously missing from your speech was the state of the poor sanitation in the country. I trust you do know Mr. President, that the health of citizens’ is paramount, and nothing can be achieved without good health. Mr. President if you do take the briefing from your Health Minister and Director of Health Service, you may be shocked by the statistics of death from highly preventable diseases in this day and age. Mr. President, may I ask why you failed to touch on the shameful poor sanitation in the country? Are you not troubled or concerned? Sir, you have established the Ministry of Sanitation and Water resources to deal with the matter under discussion plus a profound statement you made of making Accra the cleanest city. The situation, however, keeps deteriorating, citizens live in filth, the health of citizens is in serious danger, and disaster lurks in the shadows. Mr. President, I write to you to declare the poor unsanitary condition of the country a national disaster immediately invite the military and the other emergency agencies to deal with this situation. Also, put in an effective strategy to ensure the nation does not fall into such a situation again. Mr. President, may citizens also know what the 2017 budget for sanitation also used for? I hope my letter will get an immediate response from you. Thank you. Yours Faithfully, Kwame Tutu Host ‘Frontline’ Rainbow Radio 87.5fm Accra-Ghana
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The General Overseer of Action Chapel, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams has called for fasting and prayers for Ghana because we are in crisis. The man of God is proposing 72-hour prayers for the country to save us from the challenging times. “We as a nation are facing a national crisis, with lots of difficulties and hardships and in these times we must proclaim a fast,” Archbishop Duncan Williams said on Sunday. He added: “Leaders who believe in God and recognise in times of national crisis that human capability and intelligence and logic and philosophy can do, but so much, and can go but so far...and recognise and call upon God’s intervention to overturn national crisis...I proclaim by the voice of the blood of Jesus this 72 hour fast from Monday…..of the month of October….let the fast be proclaimed and let heaven and earth bear witness and let heaven intervene in the affairs of this country and overturn the suffering and the hardship and difficulties and crisis we face as a nation and a people.’’ Archbishop Duncan Williams told congregants on Sunday that a powerful prayer is important for every nation in crisis. “We pray Heavenly Father you will intervene in the financial conditions of your people...in this nation…that you will overturn the family crisis; crisis in the life of our business community; health crisis; let it be overturned; grant o Lord that we will end this year on a note of victory, celebrating your goodness,” he decreed. Meanwhile, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo last week rubbished claims that Ghana was in crisis despite our economic challenges. “It is not a crisis, but the difficulties that we are going through now are difficulties that the system will be able to accommodate. It has meant some difficulties in the lives of ordinary people in Ghana, but they are events that were out of our control, which we have to find a way to accommodate,” he said at a meeting with the Ghanaian community in New York. President Akufo-Addo stated that the difficult economic conditions “require some degree of fortitude and firm action, and that is what we are trying to do at home.”
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An amount of $500 million has been made available to be paid to contractors who are owed arrears, According to the Executive Secretary of the Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors of Ghana, Cherry Emmanuel Awusanya, the amount covers 90 percent of all arrears owed them. He indicated that although the money is yet to hit their account, they have seen evidence of government’s efforts to pay them their monies. Explaining why their payment delayed, he said, Parliament was unable to approve the disbursement because it is on recess. “As we speak now, the government has engaged us in connection with this outstanding arrears. Documents have been shown us and we have seen proofs of initiatives taken by the government to pay the arrears. The GETFund formula of disbursement needs to go to Parliament for approval and parliament is currently on recess so it will be difficult for GETFund to go ahead and disburse the money without the approval of their formula. “The money as we speak now is ready, readily available for disbursement to pay the outstanding arrears. Even though it has dragged, thank God that we have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Since the money is ready now, I believe there is hope. So no matter what, before the close of October, all outstanding arrears will be taken care of,” he said in an interview. The Association had threatened to embark on demonstration over their outstanding arrears but Mr Awusanya says they are not going to embark on the demonstration.
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