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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Saturday, 14 April 2018
Popular entertainment critic, Ola Michaels, has advised socialite actress, Moesha Buduong, to find a better job and stop prostituting her body. The critic who was reacting to the recent interview the lady granted to CNN Christiane Amanpour, Ola Michaels, also took a swipe at the media in Ghana for projecting the interview. In his view, the lady has confirmed she is an international prostitute and saw CNN as an avenue to sell herself so she will get more clients. Moesha told CNN that “Ghana our economy is such that you just need someone to take care of you because you can't make enough money as a woman here," she said. "When you want to get an apartment, in Ghana you pay two years in advance and I just started working, where will I get the money," she explained. She was lambasted for generalizing her comments. But she has apologized and indicated that, the statement did not represent every Ghanaian home. Reacting to the issue, Ola Michaels said, the apology granted by Moesha should rather be channeled into finding a better job instead of the prostitution she is doing. ‘’Moesha understood the question but there are men and women who have empty heads. The media is promoting Moesha. She was frustrated and was advertising her body for the highest bidder and we all helped her to do the advertisement in a wide scale. Now the highest bidders have started coming and she keeps advertising for more and that was what she did on CNN,’’ he noted. Ola Michaels also posited that, Moesha is so empty and not someone who is creative. Movie makers who use her suffer before she is able to understand what she has to do. ‘’She has decided to be a sex slave and a sex doll. She is so comfortable because she wants to live in a big apartment, drive a big car. Live a life that is not hers. She has not worked for that life and has not gotten that value so she just want to be there and drive Range Rover when she does not have the means for that life,’’ he suggested. ‘’So if you do this and claim that the economy is not good then you are so stupid, because there are women in Ghana doing extremely well. Moesha should understand that, she is ignorant, disgraced the country and so the apology she has rendered is unnecessary. She should search for a job and stop slaying,’’ he added. On his part, renowned music producer, Kwasi Ernest, fired more salvos at Moesha and warned her not to associate Ghana with her immorality. In his view, Moesha disgraced Ghana with the comments because there are hard working women who are doing their best for the country and themselves. He said, she has to leave within her means. He also slammed some women who have insulted Moesha despite being in the same kind of prostitution business with her.
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Controversial radio owner, Alfred Kwame Larbi, aka DJ Oxygen, has fired more shots at female comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger, for describing him as a chimpanzee. The entertainment critic had said he would rather watch chimpanzees on television instead of wasting his time on Afia Schwarzenegger. ‘’I don’t like watching these videos because they hardly make sense. Afia Schwarzenegger’s nude pictures scare me, I prefer watching chimpanzees and snakes on TV like Otabil,’’ DJ Oxygen told Accra based Atinka FM. The controversial actress fired back in a Facebook post saying: ‘’Dear Ghanaians Pls stop misinterpreting everything...what this chimpanzee was actually saying is he will rather watch his family n friends than watch my video.. And it make sense.. Becos we all know he looks exactly like his father...the king of chimpanzee kingdom..so pls my fans stop been emotional n stop paying attention to failures...a male chimpanzee that arrested his whole family over a missing angloga sofa.. Anyway thanx to national geographic channel...at least i know animals know abt me.’’ (The Facebook post unedited) Reacting to the Facebook post, DJ Oxygen came after the actress describing her mouth as a bucket. In mincing no words, the radio owner wondered if Afia is a presenter. According to him Afia is misbehaving herself and it was about time she is advised to change her bad character. He went ahead to recommend for the actress a drug which is used by women to make them smell good. ‘’You left a bad record at Kasapa. Your negative attitude caused your dismissal at Okay Fm. Why should people set up radio stations and allow you to even work at the station? You are not a presenter. Social media has become so cheap and so you are insulting me. Your children scored aggregate 21 and you are not ashamed about it. Some children are recording aggregate 9 and you have no shame about the poor performance about your children.’’ ‘’You’re a block head and giving birth to same. You are an uncivilized woman. This is part one. You need to keep mute learn from respected women in the country… If you descend into the gutter, I will also descend into the gutter with you,’’ he concluded.
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Echo Charles, a member of music group, Echo has rubbished claims that the group has gone their separate ways. In exclusive interview with GH Entertainment with host Prince Kwesi Dadzie aka Mr. Handsome, Echo Charles, said the group went to pursue other activities but they have not gone their separate ways as speculated. Echo is a Ghanaian Afro-pop duo made up of Charles Yeboah Danso and Elijah Owusu Danso. Their biggest break was winning the 2007 Ghana edition of the Nescafe African Revelation and placed third in the West Africa finals. Elijah studied at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology while Charles is educated in radio and Television. Some of their songs are Zoji zoji, Gologolo, Walewale, Shikome, and Poserede. The group has released their latest track titled ‘My Matter’ which was written by Elijah. Echo Charles said the group is back and stronger than before. He also revealed that they are still working on other projects and will soon release them.
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Wisdom Kodzo Kuranyu known in showbiz as Real MC says he is not afraid of any artiste in Ghana because he is a unique and exceptional talent. Speaking an interview with GH Entertainment host Prince Kwesi Dadzie aka Mr. Handsome, on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, Real MC said he does not see any artiste as a threat. According to him, his focus is to use his career to achieve positive results. Although a proud representative of the people of the Volta Region, Real MC is well known in Cape Coast and its environs where he was born and has been for a while. In his view, music is not a difficult profession and has been blessed as a multi talented individual. He described himself as a hard working artiste and will do his best to churn great tracks for his fans. ‘’I know the talent I have. I have a lot in me. Real MC is a Harbour City Recordz signed artist and 2017 Unsung Act nominee at the 2017 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Real. He has released his latest single OLA (YENDA) which was produced by Kaywa. This comes after the successful release of his debut single Shishiblishi with accompanying video which continues to enjoy heavy rotation on radio and other streaming platforms.
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The Gender Ministry has issued a statement disassociating itself from the recent comments made by actress and model Moesha Budoung on CNN. The actress in the interview indicated that, due to the economic hardship in the country, she depends on married men to survive. She was attacked on social media for generalizing the issue but later came out to apologize to Ghanaian women for generalizing the issue and stressed that she was talking about herself. The statement from the Ministry which was signed by Otiko Djaba said: ‘’ “we wish to dissociate Ghanaian women from the comments of Ms Moesha Boduong. Ms Moesha has the right to discuss her lifestyle on any platform but she does not represent the multitudes of hardworking Ghanaian women putting in 10 – 18 hours a day in the fields, markets and offices across Ghana, to put food on the table, find shelter for their children and guide their families through the turbulence of life to the extraordinary vision of “A Ghana Beyond Aid”, which is within our reach.” The Ministry added that ”our economy cannot be blamed if a minute minority of Ghanaians decide to live opulent, flamboyant and amoral lifestyles without any discernible means of livelihood.” Read the Ministry’s full statement below: RE: MINISTRY OF GENDER, CHILDREN & SOCIAL PROTECTION CONDEMNS & DISASSOCIATES GHANAIAN WOMEN FROM MOESHA BODUONG’S INTERVIEW ON CNN The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP) has monitored the comments made by Ms. Moesha Boduong, a Ghanaian actress, on CNN with dismay and dissatisfaction. We wish to dissociate Ghanaian women from the comments of Ms. Moesha Boduong. Ms. Moesha has the right to discuss her lifestyle on any platform but she does not represent the multitudes of hardworking Ghanaian women putting in 10 – 18 hours a day in the fields, markets and offices across Ghana, to put food on the table, find shelter for their children and guide their families through the turbulence of life to the extraordinary vision of “A Ghana Beyond Aid”, which is within our reach. In the face of the giant strides that women from all walks of life in Ghana are making to assert their independence, re-discover their pride and assert their self-esteem, the sweeping generalizations made by Ms. Moesha on international prime time television have invariably done great damage to Ghanaian womanhood, apart from casting Ghanaian men as predatory, uncaring and rapacious. On behalf of Ghanaian women and men, the Ministry condemns Moesha’s statements and in particular her generalizations, which are unjustified. Our outrage is situated in Ms Moesha’s presumption to tar many Ghanaian women with this mercenary behaviour. This was made worse by blaming her excessive, lavish lifestyle on the economy of Ghana. Ghana is a developing country, but her citizens are striving hard to create an environment in which all citizens can achieve their aspirations with a measure of dignity and respect. Our economy cannot be blamed if a minute minority of Ghanaians decide to live opulent, flamboyant and amoral lifestyles without any discernible means of livelihood. Indeed, Ghanaian women are considered the engine of growth in the informal sector because of their contributions, tenacity, creativity, sacrifice and hard work in the face of all their challenges. The various Government policies, legislation and poverty reduction interventions for females since independence to date are designed to transform their lives and protect them from various abuses. This is development in progress, as we better enforce laws to reduce inequalities and strengthen institutions for equity, access to education, financial and productive inclusion. We wish to appeal to our international friends and partners, especially media organizations including CNN, to respect our structures and contact established national agencies like the Ministry of Gender, Children & Social Protection, Ministry of Culture and Information when they are producing programmes on Gender and Social Issues in Ghana. We have no desire to obstruct the freedom of these media organizations in their selection of subjects and resource persons, but we believe a view from the national representative body will provide a balanced story which will do justice to the subject matter. Finally, we wish to caution publicity-hungry actresses and socialites that while it is within their right to bask in infamy and self-ridicule, they have no right to drag decent, hardworking Ghanaian women into their destructive obsession with notoriety and infamy at any price. Ghana is a respectable country with a great heritage and proud citizens. If any Ghanaian cannot lift high the flag of Ghana, the least he/she can do is not to soil the image nor smear the reputation of our motherland. Thank you. Signed. Otiko Afisah Djaba Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection
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Deputy Education Minister, Dr. Yaw Adutwum, has reiterated the commitment of government to make the learning and speaking of French from the basic to the senior high school level compulsory. He said it would be important for majority of citizens in Ghana to speak French so we can survive in the ECOWAS-sub region. The Deputy Minister added, our neighboring countries speak French and in order for us to improve upon our trade and tourism, we have to speak French. According to him, the Ministry has identified five schools in the Greater Accra region where the learning and speaking of French has been made compulsory. He indicated that, ‘’with the teaching of French at both junior and senior high schools, Ghana will eventually reach a stage where French will become a compulsory subject at both the basic and secondary level.’’ The Deputy Minister was speaking at the launch of a French quiz by Rosa Institute in Kumasi over the week. President Nana Akufo-Addo in a meeting with Ghanaians in 2017 said Ghana will make French a compulsory subject at both the basic and secondary level. "We are committed to making French a compulsory language in our schools right down to the end of senior high school but for that to happen we have to sit down with the educational authorities and work out exactly what it needs... We’ll take this decision because as far back as 10 years ago when I led Ghana into La Francophonie in Bucharest, the decision was that the La Francophonie organisation would help us with the teachers of French in the schools. Because at the end of the day, everything you do about education always comes back to the teachers. "Matthew Opoku Prempeh, the Minister of Education, has it as a major priority on his agenda, so I think that between now and hopefully the next academic year some positive development is going to come out of it because to me it is absolutely essential that we do so, so that we empower our own population with the capacity to survive in this ECOWAS environment. People speak English but we don’t speak French. It’s not good and I think that we have to go about it that way," the president said.
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Minister for Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, Elizabeth Afoley Quaye, says her ministry will meet with stakeholders in the tuna fishing companies to find lasting solutions to recent pirate attacks. Some 14 tuna fishing companies have halted their operations in the country’s waters for fear of pirate attacks. The development has come about as a result of increased attacks on vessels by pirates in the country’s territorial waters since March this year. The companies say they will only resume work should they receive positive assurance from the Ghana Navy that their vessels and crew will be safe at sea. Commenting on the issue, the minister gave an assurance that, efforts would be employed to ensure the safety of industry players’. The minister said the issue is a troubling one but also disputed that the attacks recorded are eleven but stressed that, ‘’we will beef up our security systems. We will call for an emergency meeting and get the full facts,’’ she added. Three Korean sailors on board a Ghanaian flagged fishing vessels, the Marine 11 were kidnapped after pirates hijacked the fishing vessel around Keta in the Volta region on March 26, 2018.
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The US, UK and France have bombed multiple government targets in Syria in an early morning operation targeting alleged chemical weapons sites. The strikes were in response to a suspected chemical attack on the Syrian town of Douma last week. Explosions hit the capital, Damascus, as well as two locations near the city of Homs, the Pentagon said. Russia's ambassador to the US responded by saying the attack on its ally "will not be left without consequences". "The nations of Britain, France, and the United States of America have marshalled their righteous power against barbarism and brutality," President Trump said in an address to the nation from the White House at about 21:00 local time (02:00 BST). "The purpose of our actions tonight is to establish a strong deterrent against the production, spread, and use of chemical weapons," he said. The wave of strikes is the most significant attack against President Bashar al-Assad's government by Western powers in seven years of Syria's civil war. Source:BBC
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