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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Monday, 02 April 2018
The Finance Ministry, the African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are jointly organising a conference on, “Moving Beyond Aid: Domestic Revenue Mobilization for G-20 Compact with Africa (CWA) countries”, from 4th to 5th April in Accra. This was contained in a statement issued by the ministry. According to the statement, the two-day conference will bring together senior government officials, representatives of revenue agencies from eight countries in the sub-region namely, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Ghana, Guinea, Rwanda, Senegal, and Tunisia. Development partners, experts and representatives of civil society will also be in attendance. The conference will provide Compact with Africa (CWA) countries a common platform for knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer learning on revenue mobilization as well as ways to overcome aid dependence, ease financing constraints, and enhance growth prospects – all key elements to achieve prosperity without jeopardizing debt sustainability. The conference will also help CWA countries deal with institutional and political constraints in revenue mobilization, improving tax compliance, and alleviating base erosion and profit shifting by multinational companies. It will focus on common domestic revenue mobilization (DRM) challenges and propose short and medium-term growth-friendly revenue-enhancing solutions. The CWA was initiated by the German Presidency in the Finance Track, endorsed by the G-20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors in Baden-Baden in March 2017, to promote private investment in Africa, including in infrastructure. The CWA initiative aims to attract private investment to the CWA countries by ensuring macroeconomic stability, investment-friendly tax systems to help maintain fiscal discipline, while providing adequate financing for governments’ development needs.
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The Head pastor of the Church of Rabbi, Prophet Kwabena Tawiah, has revealed his decision to divert an earthquake likely to occur in the country by the middle of year in order to protect lives and properties. In an interview, he indicated that even though rainfall pattern in Ghana will remain same between the months of April and June every year, there will however be torrential rains and earthquake that are likely to affect lives and properties this year. According to him, he has offered prayers to God for the disaster (earthquake) to be averted but said the torrential rains cannot be avoided. He stated" the heavy rains will be accompanied by thunder and lightning we cannot do anything about it. Anybody who tries to use a mobile phone during the rains will die if care is not taken, electric wires and poles will be severely damaged and kill people if we don't take serious precautions against it, but as I have said in the past "There is going to be a severe earthquake which has been revealed to me to happen in may, never recorded in Africa before but I will divert it to some other places" he hinted. When asked which places would experience such severe earthquake. Prophet Kwabena Tawiah declined to comment on it. He however indicated that the country will see the signs of the quake as its diverted to other parts of the world .He noted" If I don't divert it there will be mourning in the country, people will die, properties will be destroyed nobody will be spared. Everybody will have a share of the earthquake." He added. He further advised Ghanaians to live righteous lives worthy of emulation in order to prevent some of these disasters. By: Ebenezer Kofi Amponsah
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South African anti-apartheid campaigner Winnie Mandela has died aged 81, her personal assistant says. Winnie Madikizela Mandela was the former wife of South Africa's first black president, Nelson Mandela. The couple - famously pictured hand-in-hand as Mr Mandela walked free from prison after 27 years - were a symbol of the anti-apartheid struggle for nearly three decades. However, in later years her reputation became tainted legally and politically. Family spokesman Victor Dlamini said in a statement: "She died after a long illness, for which she had been in and out of hospital since the start of the year. "She succumbed peacefully in the early hours of Monday afternoon surrounded by her family and loved ones." Mrs Mandela was born in 1936 in the Eastern Cape - then known as Transkei. She was a trained social worker when she met her future husband in the 1950s. They were married for a total of 38 years, although for almost three decades of that time they were separated due to Mr Mandela's imprisonment. Despite their separation two years after his release, and their divorce in 1996, she kept his surname and maintained ties with him. Source:BBC
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The National Democratic Congress (NDC) MP for Builsa South, Dr. Clement Apaak, has slammed the US Ambassador to Ghana, Robert P. Jackson for justifying the ratified military pact agreement between the two countries despite the agitations from Ghanaians. The former Presidential Staffer under former President John Dramani Mahama minced no words in saying that the Ambassador likes to put his nose in matters of national interest but has failed to address the rejection of the agreement by Ghanaians because it will go to his advantage. He also accused the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) of mortgaging Ghana’s sovereignty together with the US at the cost of $20 million. ‘’The US ambassador to Ghana, Mr. Jackson, has been very vocal on matters to do with our nation, Ghana, that never concerned him nor his nation. He has commented, naturally, on matters relating to the atrocious, castrating and sovereignty eroding agreement his nation, USA, through his effort, has purportedly entered into with Ghana by dint of the NPP government's resolve to mortgage Ghana for 20 million dollars, he said.’’ The legislator who is a member of the Foreign Affairs committee in Parliament went on to slam the US Ambassador for keeping mute at the atrocities meted out to Ghanaians who have risen up against the deal or agreement. For him because Mr. Jackson is a citizen of a president who sees nothing wrong with the gunning down of American citizens, he also sees nothing wrong with the arrest of the Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Koku Anyidoho, for allegedly making treasonable comments due to the agreement. ‘’As far as the Trump Uncle Sam America 1st representative, Ambassador Jackson, is concerned, Ghana getting 20 million dollars is enough to cede our sovereignty and our government agrees. On the basis of this, he and his brood, the diplomatic community, are silent on the despicable actions taken by the Government of Ghana to silence Ghanaians from speaking out on this degrading and lopsided agreement that deballs Ghana as a sovereign nation! But why not? Mr. Jackson is an agent of a nation headed by a President who sees nothing wrong with gun violence. Gunning down 17 students in Florida is no big deal for him! Afterall, since then, donations to the NRA have since increased! So, why will Mr. Jackson care about the needless arrest of Koku the Deputy General Secretary of the opposition NDC, my party, and the brutality dished out to Ghanaians who went to the Police Headquarters to solidarise with Mr. Koku?’’ Dr. Apaak indicated further that the ‘’sellout’’ carried out by Robert P. Jackson and his Ghanaian counterparts have a blemish on democracy between the two countries and negative consequences. ‘’But Mr. Jackson and his Ghanaian sellout collaborators must know that history will see their role in this matter as a blemish on the democratic credentials of the governments of the USA and Ghana.’’ Ghanaians he warned will not give up the fighting in ensuring that, the agreement is withdrawn. ‘’ But as Global and Ghanaian citizens, we will act to ensure that both nations are spared this needless embarrassment of an agreement and its attendant negative consequences. Wouldn't it be interesting to know the position of Mr. Jackson regarding the reckless use of the Ghana Police by government against civilians? Aaaaah he could careless, after all the government of Ghana desires 20 million than the sovereignty of our nation! Unfortunately for the collaborators, the people of Ghana will not give away their sovereignty to another nation, big brother, Uncle Sam or any other nation for money! Truth Stands!’’
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Leader of the Economic Fighters League, Ernesto Yeboah, has posited that Ghana’s President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has now become the Vice President. The President he noted has become the Vice president because of the ratification of the military pact agreement between Ghana and the United States. Speaking to Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, Mr. Yeboah said, by the ratification, US President, Donald Trump has become the number one gentleman of Ghana. He said, Donald Trump will now have the power to decide what we should do as a country. He will decide the number of bombs they will bring into the country because of this deal.’’ He has however admonished the president not give his assent to the agreement due to the call on him by Ghanaians. In his view, it is not too late for President Akufo-Addo to reject the agreement. ‘’If President Akufo-Addo and his government is a listening government, he will reject the deal. It is not too late for the government to reject the deal. Nana Addo swore to protect the constitution of Ghana and by this deal, he has failed in protecting the state and constitution.’’ He also slammed government for diverting attention from the discussions surrounding the agreement with the renaming of the seat of government, announcement to honour Tetteh Quarshie and the Karpowership agreement which was increased from 10 to 20 years. He said, they cannot divert our attention. We all know that our sovereignty is at stake. By this agreement, Akufo-Addo is no longer the president of Ghana. He is the vice president of the republic of Ghana with Donald Trump as president of Ghana. This is because he will decide what we should as a country. Ordinary Americans are of the view that, there is nothing in the deal for Ghana…They have stabbed us in the back and we cannot forget that pain,’’ he added. He added that the Economic Fighters League has also started an online petition on social media site Facebook. He explained that the petition is to help them get enough signatures to help shoot this agreement down.
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A GH¢ 127,000.00 Early Childhood Development Centre has been built for Bongnayili, a rural community in the Kumbungu District, to provide a more child-friendly learning environment. The Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC), an NGO, made available the money for the project through the Ghana Baptist Convention (GBC). It comes with 24 tables and chairs, card boards, teaching and learning aids, and set of outdoor play equipment. The structure would create classroom space for a children population of 439. Mr. Thomas Sayibu Imoro, a representative of the GBC, said at the handing over ceremony that the construction of the building became necessary because of the poor nature of the old structure the children were using. He appealed to the Assembly to help add a teachers’ common room and toilets to it. Mr. Charles Ayune Akurugu, a Deputy District Coordinating Director, stressed the importance of education to development, and pledged the Assembly’s readiness to partner NGOs in the region to bring progress. He applauded the GBC and its’ funding partners for the education infrastructure they had been providing in the district. Mr. Evans Sinkari, Programme Manager at CCFC, said classroom and residential accommodation for health professionals working in the rural communities, remained high on its agenda. He advised parents in the community to enroll their children in the school and ensure that they took good care of the structure. – Source: GNA
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China has imposed tariffs of up to 25% on 128 US imports, including pork and wine, after US President Donald Trump raised duties on foreign steel and aluminium imports in March. The tariffs affecting some $3bn (£2.1bn) of imports kick in on Monday. Beijing said the move was to "safeguard China's interests and balance" losses caused by new US tariffs. China had previously said it did not want a trade war but would not sit by if its economy was hurt. Mr Trump, however, has insisted that "trade wars are good", and that it should be "easy" for the US to win one. The American authorities have already announced plans for further targeted tariffs for tens of billions of dollars of Chinese imports, the BBC's Chris Buckler reports from Washington. They say that is in response to unfair trading practices in China that affect US companies but it raises the possibility of yet more action being taken in what has become a tit-for-tat trade battle, our correspondent adds. Credit: BBC
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The managing director and superintendent pharmacist of the Garrison pharmacy at Bantama, Kumasi, Mr. Richmond Adusa-Poku, has stated that, tramadol cannot be given to anyone unless it has been prescribed by a doctor to avoid negative effects. He urged the youth to desist from taking it without a doctor’s advice. He moreover appealed to the government through ministry of health to ensure that all fake drugs are removed from the market. Mr. Richard Adusa-Poku, was speaking to newsmen during the official inaugural ceremony of Garrison pharmacy at Bantama in the Kumasi metropolis over the weekend. He said, tramadol is a very strong pain killer but also a narcotic. Which means, it is part of the group of cocaine, marijuana and others. Although we administer tramadol for pain and accident victims by prescription, we have also witnessed that, those who abuse it uses the 250 milligram which are high doses. When you take the dose, it could stop your heart beat and can become an addiction. When you are unable to get it on regular basis, you become restless,’’ he added. He revealed, more than six persons come to the drug store to buy tramadol but we do not sell it to them without prescription. Tramadol is addictive and so I will caution the youth to deist from abusing it. It may graduate to cocaine or heroin and that is why we need to address the abuse of tramadol.’’ He further warned young ladies who continue taking contraceptive pills without consulting a doctor to desist from such acts. According to him, some young ladies are now abusing the emergency contraceptive pills instead of choosing the regular ones.
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