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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Wednesday, 25 April 2018
The ECOWAS Court has granted request by three High Court judges cited in the judicial bribery exposé done by investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, for an interim injunction against their impeachment at home until the international court rules on the matter on 30 May. The ECOWAS Court ordered Ghana not to take any further measures against the applicants who include Justices Paul Uuter Dery, Habib Logoh and Ayisi Addo. This order was given at the second session held on Wednesday, 25 April 2018 in Bamako, Mali, presided by Justice Yaya Boiro. In an application dated 13 April 2018, the applicants indicated that they had earlier filed a suit for provisional measures (interim measures) pursuant to Article 20 Protocol (A/P1/7/91); Article 79 of the Rules of the CCJ. They pointed out that: “The defendant (Republic of Ghana) despite the suit in this Court, is proceeding with the impeachment proceedings aimed at terminating the appointment of the applicants/plaintiff. “The defendant, by letters dated 6 April 2018 to each of the plaintiffs, has ordered the plaintiffs to appear for commencement of impeachment proceedings…” They, therefore, invoked the authority of the ECOWAS Court to restrain the Republic of Ghana from going ahead further with the impeachment proceedings. Justice Boiro subsequently granted the application by the plaintiffs to have the Republic of Ghana halt any impeachment proceedings until the case concerning the violation of their human rights have been determined.
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The Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) has waded into the debate over the 998 list of staffers working at the presidency. CDD-Ghana in a statement called on parliament to demand for further details so Ghanaians will be informed on the specific roles for the individuals listed. According to the civil society group, the staggering number is “deeply worrying” taking into consideration the burden it puts on the national purse. It is therefore calling on Parliament and the Council of State to be proactive to put checks on the presidency. “The Center is especially disappointed at the President’s decision to continue this trend of overstaffing at the Presidency, given the public concerns raised over his appointment last year of 110 Ministers and Deputy Ministers.’’ “CDD-Ghana is also disappointed that neither the Council of State nor Parliament has seen fit to rein in this growing indifference of successive administrations to the fiscal cost of a super-sized presidential staff and retinue. Although the role of the Council of State in the staffing of the Presidency is, under the applicable statute, only consultative, the point of inserting the Council in the process is presumably to enable it counsel the President in its staffing decisions, including, we would expect, in the size, where it appears excessive.” Below is the full statement: CDD-GHANA CALLS FOR ACTION AGAINST GROWING SUPER-SIZED PRESIDENTIAL STAFF AND RETINUE The publication last week of the list of presidential staffers for 2017 submitted to Parliament has revived the intense public debate over the size of government. The 2017 list shows a total of 998 persons employed at the Presidency. The Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) has taken due cognizance of the fact that the published list covers both civil/public servants and presidential appointees serving under various designations at the Presidency. Nonetheless, the Center finds the trend towards locating or attaching a large number of workers and staffers to the presidency deeply worrying. The Center is especially disappointed at the President’s decision to continue this trend of overstaffing at the Presidency, given the public concerns raised over his appointment last year of 110 Ministers and Deputy Ministers. CDD-Ghana is also disappointed that neither the Council of State nor Parliament has seen fit to rein in this growing indifference of successive administrations to the fiscal cost of a super-sized presidential staff and retinue. Although the role of the Council of State in the staffing of the Presidency is, under the applicable statute, only consultative, the point of inserting the Council in the process is presumably to enable it counsel the President in its staffing decisions, including, we would expect, in the size, where it appears excessive. Similarly, the point of statutorily requiring the President to submit a list of the employees at the Presidency to the Parliament on an annual basis is not merely for the sake of informing Parliament but to enable Parliament, on the basis of that information, to raise any appropriate questions and concerns it might have over staffing with the Presidency. This is an especially important role for Parliament, as staffing numbers have direct fiscal implications. CDD-Ghana finds unpersuasive the defense that the listed presidential office personnel all play different and necessary roles at the Presidency. In the case of the civil service personnel, it is not clear why many of the agencies for which they presumably work must be located at the Presidency. A good number are functionally best situated within one or the other existing Ministry or Department. In some other cases, it is not at all clear why those agencies must continue to exist. With regard to the political staffers, one notices from the list a large number of personnel with vaguely defined and unclear roles as well as many instances of a duplication of roles. Not only does this tend to undermine efficiency and discipline in the running of the Presidency, it also undermines the credibility of the President’s pledge to protect the public purse by ensuring judicious use of scarce state resources. With the President championing a ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ agenda, a vision many Ghanaians appear to have embraced, there is widespread expectation that the Presidency would lead the way toward that noble goal by signaling through its conduct an end to profligacy and an exceptional commitment to economy in the expenditure of public resources. CDD-Ghana is equally unpersuaded by the argument that the size of the President’s political staff is justified because the President has a big agenda to push through. We do not believe that the size of a party’s or president’s election manifesto must necessarily determine the size of its government. Such a proposition, if accepted, would lead us down an untenable path, as parties and presidential candidates would be motivated to outdo one another in a “manifesto war” and, then, once elected, proceed to justify their super-sized staffs as necessary to prosecute their grand manifestos. CDD-Ghana believes that, for effective governance and long-term development, including continuity in implementation of government programs and programmes, what the country needs, and what successive governments must invest in, is not more and more short-lived partisan appointees at the Presidency but a strong, capable, well-staffed, efficient, and disciplined civil service, at both the national and subnational levels. Omitting to rebuild the capacity of our weak civil service and choosing, instead, to place reliance on party cadres is not in the ultimate best interest of the country, as it over-politicizes the business of government and demoralizes and further weakens the capacity of the public administration. In light of the foregoing, CDD-Ghana urges: • Parliament, in the immediate term, to review the list submitted by the Presidency and demand additional information and clarity as to the precise roles and duties of the many political personnel listed with uninformative and vague job titles as well as require a disclosure of the salaries and emoluments attached to the listed positions. In the medium to long term, Parliament must review the Presidential Office Act, along with the Civil Service Act (as amended), with a view to depopulating the Presidency of the many needless agencies that currently fall within its organogram. • The Council of State to take its consultative role seriously and counsel the President appropriately concerning overstaffing at the Presidency, including the associated fiscal costs and the unfavourable perception it creates of profligacy in the conduct of the business of government at the seat of the presidency.
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President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has admonished the National Peace Council to be fair to all sides of the Political divide and treat everyone equitably. He was addressing the 13 member National Peace Council at the Jubilee House during a courtesy call. The president in his address said the silence of the Council during attacks on New Patriotic Party (NPP) members in Sankore in Asuafo South, before election 2016 was a source of worry to him and his campaign team then. “At the same time, I think that you must accept that none of us are inviolate from comments and criticisms. I sit here and I know very well what it means to be the object of criticism. I think you must also to take it in good fate. “For instance, the example of the issues in Sankore. The issues in Sankore begun in the previous government when the member of Parliament there who later became the Regional Minister in Brong Asafo was associated with systematic violence against members of my party. “Somehow rather, there was never an investigation into the matter. No liability was found and nobody was held accountable. I was in Sankore myself and I was met by a very frightened and clearly terrified NPP community who basically wanted me to stay because they thought they will be attacked if I left them. The Police at the time said it was a sensitive matter. There comes the change and still they don’t see any effort being made to come to grips with the issues,” the President said. On his part, Chairman of the National Peace Council, Reverend Emmanuel Asante indicated that the Council has no permanent office. He said the council is currently perching in a three room office facility owned by the GNPC and they have been served notice to vacate the premises.
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The Police Hospital has issued a statement announcing g that it will embark on a mass burial for about 120 “unknown and unclaimed” bodies as part of routine measure to decongest the Police Hospital Mortuary. The burial will take place 21 days after April 24, 2018, the statement said. “The General Public is hereby being informed to contact the Pathology Department of the Police Hospital for identification of persons who might have not been seen for some time now as part of the search to avert being added to those earmarked for mass burial after Twenty-One (21) days from this announcement.” The statement which was signed by DSP Yaw Nketia-Yeboah, Police Hospital Public Relations Officer encouraged members of the general public “to acquire the habit of always having their National Identification Cards of any kind on them to help the Police and others easily identify them whenever they are in any health crisis or involved in an accident.”
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The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has commended the Governing Council of the University of Professional Studies for its decision, in accordance with the Statutes of the University, to rename the University after founder and first director of the University, Nana J. K. Opoku-Ampomah. According to President Akufo-Addo, “It is a most excellent decision, which has received the approval of the President of the Republic, so that, once the parliamentary process has been completed, this University will be called thenceforth the Opoku Ampomah University of Professional Studies.” President Akufo-Addo made this known on Wednesday, 25th April, 2018, when he delivered the keynote address at events marking the 4th special Congregation ceremony of the University of Professional Studies (UPSA). The Congregation ceremony, amongst others, also conferred honorary doctorate degrees on Nana J. K. Opoku-Ampomah, founder and first director of the Institute of Professional Studies, and the second, Mr. Ahmad Ahmad, Vice President of FIFA, the world governing body of football, and President of the Confederation of African Football (CAF). From relatively small and humble beginnings in 1967, the President stated that UPSA has become one of the most progressive, public institutions of higher learning in Ghana, offering both academic and professional tertiary education qualifications. He added that after being in existence for 50 years, UPSA has gained the reputation as the oldest, human resource development institution in professional accountancy and management in Ghana, with many of its products in key leadership positions in and out of the country. “The outstanding work done under the leadership of Nana Opoku-Ampomah, who braved all odds and courageously sowed the biblical mustard seed, deserves special commendation,” he added. President Akufo-Addo assured that his government remains fully committed to ensuring that all of Ghana’s youth gain access not only to senior high school education, but also to tertiary education, as they represent the best ways of equipping the citizenry with the requisite skills for national development. “We are aware that adequate funding of higher education has been one of the challenges of successive governments. At the graduate level, this, particularly, has become a topical issue in recent times,” he said. The President continued, “As part of efforts to deal with the problem of funding higher education, government has committed itself to the establishment of a research fund for the sole purpose of funding relevant and sector-specific research work in our institutions of higher learning. This is in addition to the Book and Research Allowance.” Government, the President assured, will continue to support tertiary institution-industry collaborative programmes to increase opportunities for practical training and internship. “We shall promote curriculum development to meet the skills and human resource demands of industry, create opportunities for work and study, and make training in entrepreneurship a cardinal component of the school system,” he added. Towards establishing the enactment of a law to establish a unified Commission for Tertiary Education to deal with policy formulation, implementation and accreditation, the President revealed that the Ministry of Education will shortly begin implementing recommendations that will reform university accreditation and affiliation policies in order to introduce equity and fairness in the establishment of public and private universities. He commended the Council and Management of the University of Professional Studies for placing emphasis on courses relevant to the needs of the Ghanaian economy, particularly, in the areas of management sciences, accountancy, marketing, banking and finance, communications, information technology, law and other related social sciences. “The establishment of the endowment fund to help the needy, but brilliant students is also in the right direction. Government, and the Ministry of Education, under its dynamic Minister, Hon. Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, Member of Parliament for Manhyia South, will continue to support you as much as the state of our public finances permit,” he said.
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The Powerful Gospel Duo William Owusu Asamoah and Michael Asumadu Adomako, known in the music industry as Willie and Mike respectively have disclosed in an interview on Rainbow Radio that so many Music Producers were not interested in working with them when they started their music career. They made this revelation on the Mid-morning drive with Sokoohemaa Kukua, host of the show. Asked about the challenges they faced when they started,Willie and Mike said it was very tough at the beginning of their music career. ‘We went to so many producers but they were not interested in helping us’ said the Gospel Ministers. They went on to say that they almost gave up at a point but they kept their faith alive. The ‘Menpene’ hitmakers said renowned Music Producer Asteve believed in them and gave them a chance to record their songs and ended up producing their first album. Willie and Mike have five(5)albums to their credit.Their sixth album titled ‘Faithful God’ will be out soon. They urged upcoming Gospel musicians not to give up no matter how many times they are rejected. By: Festus Hammond
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CAF Prez Honoured with Doctorate Degree

The President of the Confederation of Africa Football (CAF) Ahmad has been conferred an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Law by the University of Professional Studies Accra, Ghana and shall hence be known as Dr. Ahmad. He was honoured with the degree following his immense contribution to the transformation of football on the African continent. The ceremony was held at the school premises and the CAF president is the first international sports personality to be honoured with the doctorate award. The award recognizes Ahmad’s commitment to the promotion of the game in Africa and by extension Ghana, a country he has visited twice becoming the President of CAF. The University of Professional Studies said in its letter to Ahmad: ''The UPSA Management has nominated you for the award of an honorary Doctorate Degree.'' Vice chancellor Prof Abednego Amartey said the university was honoured to present the award to the former Madagascar minister of state. ''Particularly, we are substantially aware of the positive impact you have made in football arena both in Ghana and the internationally,'' Prof Amartey said. The University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) is a public university that provides both academic and business professional education in Ghana.
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Gynacologist, Dr. Titus Beyou, has warned that the use of vaginal tightening drugs can cause infertility in women. The host of Rainbow Radio doctor was speaking to Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm. He explained further that, the claims that such creams and drugs make the private part of women smell good are false. The use of such drugs rather increases infections in women because it is not helpful to use them. The private part can be cleaned by itself and if you want to clean the place, you can only use water and not vaginal creams or drugs. He revealed that majority of cases of white reported at the hospital are as a result of vaginal creams and drugs. He stressed that, some women have had to undergo operation for their private to be opened before they could sleep with men. ‘’You only need water and not creams or drugs. The use of such creams will only cause infertility and infections in women,’’ he added. He was reacting to claims by actress Moesha Buodong that the use of vagina threatening creams was on the rise. According to her, the women do so with the motive of giving their men “more pleasure” during sex. “In Ghana, we like to please the men first that is why we use all these things to just make them enjoy the sex; we please our men before we think about ourselves”, Moesha disclosed. Dr. Beyou said at no point should a woman use a tightening cream.
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A thirty-five (35) year old woman, Larteley Mensah, has allegedly buried her eight (8) year-old daughter Tani Sani, after she reportedly assaulted her to death. The suspect led the police, pathologist and some officials from the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), to exhume the body where she buried the daughter. According to DSP Theophilus Asirifi, the police had a tip off that; the suspect had allegedly beaten her daughter to death and proceeded to bury her at the Korle-Gornor Beach some two weeks ago. When arrested, the suspect told the police that she was with the father due to ill health. However, it turned to be false. After interrogation, she confessed to burying the daughter after realizing she died following a supposed sickness which she [deceased] suffered occasionally. DSP Asirifi told the media that the suspect is still in police custody following a court order and has been charged with murder and hindrance of inquest. He further revealed that, the father of deceased had a misunderstanding with the suspect and so brought the late Sani to the mother. Sani according to police was ill and vomited. The mother asked her to cover the vomit with dust but because Sani, was unable to do that, the suspect allegedly assaulted and beat her to death. She later buried the daughter at the beach in the company of the landlord and a former fiancee who are currently at large, he concluded.
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Samuel Joachim Bokeem, a sports journalist has admonished sacked Vice President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), George Afriyie, to patch up with his boss, Kwesi Nyantakyi. He is also calling on the embattled GFA executive to seek qualitative advice instead of depending on quantitative advice from individuals over his removal from office and his desire to take over from Nyantakyi. In the view of the international recognized journalist, some individuals may look at the removal in a conspiracy point of view but he will look at it from a technical point of view. The decision to remove Mr. Afriyie, he suggested is not the first it has happened hence the executive member, should sit down and reflect on the bad blood between him and his boss because the two are not comfortable with each other. ‘’It is a warning to him [Afriyie] as his camp…If George wants to succeed his boss, he should patch up with him. Sometimes you need to patch up with people you don’t like for convenience sake.’’ The decision by Mr. Afriyie to contest he suggested will be a though one because the support his boss is having is huge and should he [Nyantakyi] decide to contest, trust would be broken and the consequences that will follow will be serious. When asked if the election of the current GFA boss has been positive he said, ‘’Nyantakyi’s administration was promising but along the line things started going bad especially with sponsorship[...] As a head of an institution, you have a responsibility and the success of an administration should not be concentrated on an individual but the entire body.’’ He added: ‘’in every game of numbers, you try to build bridges but you don’t bend bridges.’’ Goerge Afryie was yesterday [Tuesday] removed from office as Vice President for the GFA. A statement from the GFA said, ‘’Mr George Afriyie has been released of his duties as the Vice President of the @ghanafaofficial following a meeting of the Executive Committee. A new Vice President will be announced soon.'' Afriyie's decision to announce his candidature for the 2019 presidential election seems to have irked some members of the Executive Committee who have taken a decision to yank him. He had already lost his position as Black Stars Management Committee chairman. Afriyie was handpicked by president Kwesi Nyantakyi in 2014 but has been at loggerheads with his boss the last three years. The GFA has however denied the claims on several occasions.
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