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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Friday, 06 April 2018
Highlife crooner Quarme Zaggy, has said on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that, the genre is fast fading out. He spoke with Fiifi Pratt, host of Highlife Paradise today [Friday]. He is therefore appealing to stakeholders to unite their front to help revive the ailing genre to bring it back to its past glory. He also slammed young players in the industry over what has been popularly referred to as beef in the industry. He made specific mention of Kumi Guitar and Paa Kwesi over who is the higlife King in Ghana. In his view, the likes of AB Crenstil, Amakye Dede, Oheneba Kissi, Daddy Lumba among others are the highlife kings. He said, the young highlife musicians of today are like new babies on breast milk. He stressed that, the beef between musicians is unnecessary and needless because they have not reached their peak yet. They cannot call themselves highlife kings. ‘’We should be together and push highlife up there instead of beefing. We are not yet there,’’ Kwame Zaggy added. He also opined that the fresh ones claiming to be highlife kings, will not have the opportunity to be coached by the pioneers. Quarme Zaggy, a solo artiste, also has hit songs like ‘See Saw,’ ‘Bohye,’ ‘Just the 2 of Us,’ ‘My Desire,’ ‘Matide,’ and the latest, ‘Highlife.’
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The President of Republic of Liberia, George M. Weah, has extended a passionate appeal to the Government of President Akufo-Addo and people of Ghana to help Liberia to progress and succeed. “I am young, I agree, but you are my big brother, and I know that you will help Liberia to succeed,” he appealed. The Liberian President made this known on Friday, 6th April 6, 2018, when he paid a courtesy call on President Akufo-Addo at the Jubilee House, as part of a two day visit to Ghana. The purpose of the visit, in the words of President George Weah, is to “renew the bonds of friendship and solidarity that there are between the Liberian and Ghanaian people.” According to him, “Liberia came a long way, and without Ghana we will not be standing here today. Ghana hosted us, today we can never repay, we just have to make sure that our people continue to relate cordially, and I can assure that the relationship that has existed between our governments will also be mutually beneficial.” Expressing his appreciation for the role President Akufo-Addo has played in strengthening the African Union, he noted that “when we travel to AU meetings, like we did the last time in Addis Ababa, you realize that when a big brother speaks, you look and listen to him, and you know what is to be done.” Continuing, he pledged to work towards strengthening the existing relationship between Ghana and Liberia, saying “Ghana is my home, and we are here not to just come sight-seeing but to reassure you that the relationship we have will be sustained and strengthened.” President Akufo-Addo, on his part, referenced the longstanding, personal relationship between himself and President Weah, which predates their current respective presidencies, and described the Liberian leader “as a symbol of the progress that Liberia is making after the trauma of the civil war.” He said, “I have known him for some time because we share many characteristics, one of which has been persistent efforts to arrive at where we are today. I believe it was a set time as it was mine. One of the things that I have discovered about him is his honesty and also his commitment to the welfare of his people. That is what has brought him this far.” Commending the efforts of former President of Liberia, Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, he said, “the first female elected leader on our continent did a great deal of work in trying to consolidate the peace, after the years of the traumatic civil war. And one of the most important outcomes of that process of consolidation is that she was able to organise elections which allowed for the first time, I believe, in over 17 years, a peaceful transfer of power from one democratically elected leader of Liberia to another.” The President continued, “That is the measure of her achievement, and it is also a measure of how far Liberia has come to put its past behind it, and, in doing so, she chose as her successor a man who is already world famous in his other life as a sportsman, and who has now become a symbol of the hopes of the majority of the people of Liberia, especially of its youth.” President Akufo-Addo also touched on the happenings in the Region, and asked for a realist view of the imminent threats and opportunities confronting the Region. “The world is going through some difficult moments, all kinds of new arrangements are appearing, and we, here in the West African region, must continue to deepen the contacts, the links, the friendships between us in West Africa, so that the challenges of the 21st century, the challenges of rapid economic growth, inclusive economic growth that makes it possible for all our people to be part of the process of development, so that we can successfully meet those challenges within the context of democratic values and democratic institutions. So it is a particularly happy day for us in Ghana, and for me personally to be able to welcome to our country this famous man who, even before he became a president, was a household word in Africa,” President Akufo-Addo concluded.
Published in Presidency
The Director of Health Service, Ashanti region, Dr. Emmanuel K. Tinkorang, has described as outrageous the circulation of pictures and videos of sick patients as well as the dead on social media platforms. In a strong worded statement, the director warned that offenders (staff) found culpable of such offences will face the full rigors of the law. The statement also directed facility heads to inform their staff of the directive. The statement read: ‘’its sets one’s teeth on edge to see pictures and videos of conditions of our cherished patients and the dead circulated on the social media platforms. It is extremely regrettable that some health professionals perpetrate these unacceptable acts without shame and recourse to the right of the patient. ‘’Under no circumstance must pictures or videos be taken or recorded of clients, patients or the dead in all facilities.’’ It continued: ‘’all staff found culpable of the offence will face the full rigors of the law. All facility heads are to bring this directive to the notice of their staff and ensure compliance,’’ it concluded.
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The Commissioner General for the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), Emmanuel Kofi Nti, has been tasked by the Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, to develop an App that will make it convenient for Ghanaians to file their tax returns at the comfort of their homes. He threw the challenge when he filed his tax returns and officially launched the ‘Good Governance’ week at the head office of the GRA today [Friday]. The boss of GRA has until April 2018 to develop the App. He [Bawumia] said, Ghana needs a more electronic system to help Ghanaians file their tax returns. ‘’Commissioner General I would like to challenge you. That by the time we get to next year, where we have to file our taxes…we want to see a mobile app which we can have on our phones and be able to file our taxes…without having to step into any office. This is a challenge I am setting for you to meet by April next year.’’ The Vice President emphasized that by complying and honouring our civil obligation to the state; citizens can better hold government accountable and bring social economic development to our communities. “Tax and Good Governance Week” programme is being spearheaded by the Ministry of Finance and the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA). The week-long programme is geared towards enhancing tax compliance, with a focus on the filing of income tax returns and also their compliance measures being undertaken by the Ghana Revenue Authority. As part of the efforts to increase revenue, GRA in 2017 launched a National Tax Campaign to sensitize the populace, especially eligible taxpayers, on the need for voluntary compliance in honoring their tax obligations to the state. The Incomes Tax Act, 2015 (Act 896) and the Revenue Administration Act, 2016 (Act 915) compel individuals and entities to file their income tax returns by the end of April every year. The Tax and Governance Week Programme being organised this year is therefore designed among other things, to bring to the attention of the citizenry this legal obligation.
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A lecturer at the Kings University College Prof. Agyenim Boateng, says the agreement between Ghana and the United States government should have gone through a referendum. He believes the agreement revolves around the sovereignty of Ghana hence his suggestion. According to him, just like the United Kingdom used a referendum to withdraw from the European Union (EU), Ghana could have emulated same to either accept the deal or reject it. In a referendum on 23 June 2016, 51.9% of the participating UK electorate voted to leave the EU, out of a turnout of 72.2%. On 29 March 2017, the UK government invoked Article 50 of the Treaty on the European Union. The UK is thus due to leave the EU on 29 March 2019. In an interview with Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, the lecturer, who described President Akufo-Addo’s statement on the deal as insulting said, if it was in America, the ratification in Parliament would have been subjected to a ‘’roll call vote’’ so the public will know who voted for what. ‘’This is a big issue because it revolves around sovereignty. It wouldn’t have been bad should it have gone through a referendum. And so if you addressed the nation and insult people and claim you were open more than your predecessors, then I will say it was unfortunate,’’ he fumed. Parliament on Friday March 23, 2018 ratified the controversial agreement. The Minority on the day staged a walk out after expressing their disapproval. The ratification of the agreement would grant US military personnel, defense contractors and agents among other executive officials unrestricted access to Ghanaian facilities for military and humanitarian purposes, a situation many fear will compromise the sovereignty of the country.
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Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawunia, Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta and some other senior government officials have filed their tax returns. The second gentleman of the land was at the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) headoffice in Accra for the launch of the 'Good Governance Week’. He used the occasion to urged citizens to follow their example so government will be able to generate more revenue towards national development. He said there was the need for citizens to honour their tax obligation. The Vice President also indicated that the tax amnesty policy by this administration was aimed at increasing tax mobilization in the country. He said whatever the advance countries send to us as aid is the result of their own ability to mobilize domestic resources. ‘’What we take for granted as aid resources is the result of their capacity to raise taxes especially income tax. As w embark on this journey of Ghana beyond aid, it is imperative for us to take rigorous and decisive steps to raise enough income tax,’’ he suggested. In a related development, the Ashanti regional branch of GRA has said officials will also use the week to sensitize the public and take them through processes to acquire a Tax Identification Number (TIN). The GRA has announced that individuals without a Tax Identification Number (TIN), will from henceforth not be allowed to acquire a Driver’s license, open a bank account, get a passport, transact business with the government, or register a company. The TIN, according to the GRA, is aimed at uniquely identifying potential taxpayers to broaden the tax base.
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Two staff of the National Sports Authority (NSA) have been suspended by the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) from holding themselves as officials of Ghana’s contingent at the ongoing Commonwealth Games after they were implicated in a visa scandal that has caused embarrassment to Ghanaian officials in Australia. The duo, Christine Ashley and Husseini Akuetteh Addy, were the first casualties on an ongoing investigation to unmask officials who may have played in the part in the scandal which has overshadowed Ghana’s participation in the games. The two officials were suspended for their alleged complicity in the scandal as the GOC leadership began investigations into circumstances that led to over 50 Ghanaians were detained and deported by the Australian immigration authorities for posing illegitimately as journalists, athletes and officials. The Graphic Sports gathered that GOC president, Ben Nunoo Mensah, in a swift reaction ordered Ghana’s Chef de Mission, Mohammed Shanoon, to ensure the two officials cease to function as administrative staff and be sent back to Ghana in order not to interfere with the ongoing investigations. This paper gathered that the two NSA personnel were seconded to the GOC to assist in their data entry for Ghana’s contingent. According to reports, many of the Ghanaians detained and deported posed as journalists who had arrived in Australia to cover the Commonwealth Games, but upon screening the Australian Border Force were reportedly unconvinced about their reasons for travelling to the country or their claims of being journalists despite possessing genuine visas. The report not only caused embarrassment and outrage among the Ghanaian officials, especially after the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the NSA both denied complicity in the scandal and pointed accusing fingers at the GOC for purportedly facilitating the visas for the fake journalists some of whose details were in the GOC’s system. The Graphic Sports gathered that a furious GOC president, Ben Nunoo Mensah immediately launched an investigation into the issue following which Ms Ashley, General Secretary of the Ghana Volleyball Association and Mr Addy of the Ghana Weightlifting Association were implicated in the deal and reportedly admitted they committed some of the malpractices. This pager gathered that preliminary investigations conducted by the GOC boss indicates that Mr Addy tampered with the accreditation system of the CGA and subsequently made entries for individuals who are not supposed to be on the system and inserted names of persons who were neither athletes nor officials and captured them as such. It was further revealed that the two accused allegedly collaborated with five other officials to enter various persons into the Commonwealth Games Association (CGA) accreditation system and subsequently secured visa notification letters and or non-validated passes for over 60 individuals who are neither athletes nor officials of Team Ghana. Source: GraphicSports
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A South Korean court has found former President Park Geun-hye guilty on multiple counts of abuse of power, bribery and coercion and sentenced her to 24 years in prison. Park's conviction brings to close a corruption scandal which gripped South Korea, upending the country's politics and implicating some of the country's most powerful figures. "The President abused the power which was given to her by the citizens," the judge said, adding a tough sentence was needed to send a firm message to the country's future leaders. Prosecutors had asked for Park to receive a 30 year sentence. Park, 66, was found guilty of 16 of the 18 charges she faced, related to a massive influence-peddling case that removed her from office last year. As well as the prison sentence she was also fined $17 million. The former president was not in the Seoul Central District Court to hear the verdict. Park and her lawyers refused to participate after the court decided to live broadcast the judgment, the first time this has happened in South Korea, after a law was passed last year to enable it. Park lawyer's are expected to appeal her sentence. Outside the court, hundreds of supporters of Park had gathered to watch the verdict on a large screen, waving Korean and US flags and calling for the former president's release. Older, conservative South Koreans, who remembered the dictatorship of Park's father fondly as a period of strength for the country, were her electoral base and a common sight throughout the impeachment process. Dramatic downfall South Korea's first female president, and the daughter of former dictator Park Chung-hee, Park Geun-hye was arrested in March 2017 shortly after she was stripped of her office by the country's Constitutional Court, which upheld a parliamentary vote to impeach her. That vote came after millions of South Koreans took to the streets over a period of several months to demand Park's ouster, after revelations of the alleged massive influence wielded by her adviser and confidant, Choi Soon-sil. Choi, the daughter of a cult leader once accused of having "complete control over Park's body and soul during her formative years," held no political office but is accused of using her influence over the President to funnel money to organizations she controlled and get her daughter a place at an elite university. Park was accused of being unduly influenced by Choi. The court which upheld her impeachment agreed with accusations that Park had abused her authority in helping Choi raise donations from companies for foundations she had set up. In February, Choi was sentenced to 20 years in jail on 18 charges including abuse of power, coercion, fraud and bribe, and fined $16.6 million. Also implicated in the scandal was Samsung chief Lee Jae-yong. The 49-year-old billionaire was found guilty of bribery and other corruption charges last year and sentenced to five years in prison, but in February a higher court reduced his sentence and suspended it for four years. Source:CNN
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The Volta Regional House of Chiefs has asked government to deal with the irate youth who demonstrated against the creation of the Oti region recently. The chiefs believe the youth don’t mean well for the people of the region. They say those people are against national development hence their protest. The elders were at the commission of enquiry to present a petition on behalf of the area when Dr. Kwaku Addeah said the new region will bring about massive development. Hundreds in March staged a demonstration in the Volta Regional capital Ho, in protest against plans to carve out a new Oti Region. The protesters argued, the motive behind the creation of the region is untenable. They said the central government should cede its powers and control to the districts to plan their local economies.
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A former Chief of Defence Staff, Brigadier General Nunoo-Mensah, has slammed President Akufo-Addo for saying that the military agreement will not allow the US military troops to establish a base in Ghana. In an interview with Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, the former military capo questioned why the president and his appointees deceived Ghanaians by making such false claims. He said, wherever the military will work from is a base and the simple term of a base is where you operate from. We have different types and you can fortify it considering the threats. It will also depend on the mission that brought you to that base.'' President Akufo-Addo on Thursday stressed that his administration has not offered the US troops an opportunity to establish a base in Ghana and will not do same should they request for it. But Brigadier Nunoo-Mensah shot that down and insisted the Americans will have a base in Ghana. In the view of the former appointee under Mahama, Ghanaians are not properly informed hence we are all just talking about the deal. ‘’The problem with all these agreement is that, we are all not properly informed. Parliament was not properly informed. Cabinet was not properly informed…What I will suggest is that this should be put to a public debate.’’ Although we've had cooperation with the US in the past, we have not had an agreement of this nature, he told the host. He quizzed, ‘’are we aware why they are coming here? Are we aware why they decided to come to Ghana? This agreement is not an ordinary agreement. When you read between the lines, you will realize that, the agreement is not an ordinary one…They are using our territory to launch an attack. Are we prepared for that? I cannot see anything that will benefit Ghana from this agreement. Why do we walk into this danger? What is $20 million? Is that something we cannot afford and walk into a danger like this? We cannot sell our independence for $20 million.’’ The argument that, we will benefit in terms of capacity when the military troops come into the country he posited is baseless and without merit ‘’We rushed in accepting this deal. The first thing the US troops will do when they come into the country will be the establishment of a military base. I am saying that, let us take our time, we should not rush with the deal. The president should allow Ghanaians to debate the deal,’’ he concluded.
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