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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Saturday, 07 April 2018
Entertainment critic Alfred Kwame Larbi, who is popularly known as DJ Oxygen, has lambasted organizers of the 2018 music seminar to be organized on Thursday April 12, 2018. He told Prince Kwesi Dadzie on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that, the seminar is ‘bogus’ and only meant to promote and hype this year’s awards. The seminar is dubbed, “FROM MUSIC TO MONEY”.This year’s seminar which would be organized at Movenpick Ambassador Hotel is dedicated to exploring the Business of the Music Business by focusing mainly on how artistes and music industry players will be able to turn their crafts into cash. The seminar will tackle topics like REPOSITIONING FOR A DIGITALISED FUTURE which will be presented by Samuel Kofi Blay of Spice VAS Africa and Akombia Koomson, Country Manager of Kirusa, Ghana. The other main topic – MARKETING YOUR BRAND WORLDWIDE will be presented by Sam Onyemelukwe, Vice President of Trace Africa. Musicians who want to participate in the seminar are expected to call and book to attend. But reacting to it on GH Entertainment, DJ Oxygen said he does not understand why musicians who want to participate must first book to attend. ‘’Charter House want to hype the awards with the seminar. It is useless. Why should musicians book before participating? You have waited until the awards ceremony before organizing a seminar.’’
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Entertainment critic Ola Michaels believes that some musicians in Ghana are ignorant when it comes to contracts and the legal issues surrounding them. Contributing to the topic on contracts, the outspoken critic said, some musicians sign contracts they lack understanding on and what constitutes recording, marketing, publishing, and other legal terminologies on contracts. He said, some musicians complain that they are financially constraint and yet they are unaware that, their pictures used by people to promote their works, constitute an illegality when the artiste is unaware. He told the host, I once saw a poster with the names of a lot of artistes on it and when I called some of them, they were unaware of it. These artistes could sue such persons. However, they are unable to do it because they lack understanding or are ignorant.’’ He added: ‘’some musicians sign contracts without looking at the details but rather focus on the money. It would be better for a musician to read detail by detail a contract and if possible get a lawyer to also scrutinize the contract before signing it.’’ He further posited that some musicians have become slaves due to bad contracts they have signed. Radio owner, Alfred Kwame Larbi aka DJ Oxygen stressed the need for musicians to seek legal counsel before signing contracts.
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Public Relations Officer (PRO) for Charter House, Organizers of the annual Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs), George Quaye, has told entertainment show host on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that, his time was limited to grant him an interview. George Quaye was called to explain the rationale behind the decision by the organizers to hold a music seminar as part of the award scheme. The seminar is dubbed, “FROM MUSIC TO MONEY”.This year’s seminar which would be organized at Movenpick Ambassador Hotel is dedicated to exploring the Business of the Music Business by focusing mainly on how artistes and music industry players will be able to turn their crafts into cash. The seminar will tackle topics like REPOSITIONING FOR A DIGITALISED FUTURE which will be presented by Samuel Kofi Blay of Spice VAS Africa and Akombia Koomson, Country Manager of Kirusa, Ghana. The other main topic – MARKETING YOUR BRAND WORLDWIDE will be presented by Sam Onyemelukwe, Vice President of Trace Africa. When called to explain the seminar, George Quaye, encouraged musicians to register for the seminar because it will be a great platform to learn how best they can market their music globally. However, he told the host that he did not have enough time saying, ‘’unfortunately I do not have enough time’’. Entertainment critic and radio owner, Alfred Kwame Larbi aka DJ oxygen slammed him and posited that the organizers are only taking advantage of the media for their personal benefits. Meanwhile, musicians interested in attending the seminar are expected to book before attending although it is a free event.
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The Sports Ministry has referred the case involving the over 50 Ghanaians facing deportation in Australia for posing as journalists, to National Security for investigation. This was contained in a statement issued by the Ministry. The statement read: ‘’The Ministry has officially requested the National Security to thoroughly investigate circumstances leading to the acquisition of visas by underserving persons who are in no way connected with the ongoing 21st Commonwealth Games in Australia.’’ It continued: ‘’This follows some inappropriate actions by some individuals which have led to some Ghanaians being denied the necessary courtesies when travelling to Australia in connection with the Commonwealth Games. The Ministry believes the National Security has the capacity to unravel the truth surrounding the unpleasant situation Ghana finds herself among the comity of sporting nations,’’ it concluded.
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Ghanaian rapper, Asomafour Lover, a member of defunct Asomafour group has threatened to beat up his colleague musician, Dada Hafco. Speaking to Prince Kwesi Dadzie aka Mr. Handsome on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, the rapper said he was infuriated at an unfortunate comment he [Dada Hafco] made about him with regards to his medical condition. Dada Hafco is alleged to have said that Asomafour Lover became ill because of his appetite for women. But reacting to the comments, Asomafour Lover described it as false and irresponsible. He has since threatened to give Dada Hafco blows wherever he meets him. Asomafour Lover was in the studio to promote his latest single, ‘Ntor Look’ which was produced by Jaynim. Formed in 2002 by three energetic young men; Zakus,Lover and Famous. Asomafour came out with their first album (Mina) in 2005 and their second (Wabodam) in 2008 but that album could not reach its target because a member of the group, Zakus met his untimely death soon after the release of the album.
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Ghanaian rapper, Asomafour Lover, has described Ghanaian prophets as fake who only prey on innocent souls to make money. Speaking in interview with Rainbow Radio’s Prince Kwesi Dadzie aka Mr. Handsome, the rapper said, he seriously got ill for over four years and the experience he went through was a bad one. According to him, doctors were unable to diagnose what is medically wrong with him and had to depend on orthodox medicines. In his own words, the medication he depended on will overflow the studios of Rainbow Radio. He revealed to the host that, he had to move from one prophet to the other in the name of seeking spiritual healing but it turned out that, majority of the prophets he visited, were fake and only interested in making money instead of preaching the gospel to the lost souls. He however failed to give specific names of the prophets he claimed were fake.
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tAdLiFe an African empowerment group has presented a plaque to International Radio station Rainbow Radio for its dedication to making the African dream a lifestyle. Representatives from the empowerment group, Cecil Tamakloe-President and Xander Coffie-General Organizer, presented the plaque to the station today [Saturday] April 7, 2018. GH Entertainment show host, Prince Kwesi Dadzie aka Mr. Handsome, received the plaque on behalf of the station. The plaque read: ‘’This is in honour of your selfless dedication to making the African dream a lifestyle, we acknowledge you as a tadstar.’’ Meanwhile, the group has planned an event dubbed ‘’Walk for Africa’’ which is slated for May 25th, 2018. The group the president said will encourage individuals to join in the walk since it will provide the platform to walk against child, labour, slavery, racism, religious war, desertification among others. He said the group will also meet and give to the needy on the street, and ‘’if you are a true African or a lover of Africa and you believe in humanity then don’t be left out. Come let’s together make the African dream a lifestyle,’’ he added. The goup’s president was also in the studio to promote his latest single, ‘Rise Up’ featuring Kodi.
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The annual James Town Arts Festival organized by NGO, Act for Change is scheduled to be held at the James Town Community Theatre Centre, April 14, 2018. This is the third year the festival is being organized by the organization. James Town Arts Festival seeks to address twin issues, of unemployment and industry marginalisation, by celebrating the vibrant and innovative creative community of James Town as a centre for Arts and Creativity in Accra, Ghana and indeed across West Africa. The concept for James Town Arts Festival was born out of Act for Change's specific knowledge of the James Town creative community and our nuanced understanding of social issues our community faces, specifically unemployment and stigmatization. Activities which will takes place during the festival are:juvenile boxing, theatre, graffiti, music, children's face painting, African arts market, Jama,Cultural drumming and dancing etc. The theme for this year’s event is ‘’Celebrating and promoting James Town creativity.’’ The event will also celebrate the late Napoleon Ayaa Tagoe, one of Ghana’s renowned world boxing champion and trainer. Speaking in an interview with Prince Kwesi Dadzie, host of GH Entertainment on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, Programmes Manager, Samuel Lamptey said the event is free and opened to interested artiste who want to showcase their talents. Volunteer for the NGO, Ofeibea Annoum, said the event has chalked remarkable success over the past two years it has been organized and this year will not be an exception.
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Former President John Dramani Mahama has sparked controversy after suggesting that President Akufo-Addo and his Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, need to get ‘’Obinim Sticker’’ due to their high level incompetence. The former president made the comments when he addressed supporters of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) at Wa in the Upper West region during a peace walk. “You do not win an election on the weakness of your opponent. You win an election because the electorate have confidence in you. And so even though NPP is proving super incompetent, we cannot sit and relax and say because they are super incompetent we are going to win the next election. So we are going to work hard to win. “I have been watching social media lately, and there’s something that has come, and I think it cures everything. It’s the Obinim sticker, the President and his government need an Obinim sticker. If it really works, then I think they need the sticker. So I am saying that we cannot depend on their incompetence, we need to work hard to gain the support of the electorate,” Mahama said. “People are feeling more hardship than ever today,” the immediate past president told the NDC gathering after the walk. He added: “People said any idiot can borrow and that there is money in Ghana and that we can develop Ghana without borrowing but in one year and three months we have borrowed close to 30 billion Ghana cedis.” The ‘’Obinim Sticker’’ went viral on social media with some social media users mocking the popular prophet whose sticker have reportedly performed wonders for church members. The one that caught much attention was that of British High Commissioner, Jon Benjamin who said he lost his brain after using the sticker but got another head to the one he already had.
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The Vice President of the Republic, has challenged Ghanaians to honour their civic obligations to the State by filing their tax returns in order to mobilise domestic revenue to help meet our development aspirations. Mobilising adequate domestic revenue would also help achieve President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s vision of a Ghana Beyond Aid, which includes striving to be as self-financing as much as possible in all that we must do, in order to own our development agenda. Emphasising the importance of domestic revenue mobilisation to national development across the world, Vice President Bawumia stated: “All over the world, taxation is the main tool countries rely on to mobilize revenue to develop their economies and provide services to their people. Perhaps least talked about and also less understood by many of us is that whatever the advanced countries send to us as aid is the result of their own ability to mobilize domestic resources. What we take for granted as aid resources, is the result of their capacity to raise taxes, especially income tax. As we embark on this journey of Ghana Beyond Aid, it is imperative for us to take rigorous and decisive steps to raise enough income tax.” The Vice President made the call for greater tax compliance when he launched the 2018 “Tax and Good Governance Week” organised by the Ghana Revenue Authority in Accra, on Friday 6th April, 2018. The celebration is under the theme “Filing your tax returns, your civic responsibility”, and is aimed at getting all eligible tax payers to file their tax returns on or before the deadline of 30th April, 2018. Vice President Bawumia bemoaned the poor tax paying culture in the country, indicating that though potential employees in the country are estimated at 6 million individuals, only about 1.5 million persons are registered with the Ghana Revenue Authority and pay their Pay As You Earn (PAYE). “In fact, Ghana ranks below Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Senegal, Cape Verde and Swaziland in terms of the contribution of payroll tax to GDP. In 2015/2016 fiscal year, PAYE contributed about 15% of total domestic revenue, the self-employed about 1.1% and corporate tax about 19%. The combined contribution of about 35% is significantly below Singapore’s 50%, South Africa’s 54%, Canada’s 58% and Denmark’s 60%.” The Vice President continued, “Let me reiterate that filing of tax returns, in addition to being the civic responsibility of every Ghanaian, is also a requirement by law. The Income Tax Act 2015 (Act 896) and the Revenue Administration Act, 2016 (Act 915) mandate every eligible person to file an income tax return with the Commissioner-General not later than four months after the end of each year of assessment. “This campaign is therefore meant to remind and educate all categories of persons on this civic requirement and encourage the general public to visit any of the offices of the Ghana Revenue Authority across the country and file their tax returns if they haven’t already done so before the end of April, 2018.” The President, Dr Bawumia disclosed, has directed all Ministers of State, Government Appointee and Public Officials to file their tax returns before the deadline. “During this programme, GRA will mount tax clinics at specific places to assist citizens with the filing of their tax returns as well as other tax related matters. The tax return forms have been modified to make it easier to fill. Arrangements are also being made to provide a more efficient electronic system for filing returns in the very near future.” Vice President Bawumia, together with a number of Ministers and Deputies who were at the launch, have since filed their tax returns at the offices of the Ghana Revenue Authority in Accra.
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