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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Monday, 09 April 2018
The Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU0 with Koans Building Solutions to provide affordable members at the media village located at Pampaso in the Eastern region. Under the agreement, Koans is expected to construct an initial 100 housing units in the first year to be located in what has become known as the GJA Media Village. The cost for an expandable two bedroom house will go for GHc60,000 whereas a three bedroom expandable apartment will cost GHc80,000 but the terms of payment are yet to be agreed on between the GJA and Koans. At the signing ceremony at the Ghana International Press Centre in Accra Monday, the President of the GJA, Mr Roland Affail Monney, said many sceptics who heard about the project for the first time at the 21st GJA awards did not believe it would come through. “In reality, today is a day of action and not perpetration of platitude. We are taking a key step to address one of the critical needs of journalists which is decent residential accommodation,” he said. It is expected that interested persons would have to pay 50 percent of the total cost and spread the rest over a period. On his part, CEO of the estate company, Mr Kofi Anokye, said the Koans corporate village was the company’s new approach to meeting the housing needs of the middle class Ghanaian. He added: “To meet this market that has been largely ignored over the years, we came up with the Koans Corporate Village concept to serve hardworking Ghanaians and to demystify house ownership.’’ Madam Freda Prempeh, Deputy Minister of Works and Housing who officially launched the project commended the GJA and encouraged journalists to grab it because it is a good deal.
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Some angry lecturers at the Wa Polytechnic on Monday afternoon chased the Rector, Prof Emmanuel Marfo-Owusu out of campus with stones and sticks. The Wa Polytechnic chapter of the Polytechnic Teachers Association of Ghana (POTAG), has leveled a series of allegations of financial malfeasance and breaches of procurement regulations against Prof Marfo-Owusu. They have alleged Prof Marfo-Owusu procured a mercedez benz vehicle (pictured below)for himself at a cost of about GHc500,000 without approval from the Governing Council and have also cited other financial irregularities as basis for their agitations. The Governing Council had asked Prof Marfo-Owusu to step aside for investigations but on Monday he went on campus and questioned why his office had been locked. This was after he had secured a court injunction preventing the Council from asking him to step aside. His presence on campus on Monday infuriated the lecturers who have said they don't want to see him around until investigations are concluded. Prof Marfo-Owusu is said to have questioned why his office had been locked and threatened to sack a security officer, after the latter told him to find out from the Estate Department why the office had been locked. The lecturers blocked the road to prevent Prof Marfo-Owusu from driving away and told him they were going to seize the vehicle. After some verbal exchanges, Prof Marfo-Owusu attempted to drive off campus but the lecturers run after him chanting, “thief, thief, thief.” Credit: GraphicOnline
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Fire has gutted the girls’ dormitory of the Pong-Tamale Senior High School in the Northern region burning all learning materials belonging to the ongoing WASSCE candidates in the school. The cause of the fire in the school as at the time of filing this report was not yet established but Rainbow Radio's Prince Kwame Tamakloe, reports on a suspected electrical fault resulting from an illegal use of electrical appliances at the female dormitory by some of the final year students. The incident has caused so many dilemmas among the final year students and the school authorities as the school’s efforts to replace the burnt learning materials and renovation of the destroyed dormitory is going to be obscure. The Pong-Tamale SHS is already faced with infrastructure challenges and the burnt dormitory is a big blow to the authority of the school as the situation would slow down teaching and learning activities in the school. According to some students who gave narration on the occurrence revealed that the fire started at about 11.30 Monday morning and razed off five rooms completely. It took three fire tenders with personnel from the Ghana National Fire service set out from Tamale and Savelugu to manage the unpleasant circumstance. meanwhile the Headmistress of the school Madam Gbandy has appealed to the government, civil society organzations and individuals to come and assist the school in this difficult time. By: Prince Kwame Tamakloe
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Trust Tower is Safe-Managers

A cloud of smoke that shot up into the skies drawing the attention of both the media and personnel from the Ghana National Fire Service to the premises of under renovation Trust Towers at Adabraka-Accra, could not cause any harm as feared. The tick smoke was noticed near the edifice at 13hours G.M.T. Before our arrival to verify what could have caused it, there was no smoke to track down any source of fire but the fire tender was approaching the scene too. This boosted our curiosity to delve more into getting the right information for the public. Site manager in charge of the renovation works, Bright Sedovi told the media they did not know how the piled polystyrene within the yard caught fire because he did not instruct it. DO2 George Dodoo of the Accra City Metro Fire Station said it is unfortunate to experience such burning at a city centre like Adabraka as it creates fear and panic and disturb public peace. He cautioned the public against such acts since the smoke seen was too tick to take for granted. By: Daniel Asuku
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Sections of the Ghanaian public have charged President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, to focus on job creation. Calling into the morning show on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, listeners said although the president may be doing his best for the country, his achievement will not be complete without job creation. Majority of those called into the show under the ‘’What Must the President Know’ Monday morning said, ‘’we know the president is doing his best but he should create jobs for the unemployed youth. If he is able to do that, then we can say, he has done extremely well.’’ Another caller said, ‘’we want the president to create more jobs for the youth. If he creates more jobs, the youth of Ghana would have more jobs to do. He should also check fuel prices for us.’’ Another caller said: ‘’the rate of unemployment in Ghana is extremely high and the best way to resolve it is to create more jobs for the youth. When we have jobs for the youth, the rate of crime will reduce.’’ President Nana Akufo-Addo in July 2017 admitted job creation is his greatest challenge since he took over power. According to him, young people are anxious for not finding jobs and are working assiduously to fulfill their dreams. He revealed this in his maiden meeting with senior journalists across the country. ‘’I need not to repeat that the greatest challenge I face is the creation of jobs. Young people are very anxious about not finding jobs and their parents are even more anxious by the future of their children after seeing them through school.’’ He added, ‘’I am well aware that the success or otherwise of my administration will be judged largely on job creation. Last Thursday I launched the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan (NEIP) which is an innovative scheme, under the Business Development Ministry, to help startups, and the difficult early stages of setting up businesses. We have committed $10 million of public funds, which we hope to leverage into $100 from private sources to back the plan.’’ Meanwhile, the president is expected to officially launch the National Builders Corps. The Nation Builders Corps will hire 100,000 graduates, some of whom have been sitting at home for three, four years after coming out of school and have not been able to find a job. The Nations Builders Corps was announced as a government initiative in the 2018 budget to provide 100,000 jobs to graduates at a cost of GHc 600 million. The focus of the initiative is to improve public service delivery in health, education, agriculture, sanitation and also drive revenue mobilization and collection.
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The Economic Fighters League has indicated through a statement that the address delivered by President Nana Akufo-Addo, on the Ghana and United States on the military pact agreement showed that, he [Nana Addo] was more concerned about anti-American sentiments than pro-Ghanaian nationalist sentiments over this one-sided agreement. Nothing shows a country whose sovereignty has been sold better than this.’’ The statement which was issued by leader of the group, Ernesto Yeboah called on Ghanaians not give up the fight in resisting the agreement. According to the group, the only way President Akufo-Addo, can appease Ghanaians is to withdraw the agreement. ‘’Well-meaning Ghanaians must continue their resistance to the US-Ghana military deal. The only way to appease us is for the President to withdraw the agreement. We shall not be cowed by the brazen arrogance of our employees who live on our taxes but will not take instructions from us. Indeed one wonders whose interests our governments serve. We the citizens of this country have been clamouring for the Right to Information Bill to be passed into law. For 17 years, that bill remains a bill. But when we said we did not want the military agreement, it was ratified within three (3) days to serve the interest of America. Who does our government serve? The group took a swipe at the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) saying, the party would have approved of the agreement if they were in power. ‘’To be sure, NDC is not any better. We know too well that if NDC was in power, they would have passed this agreement just as the NPP has done. They would have been the ones defending it with their lives while the NPP would have been the ones attacking it with all might and main. We must understand that the NDC and NPP sing from the same hymn book; they serve the same neo- colonialist masters. And as we discuss the eternal bond of 2018 signed by the NPP, we cannot forget the bond of 1998 and the bond of 2015 signed by the NDC. By doing this, both parties have committed treason and whatever happens and no matter how long it takes, they will surely be punished by the people,’’ the statement said. Attached is the full statement.
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Female gospel musician, Patience Nyarko, is advocating for music pirates to be punished as law requires. The 2018 Gospel Artiste of the year nominee, narrated how she saw some pirates who have pirated her latest ‘Obi Nyanime’ 8 track album, on pen drives and were selling them along the Dworwulu streets here in Accra. Speaking in an interview with Sokoohemaa Kukua on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, Patience Nyarko, bemoaned the negative effects piracy have on their works. She was emphatic that, we should not allow such lawless people to go unpunished because what they do is to rob people of their hard work. ‘’I chanced upon some individuals selling my latest album on pen drives. They were not aware I was Patience Nyarko. I saw them selling pen drives with my pirated works. The pirated works were also on CDs. I cautioned them to desist from doing so,’’ the musician who has also been nominated in the Gospel Song of the year category stated. Patience Nyarko said, if I chance upon people pirating my works again, I will take legal action against them. ‘’That is somebody’s sweat. I will not accept any apology from anyone who will pirate my work. I will not pardon anyone. When I get anyone pirating my works, I will use that person as a scapegoat.’’ She admonished government to help in that regard because it will get to a point, nobody will invest their resources into music due to piracy.
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Gospel Artiste nominee for the 2018 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs), Patience Nyarko, has rubbished suggestions that she is afraid to marry. Reacting to a question a listener asked her on the mid morning show hosted by Sokoohemaa Kukua, on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm the musician said, I am not afraid for marriage. Patience Nyarko gave the hint that she will soon be getting married. The ‘Obi Nyanime’ hitmaker was on the show to talk about her career as a gospel musician, the challenges and the successes chalked. She has also threatened to sue some individuals who have pirated her latest ‘Obi Nyame’ album and selling them on pen drives. ‘’I chanced upon some individuals selling my latest album on pen drives. They were not aware I was Patience Nyarko. I saw them selling pen drives with my pirated works. The pirated works were also on CDs. I cautioned them to desist from doing so,’’ she stated. The ‘Obi Nyanime’ album contains 8 tracks namely ‘Ode Ogya begye meso’, ‘Wakyiaa Na medi’, M’akoma so Adesredee’ among others.
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First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Joseph Osei Owusu, has admonished the outgoing Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, H.E Sun Baohung, to advice her successor to help remove their nationals engaging in illegal mining from our sites. He said the people to people relationship between the two countries, has led to a lot of Chinese getting involved in mining and that has been of concern to Ghanaians because Chinese nationals have strayed into areas meant for Ghanaians. He made the comments when the outgoing Ambassador paid a courtesy call on the leadership of Parliament on Monday April 9, 2018. The Deputy Speaker, who is also the Member of Parliament for Bekwai constituency said, the Chinese in my constituency were engaging in the sale of mining equipment but now they’ve gone beyond selling of equipment and are participating in the mining itself. Mr. Owusu said: ‘’we will count on you to advice your successor to assist us to remove your people from areas they are not permitted to be…There are few times that have led to clashes and it is embarrassing when ordinarily, we have such a good relationship and suddenly just a few people go into places they are not permitted to leading into clashes.’’ The effect of it he lamented has been the embarrassing environmental challenges we have had to deal with. ‘’It is embarrassing because all around us, every water body appears to have been affected. And if you go into it, you will find that there are Chinese nationals involved in the degradation and the damage to our water bodies.’’ He stressed the need for the outgoing Ambassador to advice her successor to take from where she [Baohung] left to assist Ghana resolve the challenges. He also commented on the difficulty Ghanaians have to go through in acquiring visas to China. He revealed that Ghanaians have to struggle to pay over $1,000 to agents before they acquire visas. He asked for clarity on the acquisition process so innocent Ghanaians are not fleeced. He also used the opportunity to appreciate the support from the Ambassador towards government’s one-district-one-factory policy and training in vocational education. The support he noted goes beyond buying or receiving things from China. On her part, the Chinese Ambassador gave a strong assurance that she will look into the visa issue and help resolve it. With regards to the illegal mining and the involvement of Chinese nationals, she said, the Chinese government supports every move in bringing an end to illegal mining. She said the situation is coming down and there are some Chinese mining companies engaging in legal mining activities. She pledged China’s support for the fight against illegal mining.
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Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, has eulogized the outgoing Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, H.E. Sun Baohung, for her exceptional leadership displayed for the years she’s been in Ghana. According to him, the Chinese Ambassador has managed to stay above local politics and was focused on her duties. The Second Deputy Speaker said the Ambassador has been very effective on the ground and ‘’we are going to lose you and can only pray that, your successor will measure up to the footprints you’ve left in the country.’’ Mr. Bagbin said, China is rising to the challenge and is now one of the largest economies in the world and ‘’I have always urged that you will go beyond the relationship and propagate the Chinese language…’’ He made the comments when the outgoing Ambassador paid a courtesy call on the leadership of Parliament today [Monday]. He further called on other Ambassadors in the country to emulate the example of H.E Sun Baohung. ‘’I commend you highly for a successful,’’ stay in Ghana. On her part, H.E Baohung, expressed her gratitude and was happy that the bilateral trade between the two countries, has moved from a small figure to a significant figure. ‘’I remember in the year 2000, our bilateral trade just surpassed $100 million but just last year, it went up to $6.8 billion.’’ She said the exports from Ghana to China surpassed $1.85 billion last year.’’ ‘’That reached a historical high registering 41 per cent increase. So we can say that bilateral trade is increasing…We want it to be sustainable and this is due to the contribution of enterprises…’’ Another important issue she touched on was the acquisition of visas for Ghanaians who may travel to China. She said the Embassy set up a new section at its office last year to facilitate the acquisition of visa for Ghanaians. The outgoing Chinese Ambassador was an Attaché, Third Secretary Department of African Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) from 1991-1996. She become Third Secretary, Chinese Embassy in the Republic of South Africa from 1996-1999. She became 1999-2005 Third Secretary, Second Secretary, Deputy Division Director, Division Director, Department of African Affairs, MFA between 1999-2005. She was appointed a Counsellor, Chinese Embassy in the United States from 2005-2008. Between 2008-2009, she was appointed Counsellor, Department for Diplomatic Missions Abroad, MFA in the same year. Between 2009-2011 she became Counsellor, Department of African Affairs, MFA and Deputy Director-General, Department of African Affairs, MFA from 2011-2014. She came to Ghana in 2014 as Ambassador in 2014.
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