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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Monday, 14 May 2018
Petty traders who earn a living from the CMB end of the Accra Central Business District of Accra finds it uneasy to bear with why the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (A.M.A.) would allow its taskforce break rules made by the city authority itself. The hawkers claim the taskforce keep chasing them out when they only display goods beyond the line marked by the assembly so pedestrian would have their way to trek. The system termed "redline" prevents hawkers from displaying stock in the full stretch of pavement to allow traffic flow. They told Rainbow business desk, one would hardly find their ceased goods exactly as they were ceased once the goods reach the offices of the authority. Members of the taskforce take whatever they might be in need for, they claim. They further add, upon all that the trader is charged an amount of money to have the seized items back. The traders are therefore calling on the A.M.A. to call its people to order as they (petty traders) try as they can to abide by all by-laws to help the state achieve its economic goals through the bit of taxes they contribute. By: Daniel Asuku
Published in Business
Parliament will resume tomorrow [Tuesday] May 15, 2018. A release signed by Kate Addo, Acting Public Relations Officer (PRO), detailed the summary of agenda for the House for its second sitting. Despite assurances given by government to ensure the passage of the Rights to Information Bill, it was not captured on the summary of agenda but the statement added that it is at the Committee stage. Parliament after resuming tomorrow, will consider the following: Ghana Railway Development Bill, 2018; Occupational Safety and Health Bill, 2018; National Commission for Tertiary Education Bill, 2018; Renewable Energy (Amendments) Bill, 2018; Affirmative Action Bill, 2018; Creative Arts Bill, 2018; Disability Bill, 2018 and Ghana Metrological (Amendments) Bill, 2018. According to the statement, there are eight (8) other bills at the Committee level and these are; Legal Aid Commission Bill, 2017; Witness Protection Bill, 2017; Land Bill, 2018; Legal Profession (Amendment) Bill, 2018; Ghana Integrated Bauxite and Aluminum Authority Bill 2018; Ghana Cocobod Amendment Bill, 2017 and Technical University (Amendment) Bill, 2017. The statement also indicated that there are 25 instruments of which one is at the Committee level. ‘’Also 55 papers will be presented at the meeting.’’ ‘’There four major motions that have been tabled for debate and forty-nine (49) referrals of bills. Other items on the plate of the House are 19 directives to committees by the Right Honourable Speaker. Notice of questions to be answered by various sector ministers will also form part of the agenda for the second meeting,’’ the statement concluded.
Published in General News
The Minister of Health, Kwaku Agyemang Manu, has noted that the menace of pharmaceutical crime has become a global phenomenon which is a threat to public health. The minister says the trend posses a significant threat to security and economies of countries. ‘’It is a multi-billion illegal business which is sustained largely by the lure of high financial gains combined with the perceived low risk of detention and prosecution.’’ An estimated one in every ten medical products according to the World Health Organization (WHO) is substandard or falsified in middle and low income countries. Touching on the abuse of tramadol and codeine, the minister said, the situation ‘’has become a national threat which requires a consented effort by all stakeholders to curb it. The effects of drug abuse on the individual, society and nation at large includes but not limited to the following: loss of revenue…in the form of tax to cater for drug addicts at the psychiatric hospitals, prisons and rehab centres; loss of productivity, injuries and brutalities due to road accidents…’’ ‘’To address these threats effectively, will require multi-sectoral cooperation amongst stakeholders…Combating counterfeit medicines and drug abuse is everyone’s responsibility, from government, industry, policy makers, civil society, the media and right down to individual consumers.’’ The launch of the anti-microbial drug resistance policy and national action plan and the yet to be launched medicines policy, will help in fighting fake and drug abuse, he stated. Mr. Kwaku Agyemang Manu added that, government is supporting and will continue to support initiatives aimed at improving the health of citizens. Investing in people he said is one of the appropriate strategies to help improve the standard of living of Ghanaians and should be complimented by investments in health and Ghana’s social economic standards can only be improved by healthy citizens. He was speaking at an event organized by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) today [Monday] to dialogue on the way forward in ending tramadol abuse.
Published in General News
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I am ready to take Ghana by storm-SWYT

Fredrick Obodai squire known is the showbiz circles as SWYT has served notice that he will soon take Ghana by storm. Describing himself as a talented musician, SWYT said music is something dear to his heart and will surprise Ghanaians with his great skills. Born in the late 80's he enjoys the art of music in whichever form it’s presented in. He started his music career in 2003 and still developing it. SWYT enjoys all genres of music but he's much into highlife and hiplife and inspired by the works of late Daasebre Gyamenah, celebrated musician, Daddy Lumba, Shatta wale and Lucky Mensah as pace setters and wants to exceed their quota in the industry. ‘’SWYT literally eats and lives on music. I am a talented musician. I have devoted my time to compose great tunes for my fans. I am here to stay and I encourage Ghanaians to support my brand,’’ he noted. He is currently promoting his ‘No Time’ track featuring Dem Tinz.
Published in Entertainment
The Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture, Mr Kennedy Nyarko Osei, has disclosed on Rainbow Radio 87.5fm that, government has enough maize at the buffer stock but cannot release them to help address the shortage that has hit poultry farmers. The deputy minister who is in charge of crops told Rainbow Radio’s Kwame Tutu that, the purpose government stored maize at the buffer stock was to meet food requirements for some four main groups. He said, the storage is to help government meet food requirements for prisoners, government hospitals, beneficiaries of the free meal under the free senior high school programme and basic school feeding programme. And until government meets these requirements, we cannot release the maize for the poultry farmers. ‘’The maize at buffer stock is for strategic reasons and the reasons are: release the maize to senior high schools to help them feed students benefiting from the free feeding under the free senior school programme; to also give the maize to caterers under the school feeding programme to help feed beneficiaries at the basic level; to also support the prisons to feed prisoners and also give some to government hospitals to feed patients at the various hospitals. ‘’ The quantity of maize purchased and stored at buffer stock; it is meant for these reasons. If government intends to release some maize for the public due to shortage or price increase, then it has to fulfill all these four areas before releasing the excess into the system. If government has not been able to meet these requirements, then we cannot release the maize even if we have some at the buffer stock,’’ he stated emphatically. Members of the Ghana National Poultry Farmers Association have been alarmed by the sudden skyrocketing of maize prices as a result of inadequate supplies. They said the rise in the price of maize could affect the production of poultry products. But reacting to the claims, Mr. Osei Nyarko shot them down positing that there is only price increase and not shortage. Some individuals he noted have created artificial shortage so they can make more money. Meanwhile, he was cautioned such persons to desist from doing so since they will be the ones to suffer the negative effects. Corn typically forms about 50-60 percent of the total feed formulation, and the poultry industry consumes nearly 30 percent of all corn produced in Ghana.
Published in General News
Deputy agric minister in charge of cash crops, Mr. Kennedy Osei Nyarko, has described as palpable falsehood claims by the National Poultry Farmers Association that, there is shortage of maize in the country. The deputy minister told Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that, any poultry farmer who will make such claims is a liar. ‘’Let me set the record that if any poultry farmer should say there is shortage, I will say it is not true. It is not the truth.’’ He explained, because we are in the planting season, we are experiencing scarcity. This is the period where we experience the scarcity and when you are someone who is into trading of maize, you will make more money.’’ He also alleges that some individuals have intentionally created artificial shortage so they can make more money. ‘’Some people have intentionally stored the maize with the view that, they will make more money this season. They are keeping the maize in their store or warehouses so they can release them in June so they can make more money.’’ Government he added has purchased and stored maize at the Buffer Stock so it will help feed prisoners, various government hospitals, senior secondary schools for the free senior high school’s feeding programme and also the feeding programme for basic schools. Meanwhile, he has disclosed that, government can only release maize for the poultry farmers after meeting its targets. ‘’This government has not met its requirements for these various groups and so, we cannot release them for the poultry farmers. If we have not met all the needs and food requirements for these four groups, we cannot release them to the farmers,’’ he said. ‘’We have the maize but it is expensive. We are not experiencing severe shortage as being said by the poultry farmers. We have not encountered a situation where Ghanaian homes are complaining of shortage, it is only the poultry farmers complaining. It is the prices that have increased and if the prices have increased, government does not control the prices,’’ he emphasized.
Published in General News
Make Tramadol an illicit drug, the Mental Health Authority and other stakeholders in the health sector have impressed upon Parliament. The call was contained in a statement issued and signed by the Chief Executive officer of the Authority Dr. Akwesi Osei who says Parliament must urgently amend the Narcotic Drug Law to make Tramadol an illicit drug. A statement released said: the law should also be amended to impose stiffer punishment on importers of the drug. “it is important that as a society, we pay particular attention to young people because those who indulge in these substances become a threat to the society.” “The relationship between drugs and crime is well known and it will not be surprising that armed robbers will put themselves on such drugs as tramadol,” it added. The stakeholder meeting held last week included the Food and Drugs Authority and Narcotics Control Board (NACOB). Tramadol is an extremely strong painkiller given to patients who are in extreme discomfort when other traditional painkillers stop working. It is available by prescription only and comes in tablet, capsule and liquid drops that you swallow. It works by stopping pain signals from travelling along the nerves to the brain to ease any discomfort a person might be feeling. Tramadol is quite often given to patients who might be in pain after major surgery or to people who have long-term conditions such as arthritis.
Published in Health
The 2016 Best farmer, Ibrahim Issah, has buttressed the claims by the Poultry Farmers Association President that, maize is scarce. In an interview with Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he said, the claims by government that Ghana has experienced bumper harvest are false. Also the claims that, government has purchased maize and stored them at the Buffer Stock are untrue because those at the stock are not meant for poultry farmers. The situation he lamented has affected their poultry business and has challenged authorities to show them where to purchase the maize which constitute more than 50 per cent of poultry feed. ‘’Our business is threatened and farmers have declined to buy new birds because when you invest in the birds, you will lose a lot of money. This has become a burden for poultry farmers. We are worried and if care is not taken, the situation will be dire.’’ Ibrahim Issah has also challenged authorities to make it possible for students to eat an egg a day in other to keep local farmers in business. Members of the Ghana National Poultry Farmers Association have been alarmed by the sudden skyrocketing of maize prices as a result of inadequate supplies. They said the rise in the price of maize could affect the production of poultry products. Corn typically forms about 50-60 percent of the total feed formulation, and the poultry industry consumes nearly 30 percent of all corn produced in Ghana.
Published in General News
The management of Papaye Fast Foods Limited has officially launched its fifth branch today [Monday] May 14, 2018. The new Abeka-Lapaz, branch is part of three branches including Atomic road and the Awudome road branches all in the Accra metropolis the company plans opening this year. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Papaye Fast Foods Limited, Mr. Divine Kwadwo Asiedu, in his speech said, the brand symbolizes quality, comfort, affordability and the signature of Ghanaian hospitality. The opening of the branch he noted shows that the company has reached another milestone and appreciated the patronage from Ghanaians. The new branch he announced will serve the best tasty foods, at a good value, in a clean environment and comfortable restaurant, at an affordable price and treating our customers as royalty.’’ On his part, Executive Chairman for the company, Samir Kalmoni said the company is here to serve consumers better, provide quality food needs and support the community as good corporate citizens. ‘’Papaye is here to stay and serve you better.’’ The company which was started some twenty five years ago, has etched itself as the market leader in the fast food industry by dint of strong leadership, discipline, quality and dedicated human resource.’’ He added: Papaye over the past 25 years of its existence has chalked a lot of successes.’’ Acting Director in charge of Finance at the Ghana Tourism Authority, Mr. Isaac Adomako Mensah, commended the company for its record in the food industry. He urged the company to keep up with its record and keep doing its best. Deputy Greater Accra regional Minister, Mrs. Elizabeth Sackey admonished the company to ensure a better working condition for its workers. ‘’I want to use the opportunity to encourage the company to assure staff of better working conditions.’’ According to her, the company has contributed and complimented the efforts of government in creating jobs for the unemployed youth. She also urged staff to put in their best and increase productivity.
Published in Companies
Ghanaian boxer, Emmanuel ‘The Game Boy’ Tagoe has reacted to claims by Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) President, Peter Zweenes that, his IBO title is not recognized. According to Zweenes, the IBO is not a major sanctioning body in boxing as compared to WBC, IBF, WBO and WBA. “The IBO is a lesser known title, and for me, Emmanuel Tagoe has to do more work, despite the fact that he holds that title. “He has to do more to fight more credible opponents in order to get into the more respected divisions. Technically it is a world title, but if you ask me it’s definitely not in the same league as the four bodies,” he added. But the boxer in an exclusive interview with Rainbow Radio’s Nhyiraba Kwabena Asirifi on Total Sports Review said, he is not perturbed at the negative things said about him because he believes he is a world champion. Game Boy touted his ‘’impeccable achievements’’ saying, when boxing in Ghana was declining; I raised the bar with my incredible record. I gave Ghana a good record and so I am not perturbed about the negative comments.’’ He accused the GBA of being partial because if the GBA president is saying my title is not recognized and yet they came to my gym to encourage me, give me some items, then I will say they have been partial. Using Anthony Joshua as an example he said, the world boxer have four titles and it is left with WBC for him to claim. ‘’When someone prepares for a world title here in Ghana, GBA visits such a person and make sure the motivation is there and also add items. That particular title, the GBA supported me, and also when I was defending the title, they supported me. So if it was not a world title and yet they supported me, it means GBA has being partial.’’ He also alleging that, Peter Zweenes is having a personal problem with him following the reason why Mr. Roger Barnor stopped his recent bout with Fernando Saucedo. Tagoe said he could not understand why Peter Zweenes had doubts over his victory and demanded that, the referee explain why he stopped the bout. ‘’After the referee explained reasons for stopping the bout, I also requested that he comes out and explain his action. This did not go down well with him and so he has having an issue,’’ he explained.
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