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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Thursday, 07 June 2018
A political Science lecturer of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Mr. Mohammed Abass has expressed his views on the Number Twelve (12) video of Anas saying “he is not surprised of the activities in the video and sees nothing new about it”. He says it has been in existence for a while and Anas played a major role in exposing the rot with evidence. He quotes “this is even small” and went further to link it to political parties and how they finance their activities in the country. He also believes their ways are through corrupt activities and should be investigated. He continued saying the number 12 video has prompted and triggered the nation to make a wakeup call and check other forms of corruption in the future. He said the next expose on corruption should not be only based on evidence but should include the investigating of individuals who command too much resource which do not tally with their profession. Moreover they should investigate and account for the generation of their transactions and incomes in such activities. By: Nicholas Nii Nai Afful (Intern, Rainbow Radio)
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#Number 12: GFA to be Dissolved by Prez

News reaching Rainbow Radio indicates that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has taken steps aimed at dissolving the Ghana Football Association (GFA). The decision is coming barely 24 hours after Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his Tiger PI team premiered the ‘Number 12’ expose which captured Kwesi Nyantakyi and some other officials of the GFA taking bribes. The President of the Association was filmed collecting $65,000 from 'investors' to influence the president and vice-president to get road contracts. Ghana may face sanctions following the president's decision. Nigeria was banned bu FIFA for two years after its High Court dis-banned the Nigeria FA after its poor showing at the World Cup. Ghana could face more than two years ban and clubs and the national teams will be banned from participating in regional, continental and international games. A statement signed by Information Minister, Dr. Mustapha Hamid (PhD) described the contents in the video as unfortunate and shocking.
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Private legal practitioner, lawyer Maurice Ampaw, has added his voice to the expose from the Number 12 video premiered at the International Conference Centre yesterday [Wednesday]. The lawyer said the call on Nyantakyi to resign is immature because Anas has not shown the video to the GFA boss, the GFA as a body. So Nyantakyi cannot resign, he said. ‘’It is not yet time for Nyantakyi to resign. Anas have not submitted an official copy so how can you ask Nyantakyi to resign. Anas showed the video to those he thinks have been defamed. He has not given an official copy to the suspected persons. So before Nyantakyi will resign, Anas will have to give GFA a copy, then GFA will copy Nyantakyi then they will have an official receipt of the video, and also look at it, call Nyantakyi to come answer and then they can tell him to reasonably resign and if he fails to resign, they will do what is needful. For now, it is the public watching the video. Nyantakyi and GFA should get a copy so they can start an internal process. You cannot ask someone to resign because the public has watched the video. That is unfair,’’ he said. Nana should sue Nyantakyi for defamation He was of the view that, although the president has reported the case to the CID, he can still go to court on the issue of defamation. ‘’The presidency has been defamed. Anybody whose name was mentioned by Nyantakyi has been defamed. The president and his vice and the others mentioned could take a civil action to redeem their damaged reputation and clear any doubt in the minds of people. So I am advising that, apart from the criminal prosecution, there should be a civil action; they should go and restore their reputation by filing a civil suit and seeking serious damage against Nyantakyi for defaming them.’’ The controversial lawyer explained to Rainbow Radio’s Nhyiraba Kwabena Asirifi that, Anas Aremeyaw Anas is a lawyer and has studied criminal law and so in exposing people, he searches for the criminal element. He focuses on the crime since his exposes bother on corruption and the video is evidential in value. ‘’If Anas gives copies of the video to CID, EOCO, CHRAJ or Special Prosecutor, I can tell you, everybody in the video will be invited and cautioned, charged by the Attorney-General to face trial…I am expecting Anas to release a certified copy to all the appropriate bodies including the FA so they can start in house cleaning. They will have to suspend all those involved. The nation will also have to look at the criminal element and process the culprits for court.’’ The lawyer warned, ‘’failure to do so, the A-G will be in trouble, failure to do so, the president will be in trouble, failure to do, football people will be in trouble. So it is not a joke. We are serious in this country. That is the position now.’’
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The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) has written to Anas Aremeyaw Anas requesting for a copy of the Number 12 piece which was premiered at the International Conference Centre yesterday [Wednesday]. In an interview with Graphic Online, the Director-General of the CID, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP), Maame Tiwaa Addo-Danquah said that although the management of Tiger Eye PI had promised to give the CID a copy after the premier, the police had sent a letter requesting a copy. Due process She said upon taking delivery of the documentary, the police would invite the President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi for the investigations into the complaint lodged by Ptresident Nana Akufo-Addo against him to continue. She said together with Mr Nyantakyi, the investigators would watch the documentary during which clarifications and other issues would be discussed as part of the investigations. On May 24, this year, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo reported Mr Nyantakyi to the police for investigation after he (the President) had watched portions of the latest investigative work by the ace investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, dubbed: “Number 12”. Mr Nyantakyi was seen in the video allegedly using the names of the President and the Vice-President to extort millions of dollars from some supposed investors. He was granted bail after two visits to the CID headquarters pending the premiering of the documentary. By: Rainbow Radio with additional files from Graphic Online
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The Government of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has a vision to develop and position Ghana as a Petroleum Hub for the West African sub-region, the Vice President of the Republic, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, has announced. The vision, which is one of Government’s strategic anchor initiatives, will also lead to the establishment of Ghana as Petrochemical hub to supply refined Petroleum products to meet the demands of the West African sub-region and eventually for the continent, and further develop Ghana’s Petroleum Downstream sub-sector, according to the Vice President. The Vice President announced government’s intentions for the Petroleum sector when he gave the keynote address at the 2nd Edition of the Ghana International Petroleum Conference in Accra on Thursday 7th June, 2018. Under the theme “Realizing the Vision of a Petroleum Hub”, the conference brings together industry leaders across the world to explore and discuss varied ideas and strategies that would ensure the achievement of Government’s vision. Conference participants would also undertake a comprehensive review, after more than a decade of implementation, of the deregulation policy to determine if the intended objectives of the policy have been achieved. “The Government of Ghana has a vision to develop Ghana as a hub for refined petroleum products for the West Africa sub-region and the continent. The concept of a ‘Petroleum Hub’ is one of Government’s strategic anchor initiatives that would serve as a new pillar of growth in the Ghanaian economy,” Dr Mahamudu Bawumia stated. “The project will accelerate the growth of Ghana’s petroleum downstream sub-sector and make it a major player in the economy and consequently ensure development of sustainable value, wealth creation and the progress of industry.” Vice President Bawumia explained that a successful implementation of the project would, apart from creating employment, have immense benefits for the players in the industry as well as the nation as a whole. “The Petroleum Hub project will increase the presence of major international oil trading and storage companies, create regional trading champions and encourage joint ventures between local and international companies for knowledge transfer and wealth creation. It will provide value addition in our petroleum industry,” he added. Alluding to the expected increase in Ghana’s refining capacity, Vice President Bawumia urged local industry players including Petroleum Service Providers (PSPs) and Bulk Oil Distributors (BDCs) to re-examine their business models to take advantage of the expected increase in business and take the necessary steps, including possible mergers and acquisitions, to position themselves to become multinational operators. “The development of a hub in Ghana will require an increase in the country’s refining capacity beyond current levels, both to meet domestic demand and for export. It is therefore important that our PSPs especially the BDCs change their business model to respond to the hub plans, as there would be more products for export than their current model of importing the shortfalls in production.” The two day Conference is being attended by key stakeholders including Minister for Energy, Hon Boakye Agyarko; Chief Executive Officer of the National Petroleum Authority, Hassan Tampuli; as well as the heads of Bulk Distribution Companies and Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs). • Next
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Parliament has established a seven member Ad hoc commitee to investigate the video of Anas Aremeyaw Anas expose. The Member of Parliament for Sefwi Bodi Mr. Sampson Ahi, made an application to the speaker of parliament to establish a special committee look into the video which alleges that, the president of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Kwesi Nyantakyi has been captured on tape accepting bribe. Mr. Ahi said even though GFA is an autonomous institution, parliament has the oversight responsibility on it per the provisions of Article 109 (1) and (2). Article 109 (1) provides that ' parliament may regulate professional, trade and business organisations. However clause (2) of Article 109 says that the affairs of an organisation referred to in clause (1) of this article shall be conducted on democratic line. Upon the application by the Bodi MP, the minority chief whip Alhaji Muntaka Mubarak moved a motion for the establishment of a 7 member special committee to look into the matter and report back to the house. In seconding the motion, the majority leader referred the house to standing order 191 which says that, the house may at anytime by motion appoint special or Ad Hoc committee to investigate any matter of public importance; to consider any bill that that not come under the jurisdiction of any of the standing or select committee. The leader of the house again said he could have seconded to constitute the membership of the committee until it comes under order 78 (K) For the Member of Parliament for Adansi Asukwa, KT Hammond, the president of GFA should step aside to allow a proper probe into the matter. Article 15 of the GFA code of Ethics titled COMMISSION states: “Officials are forbidden from accepting commission or promises of such commission for negotiating deals of any kind while performing their duties unless the presiding body has expressly permitted them to do so. In the absence of such a presiding body, the body to which the official belongs shall decide.” However, Nyantakyi speaking an investor who, unknown to him was tiger eye wanted to take a cut of up to 25% from the sponsorship deal once the deal is sealed. The investor had promised a $15 million sponsorship deal for the league. Nyantakyi then suggested to the team about a plan to establish a local firm to cut the deal so they will the benefits. He told the ‘businessman’ that the Assin Central MP is so powerful that a whole ministry had to be created for him as compensation for his support during the campaign but because he [ Kennedy Agyapong] admitted to being incapable of being a minister, he proposed that one of his boys be put there as the Transport Minister, which the president obliged. He also promised to link the businessman to the president of Ghana should he [investor] give Nana Addo $5 million, the vice, Dr. Bawumia $3 million and $2 million for the roads minister. The president has since described the claims by Nyantakyi as fabricated lies and shocking. Nyantakyi is currently being investigated by the CID.
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Maverick Brong Ahafo Regional First Vice Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwame Baffoe popularly known as Abronye DC says every citizen of this country is entitled to question the methodology used by investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas. Appearing on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM, the politician questioned why Anas and his team members failed to show their faces on the video which saw officials at the GFA and referees taking bribes to influence their decisions. Abronye DC quizzed the kind of judge who will preside over such a case like that of the ‘Number 12’ video. ‘’The investigative piece is good but if we should tender it in evidence, it will be only a one sided video. Who is the giver? We only saw the hands of the givers and not their entire body. We have to see their faces and entire bodies.’’ The Supreme Court on February 28, 2018 ruled that, you cannot record someone secretly but in circumstances where you are witnessing a criminal act, it is allowed. In criminal cases, it is allowed. Our problem is that, Anas should not have shown only a one sided video. We need to see the entire video,’’ he emphasized. He also underscored the need for us to get good results from the video and called for a law that will ensure that, the methods and strategies used by Anas, are supported by law. ‘’We need to address the issues. We need good results and the good results I am talking about are that, we will be able to question the investigators. We need to pass a law that will allow Ghanaians to ensure that Anas’ work is backed by statute. Because per the law I am talking about; the Security and Intelligent Act 1993, Act 526, only the security services in this country can go undergcover. And so, if Anas is using an undercover method, then we should know when we can admit it in evidence so the culprits are not left off the hook. The culprits captured in Anas videos are always left off the hook and if we fail to address these concerns, then we are engaging in a fruitless exercise,’’ Abronye DC said.
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An Uzbek man who carried out a lorry attack which killed five people in Sweden last year has been sentenced to life for terrorist crimes. Rakhmat Akilov, 40, had expressed sympathy for the Islamic State (IS) group before the attack in Stockholm. But prosecutors had to prove he intended to harm the state, as IS did not say it was behind the attack. Akilov, a rejected asylum seeker, fled the scene but was quickly arrested and confessed during police interrogation. He left Uzbekistan for Sweden in 2014 and sought residency there, but in December 2016 he was told that he had four weeks to leave the country. He disappeared and, a few months before the attack, was put on an official wanted list. What happened? On 7 April last year, Akilov hijacked a lorry and drove it at high speed down one of Stockholm's busiest shopping streets and into a department store. Five people were killed and 10 more injured in the attack on Drottninggatan (Queen Street). Police discovered an explosive device inside the lorry which was made up of gas canisters and nails. It did not explode properly and only caused fire damage to the vehicle. Akilov reportedly ran from the scene still covered in blood and glass, but was arrested hours later in a northern suburb of Stockholm. He quickly confessed during police interrogation. "He acted with the direct intention to kill as many people as possible," the court said in its verdict. As well as the five murders, he was found guilty of the attempted murders of 119 other people who were at the scene of the attack. Source: BBC
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Football administrator Mr. Jonathan Abbey Pobee has described the GFA officials captured in the latest video of Anas as agents of Lucifer. Explaining, he made historical references to the fact that since 1958, some predecessors have toiled over the years to protect the image of the Ghana Football Association. Classical examples of contributions made by such people as some former presidents, Richard Acquaye, Dr. Asafo Adjei of then Ashanti Heroes and Alhaji Grusah of Neoplan Stars he said have been underestimated. “It is a pity that the reputable legacy maintained by some predecessors have been downplayed by these current corrupt officials. If not for God, all these rot would not have been unearthed”,he lamented. Reacting to the question asked today by the Frontline Host, Kwame Tutu on whether this incident has brought about a positive or negative impact, Abbey Pobee said that indeed, this revelation would bring about a great negative impact. He stressed,”Which foreign agent would want to patronize a player from Ghana? The name of Ghana and Ghana football has also gone into disrepute. The whole world will now attest to the fact that Ghanaians are corrupt. Lucifer is indeed responsible for all this. When Kwame Tutu asked if they were initially addressing such issues before hand or they were resorting to the relevant authorities to combat these acts by the officials, Abbey Pobee said countless number of reprimands proved futile. ”Some of us knew what we were saying because we started before they came and we also know the consequences of these corrupt acts”, he added. When again asked by the Frontline Show Host, Kwame Tutu whether the damage caused could be repaired, the administrator said that unless the intervention of God, no one can repair such a damage. “The video clearly shows that the two heads of state are in his (Kwesi Nyantakyi’s) pocket”, he stressed. By: Priscilla Obeng Asantewaa (Intern, Rainbow Radio)
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The New Patriotic Party’s First Vice Chairman of the Brong Ahafo Region, Kwame Baffoe known by the Ghanaian populace as Abronye DC, has said that members of the National Democratic Party (NDC) needs psychiatric examination following a press statement released on the sacking of four top chief executive officers of some state institutions. These CEOs are Paul Asare Ansah (Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority), Gifty Klenam (Ghana Export Promotion Authority), Alfred ObengBoateng (BOST) and Dr. Felix Anyah (Korle Bu Teaching Hospital). He said this during an interview on Rainbow Radio’s morning show FRONTLINE hosted by Kwame Tutu. “Per the statement issued by the NDC, it meant yesterday June 6 should have been a public holiday because it is Anas video day. Whoever says that needs a psychiatric examination”, he added. He also stated that this isn’t the first time that CEOs have been sacked or there have been a re-structuring conducted in some various institutions. By: Linda Adwoa Koomson (Intern, Rainbow Radio)
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