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Rainbow Radio - Items filtered by date: Saturday, 09 June 2018
Zylofon Music gospel signed artiste, Joyce Blessing, has lambasted her former manager, Kwasi Ernest for describing her as ungrateful and greedy. The musician who nearly shed tears told GH Entertainment host that, her former manager has crossed the line with his constant attacks on her person. Joyce Blessing did not minced words in expressing her disappointment in Kwasi Ernest despite her respect for him. ‘’I am not an ungrateful being. I do accept that tag and I will not entertain such descriptions. Media Excel should stop mentioning my name and calling me ungrateful. He should stop tagging as an ungrateful being. I am not ungrateful. If he keeps calling all his artistes ungrateful, who is he? I decided not to comment but he is always making comments with my name. I want to tell Ghanaians that I am not an ungrateful being. I am also not a greedy person. Media Excel has crossed the line and I am not happy about the attacks on my person]...] Zylofon Music has not flopped me. I am happy at Zylofon so he should saying Zylofon Music has flopped me.’’ She also disclosed that her husband Dave Joy paid for majority of her albums especially heavy price when she was with Media Excel. She said, we have produced heavy price before Media Excel came into the scene.’ She also disputed claims that Media Excel rented an apartment for her. ‘’Media Excel cannot intimidate me. I cannot be intimidated. I want people to stop attacking me. The name calling should end. What wrong have I committed to deserve all these attacks from Media Excel? Joyce Blessing also took a swipe at those who have suggested her move to Zylofon Music, has affected her career adding, my move to Zylofon Music has transformed my career. Meanwhile, Joyce Blessing has disclosed that, Zylofon Music wanted to work with Kwasi Ernest because she recommended him to CEO Nana Appiah Mensah, but because he [Kwasi Ernest] came for his money after my accident because I could not perform at an event he organized, he lost that opportunity. When called to react to the issues raised by Joyce Blessing, Kwasi Ernest in a rather shocking turn of events, called on Ghanaians to support Joyce Blessing. She described Joyce Blessing as a talented artiste who deserves support from Ghanaians. He stressed the need for Ghanaians to end the discussions on Joyce Blessing and Kwasi Ernest.
Published in Entertainment
Veteran highlife musician, Rex Omar, has disputed saying that, Ghana will soon legalize homosexuality. He told Prince Kwesi Dadzie aka Mr. Handsome that, he never said Ghana will legalize homosexuality as reported by some media portals. It was widely reported by some news portals that the musician said Ghana will have no option than to legalize homosexuality because it is a choice by those who practice it. But clarifying what he had said in the past, Rex Omar said, we cannot violate the rights of individuals who are homosexuals because that is their choice but I never said we will legalize it. ‘’Let me clear my position and I want Ghanaians to listen attentively. What I said was that, God created human beings. We know that there are some people who appear like men but they are women. We have people who by nature they behave like men although they are women (and vice versa) and so if you should give birth to such a person, will you kill them? ‘’I do not support homosexuality because it is disgusting. We cannot bow under pressure to accept homosexuality because that is not our culture. However, we should always be careful to protect such individuals because there are some people who choose to be homosexuals.’’ He called on Ghanaians to be careful so such individuals are not abused. I am not in support of it but I am speaking based on what I have seen and witnessed. I only said maybe Ghana will legalize it. Maybe can be 100 years or 200 years,’’ he emphasized.
Published in Human Rights
Former Ghana Football Association (GFA) president, Kwesi Nyantakyi has denied being bribed by Tiger Eye PI with $65,000. According to a publication on myjoyonline.com, Joy News’ Newsfile host, Samson Lardy dropped hints about the embattled sports administrator's defence. The amount was not $65,000 as alleged by Anas Aremeyaw Anas whose private investigations company TigerEye PI sent agents posing as investors to implicate him in unethical conduct, corruption and bribery. The amount is $40,000 reimbursement for three trips to Dubai which Nyantakyi pre-financed. On Newsfile, panelist and v On Newsfile, panelist and veteran journalist Kweku Baako who speaks for Anas also said Liberian presidential candidate George Weah was part of the trips Nyantakyi organised to meet the investors now known to be fake. Close sources have revealed, Kwesi Nyantkyi was asked to bear the cost of plane tickets to Dubai. Together with others, he went to Dubai thrice and travelled on Business class. In the first instance, he travelled with George Oppong Weah and others. He was taking Oppong Weah to meet the “investors” who had promised they would fund his election. Anas’ team member met with Weah, Nyantakyi and others before they flew to Dubai. They were there for three days but they could not meet the “Sheikh”. In that trip, Nyantakyi paid for the cost of airfare and the period of their hotel accommodation. In the second visit Nyantakyi paid for his own business class air ticket and finally met the fake 'Sheikh'. The “investors” had told him it would be refunded when he finally met them in Dubai. He was given $40,000 when the two met in a hotel room where a secret camera recording the interactions during which Kwesi Nyantakyi told the 'investor' they could 'take over the whole country' if they paid the President and Vice-President $8m for contracts. By: rainbowradionline.com with additional files from myjoyonline.com
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Gospel musician, Grace Ashie, has revealed on GH Entertainment on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that, she was not paid a pesewa for the songs she composed for the Black Stars when the they qualified for the World Cup under the leadership of embattled Kwesi Nyantakyi. Speaking to host Mr. Handsome, the musician who expressed happiness at the expose by Anas Aremeyaw Anas said, she used her own finances to produce all her campaign songs and even hard to pay for travel expenses to support the national team during their participation at the previous world games. Grace Ashie who is popularly referred to as Obaa Yaa, described the Number 12 expose as sad, disgraceful and disgusting. ‘’I was not scared about the Anas expose because since 2006 till now, Kwesi Nyantakyi never paid me a coin for any of the songs I produced for the national team. I am daring the former GFA boss to deny or confirm my claims. The GFA did not pay me a penny. I always gave him my songs, he will play the songs but he will not pay me. He will only commend my efforts but never gave me a pesewa.’’ ‘’The GFA never paid for any of my travel expenses. You can call him and find out for yourself. I was never paid. I was always going to the GFA but I was never paid a penny,’’ she added. Her motivation to compose the songs for the national team despite not being paid, the musician said, ‘’my love for the nation and her patriotic act led me to compose these songs.’’ She further disclosed that, she used her own resources to pay all those she contracted to support her in the songs she composed. She has also demanded for an audit into the activities of the GFA because she believes they budgeted for what she did but never received a pesewa from GFA.
Published in Entertainment
Ghanaian Hiplife musician Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, popularly known as Mzbel, has bemoaned the difficulty in promoting songs in modern times. ‘The ‘I am 16 Years’ hitmaker told Prince Kwesi Dadzie aka Mr. Handsome on GH Entertainment on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM that, in the past, a musician is able to make money even before his or her music is released because people will buy them. But in modern times, you have to struggle before your song is accepted. She also decried the negative effects of piracy of songs, a situation she lamented has affected the sale of albums. It has become easy for people to have access to songs and so it has affected the sale of CDs. ‘’Ghanaians are not buying CDs. People are downloading our songs and so we are unable to make money. Speaking for myself, I now release singles because the sale of an album is difficult due to technology,’’ she said. Music she said is not treating her bad but she is not ‘’taking music as a world cup’’ like in the past. When asked how music is treating her and whether she is still into music, she said, ‘’not so bad. It’s okay. I do music once in a while. After fourteen years, I cannot take music as a world cup because you’ve seen it all, you’ve done it all. So I will release a song once a while. You cannot be moving from a DJ to DJ to beg for your songs to be played because the brand is already known and you have left a mark and so I will not be doing music like I used to do in the past.’’ When asked why she has relaxed in promoting her songs she said, ‘’whether you promote your songs or not, you will not make money like in the past. In the past, you will make money even if you don’t promote it because people will buy the rights even before the songs are released. I am currently moving from one station to the other promoting my new song. It was not like that in the past.’’
Published in Music
The Acting Director of International Relations for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Emmanuel Danso Attefah, has described as sad the expose which revealed alleged corrupt deals at the Ghana Football Association (GFA). The GFA he said has been recording scandals and financial malfeasance in the past and the latest one by Anas Aremeyaw Anas should offer us an opportunity to rebuild the rotten system. Mr. Attefah, decried the fallen standards in the local league and attributed it to the corrupt nature of our leaders. He lambasted officials at the GFA for collapsing our local league and football in general and also introducing corruption in the system. The culprits he stressed have to be punished and ‘’punish well well’’ so it will serve as an example for others who are still engaging in corrupt deals. He slammed Kwesi Nyantakyi for being power drunk and allowing his greed and corrupt nature to lead him into global embarrassment. Mr. Attefah said, Nyantakyi’s leadership brought nothing good nor did it help in transforming our league but rather brought embarrassment and mismanagement. ‘’Nyantakyi has caused confusion in Ghana. He was not smart. He was being led by the devil. I don’t want us to politicize this issue. Nyantakyi is not a politician but a GFA president. He was using the name of the president so he will benefit financially. It was sad for him to do that. Ghanaians left the AICC with pain. It is so disgusting, so distasteful, so repulsive, so uncomplimentary and Ghanaians will not forgive NPP if we fail to do something about this.’’ On the claim by Nyantakyi to take over Ghana, he said, ‘’Nyantakyi said he will take over Ghana and indeed he took over Ghana. Everybody was talking about him. He is still taking over the country in the negative way. He has indeed taken over the world but in a negative way. It is a bad example for a man who has managed the GFA for many years to allow greed bring him down.’’ The decision by government to dissolve the GFA he stated ‘’is a refreshing news and will help us revive the collapsed system. Mr Nyantakyi resigned after a meeting with the Executive Committee of the Football Association Friday. He had been captured in an undercover investigation conducted by the TigerEye PI in which he made damning claims about the president of the country and his vice as well as other ministers of state. “I wish to clarify that at no time prior to or subsequent to any deliberations on the video did I consult, contact or inform any Government official about discussions on the video. I take sole and personal responsibility for the proceedings on the video.” “I wish to apologise to my family, work colleagues, friends, associates and the people of Ghana for the disappointment my indiscretion has caused them. This is by no means an admission of wrongdoing for issues on the video”, Mr. Nyantakyi said in a statement sent to the GFA General Secretary on Friday.
Published in General News
Acting Director of International Relations for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Emmanuel Danso Attefah, says President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is on course delivering on his mandate. The former NPP youth organizer said the president is delivering on his promises and been fair, firm, transparent and courageous in the discharge of his duties. He was however quick to add that, all is not rosy despite the successes chalked under Akufo-Addo. Speaking on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm he said, ‘’it is so refreshing but I won’t sit here and say that everything is so simple. I can't say that. I have to be honest and sincere to the set of facts that, yes, after a year and some months, we are still managing and on course delivering on our mandate. In terms of the management of the economy, all the indicators are pointing right. Take a look at the interest rate, inflation, GDP, the import cover of this country and all of those point to the fact that, we are on course to deliver.’’ He continued: ‘’the planting for food and jobs and other incentives are attracting people especially young people to get into farming.’’ The health needs of the country including restoration of the nursing allowance have brought hope to nursing students. ‘’We on course and I have confidence in Nana Addo. All the opportunity he needed was to become president so he will give Ghanaians a better leadership. He will not disappoint Ghanaians…The youth in this country are also benefiting from the policies of Nana Addo including the free senior school, the Nation Builders Corps (NABCo) among others,’’ he narrated. The previous NDC government he suggested set up the unemployed graduates association which was a threat to national security. But Nana Addo has brought in a new style of leadership to give hope to Ghanaians.
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The Taliban have announced a three-day ceasefire with Afghan government forces coinciding with Eid later this month. This is the Taliban's first ceasefire since they were toppled by the 2001 US-led invasion and comes days after a unilateral truce by government troops. The group said it would stop all offensive operations during the holiday, except against foreign forces. The announcement came hours after Taliban fighters killed over 60 Afghan security forces across the country. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said the Taliban move was an opportunity for the militants to realise "their violent campaign" was "not winning them hearts and minds but further alienating the Afghan people from their cause". Government forces will not stop fighting other militants operating in Afghanistan, like the Islamic State (IS) group. Why now? The Afghan government's unconditional truce follows a meeting of clerics, who earlier this week issued a fatwa condemning militant violence as un-Islamic. The clerics were themselves targeted in a suicide attack claimed by IS, which killed 14 people outside their peace tent in Kabul this week. The Taliban did not specify why they made the surprise decision to agree to the truce in their statement, but they did say they would consider releasing prisoners of war as long they did not continue fighting against them. However, the group warned that it would "strongly defend" itself if it came under attack. Afghan officials hailed the Taliban's move to join the ceasefire. UN special representative for Afghanistan, Tadamichi Yamamoto, said he hoped it would "serve as as stepping stone" towards peace talks. When will it actually happen? No exact date has been given. It is timed to coincide with Eid-al-Fitr, which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Afghan calendars mark the end of Ramadan as 15 June. What about foreign forces? In Washington, the state department said US forces and coalition partners in Afghanistan would "honour the ceasefire". Foreign troop levels in the country have dropped to about 15,000. Their presence has been a major sticking point for the Taliban, who have long demanded they completely withdraw from the country as a pre-condition for peace talks to begin. Other foreign combat forces withdrew from Afghanistan in 2014. What's the latest on the ground? News of the upcoming truce has not prevented further violent incidents across Afghanistan. On Saturday alone, more than 60 members of the Afghan security forces were killed in separate Taliban attacks:  23 soldiers killed and nine wounded in southern Kandahar province and another 17 killed in Herat, in the west  19 police officers killed in north-eastern Kunduz province  Six killed and seven injured in northern Sar-e-Pol province Source:BBC
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The Police Administration has assured the public that it will follow due process in the ongoing investigation surrounding the Number 12 expose at the Ghana Football Association (GFA). A statement issued by the Public Affairs Directorate and signed by the Director of Public Affairs, Sheila Kesse Abayie-Buckman (DSP) encouraged the public to provide any information to assist it investigate the matter. ‘’The Public Administration is assuring the public of due process and encouraging persons with verifiable information to volunteer it to police through the Financial Forensic Unit of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) headquarters in Accra.’’ Meanwhile, the police declared the GFA head office a crime scene and asked the public to stay off the premises. "Police have started investigation into activities at the Ghana Football Association (GFA) and its officers, following the ‘’Number 12’’ expose by Tiger Eye PI. As a result, the premises and offices of the GFA have been sealed off and remain inaccessible to the staff of GFA and the public until further notice. Police will provide twenty-four hour security at the premises and entreat the public to cooperate with investigations," the statement said. The government has said it is taking steps to dissolve the association while FIFA has banned the FA President Kwesi Nyantakyi who is under investigation for defrauding by false pretence after he was seen in the video using his access to the president to collect money.
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Communications Director for the yet to be dissolved Ghana Football Association (GFA), Saani Daara, has threatened to seek redress at the right quarters because he did not receive Anas ‘bribe’ as depicted in the Number 12 expose by Tiger Eye PI led by Anas Aremeyaw Anas. Mr. Daara in a message sent to host of Newsfile on Joy News, Sampson Lardi Anyenini disputed accepting a bribe as alleged and captured on the Anas tape. Saani Daara maintained he 'absolutely did not receive any money or use the money' he was offered by an agent of a private investigations company TigerEye PI who posed as a brother to a footballer who wanted a call-up to the Black Stars Team B. In the footage, Saani Daara advised the agent to encourage his brother to work hard for a call-up because player selection is based on player performance. When 4,000cedis in cash is presented to him, Saani Daara would not touch it or take it but directed it is given to man standing next to him whose face was blurred in the footage. According to Anas, this man is a friend to Saani Daara Anas who owns TigerEye PI would later explain the money was given to this man as directed by Saani Daara who confirmed he had forwarded it to the GFA spokesperson. Breaking his silence since the documentary was publicly screened, Mr. Daara questioned Anas for blurring the face of the person whom he asked that the money be given him. If the faces was shown in the video, it would be clear that the man is not his friend but a friend to Anas. The GFA spokesperson said he usually meets this man at the stadium during Hearts of Oak matches and gets pestered for money. This un-named person whom he asked the agent of Anas to give the money to, did not forward any such money to him. TigerEye PI's bid to get a player selected through undue influence also failed as he was not called up to the team. By: rainbowradionline.com with additional files from myjoyonline
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