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Sep 25, 2018
A joint venture agreement valued at $180 million has been signed for the development of a gas- powered plant to deliver 140 megawatts power by August 2016, to bridge the energy deficit that has plunged the country into a power crisis. The agreement, between Wuta Energy and Cummins Cogeneration Limited (CCL), will lead to the development of the power plant at Beyin in the Jomoro District of the Western Region. This agreement is the first of two phased projects which seek to produce 300 megawatts. After successfully operating 100 megawatts of gas-based power projects in Nigeria, Wuta Energy  plans to introduce the same core technology in Ghana by 2016.   The facility, the Beyin Power Plant Project, is expected to make use of Ghana's substantial natural gas reserves and will be the first development in the region to utilise an Organic Ranking Circle, which captures waste heat from the plant to generate additional energy. Local workforce Mr Deepak Khilnani, Chairman of CCL, noted that since the discovery of Ghana's natural gas reserves, it had been expected that gas would play a prominent role in the country's energy sector. Due to the expected impact of this project on residence of the affected communities and the environment, the partners have pledged to use local workforce to construct, operate and maintain the plant; thus promoting local content and transferring knowledge to the locals. "We want to utilise the energy and talent of Ghanaians to make this project a social, as well as an economic success. We firmly believe it will have a positive impact on both short- and long-term local employment," he said. The Chief Executive Officer of Wuta Energy, Mr David Cobbina Brigidi, noted that the project would offer major improvements to the energy sector. "It will accord Ghanaians employment training in various aspects of the power generation business. This project will not only increase the total energy base the country requires, but also jump-start economic activities in the catchment areas -- which will enhance the living standards of the people," he said. Mr Brigidi lauded the unparalleled efforts and tremendous sacrifices the chief and people of Nzema area have had to make to culminate in the birth of this project. "Sacrificing one's source of livelihood for a project of this magnitude denotes the extent of its future prospects. This project will meet all the standards required from regulators," he added. Implications for growth Mr Emmanuel Armah-Kofi Buah, Minister of Energy and Petroleum, congratulated the two partners on the progress made in speeding up the project in order to arrest the country's precarious energy situation. "Our deficit in power generation and its implications for the growth of the economy and job-creation are well documented; therefore, anytime there is a discussion to add more power to reduce this problem we are excited," he said. Mr Buah added that the government was working hard to add more power to the current generation so that the energy crisis would become a thing of the past. "We have projected that by 2019, this country will produce indigenously and on a daily basis over 500million standard cubic feet of gas - enough to give us 3000 megawatts, and that is the hope for Ghana. This project is very important and your commitment to ensuring that real community needs are addressed is laudable," he said The Paramount Chief of the Western Nzema Traditional Area, Awulae Annor Adjaye III expressed his pleasure at the partners' commitment to promote local content since many people would be losing their livelihoods.   He assured the developers that nobody would create problems to derail the timely completion of the project.   Source: Graphic Online
Sep 25, 2018
A month to end the power crisis as Ghanaians were promised, President John Mahama appears to have shifted the goal post saying the crisis (dumsor) would end before the 2016 general elections.   The president gave the extended time when he was speaking in Tamale on Saturday, indicating that it could not be a campaign massage for the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).   “Dumsor will end before 2016 elections,” Mr Mahama told the gathering. He had earlier assured Ghanaians that December 2015 would be the last time to see dumsor and that all the measures he was put- not managing it.   However, his latest pro¬nouncement gives credence to political pundits’ asser¬tion that he was delaying solution to the crisis for electoral gains.   President Mahama chastised the NPP Mem¬bers of Parliament (MPs) for their behaviour after the Minister of Finance, Seth Terkper, had presented the 2016 budget statement last Friday.   He said the show of the dead goat inscriptions on the cards by the MPs clear¬ly indicated that they were not listening to the finance minister but rather waiting to show the cards to the Ghanaian public.   Addressing party sup¬porters in Tamale during his two-day ‘changing lives’ and ‘Transforming Ghana tour of the Northern Region President Mahama said the opposi¬tion MPs had already made up their minds about the budget before the finance minister came to read the statement in parliament.   According to President Mahama, there is evidence of what the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) borrowed and that Government spent more than Ȼ1.5 million on health by building CHIPs compounds and upgrading of various hospitals. They also built 200 community base schools and providing potable drinking water which stands as 76 percent.   Currently, the president said, a bill is before parlia¬ment for GYEEDA and reg¬istration will start for 100,000 young people by the end of this year, adding, “Let me assure Ghanaians that NDC is a party for ordinary people, unlike other parties where they look at your pedigree.”   President Mahama indi¬cated that Government did not sponsor Anas’ judiciary investigations.   “We have nothing to do with it; the former Finance Minister, Duffour, sponsored Anas in the cocoa investigation,” he said adding that the late President Atta Mills con¬tracted Anas for the CEPS corruption scandal. He announced that four roads had been earmarked for construction in the Northern Region. They are Walewale-Gambaga, Tamale-Karagand a, Gushegu, Yendi-Saboba and Kpandai-Bimbilla roads, assuring the people of these areas that work would start before the 2016 electioneering campaign.   He cautioned all the parliamentary aspirants of the NDC that the system of electing parliamentary can¬didates affected the party in the last election. It result¬ed in the party losing 22 seats. ‘   He urged the aspi¬rants to be prepared to accept the results of the elections come November 21. “We don’t want failed aspirants wanting to become independent candi¬dates.   The system is not perfect but the NDC is the first to try. Party executives must start teaching party members how to cast their ballots to avoid spoilt bal¬lots,” he entreated.   Credit: Daily Guide
Sep 25, 2018
Captain for the Senior National team, and all time goal scorer for Black Stars with 48 goals in 93 appearances for Ghana since 2003 who now plays his club football for Shanghai SIPG, Asamoah Gyan says he will soon take up a coaching course to obtain a license so it will be easier for him in the future when he decides to coach after he has retire from football. The skipper said it will be difficult for him to ‘’go out of the game’’ of football even if he hangs his boot in the future because he loves the game and cannot afford to give up. Speaking in an exclusive interview with Nana Prempeh, Asamoah said football has made him what he is now and so he cannot afford to walk out of the game just like that. He stressed, ‘’I still love the game. Football has made me who I am today and it will be very difficult to walk out of the game like that. So as I have said, I will soon take up a coaching course and obtain a license so when I decide to coach, it will be much easier.’’ I have not reached the decision of coaching yet, but the license is keen since that is what will enable me to coach so I will surely go for it. But for now I focused on playing and doing my best as a player,’’ he added. Asked to share his experience in playing in the Chinese league so far, the former Al Ahin striker said the league is quite competitive and he will disagreed with anyone who say the league is not popular of competitive. He maintained that the league has the best of the finest players from Europe with exceptional play and as a player he feels that the perception of the public maybe because of the name of the league but his experience so far paints a different picture. Asamoah Gyan said he has not regretted making a move to Chinese league because as a striker he is doing what he does best and if there was any regrets then that will be his failure not to score as a striker when am invited to national team. ‘’My average score as a striker is okay,’’ so I never regretted moving from Europe through Asia and now to China he added. Moving to China was great for me. The deal was very good, I did my own background investigations and I realized it was going to be amazing comparing experiences I have had in Italian league, French lig one and English Premier League which are all though leagues in the world’s clubs competition, he said. Commenting on what motivates him as a player, Ghana captain said he is strong mentality and focused and do not allow anything to distract him. What I have gone through as a player is so challenging to break any other person down, but because am strong mentally and the support from my strong team, I always stay focused, forget about my negatives and change them into positive. I will not say am perfect but I always strive to be the best, irrespective of how bad the situation maybe, the goal poacher said. Gyan also hinted that he is not hungry to score his fiftieth goal for black stars although he is always eager to get his nation Ghana high on the world football map in every stage he find opportunity.   My support for the Black Queens Asamoah Gyan indicated that his donation of $10, 000 dollars to the female side was to motivate them and enable them to do their best for the nation. He said the queens prior to winning their maiden cup made a promise to win and they did and for him as a player who has been in their position before he felt that they have done their best for the nation. Asamoah Gyan said for him he was not surprised that the queens won the cup and to show his appreciation, he will host them on the 21st of November in my house which happens to be his birthday to honour the queens for their outstanding performance. Meanwhile the 29 year-old striker who turns 30 come 21st November, has assured local fans that they will put up a better performance in their second leg fixture against Comoros in Kumasi, after Black Stars were held to a goalless draw in Moroni on Friday. STORY BY, Nana Prempeh, from Moroni- Comoros.
Sep 25, 2018
President John Mahama has predicted a one touch victory for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the 2016 elections using the massive infrastructure development of the country as a bench mark to assess performance of government.   President Mahama addressing a rally of NDC supporters in Tamale on Saturday as part of his "Changing Lives" campaign tour of the region, he said the work of the government would speak for itself.   He expressed the hope that Ghanaians would appreciate the equitable distribution of the national cake and renew the mandate of the party.   He said NDC detractors would never see anything good that the government is doing to improve the lives of Ghanaians.   President Mahama appealed to Ghanaians especially members of the NDC to remain united and focused to win the 2016 elections one touch since God is on their side.   He said NDC as a party is people centred and never discriminate against anybody.   He said that is why he had to come from one of the remotest areas of the country to lead the party to victory.   He said everyone in NDC stand the chance of becoming president no matter where the person hails from.   “God is our redeemer and since He is the one who installs leaders I have the hope that in 2016 God will bless us again with a one touch victory,” he said.   President Mahama called for patience for his administration to address the current challenges facing the country, adding that NDC would never renege on its promises.  He said the NDC had finished laying the foundation of the country’s development saying, “The framers of the 1992 Constitution knew that four years is not enough for any government to complete development projects hence the need to allow for a second term to fulfill campaign promises”.    He asked Ghanaians to renew his mandate in 2016 to steer them to the ‘Promised Land’.   He said, “We are working just like an artist. When artists are working you don’t actually know what they are doing until they finish the work. Those who are saying we are not working are entitled to their opinions but the communities in which we work would testify.”   President Mahama said those who accuse the NDC government for going for loans are doing so for malice because those loans are used to embark on the massive road, school and health infrastructure saying, “Every business person will tell you that loans help to build the business”.   He pledged to tar major roads in Northern Region especially Walewale-Bunkpurugu, Tamale-Makango, Yendi-Saboba and Yendi-Tatale-Sangule roads and provide the people with electricity.   President Mahama appealed to aspirants in the NDC Parliamentary primaries not to abandon the party and go independent if they fail to win since such practices caused the party to lose some seats in 2012.   “We lost in Tamale North, Tatale-Sangule, Kpandai and Bunkprugu because defeated candidates went independent and if you add the votes of the independent and NDC candidates those seats wouldn’t have been lost.”       GNA    
Sep 25, 2018
Supporters of suspended chairman of the opposition New Patriotic Party, Mr. Paul Afoko are sending signals to party’s National Executive Committee to reconsider its decision to suspend the later. According to the aggrieved group which constitute executives from the various regions, constituencies and pulling stations across the length and breadth of the country, the NPP is built on rule of law, democracy, the rights and dignity of the individual therefore all it does must be reflected in what they stand for. To these people Mr. Paul Afoko has done nothing to be treated as what he is currently suffering by the NEC and other stakeholders of their dear party. They are therefore calling on former President J.K. Kuffour, Nana Akufo Addo, Mr. Kwabena Agyapong and Paul Afoko himself among other opinion leaders within the party to ensure the right thing is done to bring back Mr Afoko to take his position as the duly elected chair. A former Western Regional chairman for the party Nana Owusu Ankomah speaking at a press conference in Accra asked members to remain calm while he throws it to the NEC that they are not happy with the decision to suspend Mr Afoko. He said ‘’I appeal for calm, solitude, sob rarity, and reflection in our dear party. I believe our party has come to the cross-roads. Is time for us to really reflect, am appealing to all of us to be as cool as somber as ever. The national executive committee has taken a decision and we are here to express our disagreement. I believe that out of this show of disagreement, event unfolding and event in the forward match will really bring about a serious reconciliation in our party and let us move ahead stronger and solidly based than ever. And I know the power of 2016 will be ours.     By: Daniel Asuku                                                                                                                  
Sep 25, 2018
Coach Avram Grant has invited 23 players including WAFA midfielder Samuel Tetteh and Wa All Stars goalkeeper Richard Ofori for the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying fixture against Comoros. The two legged fixture which will take place on the 13th and 17th of November will be played on Moroni in Comoros and in Kumasi respectively. Samuel Tetteh has received a first call up into the Black Stars Team "A" after his outstanding performance for WAFA in the just ended Ghana Premier League season and in the Home-based Black Stars team. Eintracht Braunschweig right back Phil Ofosu-Ayeh has received a call up after an impressive debut in the friendly game against Canada last month. Ghana skipper Asamoah Gyan who has been out of the team due to injury will also return to the side for the two-legged tie with Andre Ayew also making the squad. Former Ghana U20 striker Ebenezer Assifuah has been named in the squad for the World Cup second round qualifying matches.   Below is the full squad for the qualifying matches against Comoros: Goalkeepers: Razak Braimah (Cordoba, Spain) Fatau Dauda (AshGold) Richard Ofori (Wa All Stars) Defenders: Harrison Afful (Columbus Crew, USA) Phil Ofosu-Ayeh (Eintracht Braunschweig, Germany) Jeffery Schlupp (Leicester City, England) Baba Rahman (Chelsea, England) John Boye (Sivasspor, Turkey) Jonathan Mensah (Evian, France) Gyimah Edwin (Orlando Pirates, South Africa) Daniel Amartey, (FC Copenhagen, Denmark) Midfielders: Rabiu Mohammed (Krasnodar, Russia) Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu (Udinese, Italy) Afriyie Acquah (Torino, Italy) Solomon Asante (T.P. Mazembe, DR Congo) Samuel Tetteh (WAFA) Andre Ayew (Swansea City, UK) Mubarak Wakaso (Las Palmas, Spain) Strikers: Asamoah Gyan (SIPG Shanghai, China) Jordan Ayew (Aston Villa, England) Abdul-Majeed Waris (Lorient, France) Ebenezer Assifuah (Sion, Switzerland)   David Accam (Chicago Fire, USA)
Sep 25, 2018
Rainbow Sports can confirm that most of Ghanaian Professional Boxers have refused to pay 5% of their purse after each bout both locally and internationally for some couple of years now. Unfortunately this 5 percent happens to be the major source of income for the Ghana Boxing Authority. Former World Champion, Joshua the Hitter Clottey confirmed that he as a professional boxer doesn’t remember the last time he paid his 5 percent to the Boxing Authority after his bout. According to Clottey, the GBA fines it difficult to sponsor boxers fighting outside the country and it is therefore unfair to pay dues to them when you are earning virtually nothing from them. Aside Joshua, GBA General Secretary, Patrick Johnson confirmed that there are other boxers which he refused to disclose their names who have failed to pay their dues. President of the GBA, Lawyer Peter Zwennes described the situation as very disturbing as there is no source of income for the authority. Lawyer revealed that the boxers refusal to pay these moneys is now affecting the welfare of retired and injured boxers. Peter Zwennes mentioned that the only way these boxers could be punished is when the GBA show unwillingness to release letters of support when there is a bout outside the country.   By: Ako Michael  
Sep 25, 2018
Former US senator Fred Thompson - who mounted an unsuccessful bid for the presidency as well as acting in films and TV - has died at the age of 73. His family said he had been suffering from lymphoma. Mr Thompson had various film roles and starred in the TV series Law & Order. As a lawyer, he served as chief Republican counsel to the Senate Watergate Committee that investigated President Richard Nixon. The former senator - his last term ended in 2003 - was known for his straight-talking style and booming voice. "Fred was the same man on the floor of the Senate, the movie studio, or the town square of ... his home," his family said in a statement. He ran for the Republican presidential nomination in the 2008 election but dropped out after failing to gain enough support. Watergate fame The son of a used car salesman first achieved fame as a young lawyer for a Senate committee during the Watergate hearings in the 1970s. His questioning of former Nixon aide Alexander Butterfield uncovered the president's secret tape recording system. He asked the vital question: "Mr Butterfield, are you aware of the installation of any listening devices in the Oval Office of the president?" The lawyer's acting career began when he was asked to read for a film part based on one of his high-profile cases. He ended up playing himself in the 1985 film Marie, starring Sissy Spacek and Morgan Freeman. Directors frequently turned to him to portray government power and he had roles as White House chief of staff, CIA director, FBI agent, rear admiral and senator.
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